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First Dates Tips GIRLS Wish Every GUY Knew!

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First dates come with a lot of pressure, but we're here to tell you how to do it right. Hear about John's best first date ever and what made it so great. Plus Hannah - TYTU's resident dating expert ;) - talks about the best types of first dates. Guys, tune in, because these tips will help improve your first date success! What's the best first date you've ever had? How would you like to improve the first date experience? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget guys, if you like this video please "Like," "Favorite," and "Share" it with your friends to show your support - it really helps us out! If there's something you'd like to see John or Lisa discuss on the show, tweet us about it! See you tomorrow :) ***************************************************** TYTU is here every day to challenge your preconceptions, expose you to amazing new facts and scientific discoveries, motivate you to see things from new perspectives, and inspire you to learn more about the world and the people around you. Feed your brain with new videos every day at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific! SUBSCRIBE or you'll miss out! http://tinyurl.com/9o8kpf4 Keep up to date with John Iadarola, Lisa Ferguson, and Hannah Cranston ON FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/TYTUniversity ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/tytuniversity JOHN: http://twitter.com/jiadarola LISA: http://twitter.com/lisa_ferg HANNAH: http://twitter.com/hannahcranston_ ON INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/jiadarola ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/johniadarola https://www.youtube.com/user/lisafergusontv
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Text Comments (877)
Chris G (2 months ago)
The Young Turds giving dating advice? Funny...REALLY funny.
Chris G (2 months ago)
Too bad the great Alex Jones didn't crash this interview the way he did the TYT poopfest at the 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland.
Mateo Querol (2 months ago)
Miselading thumbnail
Mark (3 months ago)
So conversation is the most important thing for her, but her suggestion is to plan activities that require less conversation? What a dumb bitch. Her hot ass is the only thing keeping her in the dating pool obviously.
Defhrone (10 months ago)
Best dating tip I've ever gotten: Never take dating advice from a woman.
Florin Fab (11 months ago)
Never ask a woman what he like because he dont know :))
lamfilipos (11 months ago)
Just wonderful, been searching for "women's advice" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Honulian Fascination Inveiglement - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got excellent success with it.
Yu Ja Ma (11 months ago)
Is it appropriate to cut a date short of your not the feeling a connection? For example, you see that she glances at her phone (not into it), and your like, well this is now a waste of our time.
bloodsord9 (1 year ago)
It's not 'nice' when someone is acting like everything is going great, talks about meeting you again and never does. It's lying and it's rude. There's nothing nice about that. Be honest. Just tell the person that you're not interested or you're not the right fit, or whatever the answer is. And if they take it too close to heart, you already know that they're immature and not worth it
Alyzeh (1 year ago)
Why do I have to take her out? She should be taking me out.
Who really Cares (1 year ago)
First date should be meeting for drinks at 8:00. Either your fucking by ten your going home alone to be well rested for work in the morning.
Roe Jogan (1 year ago)
She has a madams apple
Miljan Krkic (1 year ago)
There are many components to get a date and discovered. One resource I found which successfully combines these is the Shawthing Dating Advice (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful resource i've heard of. Check out all the great information .
みさきめい (1 year ago)
tip #1 don't take advice from women. women don't know what they really want and want a man to lead. Thats why a girlfriend always ends up liking the shit you like
Navarro Corrales (1 year ago)
Ooh my god so much pressure !!!!!!!!!
Kanda Rabi (1 year ago)
I thought the guy asked all the right questions. Typically, the woman was as pretentious/ confusing as most women. Yet strangely, she genuinely tried her best!
