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HUNTING DEER, RUNNING DOGS in Georgia. Girls and guns, Winchester SX3 Automatic shotgun

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BabeeBlue goes deer hunting in Georgia!! Running dogs in South Georgia. While equipped with a Winchester SX3 automatic shotgun she goes on the hunt for deer. The early day begins with searching for tracks so that there is a trail to put the hunting dogs on. Then a fast pursuit to the right destination and wait for the deer to cross...hopefully near where you are waiting. Beautiful scenery and also a woodpecker is encountered. She also gets lucky enough to see a deer...but unfortunately it was a doe and didn't shoot. A fun filled day...guess we'll have to try again next year. Check out my facebook page and like...if you like:)) http://www.facebook.com/pages/BabeeBlueOnTheTown/434428173235776 Follow me on Twitter!! http://www.twitter.com/bbonthetown Music provided by iLife sound effects, River Walk.caf on MAC.
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Text Comments (558)
Richard Millender (19 days ago)
wouldn't hunt any other way the deer has a better chance of getting away from the dogs then thay do with you in a stand sitting on bait
Jerry Cumberledge (1 month ago)
Worst vidio i have seen yet.waste of time
Anthony Bellezza (1 month ago)
Sweet heart you will never be a melissa bachmann
mamachi j (2 months ago)
not a dog in sight
filipe pergola (4 months ago)
is cold?
everythinglevi (8 months ago)
Is that lampy
lovin' the life (9 months ago)
If you are southern little gal then you are supposed to call it huntin'. I hate to hear all these proper people say hun..ting...dang! By the way.. when the dogs are getting close turn that dadgum radio down, that will turn the deer! Good luck and happy huntin'!
Michael S (10 months ago)
Easily the trashiest way to deer hunt. Get in a blind or a stand like a normal person, and save the dogs for the birds.
Charles Cottrill jr (8 months ago)
Michael S either was is good if you don't like how we hunt don't watch it trash
Ryan Willett (11 months ago)
Have mercy... that Doe at about 5:06!!!
Made_In_Dade_ Fishing (11 months ago)
This type of hunting sucks!!! Go out and sit in a stand and do your homework to find big bucks.
Abdul Wahid Razzaq (11 months ago)
u r so nice sweetie
Maximuspadus (11 months ago)
my my my.....what a view from standing on that tool box....my my my  lol
Cole Futral (11 months ago)
Why do you like to kill
X2cup The gamer (1 year ago)
What hunting spot is that
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (1 year ago)
Kingsland, GA
Chase Smith (1 year ago)
heres a tip if the deer runs in circles its a doe if it runs straight its a buck most of the time
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (1 year ago)
Thats what I hear
mayito f (1 year ago)
vete a filmar películas a hollywood que para eso sirves . cuando se caza no se está haciendo tanto espectáculo
alec schultz (1 year ago)
This takes the sport out of hunting I don't even call this hunting
Ellis Rodgers (26 days ago)
I hear this all the time. Have you ever considered the time and money it takes to train a decent deer dog. To most dog hunters including myself killing a deer is just a bonus. Hearing the dogs run is what's rewarding. Please stop knocking another person's passion.
Eddie Matthews (8 months ago)
F u
MIke Anonymous (1 year ago)
That there is one nice ass! Shes pretty easy on the eyes! Have a sister? :P
Adam Hire /rc (1 year ago)
is it even legal to hunt like that in Georgia ? we call that road hunting here in Ohio
alec schultz (1 year ago)
Adam Hire same
Joe Alborano (1 year ago)
very pretty lady but this type of hunting gives the rest of us hunters a bad name
Captain Chaos (1 year ago)
You are one Hot woman
Icky_SNIPES27 Earls (1 year ago)
Three things I'm 11 and love hunting,so stop all that sexual harassment, and stop all that mean crap if a girl likes hunting let her be she's really good
William Murphy (1 year ago)
Amen Brother!!!
not for u, go home bake acake
Cole Futral (1 year ago)
it makes me like you less because I hate to see animals die so I will never hunt in my life
Steve Dickson (10 months ago)
Babee blue come over to England and hunt me instead, I will be willing to be your hunting trophy for the day, but no more animal killing please ma'am.
Cole Futral (11 months ago)
BabeeBlueOnTheTown I still think your hot though
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (1 year ago)
I understand but that's the way the world goes around...trust me nothing goes to waste.
abrasdwe (1 year ago)
Wow my kind of woman 😘
abrasdwe (1 year ago)
Been hunting much lately?
