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Ultimate Girls Fails of the Year 2013 || FailArmy

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Subscribe for new compilations every Friday! ► http://bit.ly/failarmy The ULTIMATE girls fails compilation of the year! You didn't think we'd leave the girls out did you? Well not to disappoint we've compiled the best girls fails in one yearly compilation. Enjoy! Submit a Video ► http://bit.ly/SubmitToFailArmy Like us on Facebook! ► http://facebook.com/failarmy Follow us on Twitter! ► http://twitter.com/RealFailArmy To see all the individual clips featured in this compilation check out ► http://bit.ly/JukinVideoDotComFA As usual, no one was seriously hurt in the making of this compilation. Bikini girl workout (1st Clip)- http://youtu.be/2-FfQED2puA Thanks for watching! http://bit.ly/FailArmyStore
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Text Comments (11064)
The 12th Man (13 hours ago)
Roué Gorissen (15 hours ago)
0:10 the funniest vid I've ever seen
Roué Gorissen (15 hours ago)
1:00 don't act like you feel pain you're not a boy
The Golden Greek (21 hours ago)
@4:27 set speed to .25 😻
2:42 oh mah gawddd
Luis Damas (1 day ago)
Great narrative! "Right in the vagina!"
redxpen (2 days ago)
Girls seem to really like staying on the ground for a while after they eat shit. Each clip I'm like, "why are you not getting up?"
Jim NORRIS (2 days ago)
Ilyes Muller (2 days ago)
Late tone altogether ugly quality white movie recipe nonprofit allow driver writing.
John Mead (3 days ago)
Strangest kitchens I’ve ever seen.
Jade Obsession (3 days ago)
damn, these girls are dumber than a box of rocks, lolz
LACY HEFTER (3 days ago)
11:18 pause and then click that time Yeah
Maxxx Modelz (3 days ago)
There is nothing more satisfying than watching stuck up, dumb, drunk chicks get their asses handed to them by natural selection. I have no sympathy for dummies trying to do risky shit for the camera.
Parmanand Motiramani (3 days ago)
9:00 Dogs do have a brain. Clearly, you don't.
WulfCry (3 days ago)
Spiderman spiderman on he face yes he can XD.
JojjeOkocha (4 days ago)
I pressed 11:16 like 20 times lol
NARWHALE SQUAD (4 days ago)
7:58 he looked at her vigina like eww thats nasty
Kelly Smith (4 days ago)
3:14 did she died?
MYGTA156 (5 days ago)
Who’s the plastic bimbo asking if dog’s have brains?? Thick cunt! She’s what’s wrong with the world. Vacuous, narcissistic dickhead.
Steven Corry (5 days ago)
Stupid bitch still had her finger on the trigger as well.....welcome to the death of white people
asianflavor (6 days ago)
This is funny
stonesoldier1041 (6 days ago)
2: 15 she was like wait what did that sgit just happen
Little Mac (6 days ago)
10:16 notice she clearly used her left hand to contain the solids and/or liquids that were unexpectively repelled from the anus. You dont do that when dealing with just gas. Just saying.
clint rathman (6 days ago)
0:35 to 0:38. her tits shrank
Ben Govan (6 days ago)
puase at 11:18 loloolololol
kAsi (6 days ago)
00:14 That looks terrible
Samuel Cho (6 days ago)
Guns and girls don't mix
Samuel Cho (6 days ago)
5:46 *savage* 😎
Samuel Cho (6 days ago)
2:30 the show must go on!
SubvenioArguo (7 days ago)
4:12 I hope this person does not drive a car.
thomas costa (7 days ago)
“Oh shoot. I get my bike, I get my bike. Oh Hi mom.”
Marek Kaczmarek (7 days ago)
10:16 made my day
John G (7 days ago)
The gas pump one pretty much sums up female situational awareness in a nutshell. Too much of a rush, not aware of environment, once made aware...stands there while nearest man deals with it. PERFECT! Then go home and tweet about how the man who assisted you was a "creep" for making eye contact for a second or 2
GANGBANG (7 days ago)
11:19 Ghost Rider
Jungle Dude (7 days ago)
You get it! Its funny because there women getting hurt! Nice video though. Ligit funny
Kit Carson (8 days ago)
The snowboarder @ 00:12 is female, not a guy !
maribella* (8 days ago)
at least 98% of these are white people
Puzzlehead Design (8 days ago)
That's the sound of a pelvis breaking.
faith sprinkle (8 days ago)
Ha the first bitch thinking she hot😆👏🖕
cobra satan (8 days ago)
girls are the perfect idiots
Kid Bilada (8 days ago)
This second hahahahahahhahahahahaah OMG
Brooke Lightstorm (9 days ago)
1:00 😂😂😂
Nick Bell (9 days ago)
go ahead and pause at 4:29
Moneyandtime Freedom (9 days ago)
Lucky bullet shell casing 👍👍
Ian Michalski (9 days ago)
I wish more of these fucking gun people would get injured every time they use a gun. There would be a lot less of them.
Billy KSW (9 days ago)
7:03 Hahahahahaha
Diimi SK (9 days ago)
10:18 my sister
Was that the sound of the elusive Yeti...?
emelle (10 days ago)
Some are really unkind and I really feel bad watching It. But When People Hurt themselves with weapon, I have to admit I laugh. Don't play with Guns !
