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LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening (Full Album)

7172 ratings | 1700286 views
1. "Dance Yrself Clean" 0:00 2. "Drunk Girls" 8:57 3. "One Touch" 12:40 4. "All I Want" 20:29 5. "I Can Change" 27:12 6. "You Wanted a Hit" 33:11 7. "Pow Pow" 42:18 8. "Somebody's Calling Me" 50:44 9. "Home" 57:39
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Text Comments (498)
Corey Wayne (1 day ago)
Can’t believe I’ve never heard this til now! This album is brilliant!
Beto Mendonça (21 days ago)
ஃ ஃ (16 days ago)
Twenty one pilots is garbage
Elvin Weynants (1 month ago)
Nuno Viotti (2 months ago)
Reminds me of New Order :)
Ryan Kemble (3 months ago)
Joa Sanchez (4 months ago)
Un tema de LCD soundsystem es equivalente a tres temas de cualquier banda. Es un vuelo de mente!!! Zarpada está banda
Captain Moondog (4 months ago)
Sick... :)
wdamian (4 months ago)
Iggy Pop does a great cover of "Somebody's Calling Me"
Gremblo (5 months ago)
This is fappening.
Alex P (5 months ago)
I'm David Byrne dancing to this
brunopietrazzi (5 months ago)
I'm a blackster but LCD soundsystem's cool
I E (5 months ago)
Loved the percussion on home!!!! **inserts two thumbs**
Thanks for the nice sharing video ! While a good led back light & LCD manufacturer will realize the mass production. https://youtu.be/MvEKz2dGaeY
Jason Cole (7 months ago)
You wanted a hit vocals got crazy Cure vibes
Christophe RENAUD (7 months ago)
Bazar! c'est trop long pour le partager sur des pages comme fb d'après moi, mais c'est à acheter et écouter!
Javier del Pozo (8 months ago)
A primera escucha me parece un pedazo de Albúm
Javier del Pozo (8 months ago)
Ya he hecho el pedido para comprármelo y no he acabado de escuchar todavia
wal balzan (8 months ago)
When you’re cranking at home and it’s at track 5…
Just a Random Guy (9 months ago)
Decent 9
gary mccary (10 months ago)
Capriotti's of Pahrump, NV rock this band all day!
Boris Angelis (10 months ago)
The ting goes 43:16
thejayeee (9 months ago)
Boris Angelis Big SHAQ: SKRAAAAA James Murphy: POW POW POW POW POW
misfit (10 months ago)
misfit (10 months ago)
i'm known for being late. lulz
MarzLabs (10 months ago)
Track reminds me a bit of YMO.
FLESHYbag0gutz (10 months ago)
This music gets me happy.... IN THE PANTS!!!
thejayeee (9 months ago)
FLESHYbag0gutz ok.
lui5itoguitar (11 months ago)
jazzresin channel zero (11 months ago)
Heres to beginning of the end for us gen x....
Cranky Rooster (1 year ago)
Dance Yrself Clean and Pow Pow ulalaa'
jedwards1211 (1 year ago)
someone teach me how to walk like a pedestrian
Elsa :b (1 year ago)
Love this <3 <3 <3
Marty One (1 year ago)
I didn't know these guys...fucking brilliant! Definitely to be in my favourites.....<3
Marcus Wiggins (1 year ago)
fucking love this guys
slice thricex (1 year ago)
Everyone in this comment section comes from the fucking sketchy and dirty alleys of the world. I love it anyways
Ay Sal (1 year ago)
love it
Gizmo (1 year ago)
i never knew i needed to hear this
Jorge Ferreira (1 year ago)
One of my favorites. Long live LCD Soundsystem!
Perei Waters (1 year ago)
what the hell is with all the sandwiches and jokes about 2017 in this comment section
thejayeee (9 months ago)
Perei Waters Because sandwiches are bae.
Shawn Standiford (1 year ago)
As much as I like this album, I still go back to The Sound of Silver
patcharisma (1 year ago)
Fuck, are you LCD-Idiots soooo fucking BAD!
thejayeee (9 months ago)
patcharisma *LCD-Idiots* I'm very hurt by that. Now I'm having an existential crisis because of your truamatic insult. In all seriousness, you'd have to be very insecure to be offended by *LCD-IDIOT*. Sounds like something you'd get told off for in kindergarten.
thejayeee (9 months ago)
patcharisma How dare we like a song artist that you don't like.
Spitfire (1 year ago)
The song I can Change 27:12 reminds me of playing Fifa 11 managing transfers while this song adding to my melodic mood in the middle of the midnight.....good times just got wind of their comeback hope they keep making good music
Dillinger R. (1 year ago)
I'm so baked right now
Dillinger R. (1 year ago)
amazing sound.
don't watch my videos (1 year ago)
que hino
Nameless Goon (1 year ago)
The album art really reminds me of Eraserhead.
BEATmyguest31 (1 year ago)
Excellent album :)
MrDready77 (1 year ago)
193 people wanted a hit
thejayeee (9 months ago)
MrDready77 But that's not what they do.
