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PHILIPP PLEIN followed the path of a real gentleman and presented on the 16th of January 2012 the new Fall/Winter 2012/13 Men's Collection in the unique Gentlemen's club William's Club le Roi in Milan. Champagne and performances by the artists of London's Cirque du Soir, famous all over the world for their post punk reinterpretations of classic circus acts, welcomed the guests at the beginning of the new Fall/Winter 2012/13 collection presentation. In addition to being a perfect Elvis Presley look alike, the German Newcomer singer Aaron Keller, son of well-known actor Mark Keller, entertained the guests with his live Music in crooner style. Not by chance, the fashion show took place in one of the chicest nightclubs of the city, a favorite hangout for socialites and businessmen from all over the world. Last night personalities from the world of sports and entertainment were celebrating together with press and buyers and enjoyed a spectacular fashion show. The guests were able to admire the new Men's collection by German designer Philipp Plein, presented under one unique message: Unleash the beast... And be brave to risk! Risk, experiment and liberate the wild beast within you. Plein's style is for gentlemen who are not afraid to flaunt their masculine attitude while enjoying the combined pleasures of extreme luxury and original Rock 'n' Roll. The new collection represents contemporary hedonism, luxuriously expressed in silhouettes and textures, rigorously exotic and unmistakably exclusive. Among the outfits that captured attention were the classic tailored looks re-interpreted by Philipp Plein. A suit in Tasmania micro check, with a narrow lapel subtlety outlined in leather, a touch of pure luxury and worn over a dark shirt, bow tie and English lace ups. Much applauded were the two velvet suits, one in Bordeaux and the second in intense blue. The strong colors enhanced by contrasting white shirts. In pure eighties style the sheepskin jacket with a shoulder wide collar, so warm that a light t-shirt and cashmere scarf is all that is needed underneath. Super elegant over impeccably tailored herringbone trousers. Must accessories were the bow tie and moccasins with or without buckles. The eye-catcher among the accessories were the Python trolley, IPAD cases and crocodile helmet. The beasts of the collection are defined by ostrich skin, python, crocodile and fur. Ostrich skin dresses a biker jacket, coats and vests with sheepskin collars and fur hoods, while blazer lapels are created in python and become the shining star of the collection. As a special gift for the demanding eye, crocodile prevails in the entire collection: from coats to travel trolleys, from classic lace up's to brief cases, and of course the motorcycle helmet. Crocodile is heating up the new collection.
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