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I Spent $300 On Fashion Nova Jeans // Size 3, 5, 7

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I Spent $300 On Fashion Nova Jeans // Size 3, 5, 7 Size 7 Jeans - 2:30 Size XS - 7:25 Size 5 Jeans - 8:35 Size 3 Jeans - 10:21 Beach Bum Jeans - Medium Blue: Size 5 & 7 https://www.fashionnova.com/products/beach-bum-jeans-medium-blue Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans - Medium Blue: Size 7 https://www.fashionnova.com/products/classic-high-waist-skinny-jeans-medium-blue Bad To The Bone Boyfriend Jeans - Black: Large https://www.fashionnova.com/products/bad-to-the-bone-boyfriend-jeans-black Canopy Jeans - White: Size 7 https://www.fashionnova.com/products/canopy-jeans-white Wanderlust Legging - Rose: Extra Small https://www.fashionnova.com/products/wanderlust-legging-rose Seek and Destroy Jeans - Light Stone: Size 5 https://www.fashionnova.com/products/seek-and-destroy-jeans-light-stone Super High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans - White: Size 3 https://www.fashionnova.com/products/high-waist-skinny-jeans-white My Measurements- Leg length: 25 in Upper thigh: 22 in Hips: 35 in Waist: 30 in Butt: 39 in Bust: 36 in So I spent a bit of money on Fashion Nova clothing and I have to say I was impressed but unimpressed at the same time. A few things: I didn't think the material would be as stretchy as it was, they fit nice on the waist, the colours of the jeans on the website might not necessarily be what you get in real life. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed & I will see you in my next video! Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBElaIPcfJgG19MXulQOS5g For business inquiries, opportunities and collaborations, please contact: [email protected] Social Media- Instagram: @tatyanalopez Twitter: @tatyanalopezz Snapchat: @tatyanalopezz Equipement- Camera: Canon Rebel T5i Ring Light: Amazon Neewer Camera Video Dimmable Ring Light Editing: iMovie
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Text Comments (2629)
Disylola Lola (12 hours ago)
Fashion Nova me envio marca B. O. B es de Ellos???? Y por que no avisan??!
Alexis Rose (1 day ago)
You look like a size 7 like me. 1 or 3 is wayyy too small girl embrace your thiccness
tanaee scott (1 day ago)
how long did the shipping take ??
Tatyana Lopez (1 day ago)
2 weeksss
tanaee scott (1 day ago)
all those jeans was 300??
just stop (2 days ago)
this is interesting bc i’m 5’9 and 122 lbs but i’m a size 3in fashion nova jeans and they fit tight... i’m a lot more of a twig than her, sis over here is a thick baddie it’s hard for me to believe she a size 3 🤔
Ashleyash (3 days ago)
Just FYI a size 3 and 4 are the same thing. Odd sizes are juniors and even sizes are adults. For instance, I wear an 8 in adults but 9 in juniors. Fits exactly the same. If the 3s are too small then you need a size 5.
Nevermind (3 days ago)
It is weird that i am from Europe and understand everything she says but sometimes when i watch english vlogs i understand just half of the words :))
MAH 41117 (4 days ago)
I don't get the hate? Esp when we're living in a period of major women empowerment/equality. Some lil girls on here are downright childish. Can you imagine how you'd feel if you were the receiver of some of trashy/insecure things you are saying to her? Someone you don't even personally know? Damn I hope you are truly gorgeous on the outside to compensate for your hideous inside. Karma is a bitch! Saying such hurtful things about someone can & will come back on you. You are gorgeous girl & your figure is adorable. Thank you for making & sharing this video. Please don't listen to these comments from such insecure children.
Jessica Martinez (4 days ago)
People need to stop bitching, she is trying on the pants and they look fine as hell. Talking about camel toes, when I bet half of wear leggings with that camel toe 24/7. And she obviously knows her body alot better than we do. Shes a beautiful young women doing us a favor.
Mayisha Begum (4 days ago)
whats the song called at the intro?