Jack Morrison (1 year ago)
This used to be one of my favorite albums when I was a bit younger. I got kinda burnt out on it and didn't listen to it for a really long time. The memories are flooding back of me jamming out to this late at night and it really stands as a testament to how incredible it is. I'm never gonna forget it. Ever.
Andrew Booth (1 year ago)
Richard Fukuda (1 year ago)
It gets off to a slow start, but after that it's just magical!
bad muchacho b (1 year ago)
I wanted a hit. And this album was just what I wanted.
yaritza Hernandez (1 year ago)
My traditional photography teacher had this playing today it is great!!
Horus (1 year ago)
littleninpo (1 year ago)
Cant praise this LP enough, become such an anthem for me.
Yigiyano Deswungcha (1 year ago)
I like this. Am I a hipster? Tell me not...
Scott Morse (1 year ago)
This is a great album, nothing to worry about. Do you wear beanie hats everywhere even when its hot? Are you a dj? Lol, keep cool man.
zubie7a (1 year ago)
You like it, so you are a beautiful human being lol
Yigiyano Deswungcha (1 year ago)
onymous _ why are you here then?
onymous _ (1 year ago)
it is.
Shammy Cat (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure "I Can Change" is a cover, who performed the original?
Paul Lambert (1 year ago)
I feel like you discovered Google between your 1st & 2nd comment.
Shammy Cat (1 year ago)
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I heard this a few years ago and assumed I've heard it since I was a kid.
Dipesh Ban (1 year ago)
Jayson Carmichael (1 year ago)
Im 54, like this, cool , relaxing, bit subversive, good background and frontground, beautiful South a little, some talking heads, maybe grateful dead, PIL--poptones, all sorts---Dance
ஃ ஃ (15 days ago)
No one cares about your age bro
Jason Cole (7 months ago)
Jayson Carmichael don't tell me what to do, DAD
dazzelknight (1 year ago)
the letterman gig got me hooked..manchester gmex go me like a disciple
DrSchmitz (1 year ago)
these 65 minutes go by in a fly. i love this album
Monica Arvizu (1 year ago)
Best album ever!!!!!! My absolute favorite. hope to see you in NY
Catfish Billy (1 year ago)
Listen to this song literally daily. Such beauty in the intro with the hardest drop I've ever heard. I thought phil Collins had the hardest drop until I heard this masterpiece.
Shawn Diaz (1 year ago)
this is an entire album
Anna Davies (1 year ago)
Haven't heard "All I Want" in years. So many memories. God bless LCD Soundsystem and their wonderful tunes.
eu phemism (1 year ago)
thejayeee (9 months ago)
mr worldwide Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8
the tourist (1 year ago)
is this like a guessing game to figure out the respective references of each song? it's like a sample without the samples of all of the remixes. it's like a quote without the citations of all of the references.
Thomass Ieka (2 years ago)
Je viens de me casser des cotes et j'ai du me plier en deux pour pouvoir remettre les basses sur mon ampli : aucun regret.
123 456 (2 years ago)
Silver is a better album this one has some great cuts on it though..
Just a Random Guy (9 months ago)
123 456 reasonable but i disagree
Pamela Cabrera (2 years ago)
this sounds like Bowie's album Heroes.
Bielefeld (1 year ago)
all i want- sounds like heroes on a broken karaoke system in north Korea
RyanBradley (2 years ago)
thejayeee (9 months ago)
RyanBradley Your icon picture matches so perfectly.
Nico Demus (2 years ago)
LCD Soundsystem is the worlds greatest.
mariano montes (2 years ago)
temoones me moje
mariano montes (2 years ago)
que putita que soyyyyy
De Vos (2 years ago)
Bury me with this album
Chef Nutter (2 years ago)
I love tripping out on this album!  Usally in the summer and usally on mushroomzz
BigWoollyMammoth (2 years ago)
This music touches me. And I like it.
thejayeee (9 months ago)
IBD Jack no.
IBD Jack (2 years ago)
in the butt
unicorn lover123 (2 years ago)
All fantastico yes michael cooper talking heads what do you expect!!
Kristian Toimil (2 years ago)
"All I Want" definitely has a Bowie feel
holka music (2 years ago)
Best Open'er 2016 ever!!! Thanks LCD <3
Cheeky Mitch (2 years ago)
I feel like they copied REO speedwagon's name set up with "LCD soundsysytem"' lame
dmcgranite (7 months ago)
Great point CM. It's about time someone brought awareness to this scourge. I mean do you honestly think Mister Mister and Twisted Sister is an accident? Or that UB40 and the B-52's just so happened to like putting capital letters and numbers all together? The list goes on. It's time to wake up people. Open your eyes! Before The Raconteurs and The Lumineers make fools of us all
Denver Potts (1 year ago)
SFW, have you actually listened to the music, lame
pmckeown40 (2 years ago)
It's a callback to old soundsystem crews.
Dotty Diggler (2 years ago)
joe stewart (2 years ago)
KEEP ON BRICKING (2 years ago)
like nr. 4000 :)
mummyjohn (2 years ago)
Thank you for track times in desc. it is much appreciated here
Mitchel Morales (2 years ago)
Really 136 people dislike this master piece
Nasir Martinez (2 years ago)
I disliked this because it's piracy . I love this band.