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (1 year ago)
Kenji Sphinx (2 years ago)
Mr. Hemi (2 years ago)
Every mans dream.......
Matt Robertson (1 year ago)
i live near south georgia i live in live oak fl
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (2 years ago)
thank you:)
Mr. Hemi (2 years ago)
Woman dat is
Henry Bittle (2 years ago)
Ps being gay is one thing but hating my guns is a hole other story. They even have it posted on there door. So if i cant carry im not going to buy from them. Was a very well trained solider and my gun is hear to help and protect
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (2 years ago)
Glad to hear it Henry!! I'm with you on that:)
Henry Bittle (2 years ago)
oh know just caught it. Starbucks Coffee. gay love in gun hate in. lol never support them ,they don't like us
Henry Bittle (2 years ago)
wow lotta nasty comments. Nice lookin female likes to hunt and eat some snacks good for you girl, screw the negative. Hope ya crack one next time
William Murphy (1 year ago)
we can only pray for the haters, Ms.
William Murphy (1 year ago)
We can only pray for William the haters!! Ms.
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (2 years ago)
+Henry Bittle Yep...haters gonna hate! Thank you for your nice comment, I appreciate it:)
prim rose (2 years ago)
You poor sick psychopath. You're so excited to kill. Such JOy!!! Seriously you're narcissist with social media and a big mouth. The thrill of killing what a moral person. Hope you get gored or trampled!!! Hillbilly
Spades-of-Dreams (1 year ago)
shame some I can't even begin to say how annoying it is constantly seeing your comments on these videos.
Alyssa Gall (1 year ago)
shame some why would u watch the video u retard go watch some funny goats to get it out of your system girls can hunt boys can hunt!
prim rose (1 year ago)
Alyssa-Loves-sport--Don't like my comment DON'T READ. The majority hunt to eat but a few sadists do it for their pleasure.  KILLING!
Alyssa Gall (1 year ago)
shame some don't watch it if u don't like the thought of it
Captain Chaos (1 year ago)
From a turd living in a country that legalized bestiality...Go F a goat...
Stephen Laing (2 years ago)
Babee has one beautiful ass! You squat much babee?
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (2 years ago)
+Stephen Laing haha thanks...yes I do:)
Bubbanator9999 (2 years ago)
It's illegal to stand on top of a vehicle to shoot make sure you don't get seen doing it.
Blaine Collins (10 months ago)
Bubbanator9999 u dumbass 😂
Carson Purcell (2 years ago)
Such a city girl its not even funny
alec schultz (1 year ago)
Carson Purcell I no
Matt C (3 years ago)
what a beautiful ass...
RBG (3 years ago)
hi, slugs in that overbored barrel?
roberto sanchez (3 years ago)
Stupid people.
TheEvil ClownMan (3 years ago)
Piss a woman off ,and she can shoot any dam thing in her sight.
Valentin H (3 years ago)
Thats poching like that.
Michael S (10 months ago)
walker boyz the redneck-iest way to do it. Learn how to hunt.
walker boyz (1 year ago)
Valentin H ain't nothing better than running dogs the best way to do it...
Julio Chavez (3 years ago)
Your voice is similar to scratching a chalkboard with fingernails. Please.. lets hear the hounds instead.
Pam Vandyke (3 years ago)
Well good luck
UZIMike! ! (3 years ago)
You would be hot if you weren't goony.....annoying.....safety sally.....too bad.
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (3 years ago)
+UZIMike! ! ...and do you feel better about yourself now?
Terry Patrick (3 years ago)
What kind of gun your shooting
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (3 years ago)
+Terry Patrick Winchester SX3 Auto:)
MrAnimalControl (3 years ago)
That ass.
P & D Outdoors (3 years ago)
Awesome video. Love dog hunting. Nevermind all the haters.
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (3 years ago)
+P & D Outdoors thank you so much:))
kg kb (3 years ago)
I agree with Sneproduction nice bid of you though
sun light (3 years ago)
I think it was like a picnic...not for hunting
sun light (3 years ago)
Lovely looking lady with a lovely gun ;-)
sun light (3 years ago)
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (3 years ago)
+sunlight Lodeechun haha yep;)
sun light (3 years ago)
Lol! I agree with you. Some nice cold beer along with it ;-)
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (3 years ago)
+sunlight Lodeechun You don't always get a deer when hunting…but you can have snacks;) lol
All day lover (3 years ago)
Your such a milf ;)
jcghound hound (4 years ago)
Do ya'll Live in GA
jcghound hound (3 years ago)
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (3 years ago)
+jcghound hound teehee;)
jcghound hound (3 years ago)
+BabeeBlueOnTheTown boo
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (3 years ago)
+jcghound hound I won't say it then;) lol
jcghound hound (3 years ago)
Please don't say a gator fan then
powerlinegf (4 years ago)
You should try squirrel hunting with a dog. A good  feist or cur is hard to beat. 
powerlinegf (4 years ago)
I enjoy it. 