Marine 1234 (5 days ago)
What’s the song of your intro ? I can’t remember the title !
skinny shishtar (6 days ago)
ain’t no way in hell you a size 1 or 3 in garage.. i weight 115 pounds and 5 foot 2 and i fit both size 5 and 7 plus my waist is 27 inches. i wore size 1 when i was like 12 or 13 lmao
americka contreras (6 days ago)
Boyfriend jeans are supposed to be baggy
Jaylee Rochester (9 days ago)
Your so short
Diamond Baskerville (9 days ago)
I saw those jeans that you said were darker than the picture on the website and I saw that there was darker version of those pants sooo idk maybe you clicked the wrong one. Also the length was the same in picture so it’s not bad.
VEE MALDANADO (10 days ago)
Im reading all these and im def. A size 3 with room and have curves. U can b small and not be a rail. Jezz these people are a tough crowd. Don't listen to these people.
VEE MALDANADO (10 days ago)
Always wondered what size to order. Wasit is 27 hips are 38 maybe a 3?
evie allen (11 days ago)
Why is everyone being nasty , your body is Amazing!! You’re gorgeous. And you know your size better then anyone online. jeans are tricky and all over the place when it comes to size, It’s super hard to find jeans that fit perfect. I’m know from experience girl ! Sometimes I’m a size 1 or 2 and other times a 3.
R Bailey Shahidi (12 days ago)
I have the exact same body shape so it’s nice seeing how FN looks on our body type.
Drippykarem (12 days ago)
ILove ur videos but U know damn well you can’t breathe In any of those pants
bri bri (12 days ago)
girl this video was so good! I always have trouble knowing how different brands will fit. You explained everything so well too!
JOYYY NEVAREZ (13 days ago)
Girl we have the same body type! Lol, you got yourself a new subscriber😍 plus i love your attitude and vibe in general.
kiara brinkley (15 days ago)
Go to ktrb90
Anthony Rodriguez (15 days ago)
Good video. Girl you rocked all the outfits
Apple inwonderland (16 days ago)
I am waiting for my jeans to arrive and I got size 7 which is should fit my hip 39 ,waist 24 and now I'm not sure if I order the right size. Cuz you seem to look thicker than me but you fit size 3-5 🙄
Isabelle Arredondo (17 days ago)
All these girls telling you what size your are like if there the ones trying on the pants. My measurements are about the same as yours and i feel like these jeans do run a lil big speacially when there really streachy. Im a size 5 and i feel like i can litarely wear size 3 or 1 when i buy fashion nova jeans.
Deanne Miranda (17 days ago)
Omg we have the same measurements besides the legs. I have a bit of longer legs but other than that we have the same size. It's so nice to find someone who is the same size as me so I can see the reviews on clothes. Thank you so much. <3
Alexis Grimek (18 days ago)
ok but a size 30 waist is a 10 but depending on the brand could probably fit an 8... definitely no size 1 lol a size 2 is for a 25 inch waist. that’s 5 whole inch difference. don’t squeeze yourself into things that aren’t meant for your size.
Aiesha Peterson (19 days ago)
Okay I’ve been shopping at Fashion Nova for bout 2 years. Your having a problem because more than likely because your sizing is horribly off. The white jeans which are the canopy jeans and glistening jeans are always typically 💣 bomb! I bet if you found out your size you would like them more. Also, there jeans are for curvy women- if you don’t have a lot of hip/butt action you will definitely feel like it’s extra material. Good luck.
Nenevlogs (20 days ago)
Love the video by looking at ur body we both have the same body type I just have big breast we both are really short so it's hard to get pants that fit right...I might just get a siZe 5 to have more room to move I was scared to get stuff from there as well but so many ppl are getting alot of cute things so I'mma try
Mary Waters (23 days ago)
i think i'm a size 5 or 7 i hate ordering offline
Keri Snowy Feather (24 days ago)
Lengths are always great for me there, but waist wise.... I just can't squeeze into them! 😭
Yeni Mejia (24 days ago)
your just funny built
aileen macias (24 days ago)
The second pair of jeans look like mom jeans
Marilyn (28 days ago)
I dont understand their sizes honestly!!! Took me a few orders to find my size! Im a 28inch in the waist and the 9 is a perfect fit! Though i was sad bc they are not made for short people! Wish they could say how long the jeans are. Thanks for the review!
miss kitty litter (28 days ago)
Legit JUST ordered jeans from fashion nova last night and racked my brain trying to convert US denim sizes to Australian sizes. I went with size 7, and I’m about the same body type as you, so it seems pretty promising! Thank you!