Amanda May Metzger (2 years ago)
136 people don't have ears
FMFMXRacer (2 years ago)
Cause you're afraid of what you need Yeah, you're afraid of what you need If you weren't, yeah you weren't Then I don't know what we'd talk about
Isaac Melo (2 years ago)
One touch it's a very sexy track =D
Rapid Rudiment (2 years ago)
A bunch of nonsensical anecdotes played over bass and drums
38Gaucho (2 years ago)
How are they nonsensical?
turtledirtify (2 years ago)
^a bunch of words strung together without punctuation
P. I. (2 years ago)
He can be forgiven for not being able to sing. He can be forgiven for not being able to write. He cannot however, be forgiven, for not being able to program. It sounds like a Mario brother had a lobotomy, and was limited to a two-note, five word, musical range, tortured by amplified cat meows until they went crazy, and then told to write about used Popsicle sticks, and dead bees using casiotone hand held toy keyboards. It makes that "electronica" music people used to complain about, sound like rocket scientists, sitting in with the London Symphony, playing the most daring Rachmaninoff.
P. I. (2 years ago)
+Amanda May Metzger yes, my friend. It is the new "blechhh" style of music its popularity sweeping retirement homes Across the Nation
Amanda May Metzger (2 years ago)
+P. I. that sounds like it'll change my life. Can't wait to hear it! haha
P. I. (2 years ago)
+Amanda May Metzger I'm sorry, I cannot talk to you right now I'm busy listening to my own far more important brand of electronic Cricket chirping music with lots of Echoes and deeply meaningful lyrics Like ooh, and ahh. I hope you'll be able to enjoy this big new flavor of Music soon. Lol. :-)
Amanda May Metzger (2 years ago)
+P. I. Haha you, too! Btw even though I like this album, your comment did make me laugh. 😄
P. I. (2 years ago)
+Amanda May Metzger I hope that being a psychic, is not your day gig. I was joking. Have a great day, or evening wherever it is you are.
Krys D (2 years ago)
How am I barely listening to this now?
ERIC VILLANO (2 years ago)
+FMFMXRacer , yassss
FMFMXRacer (2 years ago)
Better late than never.
Jacob Malakian (2 years ago)
Such a beautiful atmosphere this album creates. Really has a groove to it. Glad I found this record definitely buying the vinyl
gibran casta (2 years ago)
thats just how you open an album!!
emma b (2 years ago)
im pretty sure I only clicked on this because the cover made me think of soul punk but wow this is beauty
Cassidy Maria (9 months ago)
Official Space Dragon you know, i was trying to figure out what this cover reminded me off
Denver Potts (2 years ago)
wow, what a great album
Maximillian M. (2 years ago)
Who else is excited for the new album? I am
Maximillian M. (2 years ago)
+Lily Araujo well thanks, you're the first one to notice that. they're my all time favorite band, I have all 6 of their albums and most of their unreleased tracks. the night on the sun blog is a good place to go to find rare Modest Mouse, even a 17 minute version of trailer trash.
colton everett (2 years ago)
who's ready for wayhome
mypinkninja (2 years ago)
Josie N (2 years ago)
TheWatsonGreen (2 years ago)
Talking like a jerk except you are an actual jerk...
MrDragoon334 (6 months ago)
IdlovemesomeGyro! (7 months ago)
So its like multiple heads that is taking...like..TALKING HEADS
Arrogance Official (1 year ago)
@HylianChicken erase my history
HylianChicken (1 year ago)
The lady in the roof was living proof that nothing really ever is exactly as it seems.
availdname (2 years ago)
...and living proof that sometimes friends are mean.
jim jimmy (2 years ago)
EverythingTrap (2 years ago)
just beautiful
sweetpetro (2 years ago)
This might...might be tolerable on 5 hits of molly but even then might drive me nuts.
scrotum905 (2 years ago)
MURPHY--the new Brian Eno of this generation. Working with Bowie briefly on BLACKSTAR, and his obvious debt to Eno/Bowie....let us hope he continues to inspire for years to come...after all we just lost David.
baconman (2 years ago)
I was born in the wrong generation. 2017's music sucks.
baconman (6 months ago)
brandon boyers I ate the sandwich and drank the milk
Chris (8 months ago)
Then you do not listen to a lot of music
bitbat9 (9 months ago)
fuck off
mini yoshi (11 months ago)
american dream (by lcd soundsystem), flower boy, no shape, a crow looked at me, humanz, painted ruins. 2017 does not suck
mini yoshi (11 months ago)
I was born in the wrong planet, earth fucking sucks!
baconman (2 years ago)
I'm gonna make a comment talking about how bad 2017's music is so when people see this in 2017, they'll be all like 'woah, how'd he know our music sucked?' because It'll say I typed this a year or so ago. And they will have to think hard. And I will be eating my sandwich and drinking milk.
TH3C4NN4BL3C0W (1 year ago)
2017 music sucks, but so did the last 5 or 10 years.. solid prediction, I hope you enjoyed the sandwich
Shawn Standiford (1 year ago)
No, he just came to save us once again, from the terrible music of 2017.

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