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AJ Styles' greatest moments: WWE Top 10, Jan. 6, 2018

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AJ Styles' greatest moments in WWE would rival those of any Superstar to step in the ring. Count down 10 reasons why the WWE Universe refers to Styles as The Phenomenal One. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: http://wwenetwork.com Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT Visit WWE.com: http://goo.gl/akf0J4 Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: https://goo.gl/QmhBof
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Text Comments (2699)
Krishna Sai (2 days ago)
aj styles is my hero
Chitrank Raval (3 days ago)
2:04 superman vs batman😂😂😂😂😂
ismael tube (4 days ago)
handsoff to aj styles penomenal
Enzyl // McV12 (5 days ago)
Shouldn’t AJ Styles’ storyline girlfriend be AJ Lee? They are both AJ so it would make sense.
D. Anthony (9 days ago)
Well the top1, guess he got poetic justice when Bryan did the same thing to beat him for the title
Bharat Raut (11 days ago)
Raut Bharat
Carlos Ruiz (12 days ago)
Carlos Ruiz (12 days ago)
Aj styles want were ripped in 5
Slipknot Shady (12 days ago)
2:46 Thats the best dive attack Ive ever seen
Ranjit behera Kunal (14 days ago)
👌 😎
Meena Shelat (15 days ago)
👉🏻Ha Moj Ha😎
Ajay Rathod (15 days ago)
aj style only
Larnell Benbow Jr (16 days ago)
Im. AJ
Brian Mutisya (17 days ago)
Does anyone else get excited when seeing AJ Styles' debut
Claribet Garcia (18 days ago)
Fabian Sanchez Gamboa (18 days ago)
When aj jumped on Dean through a table he had hole in his pants
Saurabh Tiwari (18 days ago)
The arrival should be on first
Apoorva Vaibhav (18 days ago)
The Phenomenal 1 is TOO SWEET🤘
Farhan Khan FK (18 days ago)
Simply Phenomenal Moments 🤘
Hirok Barua (19 days ago)
Smackdown is only phenomenal cause of AJ Styles.... 👏
jacob p mathews (19 days ago)
Aj should have been wwe champion
Mona Singhal (19 days ago)
Mona Singhal (19 days ago)
No 1 is not a great moment for aj style beacause he won his first wwe title by cheating he hot a low blow to the dean ambrose
ga oh (20 days ago)
AJ is The Best!
Marcus (20 days ago)
Im fortunate enough to watch Bret Hart & HBK as a kid, & I'm blessed enough to be able to watch AJ Styles as an adult.
Mettin Kaytaz (20 days ago)
AJ Styles is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, Phenomenal indeed
Coc Baba (21 days ago)
Aj Styles put a like he is the best wrestler in wwe and in the world
Rashad Sims (21 days ago)
I love how first fans booed him when he killed Dean in the nuts but cheered him when he won the title
Aian Xaharia (21 days ago)
He can sell it as a face He can sell it as a heel! Phenomenal One? Rightly so
Say J (21 days ago)
Anyone here after the disappointing burial series?
S & G Productions (22 days ago)
AJ is the best
Liam Plunkelet (22 days ago)
2018 What about Aj now us title or again wwe champions ship title picgure
Boshan jeba (23 days ago)
Why did AJ styles lost to Daniel bryan it look like dumb
SSR MARVEL (23 days ago)
Smack down shocker happened again
Charles Aaron (23 days ago)
ea_0314 (23 days ago)
"Roman Reigns got to much pushed"
Dũng Đức Đinh (24 days ago)
He is the best cause he is the champion almost 1 years
Unique Bacon Hair (24 days ago)
Sub to Pewdiepie
MUSIC ED KING (24 days ago)
i am very happy when he loss the wwe title
MUSIC ED KING (24 days ago)
Sohaib Khan (24 days ago)
One of the few superstars who is maintaining the standards..
Azhar Mahmood (24 days ago)
AJ and lowblows is still the best relationship
@ 4:36.... Little did Aj know
Yash Khan (26 days ago)
AJ style is great
Nicolas Maya (26 days ago)
I love aj
Imran Imran (27 days ago)
AJ best in the world 😍😘
I am Phenomenal (27 days ago)
I am phenomenal Sorry!
