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Yukari & Ririna - Kissing scene

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Text Comments (302)
It’s not really pretending they are serious🙄🙄🙄 Edit:Why is this Recommended from me?!!!
anime cademy (22 days ago)
i think this anime is uploaded to hentaihaven
The laziest Otaku ever (1 month ago)
Yes yes yes yes yes yes
Aber Cabacoy (1 month ago)
What anime name?
Elsbeth Burgener (1 month ago)
Welche folge ist das?
reintoz (1 month ago)
People THIS is just an anime were pre arranged marriages exist there is no p*rn it's not hentai maybe a little ecchi but definitely not hentai
Simbada GT (1 month ago)
Iwant to call FBI
lazy daniela (1 month ago)
this is more than hentai!
Sugar Skull Pikachu (1 month ago)
I sell bleach Who ever want’s it Just get it and I sell Ropes To tie your neck to death That’s all. *Drinks bleach*
asurprised expression (1 month ago)
Pasha skraaaa kakakaka
Entity Boi (1 month ago)
i was foaming from the mouth while watching this
Momo Momo (1 month ago)
Einar Cook (1 month ago)
*Did I just turn more depressing cuz I'm single*
Potatoku ._ (1 month ago)
gi mati lah kima
Shiki - Kun (1 month ago)
Potatoku ._ hanat
Rainbow Recordzz! (1 month ago)
I thought this was innocent... Nvm.
Sakura - Chan! (2 months ago)
Well hey,it’s not pretending anymore
polyana mendes (2 months ago)
is cute
polyana mendes (2 months ago)
kim shawn (2 months ago)
VickVangs (2 months ago)
I like the music
Xime Veso (2 months ago)
donde esta el yuri en esto? >:v estaba bien feliz viendo yuri y aparece esta wea xd
Potato (2 months ago)
Pretend 2 has sex
Chiwyilai (2 months ago)
โห้ ไอ้สัสตอนแรกก็นึกว่า​ การ์ตูนวาย​ โด่ว
Marvel ZFan (2 months ago)
ApeX (2 months ago)
Yukari Yakumo
Mkminea Iloveanime (2 months ago)
What anime
Sean Garrido (3 months ago)
I love it
Cpt_Lapis (3 months ago)
Daily Coolguy777 (3 months ago)
Man a hotdog flopped out of my pants......oh it's my left over lunch
Ana Belle (3 months ago)
No me canso de verlo😍
Thien Do (3 months ago)
Ran và Shinichi cũng được vậy thì hay biết mấy
Lessa Robinson (3 months ago)
Oh wow, just checked back in the manga, and this scene in the room never happened! They never did kiss! I guess the creators of the anime just like Lilina and Yukari to be together lol which I don't mind, since I ship them as well 👏🏼
Lessa Robinson (3 months ago)
Wow I don't remember them having a full out kiss in this particular scene of the manga... Only when they're in the traditional Japanese house wearing yukata
BlueTrooper (3 months ago)
At least they didn't bang when the government gave them condoms. That would hurt Misaki
Chahiim Pop (3 months ago)
Lol the comments are crazy I haven't finish the anime yet can someone tell me who he chooses and what happens to the other girl?
Iron Avenger (3 months ago)
Koi to uso is what netsuzou trap should’ve been.
jahn aurey taray (3 months ago)
*collaps* please lord help me 0_o
Anh Bay (3 months ago)
Aurora Cervantes (3 months ago)
Bitch you can pretend to have sex in anime.
Hello Mia (3 months ago)
Expectation vs Reality
PJ. Aly (3 months ago)
Was this anime before or after Kuzu no Honkai?
Unboxing Studio (3 months ago)
tongue soup😍
Zero (3 months ago)
*French Kiss Intensifies*
( ͡° ͜V ͡°)
FireFox 13427 (3 months ago)
This is a better love story than twilight ;)
Madison Gerlach (3 months ago)
Was this cute or awkward?
pearl vb (3 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $3451_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?lKObEn Try once.
Beautiful View (3 months ago)
Is this hentai actually I’m not a perv it just looks like an hentai show
Sora Seme (3 months ago)
Made me melt
XIOARAN (3 months ago)
Que buen beso :v
Taylor Prophete (3 months ago)
Akari Cipher (3 months ago)
I wonder if voice acting this scene was awkward XD
Exulansis/ (3 months ago)
Colin-kun :3 (3 months ago)
This kissu is just so perfect.. made me aroused af
Morgan Lemons (3 months ago)
Simonic Kim (3 months ago)
So good
Simonic Kim (3 months ago)
So good
Ryonn Nonato (3 months ago)
Ooo oooww owwwww
Austin Lee (3 months ago)
Who thought it was Yukihira X Erina 😂
Troll Warlord (3 months ago)
I think they have sex right? I love the kiss scene sooooo cute Yukari didn't touch Ririna porn riight? I think Yukari lick Ririna porn
Shiki - Kun (3 months ago)
Austin Lee I'm still waiting for them to be together
Slimevines Vines (3 months ago)
Well I think some of you guys wanna do that with your crushes ? Cuz yea
Calamity greed (3 months ago)
My man
Calamity greed (3 months ago)
Shiki - Kun yes brother
Shiki - Kun (3 months ago)
Calamity greed my dude
FireFox 13427 (3 months ago)
Me:pulls this up Other people: *FBI Open Up!!*
Wrath_ChanXx Gacha (3 months ago)
Frost TM (3 months ago)
1:25 She Either... 1)doesn't want to have sex 2)She is waiting for him 3) embarrassed *Btw why is she crying?*
Shiki - Kun (3 months ago)
Frost TM err cuz she's not ready??
