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Snake Hunting With The Girls (SnakeHuntersTV)

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Snake Hunting in Michigan for the first time in 2016. Enjoy! :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHECK OUT ALL OF OUR OUTDOOR SNAKE ADVENTURES! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5GPmWPL58hCSmh5fMps5ir4UM29vww44 FOLLOW US~INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/snakehunterstv FAN-PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/snakehunterstv WE LOVE OUR FANS, THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!! #snakehunting #snakegirls #michigan #outdoors
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Text Comments (518)
Keeleigh Peace (1 month ago)
I love her she's a brave little girl she's so brave
Christine Heckard (2 months ago)
post more of them videos
101 Reptiles (2 months ago)
I love catching gardener snakes 🐍 it’s SO fun !!
#its Stacy world (3 months ago)
Omg i love her hair
Alana Slays (5 months ago)
My dog is a jackrussel she small but kills snakes
Alana Slays (5 months ago)
My mom would be like ............die die die I would be running!!!!!!
กิต งาย (5 months ago)
ReachForYourDreams (5 months ago)
Y’all did good an I’m so glad you got the turtle out of the road
SnakeHuntersTV (5 months ago)
Thanks so much! We always save wildlife :D
Mariela Cruz (7 months ago)
Finally someone has the same name as me I am Mariela
SnakeHuntersTV (7 months ago)
Baby Tainia (10 months ago)
you are very nice
the gaming broes (11 months ago)
Come to Alabama pls I want to see you guys
my channel khan (11 months ago)
Can you friend me please give me number
SnakeHuntersTV (11 months ago)
+my channel khan 867-5309
bill m (1 year ago)
Garter snakes
Chloe Case (1 year ago)
Can I do it with you
Captain Crabeoo (1 year ago)
SnakeHuntersTV (1 year ago)
nick mancos (1 year ago)
What park is that?
Liz Samayoa (1 year ago)
Guys I caught a wild snake
Snake: *wiggles all around* Girl: He's so calm.
Maelyn Russ (1 year ago)
I just saw one to day
Mama Wacky (1 year ago)
What kind of snakes where they?! That would have made it more educational video.
Mallory Swindler (1 year ago)
i have got bit by one that wasn't trained
Sophie Louise Smith (1 year ago)
is her hair purple??
Carla_nl_07 (1 year ago)
I love her hair😍
Chelsea-Inez Foss (1 year ago)
how do you guys know which sold snakes are venomous or not? do you go by what species are known in the woods where you live? aren't you guys afraid to freehandle them? I know it is frowned upon by professional "herpers" .
Kaden Garrod (1 year ago)
I wish I could go snake hunting with u guys 😥
Sharda Khan (1 year ago)
I love snakes course they are so awesome I love snakes
joyce luper (1 year ago)
I love snakes I have 29
jack smith (1 year ago)
and if I was you I will keep it if my mom let's me mostly I love snakes
Louis Braille (1 year ago)
I got my 12 days ago name fourth of july2 and he big ate two toads and I love him!!!😀🐍
Anthony Q (1 year ago)
This girl has a very sad life,living life on snakes,I feel bad she is very stupid and mental,she has a sad life living on snakes,she is very poor lifed and basically thinks making a YouTube channel thinking a snake channel is cool. :/ girl get a life
Taeya Parker (1 year ago)
I would​ run away not to
Ambar Lozano (1 year ago)
I had 4 snakes but they died because they were about 5 years old and I mis them so mush
Matthew Livingway (1 year ago)
you live in Michigan
Thesixnubertins (1 year ago)
What's there address I want to send fan mail
Thesixnubertins (1 year ago)
I luv your videos my mom hates snakes but I love them and I want a ball python solid white or pied can you please make a vid so I can get one please?
Michael Pressler (1 year ago)
you micagan comment is SOOOOOOOOO true
the last one was pretty big
Sujey Triatan (1 year ago)
Carla Horn (1 year ago)
why don't you keep the snakes you catch
I hope you put the baby turtle in the direction it was going.
mq st (1 year ago)
i swimd with a snak
Hannah Weisse (1 year ago)
How old is Krista now?
Holly (1 year ago)
Holly (1 year ago)
Where do you guys live because I want a snake but I live in NZ and we don't have snakes where we are
Liliana Loorparg (1 year ago)
YOUR CRAZY!!! crazy brave I love it I wish I was that brave
Drako811 (1 year ago)
This is awesome! I subscribed!
lpsjessica johns (1 year ago)
Kallie Crowell (1 year ago)
Why is Krista wearing a skirt? While running in the woods!?!??
You should do a video with Coyote Petersion from the channel brave wilderness.
Chelsea-Inez Foss (1 year ago)
#bravewilderness #coyotepeterson #onlocation Who else would like to see these two meet Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness Team? Up vote this comment so they could see!
Chelsea-Inez Foss (1 year ago)
Everyone should up vote this comment! I would love to see that. I am big fans of both channels .
