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Parents Analyze Slang Words | Joseph Birdsong

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My parents, Mama and Papa Birdsong analyze some slang words this week! They are the best. Be sure to subscribe for more chances for me to ruin your homepage for free. ▶ Twitter: http://twitter.com/josephbirdsong ▶ Tumblr: http://josephbirdsong.tumblr.com ▶ Site/Blog: http://www.josephbirdsong.co ▶ Facebook: http://facebook.com/josephbirdsongofficial
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Text Comments (929)
vesterpop (11 months ago)
I can really see you and Haley in your parents, haha.
Marina (2 years ago)
mama birdsong has such a nice voice! it's so relaxing to listen to which makes her even funnier when she talked about justin bieber and his swag LOL
Anthony J. Finley (2 years ago)
Justin Bieber makes them boys go loco. Hehehe! This vid is amazing.
b. r. (3 years ago)
Are your sister and your mom the same person? I mean... they look and sound the same!  I hope your sister doesn't kill me for saying that. Lol.
Kevin Versteegen (3 years ago)
Your dad looks so confused throughout this whole video xD
Keywy (3 years ago)
Finally got around to watching this, it's adorable :3 
squishygurl (3 years ago)
this is so cute :3
K Pugh (4 years ago)
Is he gay
KJ [Katy James] (4 years ago)
yes he is gay
Peebles Pebbles (4 years ago)
In the UK getting blazing can mean getting drunk, so Papa Birdsong was correct, just not on the correct country.
Kelson (4 years ago)
YOLO is dead.
XtReeM FeeR (4 years ago)
SCORBUS SKANK (4 years ago)
Magnatron (4 years ago)
aw i just saw this video, your parents are just awesome -and why are u so skinny, they're not skinny, omg eat-
Crackle Spark (4 years ago)
Haha your parents are awesome!
magickis33 (4 years ago)
Your parents are just like me ...
Natalie Martinez (4 years ago)
"what does blazing mean?" 420 bLAZE IT WEWEWEWE
YupIReadIt (4 years ago)
Your parents are great!!!
Tia Wilson (5 years ago)
Gosh your sister looks like your mum
saraeverafter (5 years ago)
"How does it feel to have a 25-year-old living in your house?" "...Sure." Yes, Papa Birdsong, yes.
Dani Beth (5 years ago)
Papa Birdsong is the man!
Matariki (5 years ago)
LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 :)
PinkCloud (5 years ago)
Your parents are so cool and adorable!
Sam Graham (5 years ago)
your mom and sister look exaaactly the same
Danny Newell (5 years ago)
Aww! I love how your mom slaps her legs when she laughs! ha ha, it's adorable!
Shalandir (5 years ago)
Your parents are AWESOME! ;-p
Your sister is so much like your mum. You're family are just brilliant.
MrJason300 (5 years ago)
Your parents are awesome! "Justin Bieber makes those boys go loco"
kayonah (5 years ago)
Jilue (5 years ago)
I love your parents oh my god
jake (5 years ago)
I still can't believe how much your sister looks like your mom and they have the same mannerisms too. I mean it shouldn't be THAT shocking seeing as how they're related but still! Anyway, this is still one of my faves and it makes me laugh every time. You seem to have great parents Joe<3
penguinrampage (5 years ago)
Your parents are adorable. This video made me appreciate all your videos so much more. ^__^
Paige (5 years ago)
when your dad shipped himself with oreos... :,) so cute!
James Tarr (5 years ago)
You're parents are cool!
meanglittrgirl (5 years ago)
punkprincess (5 years ago)
TheIRAassassin (5 years ago)
Your dad is awesome XD
jinxgirl5 (5 years ago)
That your dad knows what shipping means amuses me so much, you have no idea XD
HeyBeey (5 years ago)
your dad's awesome! :D
percabeth shipper (5 years ago)
MadamShizz (5 years ago)
haha youre parents are great! Also I know Im way late but screw it, my favorite slang word is slang. Slang stands for shortened language. So slang is slang for slang. THE MORE YOU KNOWWW~
ughwasteofmylife (5 years ago)
Oh my gosh, Papa Birdsong, I was thinking One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as well! So glad I was not the only one!
sagebrushsailor (5 years ago)
Your parents are adorable!
Elena Malaga (5 years ago)
your sister looks sooo much like your mom!!!
kira thom (5 years ago)
Tanya (5 years ago)
This is precious.
bratattack5 (5 years ago)
They are cool parents.
KBADNER (5 years ago)
Your parents are adorable :)
Bamaboy87 (5 years ago)
I love your parents!
