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Awesome Portrait Photos of Rock Stars of the 1960s and 1970s at Home With Their Parents: They had fame, reams of money and fans willing to do wild, unmentionable things just to breathe the same air — but in its September 24, 1971 issue, LIFE magazine illustrated a different side of the lives of rock stars. Like other mere mortals, they often came from humble backgrounds, with moms and dads who bragged about them, fussed over them, called them on their nonsense and worried about them every single day. Assigned to take portraits of the artists at home with their sweetly square folks, photographer John Olson traveled from the suburbs of London to Brooklyn to the Bay Area, capturing in his work the love that bridged any cultural and generational divides that existed between his subjects. Here's a gallery of Rock legends -- Clapton, Zappa, Elton John, Grace Slick and more -- and their totally square, totally sweet parents. 1. Frank Zappa in his Los Angeles home with his dad, Francis, his mom, Rosemarie, and his cat in 1970. 2. The Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick poses with her mother, Virginia Wing, in the living room of the home where she grew up in Palo Alto, California in 1970. 3. In one of the photos that ultimately ran in LIFE (photographer John Olson went back to Palo Alto for a re-shoot), new mom Grace dangles her daughter China by the feet in 1971. 4. In 1970 Rose Clapp shows off her tea service and Eric Clapton, her rock-god guitarist grandson, Surrey, England. 5. The former Reggie Dwight, later known as Elton John, laughs with his mom Sheila Fairebrother and her husband Fred (whom he affectionately called "Derf," Fred spelled backwards) in their suburban London apartment in 1970. 6. David Crosby with his father, 1970. 7. Ginger Baker and his mum, 1970. 8. Ginger Baker, the Cream and Blind Faith drummer, flashes a rare smile with his mother Ruby Streatfield inside her rowhouse in Bexley, outside London, in 1970. 9. Joe Cocker with his mother, 1970. 10. Grace steps outside with her mom and little China in 1971. 11. Richie Havens with his parents, Brooklyn in 1970. 12. The Jackson 5 with their parents standing by, 13-year-old dynamo Michael (front left) and his brothers Jackie, Marlon, Tito and Jermaine straddle their motorbikes by the pool, 1970. 13. Scottish folk musician Donovan and his parents, Donald and Winifred Leitch, England in 1970. Labels: 1970s, culture, famous people, life, music, portraits
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Trevor Graham Welch (3 months ago)
Do you have any of Robin Trower ?
Robert Ward (3 months ago)
Love Frank Z❤
The Joker (4 months ago)
Elton's mom looks pretty hip. Notice many with their mothers probably because Mom supported them until their careers took off.
Jiffy Jim (4 months ago)
Bravo, PL!!! Excelente!!!!👏👏👏
Meezan R (7 months ago)
Well that was amazing!!
Frankie Bella (7 months ago)
When Grace looked better !!!! Now Ouch"!!!😱😵
Frankie Marquez (8 months ago)
It's so sad to look back to those day when we rode bikes and had picnics stayed out till midnight playing red rover or blind man's bluff with all the Kids on the block we.New nothing and our innocence lasted well into our teens the internet destroyed childhood
Kara Shea (8 months ago)
I don’t know who the family is represented at 2:19 but it’s not Richie havens and his parents
HolloVVpoint (11 months ago)
The quality of the photos are so good, makes you think they were taken recently not nearly 50 years ago! Also the photo of the ginger guy outside his house, reminds me of my street. Insane how little London houses of changed on the outside!
Bryan Awkwardson (1 year ago)
Grace Slick was suuuuuch a hottie back then.
bri1968 (1 year ago)
lady at the end ,,like a sexy vampire with that accent mmmmm
pardyhardly (1 year ago)
Lots of butt wiping.
We need more of these, very interesting.
Patrick Robinson (1 year ago)
Why on Earth would someone click the Thumbs Down button for this one ? WTF ???
violetsnotviolence (1 year ago)
Donovan is the spitting image of his mother.
weirdo freak (1 year ago)
Omg. These photos were NOT taken in 2017. I hope that you realise that the fashions and home look as though it was taken in the 1960s and 1970s.
TheFuzzyPenguin (1 year ago)
that was interesting to see
mauritsvw (1 year ago)
Very interesting!
Alienart (1 year ago)
These are great! That picture behind Zappa I think is Alice Cooper's first album cover.
James Allan (1 year ago)
Alienart yeah it is
TheOutlaw256 (1 year ago)
thank you so much ,its late at nite and im really or was really feeling down but thia short little trip back in time sure made me feel better. my days!!!!
Rachelstorrersings (1 year ago)
So cool thanks!!!
Nicola Taylor (1 year ago)
Wlf is that silly cow holding her poor baby by the feet upside down???? is this surpose to be funny????
christine paris (1 year ago)
Nicola Taylor People still do stupid baby stunts unfortunately! I grew up right up the street from Grace Slick in Palo Alto, California. I missed all the rock and roll fun because my parents really thought it was evil!
marlene g (1 year ago)
I frickin love the picture of ginger Bake with his jacked up chopperssmiling away with his mum!
Steve Lubin (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video. I wish it was longer, meaning more stars with their mums and das. Gives a different perspective on the star.
Tc Rae (1 year ago)
I think that the photo of Frank Zappa has the painting that appeared on the cover of Alice Cooper's first record (Pretties for You) in the background. Zappa produced the album, so I suppose it makes sense...
Phoenix85006 (1 year ago)
These were fascinating and awesome, more please!
Sal Puma (1 year ago)
Grace Slick? Really? and 3 of them?
