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Excalibur 308 short, A little girls hunting crossbow!

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Excalibur 308 short serenity crossbow. We needed a very small and easy to handle crossbow for my small ladies. Wyvern creations was so very helpful and patient through the multitude of phone calls and emails. Here is a direct link and his phone number is at the bottom of the page give him a call. https://www.wyverncreations.com/excalibur-crossbows-c-70/excalibur-308-short-serenity-p-878.html?zenid=2bbb7sib0jrcg3t45ind980c56
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Text Comments (4)
Bill K (3 months ago)
Not a bad shot for a 9 year old shooting off-hand.
Dalek BoB (5 months ago)
Looks like a little Willhelmina Tell. Great shot, sweety. Greetings from Switzerland
Daniel W. Styles (5 months ago)
A very good shot she is, free hand !!...
Scavu Man (5 months ago)
Great Shot, a young Lara Croft in the making, way to go Jenna !

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