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Funniest Snapchat Babies! HILARIOUS Kids Using Face Filters YOU WILL LAUGH MAY 2018

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Babies on Snapchat? No way!.Technology is seriously cool. I'm sure you've heard of Snap chat with all the funny face filters! Naturally, kids love it and so do we. So today we're giving you a compilation of some seriously cute and funny kids trying out Snapchat filters! How about the mother and son who have the bread filter and are screaming, "French Toast! at 2:13. It's so funny and cute!. Or that girl with the absolutely insane eyeballs at 3:47. She's looks cray cray! And of course some of these filters are hilarious! Like the one at 4:41. That baby has some serious dance moves, and an adorable face filter! #cute! LIKE this video if you can't stop using Snapchat! COMMENT down below and tell us what your favorite Snapchat filter is. Ours is the puppy dog filter. Like the one the girl has at 0:38. It's a classic! Funniest Snapchat Babies! HILARIOUS Kids Using Face Filters YOU WILL LAUGH MAY 2018 SUBSCRIBE TO Baby Got Laughs! http://bit.ly/29uj1aq Your daily dose of the funniest, cutest, most adorable baby videos from around the world! Subscribe and laugh at all the cute tots, twins and funny baby videos on YouTube! More AFV on YT! Subscribe to Viral Adjacent: http://bit.ly/29CoUBm Subscribe to Fail Clips Daily: http://bit.ly/29lU3Gs Subscribe to Cat Clips Daily: http://bit.ly/29qhC6W Subscribe to Dog Clips Daily: http://bit.ly/29yix3m For all licensing inquiries please contact: info(at)homevideolicensing(dot)com
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Text Comments (51)
Sapphire Descartes (6 months ago)
Cuteness over load must not expload☺☺☺
WeeBee N (27 days ago)
Sapphire Descartes spelled explode wrong
Khadar Shaik (5 months ago)
Sapphire Descartes Chubby HR hxhshshshshshshshs S S. S. Smsmsmsammaamsmsmwmsmeswmwmwmwmsmsmssmsmssssessaass; msmsmsmsmsssssd
rodolfo alejandro torres (5 months ago)
BGL (5 months ago)
Try not to explode for cuteness challenge!
Dustin Caranguian (6 days ago)
1:37 baby girl why so cuteeeeeee!
Future: Unknown (17 days ago)
0:51 Whats worst then a demon A child No
w i n t e r s (1 month ago)
Masked Tiger (1 month ago)
funny Snapkin t shirt for Snapchat lovers to celebrate halloween https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HP1MZNQ
kayleigh abogadie (1 month ago)
3:20 that reaction tho
Michell Rivera (2 months ago)
So cute 😄😄😄
Munah Tee (2 months ago)
TURTLES X3 (2 months ago)
comment number 34 😎
msp queen (2 months ago)
I really laughed when the little girl said: I do not know why I have one eye. Because the snapchat filter did it just has one eye with glasses for one eye. This part really made me laugh. Otherwise, there is the little boy who looked like a grandmother. And he said: bring me a glass of water because I can not walk i am a grandmother.
Yo Yo (3 months ago)
3.30 omg I love the way that the little boy trying to pull off the moustache😆
ı J'MLIS (3 months ago)
2:50 what 😂😂😂😂
Emilturbo5GamesBGHD (3 months ago)
The cuteness... It's too much!
Alissa Smith (3 months ago)
Aldi (4 months ago)
1:57 that is so cuteee
Kathleen Burke (5 months ago)
Aww their so cute
M. Rizwan (5 months ago)
They are funny , cute and confused
Arianna aube (5 months ago)
Said the game but the best thing ever game 💋
Yatziry Villaseñor (5 months ago)
It said uhoh
Yatziry Villaseñor (5 months ago)
The Last One Was The Cutest
Gaming Famous (5 months ago)
ThatPetLife (5 months ago)
Everyone knows the dog and cat filters ARE THE BEST!
XxDiamondDJ42xX (27 days ago)
mia i p (5 months ago)
ThatPetLife that’s debatable..... I’m not a big fan of those ones
No denying how much fun Snapchat filters are!
Kyoot (5 months ago)
You were right! I definitely laughed...
Kyoot big Fan (19 days ago)
ThePigQueen1908 Owo (2 months ago)
What’s that spell? Kyoot!
ThePigQueen1908 Owo (2 months ago)
Gimme a t!
ThePigQueen1908 Owo (2 months ago)
Gimme another o!
ThePigQueen1908 Owo (2 months ago)
Gimme a o!
Request: (YTPMV) Baby Got Laughs Snapchat Baby Scan
Preston tube (6 months ago)
BGL (5 months ago)
SOOOOOO silly and cute!
KB Flash (6 months ago)
Look already
BGL (5 months ago)
These snapchat kids are TOO funny!
Robo gaming (6 months ago)
Now 3
BGL (5 months ago)
GachaCory (6 months ago)
happy mothers day everyone *to you guys mothers :3*
BGL (5 months ago)
Moms are the best and deserve all the love every day!
My Depressieon Diary (6 months ago)
BGL (5 months ago)
Robo gaming (6 months ago)
WOW 2 coments
BGL (5 months ago)
Moving on up!

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