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"Shoot Like A Girl" S3 EP6

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Three women of the outdoors, Kristy Titus, Karen Butler and Cristy Crawford, get after it and show that elk camp isn’t just for guys.
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Richard berggren (6 days ago)
kudos to all ladies ho hunt and shot bows. i have been locking for one for all my life. and i finalli fund one.we are comming to the states next year for a hunting tripp. go girls
john mac (3 months ago)
love it chicks that don't know how to hunt hope you learned to draw your bow back or stop hunting i imagine you have wounded your share
Hey John, there’s enough people attacking hunting from the outside, let’s not start attacking our own. Hunting in the US makes up less than 5% off the total population and is shrinking rapidly. It’s time to support each other rather than tear each other down.
cornenothome (7 months ago)
fascism isn't dead
Jesse Marvin (8 months ago)
Loved the video it showed the highs and lows but most of all it shows the experience of the hunt and enjoying the great out doors. Good job girls, even though you didn't get your shot this time you came away from it with more knowledge and a awesome experience.
samdub (9 months ago)
Is there any videos of these girls actually killing a bull?

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