Vincent Gonzalez (1 year ago)
There's someone that kept dropping hints for me and I've never really had to been the one to be the first to offer the date or outing, I'm so excited, I knew I would be ready after the summer and it's worth the wait, you don't always need to be looking for dates, take time making you the person, you would like to be seen as and loved as, have a good day all you readers
lefenec (1 year ago)
The Guy looks like a professionnal friendzone professeur
Steve The Man (1 year ago)
You know what I find annoying? I've gone on a first date with many when some I've had several more, I've tried to ask her about herself but she refuses to answer. I take that as a hint of she wants to know more about me and then she ask me questions most of the night. For the whole night I give some banter as well as cheeky answers that she smiled at. I didn't avoid any of her questions and I didn't feel uncomfortable. When there seemed to be a time when she doesn't want to ask anymore questions and she isn't making any hints at anything I go back to trying to get to know her a little bit more because she has said talked a lot and I wanted to get know her more because she almost didn't answer any questions but a few. I proceed to ask her different questions that were on different topics she becomes irradiated again. When I noticed that I change up the date after we had done 3 different activities such as go to the park on a picnic, feed the ducks, then go for a walk in the park to a beautiful sunset. Is there something wrong with the date I planned out or how I treated her? I thought I was doing well, but she seemed like she was interested telling me she had no boyfriend and she wasn't seeing my friend as more than that quite eagerly. I was a gentlemen and I thought pretty fun but I felt like she wasn't quite ready for dating anyone after that date because of how she reacted and her behavior. Any takers?
Fate Nightroad (1 year ago)
What if the other person asks some overly personal questions like, "How old are you"(I hate this the most), am I obligated to answer? If not, how can I politely say, "don't ask me that"?
aperson2020 (1 year ago)
Why is it a guy's job to "sell" themselves in our world of striving for gender equality? Most dating advice is geared in this patronizing sexist way. I did not expect this from TYT. Almost all women I have dated recently have been great about owning their part of participation, sharing and splitting the tab etc. So thank you, women, for stepping up. Why is there an assumption that the guy has to push for a second date? My experience has again been almost 50-50. There was not a mutual liking and when there was, there was no long-term potential. So all you dating guru's cut the patronizing bs and join the 21st century. If a woman wants to be all pampered and spoiled and waited on hand and foot then go find rich guys and deal with their crap or find a spineless slave or get a freakin dog. Stop putting out the pre-historic bs of being pretentious and fake. That's all fine and dandy if you are talking about dumb horny guys and gals wanting to get laid and catch STDs but if you are looking for something good, safe and long term nothing like knowing your own values first and finding out if there is a good match, balancing the serious and fun stuff.
Mitchell Jack (1 year ago)
I thought for sure he was gay
Targ Drafy (1 year ago)
سكس كرينا كبور
Writers United (1 year ago)
Hannah dosent look like Donald trump in this one
saihtat koaungSP (1 year ago)
Ko Ko (2 years ago)
Robson Roberto (2 years ago)
Prasert Srida (2 years ago)
My go to question is asking if you like to read. If you say something like, "I don't read a book outside school" and sound proud about that. There MAY not be a second date. Reading and writing is practically my life and I need a partner that at least takes a wittle joy out of either or just stories in general.
Charleen Hopkins (2 years ago)
theres nothing more dull than a show off
Charleen Hopkins (2 years ago)
ok here gos dont brag or be moody or talk down to the waiter or push for s...x
Maximo Smith (2 years ago)
Yup it's about respect lol
Charleen Hopkins (2 years ago)
yea not a first date but after could bring out the jokes
Sl1f3rDrag0n (2 years ago)
Don't just ask questions, otherwise it'll feel like an interview. Try to turn them into statements so instead of asking 'what do you study?', you can say 'you seem like the person to study *insert subject here*.' One of my favourite ways to get to know a girl is 'tell me three things about you, two of them true.' So then you can guess which is the false one and have with it etc...
Hairs Green (2 years ago)
so basically the guy needs to do all the work while the girl sits there like a queen. girls don't like that you need to show to her that she needs to do some work to or if she doesn't then she's not worth the job
tranquility (2 years ago)
The biggest problem with vids like this...is they never address the huge pink elephant in the room. So as usual, I will put some reality in here. Men and women want to screw on their first date, PERIOD. Don't tell me some bullshit about fluffy conversations, and eye contact and getting to know that person genuinely. In this day and age, ppl have taken something that should be between two ppl who love each other, and turned it into the equivalent of two dogs in heat, humping in a dark alley. NO ONE wants to address this obvious issue. All these vids talk about the same BS. Maybe yall should be focused on telling ppl if you can't date without trying to get laid, keep your horny ass at home lol. As a woman I resent my V being chased and these fools expecting to jump in the hole all the time, get the fuck out of here.
