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How to import Data into Table using Teradata SQL Assistant

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We can use Teradata SQL Assistant to load data from file into table present in Teradata. Refer to below link for more details: http://usefulfreetips.com/Teradata-SQL-Tutorial/teradata-sql-assistant-import-data/
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Text Comments (16)
MLBson09 (1 month ago)
Teradata is for peasants. SQL Server master race
Bikram Grewal (4 months ago)
सर जी म्यूजिक मन केंद्रित नहीं होने देता
Pothuraju Ashesh (4 months ago)
deadly fast dude, thumbs down
Ray Kodiak (2 years ago)
dude, you are doing a How To video // you need to slow down when you do this, not move at 100MPG...
Ray Kodiak (2 years ago)
+TeradataSQLTutorials great, I try to only give useful critique ;)
TeradataSQLTutorials (2 years ago)
We completely agree with you and won't rush in our future videos. Thanks for valuable feedback. Definitely it will help us in making better videos in future. Cheers !!!
Ray Kodiak (2 years ago)
+TeradataSQLTutorials I had to watch it 10 times, because of how fast you were going, so not helpful to be moving at this speed, consider your audience better, people who don't know how to do this, are watching it, people who know, don't need it watch it.
TeradataSQLTutorials (2 years ago)
+Ray Kodiak Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider it for our future videos. The intent was to keep the video short to 2 mins because many people don't prefer watching long videos.
Nikunj Krishna Rayal (2 years ago)
Giving me that Indian Feeling of Veda and Yoga!
Nikunj Krishna Rayal (2 years ago)
WTF! What kind of sound it is! So Annoying.
TeradataSQLTutorials (2 years ago)
+Nick Royal We have already taken No Music consideration for our all future videos.
Vunnam Nagaraju (3 years ago)
Can we automate this process of import and export?.. I have a requirement where I need export data in .MDB file which MS Access dabase file. As far  as my knowledge we can create .MDB files using SQL assistant export operation manually. I wanted automate that process. Can you please give your suggestions ?
TeradataSQLTutorials (2 years ago)
+Vunnam Nagaraju Kindly consider using BTEQ script rather than using SQL Assistant for this work.
Max Well (4 years ago)
The periodic chime is annoying. 
mjshaheed (3 years ago)
+TeradataSQLTutorials Nice and simple explanation except the annoying background music. :)
TeradataSQLTutorials (3 years ago)
Hi Max Yep I agree. No more background music in our future videos.

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