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Sony | α | α6500 - Product Feature

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The α6500 is the flagship APS-C interchangeable lens camera that puts the power to shoot professional-looking stills and movies solidly in your hands. An enhanced buffer for continuous shooting of up to 307 shots*, in-camera 5-axis optical image stabilisation, touchscreen control and super-speed AF with High-density Tracking AF Technology extend the range of your shooting capabilities. * With "Hi" continuous shooting mode and "Fine” image quality. #SonyAlpha Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SonyCameraChannel About Sony: At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can, creating unique new cultures and experiences. Everything we do is to move you emotionally. Be moved. Connect with Sony’s digital imaging Online. Visit the Sony’s Digital Imaging WEBSITE: http://www.sony.net/di/ilc/ Sony | α | α6500 - Product Feature https://www.youtube.com/c/imagingbysony
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Text Comments (48)
Yellow Ribbon Studios (1 month ago)
Sorry but which idiot designed the flip up screen???
Lyapistap Adventure (2 months ago)
Regiuns Janus (5 months ago)
How this can get better -600 AF Points -burst without blackout frames -globel shutter -Shutter close when changing lenses -4k 60fps HDR HLG -Fully Articulating Touch Screen -Bluetooth low energy + Wi-Fi (camera off) -Better AI for AF and Scene Recognition -Z-Battery -Better Weather Proofing
91Supercooler (6 months ago)
should I buy this or the a6300?
Saleh Sabeeh (6 months ago)
Can any one tell me how to transfer videos 4K to mobile
LOUISLEGOfilms (6 months ago)
I use this as my main camera for video! It's great, quality in 4K is amazing!
Koray Suluoğlu (7 months ago)
Siz kendinizi deli gibi yapmışsınız :Ddd(that's meems) sony! Ben bir kısa film senaryosu yazıyorum fakat herhangi bir kameraya dahip değilim,sizin desteğinize ihtiyacım var.Bekliyorum
its ayuklst (8 months ago)
jim (9 months ago)
i got the camera the a6500. its amazing and i love it but for god sake SONY what the flying "F" is this joke of a apparent battery charger you distribute with the camera. all that effort to create a great camera and you ship it with what has to be the most ill conceived re-charging solution i have ever seen. i've had mobile phones with better battery charging units than this "creature of a thing" shipped with this a650 . It is the crappiest piece of shit usb charging unit with a very short cable. The re-charger looks more like something that would be shipped with a cheap dildo from argos (Not that i purchase such things lol) This is not the kind of charging unit that should be shipped with a £1000 camera. If i was the head of department for the a6500 and my engineering deptartment came up with this charger for the a6500 i would have them all tested for drugs (or lack of them). It's such a shame that the finishing touches are so often overlooked by companies such as Sony. I would like to see this camera and future ones shipped with at least 2 batteries (When is one ever enough?). and a charger that looks like it has had some thought put into it. anyone with a digital camera knows what a freaking pain in the ass battery life is why do you add to our woes by applying 20 year old technology to to modern day tech.
Frameraw.7 (1 year ago)
I love you Sony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Sugano (1 year ago)
Goodbye Canon!
FlyingZayin (1 year ago)
Hi Sony guys, I'm quite puzzled with my a6500 (+ SELP18105G, + SIGMA 30 1.4 DC DN). I went for this model as it boasted phase detection focusing - and here it is, it turns out phase detection AF is NOT supported on my lenses (even the native Sony lens)??? What sort of a joke is it??? Please shed some light on it. Thanks.
steve blow (1 year ago)
This Camera is Sooo Great...... BUT..... Too Bad the exterior design is Awful.... Please Sony bring back the Konica Minolta Dynax 5D, 7D, 9 Design.... the 7 & 9 even won Japan Camera Grand Prix beats Canikon. Now Youre falling behind leica, olympus, pentax, nikon, canon in terms of body design, stop inventing new style, you sucks.. All manufacturer are consistently maintain their retro film cameras design... please do the same thing.... dont throw away your root history.... focus building your internal design & lens -flash ecosystem
rob cuisinier (2 years ago)
verry nice camera
raja Sekhar (2 years ago)
Is it even an upgrade?