BYZANTINE (5 years ago)
I <3 your parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
NotDeadJustYet (5 years ago)
GOOD answer on Justin Bieber, Mama Birdsong!
Dome Woo (5 years ago)
Your parents are adorable :) Very much like yourself!
Tiffanie Ballard (5 years ago)
Secretly We Are Gay c;
Cicily Justina Nece (5 years ago)
Papa bridsong is adorable
37kittykat (5 years ago)
Hehehehee YOLO I prefer there version!
Herman Forstmann (5 years ago)
I love your parents!
aldonmaddnesss (5 years ago)
Your parents are so adorable
MightyHalfling (5 years ago)
how sweet are your parents!!!!
Jessie P. (5 years ago)
Oh my goodness your dad talking about Justin Bieber!
Sommer Lisa (5 years ago)
the yolo bit is jokes x
Morgan Olson (5 years ago)
I like their version of YOLO better
EdenDespina (5 years ago)
Joe,your parents are amazing!They seem so open minded and sweet.
kang mina (5 years ago)
This is so funny. God bless 'em.
Deleted Deleted (5 years ago)
Fergalicious? lol
minakom1224 (5 years ago)
Lol... They are totally clowning!!! YOLO.. Actually kinda makes sense!!! Hahah
Dariusz Dominczak (5 years ago)
Your parents should make more of You.
mandibreannn (5 years ago)
I love your parents. How did your DAD know what shipping is? xD
thecatman4ever (5 years ago)
What an awesome video....Love the parents : )
Jesse Simon (5 years ago)
Ohmygod, I almost spewed my drink when your dad said that he wanted to twerk. God bless older people.
MechanicalAlpacas (5 years ago)
They know what shipping is... *Zooms in on my face* They're adapting. *Switches to creepy papa birdsong photo* SOON.
Augh XD (5 years ago)
i thaught when i saw the name slang words i thaught he ment fuck or something
Zainab Anwari (5 years ago)
I love your parents !!! <3333 they are so adorable !
laredletolvr44 (5 years ago)
I adore your parents! You got your momma's wit. (:
wesisnotimpressed (5 years ago)
(also I totally love your parents)
wesisnotimpressed (5 years ago)
I totally agree with your Dad's definition of twerk. It sounds pretty similar to the actual definition lol
Todd Aillon (5 years ago)
You're parents are adorable!
cinkota7 (5 years ago)
tool is my favirote slang word
Shannon Mooney (5 years ago)
your parents are so "with it"! my parents wouldn't know ANY of these!
Me+kitkats=kitkate my otp. Ur welcom
Moya Gnang (5 years ago)
your parents are pretty darn cool :)
dcjrmdmr (5 years ago)
yoyo from the 50's
Halia Osorio (5 years ago)
your parents are preciouss
Nelson Estrada (5 years ago)
OMG your parents are so awesome! Love this!
Facecake Rapture (5 years ago)
DEAR LORD your sister and mother look exactly the same!
kateyotcha (5 years ago)
i ship myself with oreos. i can see that... haaaaaaaahahahahaaaaa this is da best joe JOLO
Rachel Wells (5 years ago)
How do you not know one flew over the cuckoos nest?!?!!??? One of the greatest movies ever!
JebpyHP (5 years ago)
Your parents dress exactly like my parents. Like the exact same articles of clothing. It's is creepy. They live in Southern Missouri like 45 minutes away from the Arkansas border so that must be it.
Stacy Bateman (5 years ago)
honey badger don't care
Matthew Coffin (5 years ago)
Oh God your dad twerking....
Camille Schmuck (5 years ago)
Your parents are pretty awesome.
Jessey Jordan (5 years ago)
He's pretty much right.
Danielle Tiller (5 years ago)
Your parents seem like such sweet people. :)
Jezdamayel Caster (5 years ago)
OH!! lovely parents <3
Alexandra L (5 years ago)
i love your parents. they're legitt
Jess Solan 2 (5 years ago)
"i wanna twerk..go gangnum style"
Jess Solan 2 (5 years ago)
yolo has lived its only life
LilySkye (5 years ago)
my dad thinks tumblr is just for porn
RachelMarie (5 years ago)
omg your parents are so cute I can't even deal with it.
SatellitePlane (5 years ago)
OMG YOUR DAD ARE SUPER CUTE HAHA you resemble him kinda
talonsandtealeaves (5 years ago)
oh man this should be a new tag video, i wanna do this with my mom lol
aria (5 years ago)
I think Joe is FERGOULISHIS!!!! (dont think i spelled it rite :/) Oh Welllllllll.. #Joe #Wrong #RAWR

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