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Best Sport & Racing Motorcycle Jackets

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Sport and racing motorcycle jacket product links and video timestamps: 0:10 - Icon Hypersport Prime Jacket: https://frt9.co/oklzqv 0:33 - Icon Overlord Jacket: https://frt9.co/7pgez9 2:24- Alpinestars GP Pro: https://frt9.co/tbzufb 4:30 - Dainese Veloster Perforated Leather Jacket: https://frt9.co/w0epg5 6:10 - Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry Jacket: https://frt9.co/4v7c7h Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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FortNine (1 year ago)
Sport and racing motorcycle jacket product links and video timestamps: 0:10 - Icon Hypersport Prime Jacket: https://frt9.co/oklzqv 0:33 - Icon Overlord Jacket: https://frt9.co/7pgez9 2:24- Alpinestars GP Pro: https://frt9.co/tbzufb 4:30 - Dainese Veloster Perforated Leather Jacket: https://frt9.co/w0epg5 6:10 - Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry Jacket: https://frt9.co/4v7c7h
Treizez34 (7 days ago)
I find issues with fitment for A*stars; it always seems as the arms are just too short for my frame (i feel I have wider shoulders than most). I never feel like they fit right
Edward Alina (21 days ago)
order po ako jacket.
Kurgan100 (2 months ago)
Dude you and I have the same two moles in the exact same place of the face haha
Dan Bridge (2 months ago)
I honestly can't believe how many high end expensive jackets come with cheap level 1 or even soft foam armour. £300 for an alpinestars gp plus jacket with cheap level 1 elbow and shoulder protectors and no back protector is a joke. your looking at another £125 for the forcefield isolator L2 armour upgrade. or £147 if you want the hip protectors too. surely the companies making these jackets and trousers could buy better L2 armour in bulk for less than it would cost us individuals to upgrade it later, then all jackets and trousers would come with L2 armour as standard. the jackets and trousers might cost a bit more, but by bulk buying better quality armour, it could be added to the jackets and trousers and sold to us for a minimal increase in price. at least then you know your gear is as good as it gets and you don't need to upgrade anything. £145 to upgrade the armour on a £300 jacket and £300 pair of trousers is a joke.
Vinay Kumar (3 months ago)
you know how to sell!
Jacob Ohlert (3 months ago)
I'd cast my vote for Aerostich.
enrico rafael saldaña (3 months ago)
Man without lips
Kim Jong Il (3 months ago)
I had the Alpinestars GP jacket and pants made from an ebay seller for £250. You'd never know it wasn't Alpinestars. I've seen people fall off with these ebay specials, and the protection seems just as good. Which sold me.
Blake Follett (3 months ago)
If you are watching this, chances are you live in Canada. This company is Canadian, and makes some pretty amazing motorcycle gear. Check them out -> https://www.forzacanada.com/
xGxPhantom Zzz (3 months ago)
The Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry screams "MOOOLD, IM GOING TO GET MOLDY" after driving in rain
xGxPhantom Zzz (3 months ago)
Im pretty sure the only one that would even fit me are the icons. I used a Hellfire Jacket before my crash, giant Jacket, but nothing less fits me I think at my 6'1" and (because I can't really move with a broken foot :| fml I just started to lose weight and now im sure I gained about 10 pounds already) About 230Pounds
xGxPhantom Zzz (3 months ago)
Im never buying Alpinestar stuff again. Got gloves, the name fell off on the first day and the gloves are worn out after not even 20h of use. Sad for 70€
the real slim shady (4 months ago)
Alpinestars Italian design made in Vietnam. 😂
Alex Marion (4 months ago)
hey screw you..lets ride sometime
Caleb Mccall (4 months ago)
He drives a vstorm talking about some sport riding 😂😂 but good job I guess,
Jesus was a Carpenter (5 months ago)
I don't know how many items I have bought because of Ryan's videos for which I am grateful. Its super fun to watch and in the end makes me feel like a geek. I totally agree that Dianese Mesh Jacket in that exact color is the best mesh Jacket that I was able to get and I simply LOVE IT. Hey I love watching these videos. I also bought a pair of pants based on some of your videos, I think they are made by AGV and have two cargo pockets not on the side but on the top and those are my favorite jeans period. They are kind of small I am usually 36X32 but in those I went 38X34 and they fit super well... THANK YOU X 1000
santhosh aeroes (6 months ago)
from which country are you bro ?
