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Top 10 Expensive Jeans Brands In The World I LumosNox

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Jeans always hold the premier spot in the fashion world, and they always set the style statement. People from every age group whether man or woman will always have the fantasy to add jeans in their closet. Anybody who knows how to look stylish will always prefer jeans as their attire. There is no definite purpose to wear jeans, anyone can wear it anytime and anywhere whether it is a coffee shop or family event. Jeans are a part of an open closet, and this is predominant among young generation. It is one outfit that is considered as one of the most wearable outfits and the price tag increases according to the quality and attributes. Few companies hold the title as one of the most expensive jeans brands in the world, and these brands are the sign of style, comfort, and apparently style. Here are the top 10 most expensive jeans brand of the world
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Text Comments (84)
Japinson Sinaga (8 days ago)
♥Levi's 501♥
azaz mayat (8 days ago)
Lives 👌👌
Angela Bender (9 days ago)
The best jeans is the one worn by a slender woman with long blond hair
serkan Koca (10 days ago)
Perfect quality dolce gabbana
Rock Revival buckle black American fighter???? How about does?
dana brichtova (14 days ago)
Diesel 🔝💯%
Mehroz Mirza (18 days ago)
Paying for Diamonds and Embelishments.. Ugly clothings.. BTW these are customized jeans, no common person want to see this whi can't afford these...
Satakshi Bhatt (19 days ago)
Levi's all time favt
Arun Sree (20 days ago)
Bart Supan (21 days ago)
Wow!! I just bought a pair of skinny jeans at Wal-Mart the is brand George, China made and it fits me perfect for $9.99 on sale. I bought black and blue. This could be the cheapest pair of jean around.. But who cares. lol...
Eric Sulatan (26 days ago)
JAG is a very good jeans
Jose Manuel A.M. (1 month ago)
ipza VI (1 month ago)
Disquerd2 reeee
Kamal Choudhury (1 month ago)
Didn’t mention KITON ??
Andres22 (1 month ago)
What about true religion those go for like 300-400
Abdullah Baloch (1 month ago)
True religion?
Abdullah Baloch Rock Revival?
MILE HIGH BEATS (2 months ago)
I rock Sean john n true religion
STAR HELIO (2 months ago)
What a waste of hard earned money.👎🏻
527 N.Y.C. (2 months ago)
Filthy poonjabi!! with that dirty Indian accent GTFOH!
davina sunnassee (2 months ago)
Where is diesel
Misa Pavlovic (2 months ago)
Lee, Levi's and Wrangler. The end.
marshelleey (2 months ago)
2:30 is this voice narrating the video comes from a robot? She even reads the ‘dot’ 😱
arun kumar (1 month ago)
Yes it is.
Mildred Lao (2 months ago)
How about G - Star Raw....
Bryan Carl (3 months ago)
NOVO Jeans is the most expensive jeans here... Why go for the expensive one while we can have it more cheaper. Its how you wear it.
Philip Ruers (3 months ago)
What are 'best jeans'? Just because they are expensive does not make them 'best'. The most desired jeans are 50 year old Levi''so that are faded and threadbare. If a trained monkey in Japan spends 2 hours stitching, it doesn't make it better in any way.
8rick1ane (3 months ago)
Incotex chinos for me only.
raffie hyder mirza (3 months ago)
Waste to spend earned money
Swabi Khan (3 months ago)
Misleading and totally wrong ranking😂 where is PP, GOF, DSQ
Go Naveen (3 months ago)
a mil for a pair of jeans, this is complete madness
yogi mathur (3 months ago)
This news is fake, they havent covered all the brands in this.
Philip Robledo (3 months ago)
my jeans is only $8 and it looks just the same
X_U (3 months ago)
Naked and famous denim 4 life ❤️
jules ba (3 months ago)
Scotty Haines (2 months ago)
M N (3 months ago)
Fuck them all. Nothing beats 501. Period.
Yam Pathak (4 months ago)
What about Springfield??????
Philip Ruers (4 months ago)
There is ZERO reasons for jeans to be expensive. The fabric, made in China, is sold by weight and is cheap to make. The manufacturing takes place in Bangladesh, India or Sri Lanka, where they earn US$ 5- per day. Just because the label says LEVI's does not make it superior or special. All brands come from the same effing factories.
JS (2 months ago)
you're abit of an idiot
Lucas Vogelman (3 months ago)
It is simply untrue that all jeans come from the same factories. The best jeans are made in Japan where workers are paid well because each pair can take hours to make. Do your research bro
KALIPRASAD HOTA (4 months ago)
Jeans forever.
I'm RaZeM (4 months ago)
Fear of god?
Wing Wing (4 months ago)
Why Jacob Cohen is not on the list? It's a true leader in price and quality on European market. Apart from that I see here a simple set of standard expensive clothes brands which everyone knows...
Leo Rosvall (4 months ago)
Where is Dsquared2 jeans?
reindeer games (5 months ago)
what about diesel???
love only camila (7 days ago)
n killer though..
Rami Bsnt (5 months ago)
Nudie jeans
jackielou fajardo (5 months ago)
general and g-star raw
Jacob Theriault (5 months ago)
You forgot amari
Lulu Lulu (5 months ago)
Reggie Darden (5 months ago)
If it's not on the hood we didn't make it famous..bk nyc allday
komduur danny (5 months ago)
Balmain jeans are more expencive dan the number 10
glenn villaflor (5 months ago)
Where is my favorite Jeans when i was a Teenager. Aside from my Levis jeans...I want the original LEE Riders.
M N (5 months ago)
Levi's 24/7/365/lifetime.
stephen velete (5 months ago)
we pay for the brand name but not in quality'because you know why?i'am working in garments for 11years till now'
MILIND RANADE (5 months ago)
where is armani ?
Daniel Madrid (5 months ago)
Were is the true religion brand?
LdGames Z (15 days ago)
True Religon Is Back In Style Because They Where Ban Rup
Alejandro Rodriguez (5 months ago)
They also forgot rock rivaval
Daniel Madrid (5 months ago)
alfie p (5 months ago)
Sara Carrasquilla Yeah
Sara Carrasquilla (5 months ago)
Got it on sale
Abel Cerrillo (5 months ago)
Levi jeans rip easy their no good, cheap thin material that dont last.
Jermaniel Agustin (5 months ago)
Levis everyday
Jay DaBaddest (3 months ago)
Jermaniel Agustin last foreva !!!
209 (5 months ago)
Everyone these 2 are NERDS! Come Quick
Ivan Williams (5 months ago)
Jermaniel Agustin All day
Vijay Ramachandran (6 months ago)
G star Raw is probably the best brand of jeans in the world
X_U (3 months ago)
ernesto manzano (6 months ago)
Amos Mashika (2 months ago)
Replay is one of the best as well, nice cuts and perfect stitching 👌🏼
Amos Mashika (2 months ago)
I was hoping to see Replay as well, perfect cut and stitching 👌🏼
Dragon ball Z (4 months ago)
ernesto manzano
Vijay Khaparde (5 months ago)
ernesto manzano .Good.bye.
ANTHONI Comeau (6 months ago)
I wear Dsquared and Cavalli and Versace only
Niel Brizuela (3 months ago)
Anthoni C ..oh really ...wy ur jeans not become old ???
Ram Mishra (6 months ago)
thank u so much it ws awsome voice of u with ur luxury jeans wear video 👍
william velasco (6 months ago)
That was a fake pair of Levi's.....look at the patch lmao
Father Sergiy 2 (8 months ago)
Levi's on sale 25$...!

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