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Ray Masciana to discuss Nathans Famous Restaurant at Page Field

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Host Tom Conwell has on developer and general contractor Ray Masciana to discuss his latest projects and the New Nathans Famous Restaurant at Page Field. Treasured childhood memories and an extensive back round in urban planning, has fueled the fire for developer and general contractor Ray Masciana’s as he envisions his further expansion upon Page Field Center. Largely due to Masciana’s vision, a new strip is being introduced to the Page Field Center, anticipated to open in early March of 2016. The strip will be anchored by Florida’s first full-service Nathan’s Famous restaurant, boasting a hangar-like style architecture with a 30-foot wing span and pays tribute to the rich aviation history represented by Page Field Air Park. With a rich history, brand loyalty, quality food, beverage and an innovative video drive-thru fast food experience, Nathan’s Famous is expected to flourish. To further enhance customer satisfaction and food variety, Nathan’s Famous will be co-branding with Arthur Treacher’s Fish&Chips. Nathan’s Famous Restaurant may be foreign to Fort Myers, Ray Masciana needs no introduction to it. Masciana grew up down the block from the second Nathan’s Famous restaurant, which opened in 1955 at Oceanside, NY. Experiencing the childhood memories of taste, smell and satisfaction served as the catalyst to bring Nathan’s to Fort Myers. With a high volume traffic average of 60,000 vehicles passing U.S. 41 locations, College Parkway and Colonial Blvd., daily, it is anticipated that up to five more retailers will be added to occupy the new strip. Currently, there are five retail locations available sizing out at approximately 1,400 square feet, with a possibility of spaces being combined and selling for $22 to $25 per square foot. Before venturing to Page Field, Masciana served as the Chief Planner for the City of Rome under the guidance of the city’s mayor from 1974 to 1981. Masciana’s resume consist of building and selling more than 100 two-family homes around JFK Airport, representing over $25 million in sales and graduating with honors from Syracuse University with a degree in urban planning. TO Listen to the Episode Go Here: https://soundcloud.com/user-994…/aae-full-04222016-processed To Hear all of Host Tom Conwell's Shows Go Here: http://www.askanexpertfl.com/ For further information on renting information contact Cushman and Wakefield at 239-489-3600. For further information on Nathan’s Famous Restaurant and the new strip contact Page Field Center at (239)-208-7333 or at [email protected]
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