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Is Windows Vista really THAT bad?

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I recently picked up a Toshiba Satellite L305 laptop computer with Windows Vista installed. But rather than just delete it and install something else, I decided to actually give Vista a try. My verdict is that with sufficient processor speed and RAM, and with all of the updates and Service Packs installed, Windows Vista is mostly the same as Windows 7, expect with a few annoying quirks. Of course, back in 2007, when it had well-known compatibility and performance problems, my opinion was much different!
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For a few years, I had only a Vista computer to use. I used it for years, as it was a hand-me-down. It had tons of stuff I couldn’t delete as it was important info. Now I didn’t have as much knowledge as I do now of computer stuffs, but I ended up installing a virus. It was “PC Optimizer Pro”. But, I managed a couple years ago to clean it, and use it for a little bit more until the charger broke, and I couldn’t replace it. I personally did not like Vista, because of several reasons: 1. It was very slow and clunky (most due to there being stuff I couldn’t delete) 2. Windows Defender kept saying lIt needed to update”, and every time I tried it never updated, so it wouldn’t check the computer over well. 3. It could barely hold a charge 4. Had trouble staying online. I was trying to play Club Penguin before it was gone. For those main reasons, along with others, I did not like Vista on that computer. But if it wasn’t a hand-me-down, and I knew more and got rid of the bloatware, then I most likely would have liked Vista.
Davide Lombardo (3 days ago)
No it's worse
2.6k users are ready to install Windows Vista in 2018, just because of this video...
William M (5 days ago)
I have a similar model Toshiba laptop, but with an AMD processor and slightly more memory. It came preloaded with Vista, but it had some much extra pre-installed bloatware that I just ended up doing a clean install of XP in a separate partition and later installed Windows 7 on top of the Vista partition. Despite Toshiba having a reputation for building good laptops at the time, the machine did have issues - like in the video, the touchpad and WiFi stopped working intermittently, the memory had some faults, and I had to transplant a display from another laptop (a Gateway where the display was probably the only thing that still actually worked). The Gateway came with XP, but was "Vista capable". Vista did run acceptably on it, but it had a few nuisances that lead to me putting XP back on it when the hard drive crashed.
Les Rogers (9 days ago)
Have you got SP2 installed? I found it helped speed things up greatly back in the day..... I see at the end of the video it's running SP1 but you probably have it sorted by now.
Carlos Gomez (14 days ago)
Obviously the computer that you were using for Vista had a lot of viruses!
J Mark Ashe (14 days ago)
I have a Dell XPS 1330 with Windows Vista and it runs like blazes. It is the fastest Windows Vista machine I have ever seen. I don't know what Dell has done but they made this machine so that I am afraid to change to OS to something else. I put a different drive into the machein to test other OS's but Vista is King amongst performance and usability. Also, Vista on this machine seems to enable a lot of things that other OS's don't seem to even find. Wireless runs better under vista. The touch pad runs better under Vista. I think that Vista rus better without a bunch of add-ons that are poorly constructed from other companies. DON'T USER TOOL BARS!!! As well as other dubious add-ons and you will be fine.
Mafifi User88 (17 days ago)
Phew, it isn't just me with a Toshiba running Windows Vista.
Buzzroy (19 days ago)
I'll chime-in too then ... I'm on a Dell D430 core 2 duo running Vista Home right now. It's been the workbench PC for a long time - just has basic 2Gb ram and shared video memory. A clean rebuild, full processor speed, 32bit system and it loads USB devices, like my camera, very quick and is very well behaved says Candor. This hasn't been sluggish since reinstalling the OS. I do use an aftermarket (Comodo) firewall as paranoia comes with it .
Pilletta Doinswartsh (21 days ago)
Been a computer consultant for decades, and Vista was shite. Shite, I say.
Waleed Bushnaq (21 days ago)
By the way install SP2 for it It will be as Windows 7 in speed
Aiden Henrie (22 days ago)
I'm watching this video on that same laptop! I am running Linux though, not Vista.
Andre Guiristante (24 days ago)
Vista is fine on a quad core with 8gigs.
allen0088 (1 month ago)
No but the Toshiba is..