maiquitodePR (2 years ago)
Good camera but no lenses only full frame lenses im not going to buy expensive full frame lenses for a crop camera i got the a6000 i want to upgrade but i dont think i will no lenses im really looking at fuji xt2 know
Cesar Abraham (2 years ago)
Nothing comes close to Sony sensors!
maiquitodePR (2 years ago)
Sony more good quality lenses for this camera please look at fuji
I Wayan Pardika (2 years ago)
maiquitodePR there are plenty of good quality lenses of sony system. 3rd party like zeiss also make special lenses for sony only with AF.
Be Ny (2 years ago)
it's beautiful, but prices lenses are too high for the common man....... :-(
and the camer itself
Bruno B. (2 years ago)
screen does not flip enough, almost perfect, almost had me... im going to canon
William Hawley (1 year ago)
Canon 1,600$ no 4k mmmm nah ill go with sony
Cesar Abraham (2 years ago)
I had canon before, this is the real deal
Bruno B. (2 years ago)
the main thing for me for doing videos and taking selfies
Brian Westfield (2 years ago)
Bruno Bello so because of the screen you're going to move away from this incredible sensor? It's an easy fix with an external monitor.
dipanjaya prusty (2 years ago)
Heads up to u sony developer guyz..... U made other brands feel such a shame....bt control 🔥 heat
Madal0 (2 years ago)
a6500 vs canon m5 what is faster af camera??
Muhammad Tufail (1 year ago)
Sony. Because you have 4k vedio recording option while the canon m5 supports only 1080p. Moreover you have 400+ autofocus points in it but m5 have almost arround 50+. And m5 also not support any stablization. But this camera has 5 axis stablization
Cesar Abraham (2 years ago)
when is availible to buy in stores
yusukegarners (2 years ago)
no 180 degree flip up screen no thank you.
fourthy five (3 months ago)
what?are you going to use a high end camera just for selfies?no thank you.
Dorin Lucian (5 months ago)
Then buy A5100, good sensor, fast focus, small body, flip up/touch screen, cheaper. In a few years if the price drops I'll buy A6500, but until then I will use A5100
yusukegarners (2 years ago)
+Cesar Abraham depends on what people prefer.
yusukegarners (2 years ago)
+Cesar Abraham depends on what people prefer.
Cesar Abraham (2 years ago)
Will take the stunning focus accuracy over the flip screen
Turbo Nutter (2 years ago)
When is the a6500 coming to India?
lumberjack3008 (2 years ago)
Rolling shutter?! Poor battery life? Bug or feature? Focus tracking in real life situations, compared with the competitors ...
Philips Kochen (2 years ago)
That's what we expect from Sony.
Adam Barefoot (2 years ago)
does it overheat?
Jonuthunt (1 year ago)
PeglegMedia of course.
Tase (2 years ago)
Sweet, can you send me one please Sony!
jason rae (2 years ago)
The tech in this camera is simple amazing. I bought the a6300 which over heating in stills and in movie mode in less than 15 mins in the socal sun :( If this camera does not overheat that quickly then I will give this camera shot! This has the potential to be the best mirrorless camera for a long time to come if it works. Sony if your listening... the lens make this camera able to not fit in a pocket, so we as users do not care if its thicker in the hand, we just want the gear to work. Make this one work for professionals! So many users want to make the switch, but you really need this one to work. Thank you for pushing and being at the forefront of tech!
Lorenz (2 years ago)
jason rae it still is not a professional camera. it is a compact camera. if you want a professional one look at the a99 II, the alpha 7 line. these are the ones that can be called professional. these are bigger and give you more buttons and controls to work with.
Elliot Jay (2 years ago)
Joe Izca, that makes no logical sense. There are already videos out there comparing the two, and showing the a6500 does not overheat.
Justin Hsieh (2 years ago)
Jason Osorio (2 years ago)
Ano Nimus i was asking the same thing

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