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AJ Styles steps up to help The Main Event Mafia - August 22, 2013

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AJ Styles steps up to help The Main Event Mafia - watch TNA IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday at 9/8c on SpikeTV
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Text Comments (1749)
Willie Parker (20 days ago)
I wish AJ STYLES would do this intro in the WWE
A N (27 days ago)
The "real" AJ - Vince
Kiing (28 days ago)
I remember watching this as a kid, I had goosebumps then, goosebumps now.
Brian Sonnenwald (30 days ago)
AJ Styles is the man TNA sucks it always have been i was so fucking happy when AJ went to WWE
Baveshen Pillay (30 days ago)
When "Get Ready To Fly" came on... GOOSEBUMPS, GOOSEBUMPS EVERYWHERE!!!! So FUCKING Epic!!!!
Darth Knight (1 month ago)
AJ style turned up for TNA changing the business forever
Johnny Trignano (1 month ago)
Even tbough it was a given it was gonna happen hearing AJs old theme was such a chill inducing moment. Even now rewatching it i got a single chill
OrangeCRUSH 480 (1 month ago)
Like 4 people cheered lol
Mr Man (1 month ago)
everytime I watch this I always tear up
Sefa Başımoğlu (1 month ago)
Scorpion Torres (2 months ago)
I want this titantron
Marquis Staton (3 months ago)
This was back when Tina was lit asab ps I was at this show and it was awesome
__weare.monsters (3 months ago)
best ever promo aj🔥 what a memories
Montavious Gray (1 month ago)
What promo u mean entrance
Sourish Saha (3 months ago)
back when tna rivaled wwe and was great to warch..better than wwe
Montavious Gray (1 month ago)
They were never better than wwe nor will they ever be
MAJEcjosh Porter (3 months ago)
I really hated this main event Mafia
Rohil Chawla (3 months ago)
This was 5 years ago wtf
Goldenwa3p (3 months ago)
The good old days...
Hitman 22 (4 months ago)
The last "FUCKING EPIC" moment of TNA.
Harley Woods (4 months ago)
Back when TNA was good
Kyle Lindsay (4 months ago)
Are they in a highschool?
Anthony Cantos (4 months ago)
This still gives me Goosebumps to this day
The Shield (4 months ago)
I Love this #AJ
I'm dat Guy (5 months ago)
Samoa Joe is still fat asf
Montavious Gray (1 month ago)
But he still has way more money than you
Ryan Cooney (5 months ago)
I would love to care about wrestling this much again.
SemeX (5 months ago)
Last great moment of TNA.
Blue Star (6 months ago)
When I first saw this on TV I popped so hard for this.🤣
Matthew Miller (6 months ago)
Heel song for a face, he should’ve joined Aces and Eights
Liam Evans (6 months ago)
Anderson/Kennedy is a great mouthpiece for any stable, face or heel. He does his best work as a heel overall though.
Bullett Clubb (6 months ago)
The first and only time TNA came to my hometown Norfolk va and my dad wouldn’t buy my ticket to go 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
doc Phunk (6 months ago)
When tna started going downhill
unknown (5 months ago)
this was one of the best moments in TNA history
Daniel Kiersnowski (6 months ago)
One of the greatest moments ever
Asylum XD (6 months ago)
I feel what tna fan feel about aj not in this, it because dixie. She really want aj lost and quit from tna, wwe now is lucky to have the talented wrestler like aj in they company
Lucasgamer (6 months ago)
Arthur Prior (6 months ago)
Rampage Jackson wrestling made that Jenna Morasco Sharmell match look like one of those 3 Ric Flair Ricky Steamboat matches lol
The Last Dragon (7 months ago)
This moment, along with Mike Tenay's commentary made this completely epic. 5 years later and I still get chills. Hopefully now that Impact and WWE are on good terms, they'll let AJ join the hall of fame, kinda like what they did in 2012 with Flair and Christian being exchanged for special events for a night.
Cory Evans (7 months ago)
Still to this day one of the greatest face turns of all time
Joel Omega Jackson (7 months ago)
One of the best face turns of all time tbh
Ajaz Khan (7 months ago)
OrangeCRUSH 480 (1 month ago)
Aj styles has about 20 years of experience on Roman. Calm down wrestling noob
Ajaz Khan (7 months ago)
*******☆☞AJ STYLES☜☆********
Whitley Gallashaw (7 months ago)
I will always LOVE this theme. This is THE AJ Theme. It's ashame he couldn't take it with him and the rest of his moves too 😂. I'm a crazy AJ fan. I want wwe to let him lose a little. He has so much to give
Shahriar Sifat (7 months ago)
2018 anyone?
sam pea (8 months ago)
Tna died when aj went
Alan Craig (8 months ago)
i wish this aj styles was at wwe not a trash one
Rafael Sanchez (8 months ago)
2018 Aj Styles wwe champion 💪💪
Robert Brown (8 months ago)
TNA need 2 sign get ready 2 fly 2 WWE so Aj styles can uze it again
Thomas Ott (9 months ago)
Aces & Eights was a pretty cool faction
Dylan Jakins (9 months ago)
awww I miss Ken
aj > WWE
Its Arctic (9 months ago)
Name of song
Alex Bucksath (9 months ago)
Intensity in the announcers
Seanbhoy CFC (9 months ago)
Legendary. If the opportunity ever comes up Anthem Sports should throw the world at AJ to bring him home As a fan of his since I was really young I am enjoying his WWE push but want him back in Impact 1 day
Esau Mendez (10 months ago)
This is The IMPACT Wrestling Titantron YouTube Channel. subscribe to See more Titantron content.😉👍📺
Ritopriyo Pal (10 months ago)
What's the entrance music that aj first entered to?