Lotusrk123 (1 month ago)
I just received an HP Compaq 8710p with Vista that had not been run for 4 years. On first start-up it was very slow, then I ran Advanced SystemCare 7 Free (I.O.Bit) and the speed improved a lot. WARNING: older computers can not handle ASC-8 or newer versions. I lost 2 hard drives on #8 & #11. I have never lost a drive using #7. ASC-7 will auto-update, but I immediately remove using REVO (Free version on highest setting, then I.O.Bit asks why; then I reinstall #7 and it stays but with occasional options to update which I refuse. It is not uncommon to have ASC make 10,000 + improvements to software settings and deleted files on a first run. It also manages to find updates to systems no longer supported, as well as removing computer malware.
Lotusrk123 (1 month ago)
Computers donated to thrift stores (GoodWill) will get shredded, not resold to another enthusiast. Instead go to Craigslist and find someone collecting old computers and donate it directly to avoid the trash bin.
#101 915 (1 month ago)
Vista SP2 was the last service pack. It improved loads after that, became pretty much what Windows 7 is today.
DEXXO (1 month ago)
Vista is one of the most with design(transparency etc) good operating system . In this case no wonder this laptop gets slow due the amount of overloaded spyware and soft. let pass super anty spyware and deinstall all unknow apps and make a new user .
DEXXO (1 month ago)
perfect ;) and nice , hope you also deactivated some services the most important ones are: superfetch and windows search and win update services deactivate them all same a made on my Vista Ultimate 64 Bit 😆 and a tell you your laptop gets realy fast with an ssd 😎
VWestlife (1 month ago)
I did by the end.
MrCrazyBolt5150 (1 month ago)
I don't know Vista as much as I did (which to be fair wasn't that much) but I know in Windows 7, you *could* enable the icons through the personalization options, and you can even do that to this day in Windows 8 and 10.
SirBeardy (1 month ago)
I had the exact same model my first computer when I was six years old mine was silver though
Mika (1 month ago)
Windows Vista is Cool
Sir Kibble (2 months ago)
Y e s.
Gamerplush123 (2 months ago)
Windows Vista doesn't have a Windows logo while it is starting up.
cristian si mep hallowen (2 months ago)
Windows Vista can't even play solitare
Jared Lieberman (2 months ago)
Why do you hate the regular start menu
VWestlife (2 months ago)
I _prefer_ the regular (Windows 95-2000 style) Start menu.
Not An Uploader (2 months ago)
Windows Vista is the dawn of "WINDOWS DOES NOT RUN ON HARD DRIVES AT ALL, PLS BUY AN SSD" which I hate. 7 is equally doggish on your average mechanical drive...
Connor M. (3 months ago)
Vista isn't that bad and it looks really good.
Joe Blow (3 months ago)
Remember when some were saying that Vista was "Defective by Design" ? I was reading all the bad press coming out about Vista back then, including the claim that it took a long time to boot up. So out of curiosity I went to Circuit City and tried a laptop out just to see if that was really the case. So picked a laptop on display that was running. I shut it off and started it up again and waited five minutes for it to boot, for real. Turned out it was a low end model that had 512 MB of RAM. Anyway they were fun days reading all the banter going back and forth about Vista and most curiously were the antics over at "Microsoft Watch" between some named "Goblin" and "Andre". Allegedly as the story goes, supposedly this "Andre" received a FREE high end Vista laptop from Microsoft and supposedly went on all these different forums (including Microsoft Watch) and claimed that "Vista was well loved" and how people thought that it was the best Microsoft product ever and all kinds of hype. Naturally as one would expect, quite a few took Andre to task about his claims (and his alleged free high end laptop) including "Goblin" . Anyway it made for interesting reading. I believe around this time was when I started hearing about Linux and how it was a viable alternative to Vista and how 2008 or 2009 was going to be 'Year Of The Linux Desktop' (because of Vista's alleged failures). Thanks for the nostalgia, I can't believe how fast 10 + years went by so quick.