Sly_Fu3l (6 months ago)
I have a question, I cannot open the links and was wondering how Much does the Alpinestar GP Pro cost?
Link (7 months ago)
It is sad seeing you showing those lame designing Jackets
Ronen Beniaminov (8 months ago)
I just bought the Veloster. I am 183 and took 52 instead of 54. Since i have read that it should be tight than loose, my chest is 100 cm, at 54 its 108 at 52 its 104 Was i mistaken. It feels very tight now. Cheers, from israel.
Auttie B (9 months ago)
Check out Taichi for Japanese perfection
Robert Ortiz (10 months ago)
Icon makes the hypersport non prime! And i just got one for 300$... no plastic outside...
NotDreadYet (1 year ago)
I love AlpineStars and Icon (for cheap textile), but Spidi has made me a fan for life.
IISHEEVAII (1 year ago)
i like Icon Hypersport Prime Jacket
Michael Enochs (1 year ago)
I just seen a guy on the 78 in southern California sitting against the concrete barrier wearing a wife beater shirt. His whole right side was red and you can guess why.
Tania Roussy (1 year ago)
Is ALPINESTAR T-GP PRO textile is good for riding between +\- 15 and 25 degree celcius??? I live in Rimouski QC and ride with cold wind from St Lawrence river . Look for 3 season jacket Thx
William Gaze (1 year ago)
Very nice review. Will be checking them all shortly.
Treizez34 (1 year ago)
Can you do a video in which you discuss proper jacket fitment vs improper? I find i'm always struggling to get the right fit with jackets.
1990 (1 year ago)
2:34 way too small for you, lad.
IanHimself (5 months ago)
I would have to disagree. He could even go to a 50 in my opinion. Or gain some weight and stay in a 52, either way.
sheikh ahmed (1 year ago)
Best place to buy Made To Measure Leather suit for track days and racing One of the Best seller http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/one-piece-Leathers-Motorcycle-Leather-Suit-two-piece-leathers-Go-kart-Racing/112483326524?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
Eddie Bro (1 year ago)
You sound like a little bitch
midibudu (1 year ago)
just bough myself a Dainese Veloster 2pc suit for 500€ lol, gotta love special offers
Mighty Mat (1 year ago)
Could you do a video on full one piece race suits?
32 ac (1 year ago)
Textile vs Leather jackets link?
Picolus Cage (1 year ago)
I would've put the dainese spr in there instead of the last jacket. the protection in it defends the high price
J Han (1 year ago)
What are the measurements of the model? Lol
Andrew Eddie (1 year ago)
Are you going to review the new Alpinestars Tech Air Airbag Vest and GP Tech V2 jacket?? :)
T.L B (1 year ago)
Great review as usual. Keep up your fine work Ryan.
Eddie Matute (1 year ago)
gp pro will be good for summer like 90 degrees... or any recommendations for summer
hb garments (1 year ago)
hi sir
Reckless Canadian (1 year ago)
Ik this is a older video but I would still like your input. I'm a upcoming new rider and I have a max budget of $600 preferably $550 and under. I want a jacket that has great padding on elbow, shoulders, back and maybe chest and ribs. As well having great ambrosia resistance and looks good for a street rider. What is a good jacket for me. P.S. I am buying off FortNine website because I am a Canadian and I love your guys website policies and offers.
Tania Roussy (1 year ago)
Tania Roussy (1 year ago)
FortNine Is this Alpinestars T-GP pro textile jacket is 3 season? I live in Bas-St-Laurent and ride between +\-15 and +\- 25 Celcius with cold wind from St Lawrence River. Any others recommandation? Is leather jacket are too cold for my need? Thx a lot!
Reckless Canadian (1 year ago)
Thanks for the help I will be looking greatly in this jacket. It looks like the perfect jacket for my needs
FortNine (1 year ago)
Hey! If it were me, I'd actually go textile with the new T-GP Pro (https://fortnine.ca/en/alpinestars-t-gp-pro-textile-jacket). It has Bio Air CE-Level 2 elbow and shoulder protectors, which are *amazing*. Also it only costs $400, so you'll have money left over to buy the back and chest protectors separately. That's the best way to get real spine protection anyway. Of course textile is lighter and less abrasion-resistant than leather. But it's 600D stuff so should be good enough for most slides. Cheers! ~RyanF9
Media Pony (1 year ago)
Get down the Gym for gods sake :D
Julia kocsis (1 year ago)
Ryan, what do you think about the icon sanctuary, is any good? Maybe a review?
