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Kendrick Lamar’s 17-Year-Old Sister Is Pregnant With Her Second Kid Should We Say Congrats Or Damn?

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You know Kendrick Lamar as a rapper and songwriter, but, did you know he’s all about family? Apparently he’s very close to his younger sister, Kayla, who in her 17 years of life has experienced more than most! Click to SUBSCRIBE for more videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeOwkRQclNIxh9FWUpGk2rg
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Text Comments (27)
Megara Lyons (1 month ago)
Baby face but clearly she likes to fuck. Next case!
Noonie Pooh Noonie (9 months ago)
WHOA!!! She had her first child at THIRTEEN😬 and now 17 with 2 KIDS??! That's tough😕 Maybe she is the type that might want to have kids young so they can "grow up together!" Some people do that. #Facts.I had my ONLY child in my teens as well and let me tell you if I knew what I know now I probably either wouldn't have any kids or I would have them at the age that I am now.
Tina Williams (9 months ago)
Damn invest in some condoms its cheaper
Beyon Sexy (9 months ago)
She drove that car he bought her straight to the D🍆
BlackMadonna HEIRLOVE (9 months ago)
Take a look around & say *dam* It's crazy & crazy out here & having kids like whatever for anyone, ought to be planned for But. I'll mind my business now
Urban Urban (10 months ago)
Ayla Ayla (10 months ago)
Why the closet door of track
No matter how much money a family have A hoe gone be a hoe.
Darius Stevenson (10 months ago)
My heart goes out to all these bastard children that all these Lil irresponsible THOTS are popping out like pop corn. Donald Trump gonna have all y’all starving and freezing in a minute. I think we need to have a time out on all the lil hookahs who think they grown. We do not need anymore illegitimate children who is gonna be raised without a father and gonna grow up to be ignorant as fuck only to continue the cycle. P. S. To God does not bless this behavior. If that is the case then an adulterer is blessed.
Brittany Walker (10 months ago)
She continues to do it because she knows her brother will never let her go w out. Hopefully she's doing something else productive while she's fresh out of high school, instead of having babies.
Black Tea (10 months ago)
Maybe band together and get this girl some contraceptives. Congrats tho!!!
Audrey Williams (10 months ago)
Sophronia Mason (10 months ago)
Things happen also called AIDS and Hepatitis C, they can kill you, and that's real life and UNNECESSARY RISK! There are things called condoms, protect against AIDS, Hepatitis C, other STDs that don't kill, just make you miserable for life, and teenage pregnancy!! I don't care what her financial situation is like, at 17, she should be thinking about prom, college and upcoming senior year. One baby is a struggle, two at her age is RIDICULOUS! She is still a child herself, what's the damn race to procreate about??? Somehow, this girl is doing a great disservice to herself and two kids being raised by a child. This is really uncalled for and irresponsible on so many levels. My answer is DAMN!!
Kendrick's lil sis a hoe? Damn..
Darius Stevenson (10 months ago)
Nicole T fucking and getting pregnant is two different things and so what if he/she is. If you can’t drive a certain because you keep wrecking it then you need to stop driving.
Nicole T (10 months ago)
SSJ5 Gogeta are you fucking
Leslie Galloway (10 months ago)
SSJ5 Gogeta no that's not what that means. It means she can't look at penis without getting pregnant. She's too fertile. Bad part is nobody told her she doesn't have to have sex just bcoz some boy tells her she's beautiful and probably lies and says he loves her.
Pretta's World (10 months ago)
Pretta's World (10 months ago)
You want some attention don't u??!!! Not now boy......go play🐶
Patricia Jackson (10 months ago)
So get out of her business!
Sooo Happy (9 months ago)
Patricia Jackson 😁😁😂😂😂IKR
Kimberley Foster (10 months ago)
Things happen and it's called life. Nobody is to judge anyone these days. So what she got pregnant again. That's not the worse she could be strung out on drugs, or a prostitute so having babies yes it's hard but I'm sure he will be right there to help her that's what family do... well at least some!!
Darius Stevenson (10 months ago)
Kimberley Foster Spoken like a True THOT Whisperer!! That’s what family do? Family need to start letting that ass starve then maybe they’ll think twice Nobody can judge nobody. And that is why black people bout to go extinct now.
Anela Toro (10 months ago)
I have a 17 year-old daughter who already has a baby girl, at 10 months old and is pregnant with her second child due in February, which will be my 1st Grandson, My son always telling his sister she is so young to have a child and how he sees her going through all this. she is trying to finish school and know how challenging it can be. Its never easy having babies at such a young age. But i am there to support my children through this, no matter what happens. So Congrats to this young mother, God has blessed you with precious daughter and another child on the way. Your family is supportive for you, and that's what matters.
Sooo Happy (9 months ago)
I will not knock anyone!!! God bless you and your family and congratulations!!😉😙
Darius Stevenson (10 months ago)
Anela Toro Ha, Ha. Didn’t God say don’t have sex til you get married. So you really think this is a blessing from God huh.
Cassandra Williams (10 months ago)
Congratulation and may God bless u and the family as well as the unborn

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