OldNewComputers (3 months ago)
I don't want to be rude, but I think it took a long time to populate the list because you had more programs on there than any other PCs you've used with XP or 7.
GTX Koopers (3 months ago)
I used Windows Vista back in 2013 and had no problems with it. Ironically I had more problems with Windows 7 back then, but I'd say it could be blamed on Windows 7 Starter.
wclifton968 (3 months ago)
Windows 1.0 - Revolutionary 2.0 was NOT Windows 3.0 - Revolutionary 3.1/3.11 was NOT Windows Chicago Beta and 95 and NT 4.0 - Revolutionary 98/98SE/ME/2000 was NOT Windows XP/Server 2003 - Revolutionary Windows Vista/ Server 2008 - Revolutionary windows 7 was NOT Windows 8/Server 2012 - Revolutionary windows 8.1 was NOT Windows 10/server 2016 - Revolutionary See a trend? every major release is Revolutionary after the previous 1-3 operating systems
EM3RALD GAM1NG (4 months ago)
the computer likes you and hates the past owner because the past owner is a total noob at tech
Captain Cringe (4 months ago)
Every time the windows vista theme plays I bust a nut
Captain Cringe (4 months ago)
Vista is best
NewAgeDerpDerp (4 months ago)
I have a very similar system in my possession: Toshiba Satellite A205 Differences-------------- VGA port has screws Mine has an S-video port USB ports are arranged differently An incredibly small mini-Firewire 800 *I THINK* connection Different position for the wireless switch Indicator LEDs are blue- power is bi-color blue/orange Additional USB port on the right side Modem jack is on the right side, instead of the computer's a** My whole system is mirrored vertically My LCD panel is significantly less glossy Mine does not have Skype or a webcam No media controls Power button is a long rectangle The inside is a silvery color, with a black keyboard and hinge area
Afnan Azam Faez (4 months ago)
people doesnt like Windows Vista.. but when you compare with Windows XP Windows Vista is more popular. ._. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=Microsoft%20XP,Windows%20Vista
Hayden Mould (4 months ago)
it is not the os its the computer
Dave Rodjesian (4 months ago)
that's a pretty nice laptop for the time period. I wish other laptop manufacturers still made the analog volume control wheel. That is a feature I really miss about old Toshibas.
This account Is dead (4 months ago)
Now.. I think windows vista is NOT that bad.. It was the HARDWARE. It was too ahead of its time.. When Windows 7 came out, computers can finally handle it.. and they never gave Vista a chance...
Max Tivey (5 months ago)
Another 2gb of RAM would have made all the difference in the world.
Star Gazer (5 months ago)
Imagine if this was the first computer we ever saw. How amazed we would be.
Cara Groves (5 months ago)
why is the Samsung RV 510 is not a good laptop as it cost £599.00 so please tell me why
howtobebasic1 (6 months ago)
what i can tell is that windows 7 is a improved veersion of vista cuz when vista come out it demained a more powerful pc to run it eventually they relased service pack 1 in 2008 and 2009 no one cared windows 7 fixed all the issues from vista and vista was the most hated os of all time untill windows 8 and 8.1 replaced it as the worst os ever made
Qwakkeddup (6 months ago)
That Toshiba is infected with McAfee malware.
VWestlife (6 months ago)
Not by the end of the video when I gave my final conclusion.
Christopher Carey (6 months ago)
One thing I miss that was on Windows vista or XP, Windows Movie Maker.
Dude where is this computer recycling center because I'm looking for old computers to collect
Beau - (6 months ago)
Windows vista was the worst operating system i have ever used. A massive downgrade from Xp.
Filltered Toast (6 months ago)
i has windows vista and it runs gmod at 123 fps
Filltered Toast (6 months ago)
oh thats why mine has 4 gig ram i core 3 possessor, and its a 64 bit operating system
no vista is my favorite os
DestroyedEDGE (7 months ago)
Windows Vista never had a startup logo.
Brittany Patrick (7 months ago)
And windows 7 graghics
Brittany Patrick (7 months ago)
I still like Windows vista It has windows 7 startup sound
Armanelgtron (6 months ago)
Windows 7 came out after Windows Vista, so Windows Vista isn't using anything that would have originated from 7.