tranquility (2 years ago)
Oh yes ppl are straight up nasty. They will screw anything not bolted to the ground. Women are encouraging males to be evil and egotistical bec they lack the self esteem to make that male have respect for her, and if he can't she should run away from him. Instead, he refuses to date her, he won't try to impress her at ALL and these broads are perfectly fine with being disrespected. So bec these chix are spreading like peanut butter, women like myself are being looked at by these same males like something is wrong with US that we don't put out. I strongly suggest that horn dogs move to Nevada where prostitution is legal and leave the rest of us with class the hell alone.
Maximo Smith (2 years ago)
Is that really true? I didn't think that thought would be going through a female's mind on the first date tbh.
Ezekiel Jonathan (2 years ago)
Her hair was soooooo in place it looks weird
Elijah Bailey (2 years ago)
John has such great insight.
wingnutofcoolness (2 years ago)
Check Hannah's biceps. Those guns are loaded.
ceeloc (2 years ago)
The real answer at 2:57 is "having other options"
Someone Else (2 years ago)
How to find a girlfriend in the U.S: 1. Be tall. 2. Be white. 3. Be rich. 4. Be REALLY HOT. 5. Have tattoos. 6. Be a douchebag. 7. Wear a uniform.
vottoduder (2 years ago)
I am the same on date one as I am on date twenty. I dont worry about putting my "best foot forward", that is misleading and is not fair to the other person. I am who I am, and I want my date to see who I am, both good and bad.
SANDIPAN DAS (2 years ago)
Its still surprise me just how some people have no clue about Troplusfix Dating Secrets (google search it) despite the fact that a lot of people become badass with women with it. Thanks to my personal pal who told me about this. I have fully get rid of my shyness, and finally escaping the friendzone.
Tommy Radek (2 years ago)
I just lost 6:48 of my life that I can never get back !!!!
david Ela (2 years ago)
i would suggest not taking dating advice from either of these two....
Domingo J (2 years ago)
The stupid game ... The best way is to be yourself. This girl has to fit YOU, it's not that you have to fit her. We men kind of like a girl and we act like that girl is the Sun. Do not care about what happens, just go on the date and let her try and impress you. Do what you want to do and set what you think is a good date. Of course, is she dislikes what you proposed, hear her opinion, consider it, and she should give you then another option. Let's say you want to go bowling, you tell her you guys should go bowling, if she doesn't want to go, and she doesn't provide an option, then worry. The girls i've dated that do this end up dumping you or being kind of needy. They still don't understand cooperation, and they have this fantasy of the "perfect guy", expect that you will find the perfect scenario, just by accident almost, because its pre destined and all that kind of bullshit. A lot of women are and think like this... I think that a date is a measure of how the two of you will interact if you are going to have a relationship. Hannah says it, basically ask her questions. Stuff that you would like to know, not necessarily on the relationship aspect (leave that after you guys sleep together ie 3-7th date) but you know, what does she do, why does she do it, how did she get to be the person she is now, stuff like that. Usually I ask her about dogs, discuss politics, world view, professional goals. Basic stuff that you should know about someone. Dont make it seem like a questionnaire, joke about all of it and add SOME info on you with it.
kelarly (2 years ago)
So, what do girls actually do? On a date?
Maximo Smith (2 years ago)
+ryan - more life 😂😂😂
Veroxr (2 years ago)
kelarly get chipotle for free
Kalle Johansson (2 years ago)
Girls are too nice to reject someone? That's spineless not "nice".
Andrew Smith (2 years ago)
How can I get sex on a first date?
Andrew Smith (2 years ago)
+David Wesley I have tried different approaches to trying to pick up girls, but none of them have resulted in so much as a kiss, let alone sex. If I were to find a successful method, I'd stick with it. Do you get casual sex with hot girls? If so, where and how?