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
+powerlinegf I bet that's fun:)
zepe r (4 years ago)
By the way nice video Ca.
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
+rigo zepeda Thank you Rigo:))
Julio Chavez (4 years ago)
You are a disgrace... dumb fucking blonde, Shut the fuck up with your big mouth, and take your dumb ass back North too.
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (3 years ago)
+Roger Smith lol truth;)
Roger Smith (4 years ago)
+BabeeBlueOnTheTown If a man can enjoy that video, with all that scenery, I don't care if the deer were chasing the dogs he may have a closet he needs to go back in. 
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
+Elwood Rawlings hmmm...everyone is entitled to their opinion but fyi I was born and raised in the South and as a supposed Southern boy I would suggest you go back to your roots and learn some manners
zepe r (4 years ago)
Did you have to change The barrel for deer hunting
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
+rigo zepeda no
SAMSARPANET (4 years ago)
Sorry but sitting in lawn chairs, camping next to your pickup, having dogs chase game to you, and using a shotgun? Not hunting. The cheetos were understandable though.
walker boyz (1 year ago)
SAMSARPANET so sitting in front of a damn corn pile hiding from your prey is?? still hunting is for Yankees running dogs is for the southerners that know how to hunt!!
bo lockey (1 year ago)
SAMSARPANET so sitting in a spot just waiting to snipe one of that don't know your there and don't have the chance to get away to live another day is hunting. your a moron
Johnny Railroad (4 years ago)
"Because Babee Blue is going hunting!" You're a pisser.
FSL (4 years ago)
Girls doesn't hunt!!! hehe I'm kidding. 
Atticus Reid (4 years ago)
The scenery and one of the blocks being named "Old Camp" reminds me of where I hunted in Swainsboro Ga. Is that where you were by chance?
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
Nice...actually this was in Satilla Georgia:))
Atticus Reid (4 years ago)
And not to be crude Ma'am but I COMPLETLY agree with Gary's comment from about 2 spaces below. It is quite shapely
Danny Del Rossi (4 years ago)
Useless cowardly a-hole redneck.
SC Low Country (4 years ago)
Hunt-ing lol
B&J outdoors (4 years ago)
Always nice to see such a beautiful girl hunting
Win1400 (4 years ago)
can you say hunting normal?
JPD (4 years ago)
What a lucky man you are to have a woman that actually likes to hunt
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (3 years ago)
+neodeville :)
ucanbobonthis (4 years ago)
at least two georgia hunting laws broken i this video.  
ucanbobonthis (4 years ago)
s wyatt. hilarious, it took you a year to come up with a response and it's "i don't know or care about the law so i'll insult you.".  go on back to the woodshed and let your daddy bend you over again.  he's just about done with your brother and he still isn't feeling satisfied.  stupid inbred white trash hick.  you're the reason we won't be able to hunt one day.  you morons give peta and the gun control freaks all the ammo they need.  in your family you marry your cousins so the laws don't apply to you.  you're a douche. 
bowhuntermike1992 (4 years ago)
I got an idea.. why not push the timber like real hunters.. or uk sit in the timber for hours and wait for one instead of using dogs to spook shit.. im sorry but that aint huntn
walker boyz (1 year ago)
bowhuntermike1992 u sound like a dumb Yankee still hunter that sits in front of a corn pile and calls himself a hunter what's the fun in that stupid stuff?? why not put some dogs on him like a true Southerner would nobody wants to sit on there ass all day and wait for a deer to just walk out and then shoot him while he's standing still wow yea your such a bad ass....
bo lockey (1 year ago)
bowhuntermike1992 waking the woods is spooking deer out so there's a contradiction in your statement. sitting waiting to snipe a deer off easy as pie the damn thing don't even know your there and that it being hunting. is to easy and honestly more not hunting then using dogs. dogs they know there being hunted and they run and get away alot
powerlinegf (4 years ago)
Hunting game with dogs goes back thousands of years. As with most things, it has been given a modern touch. 