Timothy Quandt (1 year ago)
The Dainese Veloster looks like something I absolutely need in my life. Is it flexible and pliable or stiff overall?
FortNine (1 year ago)
Very pliable once it's broken in. Stiff when new. ~RyanF9
Chad Stuetzel (1 year ago)
I rode with an alpinestar leather gp jacket and the collar rode up into my neck, so everytime i went to look over my shoulder it rubbed me down to rashes. It sucks because I loved the jacket except for this one downside.
Bavarian Banshee (1 year ago)
So if the Hydra Flux isn't good in the rain, why not get the Air Flux for $100 less?
stanislausxx (1 year ago)
Dainese kills them all!
Julia kocsis (1 year ago)
Hey Ryan! What do you think about the Icon Sanctuary?
Andre Hiebert (1 year ago)
I just want to say that your reviews are very helpful since you give negative and positive feedback on the gear. Revzilla on the other hand, is useless in terms of giving consumer advice. Keep it up.
Moto Vrumm (1 year ago)
hey. i saw your video. You talk about Dainese mesh jacket with whaterproof and it's a pain in the ass because you can't put on the jacket when it rains. So, i think that may be interested to look afther Bering Keers. It looks like that Dainese mesh you have but the whaterproof liner can be mounted outside the jacket, so when it rains, you keep dry and confort and when the rain stop, you get the whaterproof liner out and keep riding like you never passed trought a rain. I tested it in some havy rain in summer and nothing under that liner get wet. best wishes.
bouchy85 (1 year ago)
have you heard of RS TAICHI? jackets, gloves, pants, blow all this away.
Dominic Sands (1 year ago)
I think there should be an update on this video with the Dainese Super Rider jacket involved ;)
Bob johnson (1 year ago)
great review man, I am looking for a nice 2 piece Daniese Leather outfit. RS Taichi also makes good high quality stuff
ansis svars (1 year ago)
How big is your chest in cm? I want to buy alpinestars i am 176cm high but i have 108cm chest. What size do i need? Is 52 be ok?
FortNine (1 year ago)
I have a 99cm chest (39"). That would make me a size Euro 49, but I usually get a 52 in Alpinestars because I need the extra length (I'm 6"3). I reckon the 52 will fit you very well. Get the 54 if you like to layer underneath. ~RyanF9
V D (1 year ago)
Hi. I am considering buying any one of the following leather perforated jackets. Need help in choosing. Revit-akira-air-leather-jacket Or Alpinestars Jaws 2016 leather jacket Or Dainese d1 leather jacket Or Taichi Arrow leather jacket Or Taichi Motion leather jacket. Criterion: which offers the best quality for the price? All are of the same price point on various online stores after discount. Around 599 USD. My height 171 cms Weight 60 kgs Circumference across belly button 193cms My friend's Alpinestars Celer leather jacket size 50 euro fits me comfortably. I ride a Triumph street triple and don't do track days. Mostly highway runs and occasional canyon riding. Everybody, feel free to make suggestions regarding which jacket to buy. Thanks.
sasholsuma (1 year ago)
V D I got the Akira Air Vintage. Total badassery.
Dan Alex (2 years ago)
@Fort9 !!! Please take a look at RST. They are sort of from UK. I just tried some of their jackets and i was completely sold....might want to check it out. Also, there's a manufacturer in Poland, called Adrenaline. I also find that quite interested (i have a tex RS) looks and feels fantastic !! Pricewise ? 80 bucks ??? 2 interior lining, shoulder elbow and back protection (foam/but good on the back) some kind of hard tpu on the inside (it's very ok and comfy)
Carter Gheller (2 years ago)
how do u a get all this shit to review
FortNine (2 years ago)
FortNine is a Canadian Powersport Retailer. We got a nice big warehouse here in Montreal for RyanF9 to grab stuff from.