David Wesley (2 years ago)
Andrew Smith Exactly. Take the steps to be awesome. Start doing things to better yourself. There's a reason you're not confident where you are right now. Start working out. Get a good job that pays well. Eat better. Do mushrooms. Learn an instrument. Make some of these things into habits and you'll notice a few small improvements in confidence. Keep moving forward from there. I'm in the process of doing this right now. I'm building myself back up from being at my lowest and I can say, this will help you. That's how you build justified self confidence. Also, try different approaches towards girls. See which ones work and which ones don't. Repeat this until you are good at picking up girls. Don't give up and don't do the same thing every time. Change your mindset. Be in the present. Create new opportunities for yourself. Be bold. Don't filter yourself. Make talking to strangers a habit. Watch simple pickup for ways to approach girls.
Andrew Smith (2 years ago)
+David Wesley How can I have a justified sense of confidence, when I've nothing to be confident about? If I became successful, then that would make me confident.
David Wesley (2 years ago)
Andrew Smith You stop being a victim and start being awesome. Get a justified sense of confidence. When you have a justified sense of confidence, you won't care about rejection. Your confidence won't allow you to see that as a loss. You'll move on and be over it instantly. Watch simple pickup dude. They know their shit
Andrew Smith (2 years ago)
+David Wesley I have bought dinner for girls - but I didn't even get a kiss with them, let alone sex. How can I find out which girls are DTF, so that I'm not wasting a huge amount of time, money and effort taking them out on a string of frustrating, boring, stressful, sexless dates? How can I become confident? I suffer being rejected and insulted every day.
Eponine Thenardier (2 years ago)
Foul language is a big turn-off. Showing up dressed like you are just squeezing her in between errands and looking like riff raff is a turn off. Show up dressed to potentially meet her parents. By that I mean dress as if you could be meeting her parents, not one of your buddies. Pants should not be hanging off your ass!
Veroxr (2 years ago)
Eponine Thenardier femenists gotta hate em
Eponine Thenardier (2 years ago)
+INFAMOUSxPANDA Can't handle the truth, hunh?
Stock Market Guide (2 years ago)
paul tak (2 years ago)
Horrible dating tips...THE BEST DATING TIPS(for the guys of course):Take the lead-Take charge to where you're going, minimum 2 different places, 3 at most.... get the small "boring-cliche" talk out of the way as soon as you get her comfortable by making her laugh... The banters and laughing build sexual tension... start getting touchy IN A NON-CREEPY WAY!!... start the flirting.... soft simple kiss ASAP!!!!...That , guys should be your first date... 2nd date you should have some good make out session ... 3rd date SEX should happen
Who really Cares (1 year ago)
Yea fuck that. It’s not a mans job to entertain a woman, it’s a woman’s job to entertain men. Just because I want to fuck doesn’t mean I have to treat you to a fantasy romp around the city. Drinks and fucking is the first date or there won’t be a second. You can forget the romantic romp unless it’s something I want to do. Men feel free to accept her invite for a fantasy tour, don’t worry it will never happen. Guys like this are putting out a huge sign that says they will be complacent in being treated like a wallet through the dating experience, and through marriage if the woman wants it. Right up till she divorces you and snags you for half your labor, alimony, and child support. Men need to stop being chumps.
Fornwith (2 years ago)
Sounds like you just wanna get laid.
DanceDiva234 (2 years ago)
1. Do try and take the lead 2. Do not avoid cliche talk. You'll scare her off if you just start talking seriously. 3. Do not touch at all unless you want to freak her out. 4. Sex shouldn't be on the first date. You can get sex somewhere else, it doesn't need to be after a first date.
Amaury Lannes (2 years ago)
that escalated quickly
Eponine Thenardier (2 years ago)
paul tak SEX should wait until you get to know each other and are comfortable, and you're ready for a potential pregnancy scare!!
Cabe Skywalker (2 years ago)
where can you bring your date in middle school in a small town with nothing in it.
IDontBelieveInPenises (2 years ago)
I'm imagining 14 year old me asking these questions... "Have you ever been to a country Alone?" "I'm 14..." "Oh... Do you like Scary Movies?" "I like spongebob"
c blake (2 years ago)
For me the most annoying habit is when a women expects you to know what their thinking and then when they get made because you dont get the hint.
gotmilkbruh7 (2 years ago)
c blake (2 years ago)
sorry wrong board
FelSiC BOI (2 years ago)
omg you can see her bra XD
San Yosef Lyudvikov (2 years ago)
"Friendly Competition" shit i get way too competitive and aggresive -_-
Cloe Hofmear (2 years ago)
Eye contact hu...?Well...as for me I can't look for too long in people eye's not strangers, not teachers, not friends, not even my family if I really need to look at someone I have to squint really badly.