Joseph Fernandes (3 months ago)
Ritopriyo Pal Evil Ways by Blues Saraceno
Vahan Vardanyan (10 months ago)
Now that’s the Aj styles I like
WestSide Fat Boi (10 months ago)
The lighting guy fucked up huge
彡 БЦLLΞΓ CLЦБ 彡 (10 months ago)
i miss this Version of Tna
Roy Cuffee (11 months ago)
I don’t care what nobody says this was one of the best WRESTLING moments ever and it happens in TNA
Danny Trezo (11 months ago)
One of the best face turns ever
Chris Molina (11 months ago)
The POPS that these men got. think about how things have changed makes me sad
Underratedgamerkid (11 months ago)
This was without a doubt the worst face turn tna history laughable
Trey Rishard (11 months ago)
When Sting said "If we are gonna go down then we are gonna go down fighting in Norfolk,Virginia!!" I believe that is why styles helped the MEM because despite being out manned they were willing to accept defeat
Jacob Alarcon (11 months ago)
Aj always has good themes
Alejandro Aguilar (11 months ago)
They should have paid this man .. And drop the mafia and made it TNA vs the 8 ... Also they need to drop some people out of the 8 ... They should have keep it Bully Ray , Gallows , Knox , Bischoff ... The rest you could have put by the wasted side ... Sorry that how i feel ... And start the race Aj chasing that title ... With the best heel Bully Ray in the business at this time holding it ...
2ndRoyalty (11 months ago)
I was finna say they changed his song
ZENTORO HD (11 months ago)
Still watching this in 2018
RockMusicFan92 (11 months ago)
Taz sold this so well. That the one guy they feared was AJ because he is the best TNA had.
Okada's Ugly Pants (11 months ago)
I forgot how terrible aces and eights was lol
Michael Amador (1 year ago)
Why does magnus look like Sami Zayn
Alvin Reforma (1 year ago)
the lighting ruined it.
Corey Payne (1 year ago)
They fucked AJ reveal up instead cutting the lights off and everything then bring them up when the music hit "Get ready to fly". They wait until he halfway in the ring then cut the lights out
GARRETT JOHNSON (1 year ago)
Was that Samoa joe
Hook 34 (1 year ago)
My favourite storyline
Robert Drinks (1 year ago)
Beeibek Kunwar (1 year ago)
It looks 90's wrestling TNA suck
MuFu (1 year ago)
When tna was good
Daniel Kiersnowski (1 year ago)
Best entrance/best return ever!
Manish kathait (1 year ago)
aj is the only one who made tna
TPJ (1 year ago)
Matt Oliver (1 year ago)
November 2017?
Chanza 10 Me
kamili 22la (1 year ago)
Sting is the man
Deepesh Parihar (1 year ago)
BlackNYellowNexus (1 year ago)
Fat Kennedy in TNA LOL
Johnnyshow2k (1 year ago)
Broken AJ
Ryan Vo (1 year ago)
What's with that camera
Not Btw (1 year ago)
You hear them screams
Ayub Mohamud (1 year ago)
I want aj styles back at tna right now tna is a bit boring with gfw
R K (5 months ago)
Who cares she spells her name Dixie GFW spells it Fired
Asylum XD (6 months ago)
Dixie won't agree about this
certified dawg (10 months ago)
david draycott so is roode
david draycott (11 months ago)
Ayub Mohamud it's been boring without styles and Joe etc now ec3 is gone
Matt Oliver (1 year ago)
October 2017?
The Red Mage (1 year ago)
Last great TNA moment...
THE PHENOMENAL (1 year ago)
TNA was Phenomenal in that time
Rko_Assassin 3:16 (1 year ago)
I like aj styles he was my favorite tna superstar ever
Ganesh Ramcharran (1 year ago)
1:23 did that kid not fucking see Styles walk past him? 😂
whatwhamark (1 year ago)
i loved aj styles but never really watched tna during that time. can someone explain what happened to aj? like why was he all dark or whatever
spider monkey (13 days ago)
He felt dixie turned on him when she brought Hogan and bishoff in so he turned his back on tna for a while beat the hell out of Christopher daniels Bobby rhode and kaz guys he ran with
Leo Carnage (1 year ago)
si di he was in his lone wolf persona where he didn't care about anybody but himself & the money & he wanted the world title
Jaydawg Primo (1 year ago)
The original mem was more dangerous than Aces and eights
Unfvm0us _ (1 year ago)
The greatest transformation in wrestling history ✨🤘🏽
HulkVahkiin (1 year ago)
This was sooo badass...and it's crazy...none of the wrestlers in this video are in TNA anymore XD
Kpyx (1 year ago)
Remember when TNA was actually good?
Bill Crane (1 year ago)
I saw this live and thought this was AJ's final match
Ryan Vo (1 year ago)
Aj styles was such a badass and still is
PB L (1 year ago)
Both of those AJ themes were awesome.
James Long (1 year ago)
aj styles returns

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