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Hunting in Hollister..A Girls 1st Time

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Warning Graphic Content! This is my daughters 1st Big Game Hunting Experience. From shooting to field dressing and exploring the gut pile. If you have a weak stomach don't bother watching. Listen carefully to the audio. This video is intended to bring young hunters to the sport. This is how life used to be on a daily basis so don't hate!
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Text Comments (12)
Md Manik Miah (27 days ago)
plz new video
Md Manik Miah (1 year ago)
lady stabbing stomach deer nice
VALENTINO PLAZA (3 years ago)
Awesome shot! How did it taste?
Rifleman306 (6 years ago)
u fine out up close u will see little botton there head but i didnt see a nut sack either
Brad Jackson (6 years ago)
@VAhunter1000 oh. Now you think I play video games?
Brad Jackson (6 years ago)
@VAhunter1000 unlike you before i fire i don't look at deer nuts
Miranda Randall (6 years ago)
you should try bow hunting its really fun and weres the camo lol... thats what makes it fun....
Brad Jackson (6 years ago)
Brad Jackson (6 years ago)
How you know a botton buck from a doe?
Tanner Richardson (6 years ago)
i hate how people say its cruel to kill animals than why the heck would you watch them go watch peta friends or something fag you don't understand how some people live on that meat! nough said.
Tyler Btv (7 years ago)
you let your daughter cuss like that
travishunter3006 (7 years ago)
2:27 his fly is open! hahah

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