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Garland's Final Fantasy VII Speed Run - Segment 7 (Part 1)

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This part requires a lot of practice before you can start doing serious attempts. Espcially the bar is very evil, as it's way too easy to get stuck at one of the barstools or that guy who needs to use the toilet so badly. Thankfully, that is so early in the segment, so it's not too bad. Next up is Corneo's mansion, where the most evil part of the segment takes place. That staircase is damn hard to hit. At least half of my segments ended there. Finally, there's talking to Corneo inside his "love nest". Some times, nothing happens when you try talking to him.
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Text Comments (19)
Aurorosthebest (6 years ago)
Watch his Challenge Videos. The Bosses are so weak you can beat them at the lowest Level. With Initial Equipment, No Accesoires and no MAteria. So, He will handle it. Definitely
AkaLee (6 years ago)
question: do you ever level up or you beat the last boss somehow...
TangerineGroovin (7 years ago)
how do you get the medicine
P2000Camaro (8 years ago)
lol. I don't know why I'm watching a speedrun.. I haven't played the game in a couple years.. I mean I totally destroyed it when I did, By the time I was done I beat all 3 weapons like they were regular battles.lol. But I actually wanna read the dialogue again, so I'm having to pause and play really quickly..lol.
Paradoxolog (8 years ago)
Is it possible for the squat guy to never miss a squat?
tttc (8 years ago)
Why did you spend so much time getting all the stuff for Cloud? you could've just got the dress and Don Corneo don't care.
Flip Mattia (8 years ago)
waht a momories! thx garland!
lairdofgarscaddon (8 years ago)
yeah, I thought so too. I guess not. Ty again, garland.
Retards9H (8 years ago)
thought you needed the lingerie from the honey bee in to get chosen
Allehelgens FF (9 years ago)
Haha nice comment I got there, I must have been very angry at that time. And your comment made my day, thanks for it. :D
Allehelgens FF (9 years ago)
For some gay reason Don always chooses Aeris in my save, and i have collected all of those clothes as you. :S
daniel lewis (10 years ago)
"I own the clothes store, but I ain't your father." One of my favs..
Lüt (10 years ago)
"T?" - "Who are you?" "My name is A" - "How do you know?" - "I met C in the park" (or something like that) Hilarious 8)
Neurion (10 years ago)
ah, kk
Dave van Kaam (10 years ago)
Not unless you get all the mayor parts, then he picks cloud instead.
Neurion (10 years ago)
i miss this game! (wish i had a ps1 and memory card cuz i got this game twice lol)
Neurion (10 years ago)
thats suppose 2 happen m8
wizofhell (10 years ago)
could u tell me how to get myself picked by don because he picked tifa instead
Sarah Shinespark (11 years ago)
Wow, I never noticed until your vids that you could cut across from the tiara guy's place... Good stuff X)

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