Kid (1 month ago)
Lol she has no curves
Jessy Rocks (1 month ago)
That song at the beginning anyone knows what is the name ?
Aliciaa c (1 month ago)
The jeans I like was the first one and the black jeans it’s just us girls buy a size larger because usually the size you are come in small and that’s what I do sometimes but I think she should wear low rise jeans to fit into waisted jeans she needs to have curves or bigger thighs.
Jose Magana (1 month ago)
Why are u not married yet!! 😍😍😍
Destinie Leach (1 month ago)
Girl, you are no size 3 or 5. I’m about the same size as you and I’m pushing a 9 right now. You kept saying you could go a few sizes down but the jeans already looked too small on you! Also they were riding up in the front a lil if ya know what I mean 😉 don’t try and fit into smaller jeans because it makes you look chunkier than you are, I’ve noticed on myself if I size up it makes me look thinner.
Amelia Upton (1 month ago)
You remind me so much of Tessa Thompson [Thor Ragnarok]! You're gorgeous girl!!
Emily A. (1 month ago)
You guys think she’s breathing hard cause the pants r too small but really it takes a lot of effort to change in and out of clothes and it really does put u out of breath😂
Emily A. (1 month ago)
Tatyana Lopez lmfao no problem I get the struggle💀🤣
Tatyana Lopez (1 month ago)
Omg yess thank youu!!😂
kåy (1 month ago)
Beginning song?
LifeWithLainaaa (1 month ago)
Thank you so much this really helped me determine what size to get😘
Joshi Valadez (1 month ago)
Joshi Valadez (1 month ago)
what's music called at the beginning of the video
Lauren (1 month ago)
there's extra fabric because you bought too big of a size, OR you just aint thicccc enough sister
Lizbeth Hernandez (1 month ago)
Girl stop pulling them up to high let your pussy breath ❤️😂 “ no hate”❤️😂
Ranefeather (1 month ago)
What’s the background music song?
hey (1 month ago)
she says her waist is a 30 but how she gonna fit a 3 then 😭😭
Verneika Welch (1 month ago)
Ima start shopping there
Magda Emilova (1 month ago)
What's the song at the beginning??
Georgia Kenny (1 month ago)
Alexis Riojas (1 month ago)
Girl i have a body type like you. And im a size 12 there is no way in hell you are a size 1-3 🤦🤥😂.
SARAHY GARCIA (1 month ago)
How tall are you
Badbihh Lanez (1 month ago)
The only jeans that look ok is the white one , low rise jeans would look good.
Badbihh Lanez (1 month ago)
Sorry hun , im 5’5 118lb and im a size 3. Theres no wayyyyyyy you fit size 1 or 3. Dont at me
Badbihh Lanez (1 month ago)
Ew annoyin
Andreea Platt (1 month ago)
Maybe if u worked out did sit ups squats all that the clothes would look better & fit better 😬sorry that sounds mean n harsh but it’s the truth🤷🏻‍♀️
daydaylee Champagne (1 month ago)
I don’t know what size to get I fit size 3 in hollister and size 2 at American eagle and size 3 in garage
Brutus Trump (1 month ago)
She got mad discipline with that tongue bruh...
Blackdiamond (1 month ago)
This nothing but swap market Cloth if you in Chicago you see lots of them that look similar
Rita J (1 month ago)
Why are some surprise that she could fit in a size 3 jeans?! Because it's possible and it also depends on your body shape and the type of jeans. I am a size 40 in on my hips, 30 on my waist, upper tighs 24in and bust 35 and i could still fit in a size 3 jeans. While in other stores i fit in a size 27 jeans. So yeah she's not big it's probably just the camera.
Faith Ojo (1 month ago)
My waist is 26 and my hips 36... Am confused as in the uk am size 12 but in the us it’s says size 7,9 but I don’t believe those measurements suit me pls someone help I think am size 5 or 3 but am not sureeee plsss?