Mridu Bharti (4 months ago)
Hen + tie I think
Mridu Bharti (3 months ago)
Jada Love I know that sweetie I read this manga ya know imma just saying it 😂😂😂
Jada Love (3 months ago)
Deadly Yuki it isn’t-it’s called koi to uso Or love and lies
Annie Moses (4 months ago)
can someone please tell me who's he in love with?? the other girl or this one? I'm too frustrated and impatient with the anime.
MADBD619 (4 months ago)
This is wrong on so many levels.
xBlxckx Gt (4 months ago)
Love and lies i really love this anime but i would want yukari to give ririna his heart rather then the other one and nisekoi should be more in the anime
Harshith Hitman (4 months ago)
Gosh I have to do something about my Bonner chan
Maria Ester Abalos (4 months ago)
Nada .xo.25 (4 months ago)
Thirdy gamer 10 (4 months ago)
?why somebody upload in youtube an anime like this #reported
Tylers (2 months ago)
duuuuuuude this is the best anime scene ever SO HOT AND ROMANTIC wait why you clicked the vid if you hateit your such a noob
Shiki - Kun (3 months ago)
Jhun Manzie Ayee chill
Two-timer-kun calm down your *NIPPLES*
I replayed this so much the button broke.
Shiki - Kun (3 months ago)
Lol you're god of destruction just like rap Mon
Ikuzo minna (4 months ago)
Chill son
john edwar ducusin (3 months ago)
Kids in the comment section.yucking in changing of saliva. I bet in the future you will d0 this for sure
Michael anime (4 months ago)
龍餓鬼夜叉 (4 months ago)
Kha'zix (4 months ago)
Shit I'm so hot, fuq
aratrika das (4 months ago)
Joseph Alcaraz (3 months ago)
aratrika das You are not the only one, props to u all in these comments ✌️
aratrika das (4 months ago)
Waifu Life true though😅
Waifu Life (4 months ago)
aratrika das a kiss like that would turn anyone on
Caitlyn Waltler (4 months ago)
What's happens next dammit
revi tal (4 months ago)
Original Boi (4 months ago)
1:00 French kiss eh, make sure you kids brushed your teeth
Patato (4 months ago)
Bruh this video reminds me of that i'll always be single
derk memes (3 months ago)
Patato im a loner sooo idc
Black Is awesome (4 months ago)
Canere's (4 months ago)
Idk why but their eyes...so big... its kinda weird for me
Waifu Life (1 month ago)
+Entity Boi no these eyes are big af
Entity Boi (1 month ago)
Most animes are like that
Sez Dj (4 months ago)
Ewww the ending
I'mLikin'It Go! (4 months ago)
venomous2die4 (4 months ago)
That is NOT SEX.
•Mimi • (4 months ago)
I'mLikin'It Go! IKR >\\\\<
Johnny Seo_Property (4 months ago)
Dam i just read their profile they won't be together.. and I was like....... Top 10 anime betrayals feels...
Johnny Seo_Property (4 months ago)
ralph robin r.D uhm... Would you mind elaborating?... I can't quite catch up with what you're saying... Hope I'm not rude..
ralph robin r.D (4 months ago)
They only pak each other and also the big boobs girl that is also pak by a friend.
Johnny Seo_Property (4 months ago)
Shiki - Kun let's go pray hard and harder fam... haven't watched it but i think i already ship them... hope this story pull off a Nisekoi.... lol... Sorry I'm on ChitogeXRaku .... if you know what I mean...
Shiki - Kun (4 months ago)
Johnny Seo_Property ouhh sorry bruh...I just ship them so hard..just hoping they will be together tho
Johnny Seo_Property (4 months ago)
Shiki - Kun wait?. No.... i just read their profile but haven't really read it yet... so not sure either...
dip roshan rai (4 months ago)
Ok i didnt knew this manga has anime too
Wolf O'Donnell (4 months ago)
Why am I watching this at 2am in the morning? 😕
Andrew Thaw (1 month ago)
Lmao yo i read this comment at 2am on the dot smh thats crazy ... thats how you know it is time to go to bed signs dont get any clearer than this
Hikaru Yuki (4 months ago)
Moniiee_. (4 months ago)
Detailed tongues
Colin-kun :3 (3 months ago)
Perfectly done
Wrath_ChanXx Gacha (3 months ago)
Moniiee_. IKR 👌
Juv Nail (4 months ago)
My mind is dirty because of this why?!!!!!
Little Minho ಠᴗಠ (4 months ago)
Juv Nail feel you..
Sinc Sco (4 months ago)
Wait what the hell?

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