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Shrink Space

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Hemant K Chitale (2 years ago)
I've seen many youtube demos and webinars. Those where the commands are actually typed in are my preference. A command that is pasted into the demo is generally followed by immediate execution and the viewer misses the learning experience on the command itself. This channel is currently for OCA students so performance isn't a focus.
deadwood4sea (1 year ago)
Nice demo! Since you'r a veteran and bold enough to typing on-line in sql*plus, I would expect you to know sql*plus shortcuts for edits. Instead of repeating the entire command, simply type line # , then what to change. So #1 sql>2 , then #2 Sql> c/HELD/HELP .
mayank s (2 years ago)
it will be great if you can copy paste instead of typing whole sql again , it will save your time and efforts and us too , thanks your video are good, if you can touch some more advance Performance topics

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