Jay Beemer (2 years ago)
You should take a look at Vanson's products. I own several of their jackets, one is approaching 15 years old now. Vanson is all made in the USA. Basically, all of the 'known' brands (and the 'Italian' brands) are making everything in China to a price point. The quality of Vanson makes all of these other brands feel like a cheap Chinese windbreaker - I just bought a Dianese and kind of regret it. It is obviously cheap compared to my Vansons. The first time you pick one up and try it on you will be convinced - just like me.
hvymtal (1 year ago)
The only problem with Vanson is that if you buy online you either buy from street and comp, whose website is shit, thurston bros (who don't stock much of the more modern designs read: integrated armor pockets (meh, a Knox shirt works, too), Big Black Boots who is also shit, or their own website which to be fair is not very shit at all but never any discounts. If you buy in person, their partnered shops are few and far between and outright none in many states and provinces with strong motorcycle communities (Colorado, for one of the more glaring oversights). Also they don't have any lower-price options with built-in armor (again, knox shirt). That being said, the Sport Rider series is really the be all end all of leather motorcycle jackets. Forget TPU or titanium, or copious amounts of clever internal pockets, something like the Satellite or Technical just layers on the 1.4mm what-i-refuse-to-believe-is-cow hide, and then there's their repair service which ensures that the jacket will be returned to pre-crash condition and they won't charge you an arm and a leg to do so, or if they can't repair it they give you your deposit back. A guy I know with Colo. State Patrol Motor just got a Force model from their Police collection as his new cold-weather jacket and he can't stop raving about the thing. Among touring and sport-touring risers is remains one of the best little secrets in the industry. Oh yeah, they also make race suits. Holy shit those things are heavy but they are easily re-crashable suits, and it's no surprise a big chunk of the pro drag racers choose Vanson. In the long run, though, I'd rip the old-school Vantech armor out immediately and wear a Knox armored shirt underneath.
blipco5 (2 years ago)
Agreed. I paid $500 for my Vanson at their factory and never regretted it. I actually met the people who built it. Plus after about 10,000 miles it will finally break in, and when it does it feels like a coat of armor. And it does not move around in the wind even at triple digit speeds. People who pick it up are amazed at the weight of the thing.
Steven McLean (2 years ago)
2:59 how freaking long are you?
Luvin Itall (2 years ago)
duuuuuuuuuude - you slate the icon jacket because it 'only' has 1.2-1.4mm of leather and yet you sing the praises of the Alpine Star as being all about protection - yet it only has 1.3 mm of leather ... which in my language is somewhere between 1.2 and 1.4mm ... just like the Icon you dismissed... don't get me wrong, I think both brands are well established and have good and bad points - and your reviews are really good and I use them all the time to help me pick me gear - but in this instance ... hmmmmmmmm ... it's a bit contradictory
Jewny Lestrange (5 months ago)
Hei Ryan. I know this is a very old video and you probably won't see this...buuut I just bought the Icon Hypersport Prime Jacket. Should I return it and save a bit more for the alpinestars gp pro or am I fine with it and probably should look better for the next jacket that I'll buy in a few years?
FortNine (2 years ago)
Ah my bad - didn't make that very clear. When I said the Icon didn't have enough leather I was referring to coverage rather than thickness. There are big patches of textile on that jacket, while the Alpinestars is more comprehensively covered in leather. ~RyanF9
Brad Copland (2 years ago)
gp pro and celer jackets are very similar, just one is thermal lined and the other is not. any reason the celer didnt make the cut?
Grizz Axxemann (2 years ago)
Got any suggestions for a leather sport jacket in 5XL? There are some of us monsters out there that ride the big-boy sport bikes and don't like Pirate (cruiser) leathers.
Grizz Axxemann (1 year ago)
Get fucked.
Richard Burns (1 year ago)
Grizz Axxemann I suggest you loose weight and quit diabetes.
Sulucion 6Tone (2 years ago)
Anyone tell me what the difference between the Overlord and Overlord 2 jackets are? is it only cosmetic?
Robert L. Merida (2 years ago)
Hey silly question do you buy all the stuff and return later or you just request any item to do a review and then send it back or you get the privilege of keeping some thank you in advance for your honesty
Robert L. Merida (2 years ago)
+FortNine thank you very much I do like your reviews a lot thank you again for your efforts
FortNine (2 years ago)
Usually I request an item to review, then send it back whenever I'm finished with it. Sometimes I'll actually buy and keep the item if I really like it though! ~RyanF9
lowdime305 (2 years ago)
What size Hydra Flux fit you?
