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Excalibur 308 short, A little girls hunting crossbow!

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Excalibur 308 short serenity crossbow. We needed a very small and easy to handle crossbow for my small ladies. Wyvern creations was so very helpful and patient through the multitude of phone calls and emails. Here is a direct link and his phone number is at the bottom of the page give him a call. https://www.wyverncreations.com/excalibur-crossbows-c-70/excalibur-308-short-serenity-p-878.html?zenid=2bbb7sib0jrcg3t45ind980c56
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cynthia barclay (7 days ago)
*Everybody I let shoot this thing loves it>>>**t.co/FQwGsX4mTe** guys and gals, although some smaller gals and guys will have trouble cocking it. Solidly built, just like all the reviews say. And for the price, you can't beat it. Not the lightest weight but really, no crossbows are light. From the ground, it's easy to prop it up on a knee or whatever. In a treestand that doesn't have a wrap around bar, you might want to get an extendable monopod or something. I shot freehand from a treestand and got a deer but my arm was getting tired from looking through the scope and freezing my movement when the deer were looking my way. Doesn't come with a case but the Parker Red Hot Deluxe case fits it perfectly, like it was made for it - no extra sag or bulk*
Bill K (5 months ago)
Not a bad shot for a 9 year old shooting off-hand.
Dalek BoB (7 months ago)
Looks like a little Willhelmina Tell. Great shot, sweety. Greetings from Switzerland
Daniel W. Styles (7 months ago)
A very good shot she is, free hand !!...
Scavu Man (7 months ago)
Great Shot, a young Lara Croft in the making, way to go Jenna !

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