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How To Be More Confident [How To Walk Confidently]

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Alpha Male Body Language Training ► https://theattractionswitch.com/ ↓↓↓ READ MORE ↓↓↓ While women love guys who are great at conversations, the content of conversations is only about 10 - 20%. Everything else is body language and appearance. That's why this video reveals how to walk with confidence. How to make the first impression on a girl that easily hooks her in a conversation, because she perceives you as an alpha male. She wants a man who walks with self confidence, because that way she feels more confident as well. Being playful, charming or naturally charismatic works wonders in attracting gorgeous women. But for those things to work, you need to already be in a conversation with the girl. That’s why I’m gonna give you 5 tips to make your WALK high-status: 1. One of the biggest mistakes guys do when they’re walking is they look down all the time… They’re listening to music and they don’t even notice it, but on a subconscious level, this is saying to people around you that you’re not having your shit straight. Your life sucks. It shows that either something really bad happened to you, or you're just generally unhappy, and NO girl wants to deal with that. So... Look Up It sounds simple and super easy but you’ll need to unlearn the bad habits and then practice the new habits… 2. Shoulders back: this is like an extension to the previous point. Basically, if you’re walking with your shoulders front, it comes naturally that you walk like an old man and look down all the time. BUT if you put your shoulders back and you prop up your chest just a little bit as you walk, you get a whole another impression. Watch the video for more info. Free Charm Training ► http://bit.ly/2e6xiMl Subscribe to The Attraction Switch YouTube Channel ► http://bit.ly/1YeyBcg
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Text Comments (190)
ibomcha yumnam (1 day ago)
What if there is shit on the road
Mike2018 (3 days ago)
IMHO the best example of a confident walk is Vladimir Putin's walk (and i'm not Russian)
Rita Majumdar (7 days ago)
I like Putin's walk.
Idan (9 days ago)
That James Bond looks like Putin
benny chawala (11 days ago)
This video is helpful i will try
Eshan Patil (11 days ago)
I look down when walking to make sure that I don't step on the poo.
Robert Brown (17 days ago)
We my apology to all people in USA
Robert Brown (17 days ago)
Am so ssorry what it took so long for Robert to get recover
Robert Brown (17 days ago)
Well late me apologies to the people and the congress also my inept president Donal Trum
max dashen (18 days ago)
*looks up for a second* *steps on shit*
Akashdeep Singh (21 days ago)
0:33 He says, " Women turning their heads". And then James Bond turns his head. LOLOL
Harpreet Kaur (22 days ago)
Why you are using girl word again and again
Chandan biswal (26 days ago)
Hirtik is the GREAT
Eyüp Ensar Şahin (28 days ago)
what is the movie in the beginning?
Kim Chantengco (30 days ago)
This'll get me in trouble here in philippines. Gangster wannabes hate men that walks more manly than them and a straight look in the eye will get me killed. I want to know how to get rid of these primal instincts that other people have.
Aaron Klever (1 month ago)
Lol! Just walk
Milo Novali May (1 month ago)
Good stuff
PhantomLion (1 month ago)
What if you're gay?
Arif Eka Pramana (1 month ago)
from which movie is that confident guy beside james bond?
viknes (1 month ago)
Walk and behave like a human
Matthew Felix (1 month ago)
Well my biggest problem is that I'm starting to tear up when I'm walking with my head up. So I guess I need sunglasses at all times.
SAI KISHORE (1 month ago)
Lets just walk like the dudez in groove st in gta san
Hydrogen Peroxide (1 month ago)
Omg I've been doing this all the time plus the heels of my shoes make alot of noise almost like a woman's heels but with this muffled manly tone and I just walk through the quiet auditorium and everyone looks at me (cause I always come late lol) me walking to a spot so confidently, I have a briefcases instead of a school bag compounded with my shoes draws so much attention... I know like attention get over it
Andy Claus (1 month ago)
Wide gate means big testicles
Andy Claus (1 month ago)
That james bond was too weak mannered imo
Andy Claus (1 month ago)
When muscular and stalkingLooking down can mean leave me the f alone.
Raja baba (1 month ago)
EDU & ENT (1 month ago)
Yeah u r absolute
Ninad Samant (1 month ago)
ShutterTux (2 months ago)
Good tips. Loved the brief and precise videos with easy to understand examples.