Anthony Ng (2 years ago)
She is hot.
Nature Boy (2 years ago)
those arms tho
Peter Soar (2 years ago)
She seems like a boring date
Lily Leviton (2 years ago)
"What was your best first date?" um I think you only have one first date-
SeroJ (2 years ago)
Why is her makeup a different shade of color than the rest of her body
Eponine Thenardier (2 years ago)
SeroJ lol It's important to have another set of eyes to help with that. I prefer to get someone in the store to help me pick out my foundation to avoid that problem, if I can't get the exact same foundation I got last time.
Descended_Flames (2 years ago)
i'm no expert. But i would think it would look strange for her to have a super tan face like the crazy trend that some Asian people do.
ssm0726 (2 years ago)
Have any of you guys ever messed up a date or the chance to date someone you liked or did'nt?
Michelle Di Liberto (2 years ago)
I recently had a first date where I asked the guy out for coffee. All he wanted to do was call me, so we had nothing to say to each other on the date. I tried to laugh it off and say that I couldn't believe that I asked him everything that there was to ask. I'm not a big phone person (unless it's a friend who I haven't talked to in years). I was very surprised when he asked for a second date. (When he asked what I wanted to do, I suggested the movies so we didn't have to talk a lot). How should I tell him that I am not one to use the phone a lot? We've texted a few times, because it is more relaxed.....that's something that I don't mind doing.
Md Taher (2 years ago)
Michelle Di Liberto hgf
SGT Morningwood (2 years ago)
Its not a secretive relationship. TELL HIM!
Buffy Summers (2 years ago)
Ask about me yes, but actually listen and don't interrupt with your own answers of what you want me to say.
Stephen Wesley (2 years ago)
never ask 👧 period so ya
Gmontgalloway (2 years ago)
On the first date I'm often the one talking the most because the girl is still shy and I want to maintain an engaging encounter. But then once she opens up after multiple dates, I can return to my quieter self.
Janet Van Dyne (2 years ago)
No, not the RUBBER knife! (If anyone gets this reference you're awesome)
Alizpatch 1401 (2 years ago)
So I'm in the 8th grade, and the guy I went out on a first date with, I rarely see because he is in the 7th grade. The only "class" we have together is jazz band. I really like him, I think you can call it falling in love, but I haven't be able to talk to him, nearly at all. And I know for a fact that he really likes me too, but would he think that I don't like him, because I haven't said really anything to him since the date? And I do really want to go on a second date and everything.
jay alterEgo (2 years ago)
hypocrisy.....never call back but smile to your face.....just as bad as a break up.
pankaj Kumar (1 year ago)
Ravenex2 (2 years ago)
it would keep people from wasting time
jay alterEgo (2 years ago)
some people have had a blunt life and see no point in sugar coating it, i like to say "bring it on"
RayzorFilms (2 years ago)
Lol no thanks. If it doesn't click, don't make it. Do what you want, if it doesnt work out, she/he is not the one for you.
Jim0Raynor (2 years ago)
totally shallow commentary: Hanna is really fit in this video, her arms are really toned, nice:)
Username Initiated (2 years ago)
Girls: ask me out on a first date politely yet not shy, on the first date talk about yourself but also balance that with talking about me, then ask for my number take it and call me after 48 hours, Kiss me on the 5th date and read my signals to know when to kiss me, Your kiss should be gentle yet elegant, not too much tounge, not too little tounge, then on the 11th date kiss me and go to the third base, after that ask me if I want to go to your place, then we'll have sex, be good, when we marry I want the church to be pretty yet humble, and your bestman needs to be a good speaker, and when we have kids, you'll watch them 4 times a week i'll get 3. oh and one more thing IF YOU MESS UP ONE THING WE'RE DONE Being a man is hard...
sgtsnakeeyes11 (2 years ago)
this is an interesting video I like it.
sgtsnakeeyes11 (2 years ago)
hunting video I really liked it.
