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How to Retouch Fashion Photography

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Check out another of my videos: "BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTw78XQNjAo -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Download Frequency Separation Photoshop Action Here: https://hive.am/8NAgB INSTAGRAM & MORE: http://instagram.com/tutvid http://twitter.com/tutvid https://www.facebook.com/tutvid https://plus.google.com/+NathanielDodson DESCRIPTION: We’re going to have some fun in Photoshop and look at how to retouch a fashion photo in Photoshop CC. We’ll learn how to cleanup blemishes, some simple frequency separation skin retouching, dodging and burning, and also color and contrast tone and adjustments with Curves, Color Balance, Levels and more! Let’s go!
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Text Comments (48)
ماعندك ماعند جدي
Jeff Kappel (1 year ago)
really good stuff. thanks
tutvid (1 year ago)
where can i find the digital pores brushes?
Kool.Creation (1 year ago)
Learned a few new things!
tutvid (1 year ago)
Thank you! 👌
TetsusaigaDrgn (1 year ago)
thanks for making this video. im curious why you rasterized the smart object at 2:35?
Franco Kellerman (1 year ago)
Dude thanks sooo much!!! Been doing product photography past year same items over and over.. this is great to move away and into fashion action sports what ever I guess. thank you !!!!!!!!!
Franco Kellerman (1 year ago)
Thanks dude. moving away from black and white and attempting colour with your tuts. Have a swell Christmas man. thanks again.
tutvid (1 year ago)
Nice! It can be fun to get out and interact with some fellow people every now and then, haha
Vagabonding .RO (1 year ago)
Why do you use protect tones when you are on a 50% layer? :))
tutvid (1 year ago)
I think just because it was ticked on. You really don't have to when you;ve got you 50% layer. Good point though, haha 😂
addsbyyahoo (2 years ago)
Wooo... I was about to leave you a neg for the pace of all the actions you're showing, but you've really made my day t'wards the end 'f the clip. Thanks a lot ;-)
tutvid (2 years ago)
Thank you so much. I definitely go a bit faster than I should. Always working on it! Thank you!
Frank Withers (2 years ago)
Great tutorial. Some nice tricks in here.
dukeHenry (2 years ago)
thank you sir it's very helpful. may i know what command u used @8:37 thanks
dukeHenry (2 years ago)
Thank you sir :D youtube is only my classroom and you're the best teacher :D
tutvid (2 years ago)
Alt/Opt + Click the mask in the Layers panel. 👍
Mani Mehran (2 years ago)
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dattuphoto (2 years ago)
Double Meh.
tutvid (2 years ago)
MoeR0928 (2 years ago)
Excuseeee me.. May i have your email to private message you that how to edit picture? qwq
Rodney Lewis (1 year ago)
MoeR0928 nn
MoeR0928 (2 years ago)
haha i just wanna asking you how to make this effect in this photo ( dun know how to send photo to you) THANK YOU!
MoeR0928 (2 years ago)
haha i just wanna asking you how to make this effect in this photo ( dun know how to send photo to you) THANK YOU!
tutvid (2 years ago)
I don't do much private work, but I'm glad you would trust me enough to do that work for you!
Mirko Herceg (2 years ago)
hi,i am new to your channel and have no expirience with photoshop,i have a mac and want to do body and face photoshop,what program should I use?
tutvid (2 years ago)
Photoshop is the answer to whatever is the question
What camera format do you use? dx, fx
jameel hallim (2 years ago)
You may need to call tech, I just broke that like button!
tutvid (2 years ago)
+jameel hallim Haha. Thanks, Jameel! Much appreciated!
Bisous By Ghislaine (2 years ago)
I used to be technologically illiterate like a week ago, I could only switch on the lights and the stove, ok that's a lil dramatic. It can be crippling for someone like me with a business in fashion and media, but no Photoshopping skills. After this video I am suddenly a beast at fashion Photoshop, for months I watched hundreds of videos desperate to learn. I found this video last week and you wont believe how much I can now do, plus it has given me the confidence to experiment and discovering so much more in Photoshop. Lets just say I am not so Techno illiterate anymore... I appreciate that your video was clear, you pointed out certain steps to take note of especially for people without and training in Photoshop - things that would have otherwise gone over my head. Thank you May I please request a video on a dark skin female, something focusing on makeup/skin as well as fashion editorial editing out door.
Bisous By Ghislaine (2 years ago)
Awesome! Photoshop is so time consuming, if you can also include a section where you show us how to save action, to save time and maintain an editing style.   Thanks again
tutvid (2 years ago)
+Bisous By Ghislaine I can definitely do one on a dark-skinned girl! Thanks for the kind words!
Samir Patnaik (2 years ago)
i learn something from you everytime
Liamc45 (2 years ago)
Nice seeing other artist's work flows; enjoyed this edit! :)
very helpful!
Jason Alfano (3 years ago)
After I run the action it says apply image not available ?
Luis Miguel (3 years ago)
Love your speed, thank you for making such a great tutorial.
iDRteck (3 years ago)
I feel as thought the original image had to much contrast between the skin tones of her face, arms, and leg. But it's still a good tutorial.
tutvid (3 years ago)
+iDRteck We used a very harsh lighting modifier to bring out texture in the clothing. Softness is amazing for skin tone, but in fashion photography usually the client wants to see detail in the clothing because the clothes are the star of the shot, not the model. Thanks for the kind words!! Glad you watched :D
Nicholas Taylor (3 years ago)
Great tutorial, I learned a bunch and great picture. Are you going to offer tutorials or premium tutorials on going out and taking pictures like this?
tutvid (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Taylor I think I'm going to do some free tutorials on photography as well as some premium content that covers different projects as well. I want to keep things as open to all the good people as I can. Thanks for the comment!
Domenico Scagliusi (3 years ago)
Very usefull, thanks :) Any chanche for a food photografy retouching?
Domenico Scagliusi (3 years ago)
+tutvid thanks for your videos, expecially the one on burger..i was looking for it! :)
tutvid (3 years ago)
+Domenico Scagliusi Done! Thanks for commenting!
golfolover011 (3 years ago)
this is beyond my PS skill,, Good tutorial
tutvid (3 years ago)
+golfolover011 Haha! Thanks for watching and commenting!

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