Satori Davis (1 month ago)
Some of their jeans are really stretchy so if you look in the description of each pair it usually tells you if it’s stretch denim or not. So if you want to be on the safe side I would get a size 5, but if you like them snug you should get a size 3. It really all just depends on the material.
Larisa Sandu (1 month ago)
ari yarza (1 month ago)
Fashion nova is so disappointing 🤦🏽‍♀️💯
Mando A (1 month ago)
Who let Felicia out the crack house? Some one tell Ice Cube to come get this bitch and put her back in to rehab! She definetly has gotta be on crack...🙃💨💨
Keeley Jackson (1 month ago)
Fashion Nova sucks
Abran Granados (1 month ago)
If anyone can comment on her curbs it would be a guys she lacking thats why most clothing did not fit properly lol
Carolay Vaquedano (1 month ago)
Zara ) jeans are the best. Am very thick on my thighs and ass size 6
Alissa Deshane (1 month ago)
https://www.hercampus.com/school/sau/fashion-nova-jeans-are-they-worth-hype Need more reviews? I tried 5 pairs of size 5 jeans. Go check out my article! I also included my 30% off coupon!
Salma Rezk (2 months ago)
I'm 5'0 and 19 xD Im underweight too, I have a tiny waist and hips, and i buy from fashion nova, THOSE PANTS THEY BUY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE THING EVER THAT I FELL ASLEEP IN THEM :O 6 3 6
sUgA kOoKiE (2 months ago)
What do we need your measurements for??
Tatyana Lopez (2 months ago)
As a reference to help you guys with sizing
TrippieHippie-666 (2 months ago)
Your legs are giving me life💕😍
Luxury of CECE (2 months ago)
How tall are u??
vanillacake pops (2 months ago)
How tall r u?
Danielle Hall (2 months ago)
Are you from Canada?
Greta Woods (2 months ago)
I bought a pair of fashion nova jeans and HATED them
Sophia Cundiff (2 months ago)
So at American eagle im a size 9 so then what size should I get because I wanna buy some jeans from there but I don’t wanna get them too big When I saw videos of girls wearing 9 they looked bigger than like I have thick thighs and stuff and the waist looked the same but idk
Frank Abedul (2 months ago)
Leg length: 20in Hips:35 in Waist:30in Im loser lol need training
Destiny Torres (2 months ago)
Dude just burn alll those jeans
Destiny Torres (2 months ago)
U ok I can hear u breathing alot
Alissa I (2 months ago)
This is why I don’t shop online because in stores what you see is what you get
Baylee Cheyenne (2 months ago)
10 seconds in and I'm subscribed 😂💕
Julie Rivera (2 months ago)
I'm just wondering why the comments are so rude???? Damn you have problems if you feel the need to leave such rude comments. I'll pray for ya'll
yolanda fonseca (2 months ago)
Just return them
Aliyah Estrada (2 months ago)
I recently started ordering from them and I don’t have any issues! Although they are long but that’s not really the pants fault, I just happened to be really short 😂
AKAFiasco (2 months ago)
What the intro sonh
Glenn Castek (2 months ago)
Bruh why u so cute😭😍
Karina Sama (2 months ago)
I feel like her body type just isn't complimented by highwaisted jeans, at all. When your butt is naturally low the high waist makes you look like you got a really long back.
BTS_LOVER_#ARMY _ (2 months ago)
Am I fat?
Fernanda Ruiz (2 months ago)
what is your normal size on jeans ???
Mya Lore (2 months ago)
I knew from the beginning that a 3 would be to small because I’m a 3 and my measurements are 24” around my upper thighs and 28” around my waist
ashuu ashu (2 months ago)
the one cute ones were the white ones. Rest of them are hideous.
Sapphire Flo (2 months ago)
But she is shorter than the model her body type is way different is she serious
NesaFashion Channel (2 months ago)
Angelina Backmon (2 months ago)
Her body is goals tho ❤️❤️😩😩
CECE (2 months ago)
if theyre a diff color did you see if they were the same color as the pic? bc ik they made medium , dark and light wash. yours look medium wash & the pic looks light wash

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