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
I do still hunt...this is just a different way to hunt as well. It was my first time, thanks for watching:)
remastered1950ford (4 years ago)
Rabbit hunting in Callahan Fl. Next time. Or hunting a moonshine still in Baldwin Fl .
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
Fun fun!! Haha that sounds fun too;))
Al Herrera (4 years ago)
Uneventful boring with booty.....
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
Yes I am not usually a morning person either...but I had already been awake for 5 hours!! And jacked up on coffee;))
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
I'll have to check...unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to use any that day!! lol;)) Perhaps this year!!
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (4 years ago)
hoytdeerhunter137 (4 years ago)
I'll subscribe if you tweerk in your next vidieo lol
Eric Thibodeaux (4 years ago)
What type of ammo were you using
MrDaleaaaa (4 years ago)
ya got to stay away from the high notes in the morning sweet hart
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Can't say I've had bed deer meat, have to know what to do with it. I still hunt as well:)
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
haha;)) Thank you for watching:))
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Sweet!! Best to you!! Thank you...running dogs opens this weekend!! Woohoo:))
69DIRTYDAN69 (5 years ago)
get over yourself you fucking piece of shit. if you dont like hunting then why would you watch hunting videos?
Rifleman 1968 (5 years ago)
using dogs just jacks up the adrenaline in the deer and makes the meat taste bad..learn to hunt without dogs.
bo lockey (1 year ago)
Rifleman 1968 it don't change the meat you idiot only non dog runner think that to many deer have been ran and gave to ppl never told that they were ran and they loved the meat just the same. and talking about real hunting what's real about sniping deer off that don't even know there being hunted.
Kev Rock (5 years ago)
Before you said "I'm crackin myself up" I said to myself, Wow she cracks herself up.
Jerry Rucker (5 years ago)
awesome video girl hope yoi get yourself one. im starting to bow hunt this weekend with my new crossbow. plan to do some with shotgun in november.
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Awww thank ya Matt!! Fun for sure...can't wait for the season to open, bow hunting has been slow but I'm determined;))
Matt McKeon (5 years ago)
Nice!! Nothing better then hunting with a gorgeous woman!!You look hot standing on the back of that truck by way!!
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Ha why thanks:)
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Fun times!! Can't wait to go a lot more this year...and get a big one:)) Thank you for watching!:)
Countryboy (5 years ago)
Best way to hunt!
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Thank you!! You are right about that..I have been bow hunting several times already and only have just seen one deer but it was just before dawn and couldn't even really see...if it hadn't been for the camera going off wouldn't have known it was there. If he had been 5-10 minutes later I would have had dinner!!;)) Running dogs is fun!! Looking forward to going more this year:))
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Please don't be rude
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Haha thank you Red!! I appreciate you always being so sweet and for your support:)) Dog huntin son;))
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
I do sit in a stand and hunt...this is just a different way to hunt...and fun! Thanks for watching:)
Rebecca Wolfe (5 years ago)
haha alright i'll let ya know! :) lol good luck to a too!
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
You too girl...you too;)) Let me know what you get this year...I am trying my best...nothing yet, but that is hunting for ya, haha;))
Red October (5 years ago)
Love your personality, humor, great attitude, and how you crack yourself up.... DOG HUNTING,
Adam Andrews (5 years ago)
If you sit in a stand in hunt deer the right way you might be able to see a lot of them
Adam Andrews (5 years ago)
Running dogs is for pussies
cody Davis (9 months ago)
Adam Andrews
cody Davis (9 months ago)
this guys profile picture is hilarious he's gonna have a long life with his cousin😂😂😂
Good huntin. Huntin aint easy somedays. And sometimes its jus luck. Never used dogs in ohio for deer since its illegal here to do so but looks fun
Rebecca Wolfe (5 years ago)
hahaha oh yeah it sure was! AND sitting in a boring classroom for like 7 hours!!! haha but thankyou soo much!! lol Keep safe out there too and good luck! ;D
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Yay!! Sa-weet:)) Must have been all that hunting youtube research you did!!;)) lol Best to you Rebecca:))
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Me too! Thank you:)) Been bow hunting twice now...no opportunity to get one yet...but I'm determined!!:))
John Englander (5 years ago)
Thanks i hope y'all get something next time
Rebecca Wolfe (5 years ago)
Hey girl!!! I just took my hunters education class yesterday and I PASSED!!! :D haha i was the only on in my class to get a 100 ;D woo! them furry critters better watch out! haha
BabeeBlueOnTheTown (5 years ago)
Good for you!! Yay:)) We didn't see anything yet!

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