Mark Baillie (10 days ago)
The look on the chick's face who wakes up to mouth being vacuumed was priceless.
marco henrique (10 days ago)
john mac (10 days ago)
9:02 ONE shes not that good looking an for two , someone that un informed doesn't do it for me , could you imagine trying to have a conversation with her on the geo-political environment? lol that being said I'D GET HER PREGNANT LOL long live tracy morgan
hmmmmmmmmgood (10 days ago)
No you don’t have a brain
hmmmmmmmmgood (10 days ago)
Great fails!!
hmmmmmmmmgood (10 days ago)
Don’t do the pole if you don’t have no soul
hmmmmmmmmgood (10 days ago)
Great boots
hmmmmmmmmgood (10 days ago)
Is this the best Hooters has?
hmmmmmmmmgood (10 days ago)
Can’t drink and do anything
hmmmmmmmmgood (10 days ago)
Poor spider
hmmmmmmmmgood (10 days ago)
Bad deal Tori you melted
hmmmmmmmmgood (10 days ago)
Hit brass will take getting used to
kyuranger Rider (10 days ago)
I have one question the skateboard video that dude said vagina so I can ask this question if a boy and girl get hit in side of the groin with the same amount of force symbol speed does it have the same for both
計画ネオニート (11 days ago)
Fpunkt Npunkt (11 days ago)
dumme Huren
Gordon Bombay (11 days ago)
Man that second clip...... looked so bad.
Loveisntfor_me (11 days ago)
1:00 he sounds like me saying Vigina.. I’m gay
Yugioh Legend (9 days ago)
Loveisntfor_me “Va-jyi-na” lmao
Litty Speaks (12 days ago)
2:27 atleast you can get some edges
Poju Cursed (12 days ago)
People doing random backflips in crowded places. Wtf is wrong with your brain?
Marcin Ratajczak (12 days ago)
Best of the best. Najlepsze z najlepszych.
Lukas H08 (12 days ago)
2:50 No shit Sherlock
mizzury54 (12 days ago)
Why wasn't someone spotting that woman doing squat at 9:27 ?
Joshua Simons (12 days ago)
Oh but hurt idiots it's always fun when someone gets hurt ..then when it happens to you it isn't ...so fuck ya ..suck dick
Sladjan Grujic (13 days ago)
Well here we go another one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_oxPVVgDsU&feature=youtu.be
King Possum (13 days ago)
9:10 she's the breast one on here. some pretty funny shit overall.
Ls Vijay (13 days ago)
Women are more attractive when they are still women.
Vincent Cruz (13 days ago)
Girl at the very beginning hot af
Uh Yeah I Get It (13 days ago)
0:14 i don't see how is that even funny?
Mona Victor (14 days ago)
I want what shes having @11:50 haha
onemanarmy (14 days ago)
At 0:12 that’s a boy... not a girl.
Callie xox MSP (15 days ago)
7:42 Wig Blows Away!
Devesh Kumar (15 days ago)
I gotta get my bike 😂
Когда етих пидарасов убирут риклама ебаная заебал ебло крывить.
Tae Jun (16 days ago)
that chick falls down a freaking hill and those dudes dont even move wtf!!!??
christof (16 days ago)
the curling iron one was priceless
Manuel Navarro (17 days ago)
10:16 Esa risa!!! xD
11:15 😂😄😂
Sang cơ khí (18 days ago)
I create video about the engine tools, all you want to subscribe your channel
Shaolin Briquet (18 days ago)
I stopped this shit video from the second video, where the snowboarder could have been very badly hurt. You are a fucking scum @failarmy
MEK (19 days ago)
9:00 Just do porno. You'd be good at it.
Esther Núñez (19 days ago)
Putos yankis y sus armas de fuego.que se jodan😅
Breny Breny (19 days ago)
9,09 fuj it's a naughty girl
Madgeney (19 days ago)
Some of these idiots deserve everything they get. Some of the others don’t. For sure the girl in the 2nd clip broke her back. I hope she’s ok. But as for the stupid bint wearing the platform boots, trying to strut down the street: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAA!
mizzury54 (12 days ago)
2nd clip. The ones where someone may have been seriously injured are not amusing.
Felix Culpa (20 days ago)
95% of my ex's and just about every other girl I've ever met would NEVER have recovered from a damn SPIDER ON THEIR FACE!!!! I'm talkin' full blown insane, mental hospitals, comas, etc.... she handled that pretty well... 2:41
Yugioh Legend (9 days ago)
Felix Culpa 95% of your ex’s? So you’ve had at least 20 ex’s? Yeah I don’t think so buddy.
neda981 (20 days ago)
Look at the end at 12:15 the Greek girl Vicky with special abilities in red motorcycle.
Coron M (20 days ago)
Lizzie Forest (20 days ago)
5:24 this is why people need to know how to shoot guns properly, can someone please teach them
atatopatato (20 days ago)
0:50 keep the finger out of trigger bitch
Sparkling Garbage (21 days ago)
0:25 captions: M U S I C

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