Jessey Bell (2 months ago)
I already know how to walk like a bad ass!
Psnt S (2 months ago)
if you wanna hide your self from James Bond just lie down because James Bond never looks down.
Psnt S (2 months ago)
Probably James Bond is the only guy for whom dodging *bullets* is a more easy task than escaping from *banana peel*
Psnt S (2 months ago)
Probably James Bond is the only guy for whom dodging *bullets* is a more easy task than escaping from *banana peel*
TEZ (2 months ago)
Some of these guys need to tone down the gestures. It makes them look uneducated I think.
Richard Mahorn (2 months ago)
2:20 Does james bond seem to be switching in this clip.
Richard Mahorn (2 months ago)
1:44 So you are saying, to look confident, walk like shang tsung from the mortal kombat movie.
abhay raj (2 months ago)
Nice video man
Ilove Blogs (2 months ago)
What movie is on the redcarpet scene?
Andreas P (2 months ago)
The Tittle should be: walking like a taugh motherfuckin killer
Andreas P (2 months ago)
Walking in a good posture is crusial. But, walking like a taugh motherfucker from a movie, makes you look even more pathetic.. Hollywood n pathetic fake shit
Ashique Tk (2 months ago)
2.26 Vow !
Vijayalakshmi Herle (3 months ago)
I wanna walk like Charlie Hunnam or Agent 47
Noor Alam Khan (3 months ago)
Interesting video🚶🚶
allsports100 (3 months ago)
How do you stand confident? I see no videos on this and shot do you look at when you always keep your head up other people? strait ahead around you?
sandeep kumar (3 months ago)
Great video
Markus Lepistö (3 months ago)
Never ever point your genitals with your fingers or the game is lost.
Dan Films (3 months ago)
whats the name of the movie at 1:28 ?
Syed Nafis Faiz (3 months ago)
Yeah there something called looking where you step yeah might wanna throw in a solution for that as well thanks.
Ft Sijan (3 months ago)
Thank you
Dawa Tamang (4 months ago)
Now I'll walk like James Bond
PRO Techi (4 months ago)
Which movies was this..?? The first vedio clip.
luke oneill (4 months ago)
they only people who would take this advice are people who care what others think being self conscious is the first mistake acting like people stop wateva there doing just to look at you it never happins
Pain Peace (4 months ago)
Putin walks same way...
ZERO Degree (4 months ago)
Jaago mohan pyare bhek ko lodu
BrahmamGanapathy 999 (4 months ago)
If you didn't have girlfriend You can walk like a Prince
Faeeza Sameen (4 months ago)
James Bond is the best in all ways like confidence, charming, suave and satisfied
Me (4 months ago)
I look down because I'm always looking for money in the street
karamveer Singh (4 months ago)
Bilal young (4 months ago)
I love this attitude
Purpose Creates Impact (4 months ago)
Love it. Looking up is crucial to show self confidence
Rachit Acharya (5 months ago)
2:22 that's the badass walk I want to master
Money Talks (5 months ago)
the movie name anyone plz...
super horny lol (5 months ago)
Anyone else walk awkward as fuck?
Darwin Dee (5 months ago)
Checked ✔
Ugaas Yare (5 months ago)
😂😂😂 keep walking thing that you are so confident and looking up 😂😂😂 not even looking down once 😂and u will find you self in big holes 😂 with a broken leg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pun Jab I (5 months ago)
And dress well.
black illuminatis (5 months ago)
nice work, man !
LagiNaLangAko23 (6 months ago)
Walking if for the weak. I float over pavement like the airy fairy I am. LOL. But seriously, nice info. People get told this all the time but we tend to forget it.
Josef Aragon (6 months ago)
atschool cant walk slow, need to cross 1/2 mile in 5 minutes
Lila Mourad (6 months ago)
Is this advices still works on females !?
Sachin scholar (6 months ago)
Vinayak Bajpai (6 months ago)
Not satisfying at all
Onarashin 1405/1403 (7 months ago)
yea but walking with your eyes looking up all the time is wrong too. You can step on shits if you dont pay attention to the ground that you're walking on lol thats why i keep a balance on looking straight forward and a bit towards the ground so i don't trip over or step on dog shit lmao.
