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Awesome Weekend Turkey Hunting With The Girls: 2 Gobblers Down! (#230) @GrowingDeer.tv

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This week from www.GrowingDeer.tv: Watch as sisters Raleigh and Rae Woods turkey hunt and double down on a pair of long beards! Rae has two strutters come put on a show in the morning sun (from mark :48 to 5:14). Next, Raleigh's slow morning turns hot when 3 hens join the decoys, then a bit later a lone gobbler comes in to check out the set-up. Watch to see the new Winchester Longbeard XR load in action! (5:19 to 9:59) Once you've watched the episode check out the main website at www.GrowingDeer.tv for more great information useful for all deer hunters. If you are on facebook -- join the conversation and share photos on Dr. Grant Woods page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grant-Woods/260242857400
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Text Comments (45)
Great vid love the hunting vids
Andrew Parisotto (1 year ago)
Dang that hen at the beginning of the video came in like a mallard
Ben Pearse (1 year ago)
How long do turkeys live
GrowingDeer.tv (1 year ago)
An old turkey may reach the age of 5. Thanks for watching Ben!
Johndeer hunting (2 years ago)
Were are you guys based out of?
GrowingDeer.tv (2 years ago)
+Johndeer hunting North of Branson,, MO.
can you make a video about your guns
Ricardo Pulido (3 years ago)
nice shots bud great channel
B Kelley (3 years ago)
By far the best channel on Youtube for outdoors recreation. Theres nothing better than teaching our youth about God and nature while bonding over goals and aspirations. Thanks Dr. Gant Woods and may God bless you and your family/staff.   
GrowingDeer.tv (3 years ago)
+Braden K Thank you Braden!
frances settle (4 years ago)
As always another great video! Dont ever stop posting these awesome vids. I also enjoy the girls hunting!
Zo6vettelover (4 years ago)
Great videos congrats on the nice Toms! Was a great 2014 season for me also 2 for 2 for both of my time periods. Always great to see your kids getting into hunting.
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Thanks! Nice to hear you had a great season too!
Ryno Mercinera (4 years ago)
I read a lot of comments about kids afraid of 12 ga heavy load ! I pattern gun myself. Then let them shoot turkey target with light # 8's  And on turkey day put magnum 5,s they dont even feel it when they shoot the turkey Ha !!!!ASK EM they say there heart was pounding so hard they didint even notice!!!
Ryno Mercinera (4 years ago)
great video God is good !!! my boy is turning 7 in august next yr he comes with me last two yrs I brought foster boys my sis was takin care of most fun watching the kids faces when they hear that 1st gobble then shoot em awsome !!! God bless!!!    Hey dano the kids I took to pattern the gun couldn't hit any thing with the bead sight put small 4 power scope on and bingo perfect every time they shot!!!!  will be getting that field pod for sure for next year. I videoed this year didnt shoot twice because not on camera a lot harder than you make it look !!!! learned Sooo much from your beautiful camera work THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! \
Dano DeMano (4 years ago)
GREAT SHOT'S GIRLS! I can understand the pod to help them hold the gun when they're young, but I just don't get the scope on a shotgun thing. I could see possibly using a red-dot or reflex sight on a scatter gun, but not a scope. I use my rail and a Tru-Glo dual color non-electronic "open" sight for my 870 & just the barrel on my savage since the bead fell off years ago one goose season. I'm 50 and have been using them a long time so I know where they shoot. Great video BTW.
blevinsbulldog1 (4 years ago)
I know it has a little more recoil but 8 yr old boy shoots a Mossberg 20g model 500 with a undertaker .572 choke & Federal heavy # 7's & it patterns awesome to 60yds if ya want to get more range.
blevinsbulldog1 (4 years ago)
+GrowingDeer.tv its awesome ya got your kids out there.  Im lookin to get a scope for my sons 20 gauge.  Do you mind me asking what scope you have on Ray's 20 gauge? 
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Thanks for the suggestion!  My daughter is a bit to recoil sensitive for a heavy load. For her, I would rather call the tom in a bit closer than risk discouraging her from hunting by too much recoil.  The Winchester Heavy Dove loads have resulted in several toms being tagged by my daughters!- Grant
Paul Reed (4 years ago)
Well done girls!
Mark Bow (4 years ago)
Another great video.I love seeing your family hunt together.My 9 year old daughter was planning to come turkey hunting with me this opening weekend but a friends birthday party took priority.That's ok,we still have lots of time.   Do you think you could make a video of how to prepare the turkey ? We always have problems removing the crop .We found your deer processing video very helpful this past deer season.Thanks.