Christopher Lynch (2 years ago)
Not really sure what I expected from this video. At the very least I wanted the woman to answer at least 1 question clearly instead of giving a vague response on a straight forward question.
Eliane Souza Mello (2 years ago)
Bad breath... there is no good conversation that overcomes it .... LOL
These are great tips, thanks!
Genisay (2 years ago)
Just start a conversation. A conversation is two way dialogue. If some one doesn't seem interested in the topic at hand, it's okay to change it to a different one. Try different things until you find one you can both be engaged in. I would also give the same advice to gals too, as women can also be the one to start an engaging conversation.
ws7a _7 (2 years ago)
if you don't be yourself and listen to this bullshit then who the fuck are you ?
River Raid (2 years ago)
Go MGTOW.... Save yourself the trouble.
Smelly GimmePrivacy (2 years ago)
I love TYT. That said, WHAT THE FUCK is TYT doing posting bullshit videos about dating? I'm having a really hard time taking these people even a little seriously.
Marriage is a trap! (2 years ago)
I don't even like dating. Too much pressure. I guess I'm supposed to try to impress women and keep them entertained, but that's not really my thing. I have more fun hanging out with my friends than dating. So, that's how I act on dates now. I don't make any effort to chat them up. I just treat women like they're "one of the guys". I'll invite a girl to see a band I like rather than taking her out to dinner. It's not very romantic, but it's the only way I can make the experience bearable. Dating sucks. Any other guys feel like I do?
みさきめい (1 year ago)
fucking hate 1 on 1 dates where I have to do all the asking, eventually run out of questions or interesting comments because she won't work with me, etc. Do something, get something done, something that you're not just staring at eachother trying to figure out what to say next
Jonathan Riedmuller (2 years ago)
+Last Knight Yes, it definitely helps to do something I like doing and not just the classic candlelit meal scenario... Awkward potential!
Carrion Torch (2 years ago)
+Last Knight, You're doing it right. Romance will come, or it won't, but going after it is a mistake for both sexes.
African Mamba (3 years ago)
Girl lie
Joshua Taylor Madison (3 years ago)
The Arcade? Are those still around? Isn't that soo 1990s? No 2nd date? You got used. For dinner or drinks or movie, etc. Used!!
zlickDude (3 years ago)
this was shit.
Mr. GuyPerson (3 years ago)
What if she wont let me fucking talk ;-; I absolutely love listening to her since she's extremely creative and intelligent, but its become a fucking therapy session with her. I literally have to fight to get a word in, and even if i do talk it just feels like she's agitated and just can't wait to get back to her side of the talking...idk, I'm not the only one am i O.o?
rosemaravilha (3 years ago)
1- She laughs a lot more if she's interested. Not at you, of course!2- She gives you eye contact but never stares or tries to grab your eyes like men do. She also shies away because if attraction is too great, we try to disguise it initially.3- She will find a way of touching you, subtly- your arm, basically, but it's a swift movement.4- She grooms herself more, touches her hair, things like that.5- The smile. It is completely different from a social smile. If she likes you, it's smiling with the eyes too, and that goes for everyone, male and female.
Caleb Ross (3 years ago)
" i barely even try anymore"... "I'm gay, I've always been gay, I've had to hid it my whole life, and i really really resent women for making me feel so weird and foreign my entire life." this is literally all i heard. why do most homosexual men talk with lisps??
bananaboy482 (3 years ago)
Lisa Zoria (3 years ago)
I'd like to know what guys think of women asking men out, rather than the other way around...??? I always thought it would make seem desperate or creepy, but what do you guys think? Has a girl ever asked you out first? What sort of impression did she make? (Assuming it was someone you weren't previously familiar with). And if you haven't been asked out but are open to the idea, be realistic about it. Of course if you automatically imagine a Victoria Secret model asking you out, you'd be into it! I'm talking about someone totally average here. Just keep that in mind. Lol
Kalia Smith (2 years ago)
as a guy I love it when girls ask me out. it gets rid of all of the guesswork
Fabian Volf (2 years ago)
+Lisa Galarza No its not weird, it's actually an indicator for me respecting her from start because she is confident enough and turns around those man/woman roles other than just accepting her "role" and complaining about why woman are still not treated equally.