Landy 5000 (7 months ago)
i had windows vista and it worked just fine and it recognized the devices almost instantly
Marcus Volpicella (7 months ago)
Vista itself wasn't that bad. It's system requirements were just WAY to high for its time. It was also fairly buggy and unstable at first (at least from what I can remember). I have an old laptop that runs Vista w/ Service Pack 2, and while it's obviously not great, it can do basic tasks with no problems.
gönül yıldız (7 months ago)
Roblox Studio will not supported in Windows Vista.
random stuff (7 months ago)
I would rather windows 7 vista than windows 10 GIMME YOUR WINDOWS XP OR VISTA
first last (7 months ago)
As soon as I heard that start-up sound I started having flashbacks (was going to make a joke about war flashbacks here).
Mateoski (7 months ago)
Windows 2000, Vista, and 7 were the best OS' Microsoft created.
farpointgamingdirect (7 months ago)
I had absolutely no issues with Vista. I was running it on a Dell XPS 15
VisualCoder (7 months ago)
Windows Vista more like... Windows Asta la vista
ItsMeTommy (8 months ago)
(Reads title) yes
Windows Vista (8 months ago)
How rude! I am perfectly fine with being horrible! How dare you!
I agree.
MATAM (8 months ago)
My dad had the same laptop.
MATAM (8 months ago)
But without the camera and microphone.
Bram vandenbroeck (8 months ago)
Vista is pretty snappy, clean this laptop from all the mal/crapware and this beast should run nice and smooth, i have the exact same cpu in my macbook and i can asure you, its WAY faster than this laptop
utubehater666lol (8 months ago)
this guys stupid lol
Di523237 (8 months ago)
I see why you’re saying you don’t like vista but vista is like one of the best Microsoft os I have used
Tonny (8 months ago)
Personally, I like Vista. I like the look of it. I have it installed on my SERVER (SP2). It never crashes, and its really faster than 7 and 10. If you give it a good computer, it will give you back with good performance. but most people running it were running it on a Win98 or XP computer.
casa (9 months ago)
Yes, it is.
AdrenalineMC (9 months ago)
I love Vista!
Mohamed Ibrahim (9 months ago)
Windows XP is the best windows I wonder how windows 11 would be ??
Aine Thornton (9 months ago)
Aine Thornton (9 months ago)
Poo poo
TheFake VIP (9 months ago)
I haven’t watched this video in awhile, so feel free to shout at me, commenters, if he’s already done this, but I’ll be interested to see what happens if you reload the factory version of vista onto that laptop. I had a very similar one back in the day and it ran pretty fine.
melbytvenge (9 months ago)
Sounds like a Resource Hog with Vista.
I had the same Laptop and it runs Vista Just fine! Since end of Support i Upgraded to Windows 7
Pixoo (9 months ago)
Whos team Windows7?!
aa999xyz (9 months ago)
Vista was a resource hog even on a dual core machine! And I used it with a voice activated program is much like watching paint dry!
Asbestosstar Gaming (9 months ago)
YOu should of has SP2
Master Noct (9 months ago)
That laptop looks like its infected with a fuckton of viruses and adware. I remember having a Compaq c500 and it did fine with Windows Vista, until the LCD backlighting gave out.
TopHatterProductions (9 months ago)
This video is pretty biased as you're running vista from an old, broken, virus infected laptop...