FortNine (2 years ago)
52. My 39-inch chest *would* put me in a 50, but I had to size up to get the length I need (6"3, 33" sleeve). ~RyanF9
Alpinestars GP Pro Plus R has slightly different back (inside the jacket), so you can insert their "Nucleon" series protector if you don't really need "Bionic" . The only weird thing is that you'll still have these 3 metal knobs inside the jacket which are used to connect "Bionic" . The rest is awesome. I've bought it recently.
Jonny X (2 years ago)
I'm on my bike every day for about 3 hours. I ride upright on a cruiser, so I don't really want a jacket designed for the tuck. I'd prefer something with d3o ce level 2 on shoulders, elbows, back, and maybe chest. I would like it to be abrasive resisting in high impact areas like anywhere over the armored areas, but I live in southern California and don't see much rain, so I'd like something breathable, but with a removable thermal liner for mild winter. If I can pair this jacket up with a pair of riding pants that have protection in the hip and knee, but are also abrasive resistive yet very breathable that would be most ideal.
FortNine (2 years ago)
Some of our other jacket videos will have more of what you're looking for. I'd say Klim is your best bet for finding D3O Level 2 impact protection. Even still, only their premium options offer it. Badlands, Rally Air, etc. And Klim doesn't do thermal liners very often - they try to sell their customers on separate base and middle layers instead. For southern California I'd definitely want a mesh jacket ... I'd probably spend my money on a Klim Induction (mesh with a waterproof liner), then buy the D3O Level 2 pads and thermal layers separately. ~RyanF9
CivilCycle (2 years ago)
how do you keep your pants and jacket together if they don't have zippers?
Franco Mattioda (1 year ago)
I though about a swiss army knife when I saw those pockets, but the lighter is a way more usual item.
pastaraketti (2 years ago)
You propably have never tought to fit a lighter in the icons little pocket? Fits perfectly.
FortNine (2 years ago)
Some jackets and pants have ties, buttons or Velcro loops to hook together. Other jackets have belt loops at the bottom, in which case you run your belt through those loops *and* the loops on your pants to keep the two together. ~RyanF9
OspreyBravo18 (2 years ago)
Scorpion clutch jacket
TyRaidd (2 years ago)
For street I have Alpinestars GP R jacket, sport-touring style jacket with a fairly unrestrictive feel, good protection, and discreet enough to keep it on when I stop at the cafe for lunch. For sport riding and track I have Alpinestars Atem, one size larger than my GP R as it's a sportier cut. I also have it fitted with chest protectors which as well as offering extra protection, also help to provide a firmer fit. The internal armour is all noticeably thicker but also bulkier than the GP R, too, and the jacket is cut for an aggressive position. This shape actually makes highway riding less fatiguing but makes off-the-bike time quite uncomfortable. Being fully CE certified I'd say it would be the way to go over the GP Pro jacket reviewed here although the Atem is a step up in price.
Let's Build A Wall (2 years ago)
Your green screen is brutal
Henry Chiang (1 year ago)
so much that i only just realized its a green screen after reading your comment
The Oskki (2 years ago)
What do you guys think about company Buse for a motorcycle jacket?
FortNine (2 years ago)
Never used them! ~RyanF9
Saqib Siddiqi (2 years ago)
What about the scorpion clutch ? Not even considered in that lineup ? I think it's right up there with the gp pro and the dainese jacket
OspreyBravo18 (2 years ago)
I mentioned that too and as I said above his reviews are extremely subjective and limited to stuff that he can get his hands on and shouldn't be taken as anything but a list of stuff he likes.
Marius Gavrilă (2 years ago)
You should try RST leathers. They're pretty good at a very affordable price.
Luke Krishna (2 months ago)
I got one. It's really good. Comfortable and safe. Good choice
Tristan Gump (2 years ago)
If you rode a fz07 would you wear sport gear?
Richard Burns (1 year ago)
OspreyBravo18 and the reason I wear leather condoms.
OspreyBravo18 (2 years ago)
+Raúl Bartoli Exactly there's a reason I ride in full leathers.
Raúl Bartoli (2 years ago)
Dude, don't dress for the ride, dress for the crash.. even if you ride a scooter in the city, you could get a serious crash, so I would recommend going for safety gear
OspreyBravo18 (2 years ago)
+Tristan Gump It really comes down to personal preference I don't mind sporting leathers you might hate that look. The most important thing is that it's something you are willing to wear every time you go out because the best gear is no good if it isn't on you.
