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Funny Face -Trotro White Man Buys Roasted Plantain

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http://www.ghbird.com Who says only Ghanaians are fluent in twi. A white man buys roasted plantain,boards a trotro and the people on the troski are shocked he can speak twi
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Eric Kagya (7 days ago)
Mewc Adagye lmao 🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹Prince Yawson Y3 Fucking
Pearl Smith (2 months ago)
Adey feel de plantain seller's English
Jay Cobbina (7 months ago)
I remember this and the roasted groundnuts lol
Jacob Wiafe (1 year ago)
Good luck
Abiana C (2 years ago)
btw the trotro guy was speaking ga
boiling tea (3 years ago)
when roasted plantain was 30 and 40 pesewas, oh mahama
Daniel Amarh (3 years ago)
Ghanaians and their blofo
Daniel Amarh (3 years ago)
Ghanaians and their blofo
janine perhaps (5 years ago)
WHERE WAS THE TWI?! He only had the Ghanaian dialect tbh
lawcalled (5 years ago)
"...okay go to Chokoor, sit inside the wagoon", lmao, this is too much
julie amo (6 years ago)
this too funny. the white man has my respect. his twi is on point.
lol , Gruss marc Switzerland
diamond sweetful (6 years ago)
waagoon lool
Prince Amponsah (6 years ago)
And you drink pure water goran goran
Magdalene Potakey (6 years ago)
oh my gosh,do u want the nk3333te3
ceekoni (10 months ago)
blkghanaprincess (7 years ago)
brofilizing the nkatae lol
sinderela nina (7 years ago)
HAHHAHAHA 4:08 to 4:23
breezeGH (7 years ago)
" PREASE do you want the nk33te3?!" You pure water... your stomach is big. LMAO
Bernnie Binnie (7 years ago)
when u eat finish ad then u drink pure water grogrogro and ur stomach is big,hahahaha
isabigas (7 years ago)
hhahahahha !

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