Stash Allemagne (27 days ago)
Does not involve iwgp heavyweight champion
Did no one see the hole this dude had in his pants I mean come on now AJ fix the hole 2:43
Chol Palata (28 days ago)
10. Grandest Arrival 9. Garden Party 8. Quick Tapout 7. Crash into Reings 6. 2 for 1 Special 5. Table Smasher 4. Smackdown Shocker 3. Phenomenal Debut 2. Down Goes Cena 1. First WWE Title
Winning Thief (28 days ago)
wm 32 crowd was dead
Nhật Khanh Lê (29 days ago)
Its not fair for Aj because he only had 4 title:2 wwe,2 Us
Anil Mondal (29 days ago)
Where is shinsuka nakamura Somoa Joe Daniel brayan
Jaime Zuniga (29 days ago)
Pause at 2:48
mohammad sami (1 month ago)
styles fan hit here
sheikh shahid (1 month ago)
Aj styles is very very very very very very very best
_PreMax_ (1 month ago)
Anyone notice Aj torn his pant @2.48
Lucky Chol (1 month ago)
Which Can’t The Phenomenal Forearm Announce Table Finisher be An OMG Moment?
Happy Geek (1 month ago)
Aj vs taker
Luiis Navas (1 month ago)
Mohd Zaid (1 month ago)
Best in the World A J. S. T. Y. L. E. S
JYOTI RANI (1 month ago)
The best wrestler ever born
kevon59 (1 month ago)
When you talk about a guy who has done it all you talk about Aj Styles.
kevon59 (1 month ago)
This video gives me chills truly phenomonal.
Nathusingh Jetawat (1 month ago)
I love aj style
Table smasher should be called hole ripper
Md Rayhan (1 month ago)
Who loves aj styles???
Cassidy Clement (1 month ago)
Styles: /exists/ Commentator: *AM STYLED HAS DONE IT*
Megastar Fan (1 month ago)
Waiting when he will win Universal Championship , MITB , IC champ , Royal Rumble & Main event Wrestlemania
yasmeen fatima (1 month ago)
A very grate entry aj
Chol Palata (1 month ago)
This video is Phenomenal
Chol Palata (1 month ago)
4:36 That hurts AJ Styles should of win without a low blow AJ Styles defeated Dean Ambrose 3 times in 2016 WWE Backlash, WWE No Mercy and WWE TLC Tables, Ladders and Chairs
Sonu Buriya (1 month ago)
Jason Nangolo (1 month ago)
Wow.. ajstyles angers just like njstyles
The Fallen Angel (1 month ago)
They should put the kick out to cena's avalanche AA at Summerslam.
arowe tzubieta (1 month ago)
Aj sucks
Kantharia Harmesh (1 month ago)
WWE AJ Styles Smackdown house
Hridish Kakati (1 month ago)
I m the phenomenal
IBRAHIM KOLHAPUR (1 month ago)
Missing is raw debut
Ahmad raza (1 month ago)
Please can anyone tell me which WrestleMania was the first one?
Raamiz Sohail (1 month ago)
2:48 as butt
NICKY SCORPIONU (1 month ago)
Muie Slyles
Theron Hayden (1 month ago)
Parwez Sen (1 month ago)
Aj style is the best fighter in wwe smackdown
DEATH RAY STINGER (1 month ago)
Sucker styles
THE LION KING (1 month ago)
*Rollins is more phenomenal than Aj, believe that👈*
Ajith B Shenoy (1 month ago)
2:45 that was another one 🤘
Ajith B Shenoy (1 month ago)
2:05 that's the best 🤘
SOULFROST X 2.0 (1 month ago)
His and Jericho are the GOATs.
OrToN. MaNiA. (1 month ago)
Aj style is a Great superstar.
Ram Ram (1 month ago)
I love you AJ style
Styles u are really phenomenal....
Syed Imtiyaz (1 month ago)
K.B.F TIGER (1 month ago)
I love AJ styles the phenomenal one
Priya Srivastava (1 month ago)
AJ styles is best
Phenomenal Clasher (1 month ago)
This era is PHENOMENAL!
Million dollar Channel (1 month ago)
Aj is best in the world
Shabnam Khan (1 month ago)
He is the best actor of WWE!! In less than half a decade he has become so good an actor,something really phenomenal!!
sarath s (1 month ago)
Champion wrestler 😉
Vaidant Mishra (1 month ago)
Aj styles is the best wwe wrestler

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