Star Gazer (7 months ago)
So sick and tired of men always being ragged on, dissected, and complained about as if we can't just be ourselves. Women can do no wrong, but men are doing everything wrong. Go fuck yourself!
Nomon Munir (7 months ago)
i like this video and how it uses a movie to illustrate it
Shabir Ahmed (7 months ago)
After watching your video I feel confident like James Bond.
World of Light (7 months ago)
nice ..really good..keep posting.. keep growing ..waiting for next
Viva Freedom (7 months ago)
Walk like the terminator to look confident.
Jose Molina (7 months ago)
Literally I got checked out a lot after walking with confidence which is one of the key traits girls look for so its natural for them to think you're attractive
S A N N E (7 months ago)
I look down to see where the fuck im going so i dont trip on some shit
Terry Gene (8 months ago)
In Ballroom training we call that a bullfighter stance or the military parade rest. Stomach in chest out arms arched back we need to add walking that would cause your arms to swing. Course the nice thing about baĺlroom dancing you got the woman aIready in your arms haha!
K L Meena (8 months ago)
What...if I walk...with one hand in pocket and one freely moving
jncyj (8 months ago)
if I am at table a girl is 2 tables down I look at her she does not look at me, I look away then look back still she does not look,  the first time she looks at me she looks away, the 2nd time she looks at me can I give her a little wave with my hand?
PeterBE (6 months ago)
THAOFFCIALFC channel (8 months ago)
im not being cocky but sometimes when i walk my head is to up my thoughts are when im walking you got to think about it like it 's your space in you own i dont walk fast i own it i walk the same speed as i would if i was walking around my house
Neo Dore (9 months ago)
Stupid and boring! Hahahaha!!!
Amazing Videos (9 months ago)
The Univectum (9 months ago)
Are you Walter White's ( Heisenberg's ) kid? Well u sound like him
Colonel Gayfur (9 months ago)
Looking down just mean your a shy person not that your unhappy ... Its just a bad habit nothing to do with mood Good tips but need some work up on analysm and knowing people
Belgrade Town (2 months ago)
Colonel Gayfur well you cant look them in the eyes cause you lack self confidence
Colonel Gayfur (9 months ago)
Ħʌrsh Rawlot because ive been doing it forever before. But it had nothing to do with being mad. Im actualy a very happy and smiley person. Just cannot stare people in the eyes
Ħʌrsh Rawlot (9 months ago)
Colonel Gayfur how do you know that looking down means a shy nature 😏😏
Don Uprising (10 months ago)
Use "The Kingsman" example.
이진 (10 months ago)
Nah fook that just walk like McGregor aka" billion dollar walk"
happy boy (10 months ago)
How to stop walking like someone who is trying to fart
Midou TUBE (10 months ago)
Thank's for your amazing advice , .. whats this movie name?
Asslee is a ONCE (10 months ago)
*"confidently beautiful with a heart"*
Tywin Lannister (10 months ago)
Thats good advice... only thing is when you walk and not looking down you might step in to the hole or dogshit or something and that doesn't look cool either. It's easy to walk watching up when in familiar locations... like movie sets
JonathanBlue (10 months ago)
Tywin Lannister You don't have to look at the sky, just straight in front of you, and of course don't fixate on one point if you don't want to look like a robot. You will even see the dog poop earlier.
-Lizzard97- (10 months ago)
Idk if this worked with u guys but, when i start to run like naruto, girls fall in love with me :3
69 Davidhatesspiders (2 months ago)
-Lizzard97- lol
happy boy (10 months ago)
How to use wheelchair ? Walk or not walk that's the legs questions
happy boy (10 months ago)
huggable cactus ❤
huggable cactus (10 months ago)
happy boy keep your shoulders back and head up as you roll.
The Divine Eagle (10 months ago)
I do all of these things
quad core (10 months ago)
How to walk? Seriously? Fucking retarded.
Zach (10 months ago)
quad core how many women do you catch staring at you on a daily basis? Yeah, stfu and take notes.
quad core (10 months ago)
What next? How to breathe? And how to drink water? What a bunch of douche canoes!!! Just like alpha m.
RANA MUDASSAR (11 months ago)
kaas saus (11 months ago)
How to do a confident stance? I dont know where to put my hand and dont know how to stand. And i cant find i video to get my that advice.
Fascist Godfather (11 months ago)
I always look on the floor while walking to watch if someone dropped money

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