Matt (2 years ago)
+Lisa Galarza I've been asked out by girls a couple of times. Very rarely compared to my attempts obviously. Anyway, I responded positively both times. I respect those girls very much but the truth is I wasn't attracted to them. I'm not a shy guy though so if I like you, you'll know. I think however anyone should truly go after what they want. It's always the right decision and it'll make you a stronger person. Don't be a slave to your fears and the regret of not even trying.
Louie Vanderhyde (3 years ago)
One girl asked me out to drinks twice and tried to bang me when she was drunk. I enjoyed being asked out, it wasn't weird at all.
Christian Rowbotham (3 years ago)
In my opinion if she asked me out the first thing Im going to think is "i wish there were more women like you in this planet"
Aktsar Abdikar (3 years ago)
I wanna ask the most important question.. How to make girl look into my eyes when i talk to her, i' already satisfy everything needed (like look into her eyes when talking, dress and smell well, not being weird when talking) but somehow whether she's nervous looking at my eyes, she doesn't have quiet communication skill ? i don't understand
Hassy Ali (3 years ago)
Girls want to be equal which is great, and they almost are equal today... Expect they don't ask men out, and make it very hard for men... Plus in a mariage men still lose 50% of there assests if they get divorced, doesn't sound equal does it?
Luan Pretorius (3 years ago)
Nice tan Hannah
(3 years ago)
I'm not going to listen to the advice of anyone that goes on heaps of dates. It means they don't know what they're doing.
tristan claypool (2 years ago)
+FreedomWorkShop ah okay. you seemed very misogynistic, but I'm glad that you're not. I don't need your opinion either, so have a nice life and day. :)
tristan claypool (2 years ago)
+FreedomWorkShop you seem very misogynistic....is that correct??
tristan claypool (2 years ago)
+FreedomWorkShop those are just variations of the word.
tristan claypool (2 years ago)
+FreedomWorkShop and that's great for you, but others don't want to have to outline everything we need. we want to just meet people and see where it goes. one is not worse than the other, they're both just different approaches to the same outcome.
tristan claypool (2 years ago)
+FreedomWorkShop That literally doesn't make any sense. Those two aren't even connected. You're putting all the blame on just dating many people. when in reality, people will find who they're meant to be on their own; they don't have "screen" people. it will happen.
Kevin Firouzan (3 years ago)
Besides the enticing verbal exchange during the initial meet up, how much energy must be communicated verbally/nonverbally?
Rolf Meyer (3 years ago)
"This girl goes on TONS of one dates, and that's it..." Haha her fake laugh!
Wyett Flick (3 years ago)
what about a movie
Vladislav Boshnakov (3 years ago)
The 2 biggest signs that a girl likes the date : - Eye Contact - Laughing at your stupid jokes (Guys let's be honest, all of our jokes are dumb)
Josh Hurwitz (3 years ago)
After that fake knife fight date I bet you too still stab each other later
Josh Hurwitz (3 years ago)
Ricky Caves (3 years ago)
The pupils that us humans have will dilate when we see something sexually attractive. Look into the girl/boy you like and that will be a way to tell if they are interested in you or not. Of course there are other ways but this is a very good one. But who knows I could be wrong :P
Rob S (3 years ago)
Just curious. I'm new again to dating and this girl that lives with me (in a guest house) keeps switching between my lips and eyes as we talk. She also doesn't reject my touch (on her knee, arm, waist, back). But her body language is usually away from me and she doesn't reciprocate touching too much. Secondly, asked her on a date yesterday, but I guess she already had one planned. Hung out at the house before she left (date didn't happen until like 11pm). Since she couldn't make this one, she was persistent on going out next Monday (it's her only day off). However, her first suggestion was drinking with another one of our roommates for Monday. So, I'm getting some pretty mixed signals imo. Any advice? I try to potray confidence, but I'm in a more "Fake it til you make it" phase.

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