Katrina Coffman (1 year ago)
Why is her hair purple!
Sujey Triatan (1 year ago)
Katrina Coffman hi
Katrina Coffman my hair has been green, blue, purple, and red.
kathryne wright (1 year ago)
Katrina Coffman why not
TheMaddyShow (1 year ago)
What breed are they . And why don't u keep em
kathryne wright (1 year ago)
TheMaddyShow because they are wildlife it would be cruel to do that dumbass 😒
Why do you let her next to them
kathryne wright (1 year ago)
YOUTUBE CHAMPION because she knows what she's doing
Dulce Negrete (1 year ago)
Did she colored her hair?
kathryne wright (1 year ago)
Dulce Negrete yes why?
You guys inspired me to want a snake <3 :)
Nick Gramenos (1 year ago)
Jessica Cellini (1 year ago)
I live in the same state as you and I go snake hunting in my grandmas yard
Andrea Henn (1 year ago)
TRUMP - AGAR.IO (1 year ago)
can you hunt a big snake
skillbros 1.0 (2 years ago)
snake tour plz
fluffy Harp (2 years ago)
if I sa a baby snake I would die
Chase Varner (2 years ago)
1:53 "our first snake of the season!" what season, snake touching season:-|
The last snake was a deva
LeeLaa Love (2 years ago)
yourawesomeandIam surprised you aren't scared
ElectriK Gaming (2 years ago)
They dont bite? 😢
kathryne wright (1 year ago)
ElectriK Gaming yes
Ashton S. (2 years ago)
How many snakes do you guys have and if you can may you please list them
Donna Smith (2 years ago)
Your so awesome
Potato Studios (2 years ago)
Omg ♥️ snakes and reptiles
Aren't those snakes all they caught like the same
do u have a twin spotted rattle snake???
Kafa Topu (2 years ago)
Tristan Van Niel (2 years ago)
and the are venomus i saw it on the internet
kathryne wright (1 year ago)
Tristan Van Niel dumbass
Bon Does Gamez (2 years ago)
Tristan Van Niel no they are not
Fchan (2 years ago)
Your dumb
Tristan Van Niel (2 years ago)
not the trees
Sweetener (2 years ago)
Do you let the, go
Bon Does Gamez (2 years ago)
Makeup Madness ya
nastassja gudzinskiy (2 years ago)
Yes they look at them and let them go
Sweetener (2 years ago)
Caesar Hamato (2 years ago)
Hi snakehunterstv, so I was wondering this Christmas I'm getting a children's Python and I have an uncle who said that he only fed his snake once a month, and I read online that you only had to feed them 7 - 10 days which one? And, who many days should I wait after the snakes food because I know if you handle your snake straight after it has digested its food, you can harm its digestion so how many days should I wait?
mandarins tv (2 years ago)
why the snakes dont bite to you
Lolphie 177 (9 months ago)
mandarins tv when they caught the last snake it bite the girl’s finger
Candace Cole (2 years ago)
I have the same skurt
Bon Does Gamez (2 years ago)
Candace Cole *skirt
Dieing Inside (2 years ago)
You guys are cool I wish I was as brave as her I mean I like evrey animal WXEPT SNAKES they creep me out I think this channel is perfect to loose my fear
hollyr81 (2 years ago)
why state u in?
Reuben pledger (2 years ago)
what's your favorite snake
סופי יוספוב (2 years ago)
Riley Halstead (2 years ago)
XENIOS NICOLAOU (2 years ago)
XENIOS NICOLAOU (2 years ago)
please subscribe to my chanell
Bon Does Gamez (2 years ago)
SAUCEXEMXUP 24 (2 years ago)
i knew krista in 4th grade
Matt Pereira (2 years ago)
It's a long worm like my pee pee
OM goodness (2 years ago)
when you say ''he has come down'' do you mean its going to ripe your face of.
L got a new snacke
Lizards and snakes (2 years ago)
Mickey Deezzz (2 years ago)
Boas,pythons,milks,king and house snake
Mickey Deezzz (2 years ago)
Collin Barkley (2 years ago)
You should try to get a puff Adler they look like Cobras up by Ludington. They are non venomous
Collin Barkley (2 years ago)
Omg are you from Michigan? I am?
Undertale Anime (2 years ago)
Hi It’s Abby (2 years ago)
Love your new hair❤️❤️❤️
Angelina Reyes (2 years ago)
I love her hair
Rolly De Los Reyes (2 years ago)
why did always has a dislike come on like it please
TURTLE TURD GAMING (2 years ago)
Is it just me or at about 1:00 a snake was in the water right before she stepped in
Mr pickachu gameing (2 years ago)
some are poisen
KingIsma21 (2 years ago)
She dyes her hair pink or purple
Trinity Aguilar (2 years ago)
I love your snake's
Colin Sant (2 years ago)
Did anyone notice on the first snake she said 'ew it sprayed me and it looks like milk' SPERM

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