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Mark, Thanks for the kind words!  Be watching next week for tips on how to dress a wild turkey! - Grant
Madison Carver (4 years ago)
Great show guys, good to see the kids getting out and enjoying creation, good birds!
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Thanks Madison! They had a great time!
Ryan Wolf (4 years ago)
Awesome hunting!
David Harper (4 years ago)
Great new video u guys!!
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Thanks David!
Sam Holladay (4 years ago)
Love seeing the kids shoot stuff!!!!
FISH FLORIDA (4 years ago)
Could you please make this video available for mobile. It the only way I get to watch you're videos. Thanks guys and as always keep up the great work.
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Try watching from our website: www.growingdeer.tv for most mobile platforms it will automatically switch to a display for mobile viewers. Youtube also has a mobile app you can download. Our site does not need an app -- you just use the internet browser on your phone. Thanks for watching! - Tracy & the GrowingDeer.tv team
Jake pyzer (4 years ago)
Wouldnt be that hard to "nail them" when all you got to do is pull the trigger nice fair chase
Ryan Yaskiw (4 years ago)
Jake, I'm a bowhunter and personally feel it's too easy for gun hunters these days.  According to your comments it's only fair if we hold others to our own personal ideas, so you're not hunting fair chase in my eyes therefor it's ok for me to look down on you, right? That's right, didn't think so.  Go enjoy the great outdoors as you see fit and don't worry or be jealous of those who choose a different way.  We're all brothers and sisters regardless of how we hunt.
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Jake - These are "youth," not seasoned hunters. We want them to enjoy hunting!  Not torture them and make them endure the day with bad memories afterwards. If you had a kid you want to enjoy hunting and join you in a hunt later in life - wouldn't you want to make it a positive experience for them? We've heard from many folks that "yeah, my Dad took me hunting but it was boring" or similar comments and do not hunt as adults.  Turkey hunting without a blind is very challenging even for seasoned hunters. Holding a shotgun at the ready for an hour (which is about how long Rae had to wait for her birds to come around the blind and into range) is just not possible for younger girls (or for many adults!) The pod is a great tool to make it pleasant for the girls to hunt, increase accuracy and decrease the chance of winging a bird, and absorbs some of the recoil. Raleigh (the oldest of the girls) is about ready to begin shooting off hand. She has become a very skilled marksman. The pressure of hunting in front of a camera adds another dimension to the hunting that I doubt if many viewers appreciate. If they make a mistake - you will see it. Just like you have commented negatively about this aspect -- think of the negative comments their wounding a bird would provoke. I hope you will continue watching GrowingDeer.tv and look at some of the different ways we approach hunting to make it fun for all ages! - Tracy & the GrowingDeer.tv crew
Jake pyzer (4 years ago)
jesus you need that to hold your shotgun i swear its to easy these days
VantagePoint Outdoors (4 years ago)
Great show GDTV...Really enjoyed the youth hunts !
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Thanks Chad!
Jack Moua (4 years ago)
Why couldnt i be born into grants family :(
Steven Rowell (4 years ago)
Amen! Awesome show once again Grant and the Growing Deer TV team!
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Thanks Steven! Next week - Kentucky Turkey Hunting with some unique footage you will appreciate! - Tracy & the GrowingDeer.tv crew
Corebowhunter2 (4 years ago)
That hen flying in is CRAZY!
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Pretty cool, isn't it! Thanks for watching - Tracy & the GrowingDeer.tv crew
MD_PA_Outdoors (4 years ago)
Awesome hunt again! Congrats on the both harvests. Reminds me of my father and I out in the woods together. Cant wait to get at some western PA gobblers here may 1st. Cant wait until your next episode! 
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Thanks! The girls had a great time and have a great memory of fun times with Dad. Next week - Kentucky Turkey Hunting with some unique footage you will appreciate! - Tracy & the GrowingDeer.tv crew
tomthebomb45 (4 years ago)
Great video as always, and nice to see the next generation out in the field. Turkey season gets underway here in Ontario Canada this friday, and I can't hardly wait! You've got one of the best channels on YouTube, please keep up the great work!
GrowingDeer.tv (4 years ago)
Thanks! We hope you are blessed with a great hunt next week! The regular Missouri season opened here yesterday and the birds are responding well to calling! Grant got a nice gobbler this morning. That hunt will be in the episode week after next! - Tracy & The GrowingDeer.tv crew

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