Teachering (1 year ago)
Interesting photos of the rock 'n' rollers I grew up listening to. I was particularly taken with the opening photo of Frank Zappa and his mom and dad. Frank Zappa was a major influence in my love of poetry.
QuartetmanIA (1 year ago)
nepafu666 (1 year ago)
Great shots of all my music heroes...well a bunch of them :) . Really nice to see them with their folks. By the way, when can we get a picture set of YOU oh lovely announcer...would love to see your modeling shoots :). I know that many of your fans would love this as well.
dlbstl (1 year ago)
I loved these! Thanks!
luvstellauk (1 year ago)
In some of those pictures the parents look more like grandparents, I'm in my mid 50's and could quite easily have 30 year old offspring yet I don't look that old and neither do people I know in my age group, did people look older in those days?
IncognitoTorpedo (1 year ago)
People didn't color their hair much in those days. The dyes were not as good and they looked kind of fake.
christine paris (1 year ago)
luvstellauk THE idea that you could stay young looking didn't resonate until the 70s and most older people (40s, 50s) just felt more comfortable looking the way their parents did. Life expectancy was still low in the 1960s compared to now. I'm 57 and wear jeans and tee shirts, it's what I feel comfortable in. But, yeah, people looked, acted, dressed old at what we consider a young age now!
flufferstuff (1 year ago)
Danae, no they weren't. Was that a best guess? Look up life expectancy. The CIA's World Fact Book has a lot of data on each country.
thebudkellyfiles (1 year ago)
I can hear the parents saying, "Get a job, you can't make a living with that rock and roll crap!" LOL
Phoenix85006 (1 year ago)
thebudkellyfiles Yes, especially David Crosbys dad, lol
FilmsFor SMARTpeople (1 year ago)
Ginger Baker big rock star still could not afford teeth? lol
flufferstuff (2 months ago)
+Gerald Wilson I am far from ignorant, but you are a fool, and display it proudly.
Gerald Wilson (2 months ago)
+flufferstuff You sir, are an ignoramus .
flufferstuff (1 year ago)
His Luciferian patents probably knocked them out, or he had birth defects about his mouth or teeth. His "mother" is a man. Men don't make good mothers, contrary to their baseless propaganda. Maybe Mommy Dearest, also a tranny, knocked his teeth out. His gums look deformed. That may have also been a birth defect caused by being carried in a tranny's abdominal cavity.
flufferstuff (1 year ago)
All of their mothers are men, trannies. Grace Slick is a man. Grace Slick's daughter is a man. These are all Luciferian families. That is why they were allowed to be rock stars. And that also explains the talent pool. I seriously doubt that any of their parents cared for them enough to "worry about them," as you presumptuously stated. Luciferians do not love their children. They abuse and use them. Those are the rules.
flufferstuff (2 months ago)
+christine paris in your dreams, devil's b*tch.
christine paris (2 months ago)
+flufferstuff You have no idea what forces you are dealing with. It's not from the devil or your made up hell. It's much more ancient. If you can understand through the fog of drug induced hallucinations you are experiencing, understand that it is not wise to disturb something you are not prepared to deal with.
flufferstuff (2 months ago)
A year later: There are very few real human trannies. The tranny is a Serpent Seed agenda, and an innate trait of many Serpent Seed. The Baphomet Spawn take after their father, the Baphomet aka Satan. Most singers are witches, because witches like to cast spells with singing. Devil, you can keep your retarded and perverse, hollow world, for as long as it lasts, which won't be much longer ...
flufferstuff (2 months ago)
+christine paris How easily you speak to people with insults, hellion. Take your back seat.
christine paris (1 year ago)
flufferstuff You are obviously damaged.
Random Videos (1 year ago)
Fabulous 👌
Centrist Philosopher (1 year ago)
I like the cute little wink at the end ;)
Jiffy Jim (4 months ago)
Centrist Philosopher I agree👌
MrCapi55 (1 year ago)
One of the very best videos of Perfect Life.
wwvette (1 year ago)
Your GREED Comes Out When You Ask Us To Subscribe! Leave It To Your VIEWERS!! THUMBS DOWN BABY!!
PERFECT LIFE (1 year ago)
J Texas... I love you!
J Texas (1 year ago)
The more suscribers she has the more companies will pay her for adverts the more cool videos she can make. You want free archival stuff? Go to the damn public library
Aquarius 112/ (1 year ago)
Sick Boy (1 year ago)
people never seem to amaze me. ..how the fuck, could you give this a thumbs down, just what does it take, to make you happy..
Thomas McClenan (1 year ago)
XaviorvorteX (1 year ago)
as always you have the most incredible pictures, precious lady ;-)
onesnowgoose (1 year ago)
At the time, we believed there was a generation gap. I'm not seeing it in these photos.
Dean Roddey (1 year ago)
Well, Marvin's dad shot him later on, which could be construed as less than parental affection. Looking at David Crosby's dad, and knowing what David Crosby was at the time, that picture may not be totally representative, though of course I could be completely wrong.
Cris Meticos (1 year ago)
This was great, thank you!
Brenda Proffitt (1 year ago)
Awesome sweet really sweet thank you so much
William Ohaire (1 year ago)
nice well done and very interesting
mika blp (1 year ago)
bonjour from france
mika blp (1 year ago)
christine paris (1 year ago)
mika blp Aloha...yall!
Emily Balderdash (1 year ago)
Way cool!
abhi dixit (1 year ago)
last pic was awesome with a dog in it.
roberty bob (1 year ago)
that wink gets me every time :)
rutabagasteu (1 year ago)
great !
Critter T (1 year ago)
Thank you for the video honey, blast from my past🎈

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