TopHatterProductions (9 months ago)
VWestlife I did... Vista doesn't have any glitches nor is it a 'BETA Version of Windows 7 (unless you look at the whole timeline view of things.) It is unfair to judge an OS when you are using it on a practically garbage machine (which of course could be restored to it's former glory (then it WOULD be a fair test)) And at the end of the day Vista is a good OS. It's not my favourite - that's gotta be either XP or 7. The only reason people don't like Vista is because it was rushed due to the quick demand on the release date. Because of this the architecture wasn't that stable and it didn't work well with modern hardware. People just started rattling on about how they hate Vista and a ton of people who didn't know what they were talking about created all of this nonsense about how Vista was a bad OS... All I'm saying is it's not fair to judge an OS from the hardware you are using or by the state of the machine. For example if I was running windows 10 on the Pentium 3 and did a review of it, it wouldn't be fair as the machine would be so underpowered (This is taking into account that the Pentium 3 isn't compatible but we'll overlook that) Then if I ran windows 10 on one of the fastest i9 skylake processors I would see a world of difference. Another example would be finding a laptop in a bin that ran XP and then buying a laptop in mint condition that ran XP. It would be completely different. You can't review an OS when you have a faulty infected machine!! Woah this comment kinda got long... :D
VWestlife (9 months ago)
You obviously didn't watch until the end of the video.
Zapthos (9 months ago)
Windows vista isn't the issue, I had a slow windows vista laptop, I upgraded it to 7 and was just as slow
Art Of Nothing (9 months ago)
Windows vista is not slow i have a designed for windows vista. And i dual boot IT with vista and 7
defob (9 months ago)
I would sure like it if you said vista is the best
BritainFan (9 months ago)
2GB of RAM?! What the actual hell?
Aidan Standing (9 months ago)
ive known windows vista to say something like it couldnt find the account i was trying to log into (cant remember the exact error)
not your business (9 months ago)
Windows Vista is not bad at all. I got a very expensive laptop for Christmas in 2008 with Windows Vista. Everything went very fast, and I loved this Aero surface. I've always wondered why my friends at the time detested Vista. Everything went well for me, not a single mistake, games are going well, I was able to hear good music while drawing with my graphics tablet. Today I still use this laptop, with Windows Vista. I've had to pick a "trick" on the internet so I'll still get updates until 2020. Meanwhile, I tried Windows 10 in the dual-boot, and I'm disappointed. There are so many unnecessary apps running in the background, it looks so cheap and has made many problems, even games I could not play properly. I love this laptop, and especially Windows Vista. I'm going to be so sad when I need to upgrade to Windows 10.
AnishGorakavi 787809 (9 months ago)
Win Vista is in 2007
VWestlife (9 months ago)
It was released to manufacturing in November 2006.
Fridgemusa (9 months ago)
Vista 64 was a lot more stable than the 32 bit version.
Alan1937/ibook (9 months ago)
it is not the windows it is the laptop
Nadir Boutef (10 months ago)
if you want to go to your Computer (means to see all your hard drives .. ) just use the Windows (Key) + E (Key)
Merlin Athrawes (10 months ago)
This was almost as bad as Windows Mistake Edition.
Social Spit (10 months ago)
I remember working on one of those laptops, when Vista came out the person who owned the laptop didn't want Vista, and since the laptop was made with it and for Vista, I was able to find a package of drivers for the laptop that somebody had compiled for windows XP. It ran pretty well like that. When Windows 7 came out a year later we put that in there. Eventually we added an SSD. The only problem with vista is The way that it handles ram, as if all of the ram is being used all the time and windows vista metes out pieces of the ram to the programs that are running, which causes all of the programs to run very slowly and you can't run more than one program at once sometimes. if you have a lot of start up programs, The system becomes very unusable. But I have seen a few people tame it, and I do like the graphics. Oh yah: Babylon toolbar is a VIRUS! actually several of the programs I see in there as you're going through them are blatant viruses you should run an antivirus on it as soon as you can!
Milk (10 months ago)
SpeedUpThatComputer (10 months ago)
my toshiba sattelite c55d-b5012 laptop's left hinge broke. toshiba's laptops are known to have easily broken hinges.
91.5 the phoenix! (10 months ago)
I'm glad to see you got something out of Windows Vista though.
91.5 the phoenix! (10 months ago)
Two words, Microsoft Ann, :-)
kirby march Barcena (10 months ago)
Thanks to this failure, Microsoft tried to improve more on their "suck"ceeding products. I guess they think that laptop manufacturers in the mid-2000s will beef up their models higher than what Vista is mandatory required to have not realizing that it would take them more than a decade to do so.
swoopae (10 months ago)
i actually own this laptop lmao

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