Tristan Gump (2 years ago)
+OspreyBravo18 thanks for the advice
Taimur Qavi (2 years ago)
Can you do best budget reviews???
Taimur Qavi (2 years ago)
+OspreyBravo18 thanks mate
OspreyBravo18 (2 years ago)
Look around and use your head when it comes time to purchase he gives decent suggestions but he overlooks certain pieces of gear he can't get his hands on. So look through the comments and organize gear on websites by best sellers.
Taimur Qavi (2 years ago)
Thank you! Btw loving the channel, saving up for my first 125 and the content u provide is top quality mate!
FortNine (2 years ago)
Yep! Most of our "best under $$" reviews go in here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQlYdWX-PfbkSur9F3bdqSIITuwGD_OE9 ~RyanF9
Vinit Khandagle (2 years ago)
Dude yours are the best reviews!!! thanks it
Clip of the day Yup! (2 years ago)
I like your reviews. you sure get to the point and quickly. outstanding presentation. I am on the look out for my next jacket. I sure love my icon patrol though. 3 season in that no problem.
FortNine (2 years ago)
Thanks! I'm also a big fan of the Patrol jacket. I think that entire lineup is on its way out, though. Here's hoping my Patrol boots last forever :) ~RyanF9
Juan Carlos Jaimes (2 years ago)
hi, bro i have a question, how tall are you? i would like subtitles , :D thanks
FortNine (2 years ago)
I'm 6"3 ... and thanks for the suggestion! ~RyanF9
FreddyIzLive (2 years ago)
great job keep at it appreciate all the reviews
Mojo Moto (2 years ago)
RevIt gtr air is a great mesh jacket. Ce armor in Elbow, back and shoulder.
connoraworden (2 years ago)
Can I just suggest stop cutting away so much. The flow of video just feels like it's stopping and starting. Love the quality though!
Meme Machine (2 months ago)
Yes and he is using different backgrounds Which feels like he's about to talk about something else
giff74 (2 years ago)
Let's say your "American sized" American with over sized chest and shoulders, but stands a whopping 5' 9" and enjoys riding sport bikes. Could you recommend a couple versatile leather jackets with a broader cut? I'm really enjoying your videos!
Vman (2 years ago)
Ryan. I just thought I'd let you know. You have one of the most punch-able faces. -fin-
RED10R (7 months ago)
Vman 😂😂😂
Enigma (1 year ago)
+Jacob Glenn Hey, that sounds like me!
Jacob Glenn (1 year ago)
Vman Are you upset because you don’t have normal testosterone levels and your chin looks like that of an orc?
Vverzo (2 years ago)
yea, when he winks at me, i get angry.... but he does a great job
priv1leged (2 years ago)
asymmetrical style may be convincing on bikes like the bmw but on jackets its a no go
Meme Machine (2 months ago)
Anybody who thinks asymmetrical anything looks okay is nuts imo
XStance (2 years ago)
Dude You need more Subs!! You deserve lot more. Advertise if you have to.
Robert L. Merida (2 years ago)
definitely advertise if you have to people make good money like that
OspreyBravo18 (2 years ago)
His reviews are really subjective and serve only to put his opinion out there instead of doing research from website reviews and making lists out of what customers perceive to be the best. He tends to favor specific brands and ignore a lot of others which makes it quite unreliable it's cool to get some overviews on gear but it's far from a guidebook to gear.
Tenny80 (2 years ago)
Will this channel be mainly product reviews?
Tenny80 (2 years ago)
+FortNine that's what I was hoping for but so far it's all product reviews. I'll just be patient lol
FortNine (2 years ago)
+Tenny80 We'll be releasing Motovlogs soon too, We're getting the Vstrom out from the studio today :-) ~ NeilF9
FortNine (2 years ago)
+Tenny80 Our YouTube channel will have three parts: FortNine Reviews, FortNine Explore and FortNine MotoVlog. Only the first part contains product reviews. FortNine Explore is our motorcycle travel series where we ride all across Canada looking for awesome places to ride and visit. FortNine MotoVlog pairs contentious motorcycling topics with an epic road in a brief MotoVlog. Check out our channel page for more info! ~RyanF9

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