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Taylor Swift - White Horse

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Listen to Fearless from Taylor Swift here: https://taylor.lnk.to/FearlessPlatinumID Shop official Taylor Swift merch here: http://taylor.lk/merch Music video by Taylor Swift performing White Horse. (C) 2009 Big Machine Records, LLC
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Meno Sen (57 minutes ago)
i 💗 dis song 😍😍😍😍😍.....my old tym favorite.
T S (9 hours ago)
Audrey Loudiana (10 hours ago)
2018? Love this song
김정민 (19 hours ago)
Dark Horse is much more better lol
Potato Fam Hull (22 hours ago)
I miss The old taylor swift the peaceful Taylor swift I mean Its my type of music from taylor swift
Emaly Gutierrez (1 day ago)
I love this song
Leanna Dawn (1 day ago)
Hearing her actual cry gets me every time.
“I am gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well” TO “My baby’s fit like a daydream walking with his head down,I am the one he is walking to” IS THE GLOW UP SHE DESERVES.I CANT STOP CRYING.
Greselyn Demayo (1 day ago)
Pandora Lady Mirage (2 days ago)
Kety Perry-Dark Horse Teylor Swift-White Horse Kety Perry BEST!
Hope Conger (2 days ago)
Who’s watching in 2018
Dimas siregar (2 days ago)
2018 ? <3
Sena Swiftie (2 days ago)
Lucas Swiftie 13 (3 days ago)
I love yooou Taylor ❤❤
Carlitos :D (3 days ago)
Catch me now :'( 💔
Pisey Som (3 days ago)
I really hate why all the boys she loves always cheat on her she give all her love to them and also her heart but at the end they just leave and said good bye ughhhh this lovely girl should not deserve it
Syukran Neji (3 days ago)
I wish I can turn back time. :(
Andrew James (4 days ago)
Batman (4 days ago)
When you think you found the love of your life, and then he proceeds to cheat on you. That's one of the most heart breaking moments in someone's life.
sanjeev tiwari (4 days ago)
Anyone came here remembering the old Taylor in reputation album
T S (4 days ago)
Vibha Kumari (5 days ago)
this is so relatable
Myca Serondo (5 days ago)
create.99 (6 days ago)
Well I’m balling my eyes out
Madisyn Langston (6 days ago)
To be honest........ I miss this Taylor. I want her back. 😭💔
T S (6 days ago)
GEM OF TRUE SIGHT (7 days ago)
August 2018💞
Khen Martillas (7 days ago)
raisen capaya (7 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Annea Lucero (7 days ago)
I miss the old she.
T S (8 days ago)
No video (8 days ago)
Its a so emotional song and I know Taylor U dont read it but we not poor just we live so far away from The places u have concerts and we cant afford one I would faint If I would see u Once I dont want u to give me hifive but if I Could see u it would be a dream come true So much love from Hungary 🇭🇺
Feona Gallagher (9 days ago)
The last time I heard this my mom wasn't in heaven
Zeti Z (9 days ago)
Lyrics Say you're sorry That face of an angel Comes out just when you need it to As I paced back and forth all this time 'Cause I honestly believed in you Holding on The days drag on Stupid girl, I should have known, I should have known That I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet, Lead her up the stairwell This ain't Hollywood, this is a small town, I was a dreamer before you went and let me down Now it's too late for you And your white horse, to come around Maybe I was naive, Got lost in your eyes And never really had a chance My mistake I didn't know to be in love You had to fight to have the upper hand I had so many dreams About you and me Happy endings Now I know I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet, Lead her up the stairwell This ain't Hollywood, this is a small town, I was a dreamer before you went and let me down Now it's too late for you And your white horse, to come around And there you are on your knees, Begging for forgiveness, begging for me Just like I always wanted but I'm so sorry 'Cause I'm not your princess, this ain't a fairytale I'm gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well This is a big world, that was a small town There in my rear view mirror disappearing now And its too late for you and your white horse Now its too late for you and your white horse, to catch me now Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa Try and catch me now Oh, it's too late To catch me now
Gian Carlo Alcasabas (9 days ago)
I miss the old Taylor😢
fangirl (9 days ago)
the best !!!!!!!!!
