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IMG Stuff Photographer Frazer Harrison sharing secrets how-to shoot NY Fashion Week Runway Photos

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IMG Stuff Photographer Frazer Harrison sharing secrets how-to shoot NY Fashion Week Runway Photos from FashionStock.com : HD Fashion Runway Videos. Like this? Watch the latest episode of FashionStock.com : HD Fashion Runway Videos on Blip! http://blip.tv/mobilefashiontv-videos/watch During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York SS13 at photographerapos;s platform between the shows Anton Oparin interviewed Frazer Harrison - Stuff Gettyimages photographer and house runway photographer for IMG during Mercedes-Benz Fashion weeks in New York and Miami Swim. He shared his knowledge and experience about how photographers taking spots on platform, what photo gear he prefer to use and giving GOOD advise for beginner photographers! UK born photographer Frazer Harrison, began his photographic career working in the Regional Newspaper Industry in England. After 15 years of varied assignments ranging from hard news, sport, features and fashion, he decided to move to Los Angles where he put his photojournalist skills to use in the field of Entertainment and celebrity photography. He has covered Red carpets from both behind the line and on the red carpet working at such prestigious entertainment events such as The Governors Ball, Vanity Fair Party, Golden Globes, Emmyapos;s, SAGS, GRAMMYS, Oscars... Even with 25 years experience Frazer approaches every job with a new eye and the highest level of professionalism to strive to capture those true Hollywood moments. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ FREE Photography tips and tricks, advice and help for beginners and advance photographers. Demonstrations How-to make not just good photos, but GREAT photos. Fashion/Glamour/Runway photography tutorials and documentaries from professional photo shoots with well known fashion photographer Anton Oparin. Keep an eye on our Fashion Photography Channel - we have huge archive of fashion/glamour videos from past 20 years around the world. New episodes will come online weekly. SUBSCRIBE to FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY CHANNEL and stay tuned! http://youtube.com/user/FashionPhotographyCh Learn Fashion Photography - Join "Fashion Photography Workshops" group at Facebook.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/656885834327663/ or our "Focus on Fashion Photography" group at Meetup.com http://www.meetup.com/Focus-on-Fashion-Photography-NY-Meetup/ See all episodes of FashionStock.com : HD Fashion Runway Videos http://blip.tv/mobilefashiontv-videos#EpisodeArchive Visit FashionStock.com : HD Fashion Runway Videos's series page http://blip.tv/mobilefashiontv-videos
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Text Comments (11)
ARbull (3 months ago)
what equitment do you use? type of Lens or speedlite and the settings?
Wilson Santos (4 months ago)
Looks like you sleep a night before the event to keep your spot.
Musicart (1 year ago)
Nice one dude...you're saying all the right things!
Joris Maas Visuals (2 years ago)
Nice interview! I like the tips (it reminds me I really need to invest in a faster stabilized telelens for sure with Image Stabilisation).
Martez (2 years ago)
Great Interview ... We got our first fashion shoot in a few hours .... this was a great watch!
Awesome interview !
Charles Budd (2 years ago)
Very interesting insights - and good of him to give such an honest and lengthy interview.
Kizomba Centro (3 years ago)
Thank you for the advice which is much needed; a very truthful account of us photographers…. very inspiring photos.
Jacob Hammer (3 years ago)
Wow thank you so much I was on a fashion week and it was a experience but I really like to see a expert and tell what is the pro and cons on fashion show I'm glad to have this type of interviews with photographers
PabloDLH (3 years ago)
How many of us survive is the question isn't it? Something an upcoming photographer fears everyday. 
keytone62 (4 years ago)
what F stop, shutter speed and ISO do you use?

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