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Can you flashback table into SYSTEM tablespace?

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Flashback feature in Oracle database is well known to roll back the table to a specific timestamp (depends on undo retention) or to restore dropped table and many more. We must have used this flashback feature so far on application schema objects and found working without any issues. As an Oracle DBA did you configure any tools (might be monitoring, RMAN catalog or any) with objects created in SYSTEM tablespace? If so, you probably would see some problems later when you need to use Flashback on these objects though they are not Oracle supplied objects. Let us go through a case study which will clearly explain you the functionality of Flashback table. Did you like the video? Subscribe now, Like it and share it. Looking for Oracle DBA training or services? redirect to www.orskl.com WhatsApp to +919951696808
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Jorge Gutierrez Alayo (9 months ago)
Rajasekhar Bellapu (1 year ago)
Hi Sir , your information is very valuable ... but i want to know that why Oracle restricting the dropped objects from system ts and sysaux ts to use recycle bin .... i want your solution sir..
Vineeth Puli (2 years ago)
Tab1 which was created in system tablespace is seen in the recycle bin but not tab2.. Why is that so?
Vineeth Puli (2 years ago)
+OrSkl Academy Ok sir.. Very informative. Thank you
OrSkl Academy (2 years ago)
+Vineeth Puli Hi Vineeth, it was the TAB1 which got created in ADOTBS tablespace and got dropped before this video is recorded. So thats not the TAB1 which got created in SYSTEM tablespace... Objects dropped from system tablespace will not be found in recycle bin at all

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