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J rock style guitar cover

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J rock style guitar cover My gear : Fresher FG-301WN Sg guitar japan 1979 2nd generation logo https://www.facebook.com/guitars2hand... Effects : digitech rp100 custom user no.29 bridge pickup m20 Fresher - Kyowa Shokai - Matsumoto Musical Ins. Union - Chushin Gakki Fresher is famous enough. Maybe, I must prepare the Page for Fresher one day.I think They started as 2nd class brand of Kyowa sales network (their first class is Gallan should be). At the beginning, we thought Fresher is just cheap model. But, they developed the guitar one by one. I think Late 70's -Early 80's model is quite good quality. We could find out the different of production year from the logo mark. Fresher used the 4 different Logo mark 70's - 80's. Your could see 4 different logo. The left photos are showing 1st logo to 3rd logo, the below is 4th generation. 1st and 2nd logo type model were made by Mastumoto Musical Instrument Union (not Matsumoku). 3rd and 4th generation logo were made by Chushin gakki. You can see our stock at "Fresher stock" area.
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Kitten Hell (1 year ago)
สวัสดีครับน้องบิว เล่นเก่งนะครับ มีกีตาร์กี่ตัวครับนั้น (ขอโทษทีครับพึ่งเข้ามาดูน่ะ)😸😼
bew500 (1 year ago)
Kitten Hell สวัสดีครับ พี่แมว มีประมาณ 9 ตัว ครับ
You're good +1 subscriber 😘👍
bew500 (1 year ago)
Harley's Piano Channel Thank you for watching. I love your music, so I subscribed :) I was your cover really great :)

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