Lysa Z (9 days ago)
Katy Perry - Dark Horse - Black Hair Taylor Swift - White Horse - Blond Hair
monica guerra (10 days ago)
Excelente!!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Parekh Premansh (10 days ago)
I still love this song☺️😍😍
Ddean 5 (10 days ago)
Ayesha Galang (10 days ago)
a song push me cryy i like
Allan Santos (11 days ago)
💛 This Song
Varija Kavuri (11 days ago)
I am so sorry about everyone’s comments they’re so mean to make sure that your not sad I am going to send you a nice comment to you. I love your voice its so beautiful I wish I had a voice like that.From your biggest fan Ashvitha.😀
con delacruz (11 days ago)
Story of my life 💔 maybe i was naive got lost in your eyes and never really had a chance😢
con delacruz Well look on the bright side at least you now know the kind of person to avoid
Raeka Brilianti (11 days ago)
Mar Swift (7 days ago)
I'm sorry Taylor! 03:06 - 03:45 the most thing I hate in life! To see my queen sad! I 😘 👧🏼 😢
Pam Girl World (12 days ago)
T S (12 days ago)
rıza kose (12 days ago)
Ashley Conklin (12 days ago)
I love ❤️ Taylor swift she is the one YouTube I like
Essy Balbada (12 days ago)
2018 guys. ♡ not a princess cos I'm a fuckin Queen 😁
Jacqueline Cahill (13 days ago)
So true every word
Landon Gonzalez (13 days ago)
hugh jazz (10 days ago)
When Taylor was in the bathtub full of jewelry in her video that was a reference to when kim kartrashion got robbed of her jewelry and the robbers put her in the bathtub, It doesn't have anything to do with katy perry
Landon Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Globelamp So in Katy Perrys Music video This is how we do Katy is the tub full of jewelry and in look what what you made me do (Taylor Swift) She also is in the tub of jewelry
Globelamp (11 days ago)
when did Taylor copy Katy....?
Sochan Shimray (14 days ago)
I love taylor doing country
Globelamp (11 days ago)
Inventive Mind (14 days ago)
you are my fairy godmother
Mkay Lee (14 days ago)
...I love this Taylor than now...
Come to Latin America for your Taylor tour. All Colombia awaits you eagerly. Please, I ask you with my heart. 💙🇨🇴🇨🇴
Jennifer Clouse (14 days ago)
im so so so so so sad
Jennifer Clouse are you ok ❤️
riley kirby (14 days ago)
still crying in 2018
Varija Kavuri (14 days ago)
I haven’t heard this song before but it’s still so awesome
Lua Silva (15 days ago)
Agora é tarde demais pra você e seu cavalo branco aparecerem....🎶
Bruno Foca (14 days ago)
Lua Silva old Taylor é tão fofa
T S (15 days ago)
Aries Lei (16 days ago)
that song is can da sad
mami5683 (16 days ago)
Such a pretty song you are my idle😇🤗😍😘🦄
Emma Dinh (16 days ago)
I feel your pain, Taylor. <3
Lionel Berumen (17 days ago)
when I saw my feelings on the ground as you drove away , looks like your tears it hurts seeing your eyes like that I don't know what to believe I'm lost in love .... ... feelings never did leave the were frozen I'm still thawing out tears as I speak , no excuses for me not to you deserve your hearts desire I just wanna see you happy still to my wildest I never imagined this and you left your mark on me, te amo te sueno no ce que hacer sin te mi vuelvo loco no tengo un amiga un amor ,like you , u drew feelings out of me y ahorra que pienso pinaple drms if I haven't lost my mind that can be the only other thing I can give you besides a heart that already belongs to you mind b... and ....
AbbyhorseLover 060 (17 days ago)
BeautifulMelody (17 days ago)
Who else came from Grey's Anatomy?
Mayid Almehairy (17 days ago)
Life was simple
This is soooooo good Ilysm
KMR TECH (17 days ago)
SangS AvieroCR (18 days ago)
Jayme Kinler (18 days ago)
God this song does something to my 💓
Jada Barnett (18 days ago)
White horse dark horse. Ladies forget men, just get yourself a horse
Sarah mawitei (18 days ago)
Love you Taylor
Đạt Nguyễn (18 days ago)
I love this song.
Makay Smith (19 days ago)
Can't believe that this song is nine years old
Ana Jessa Erika (19 days ago)
I miss the old Taylor😔😔😔😔
Chiva Thorn (19 days ago)
I’m just broke up with my boyfriend right now !!
Chester Didzena (20 days ago)
it doesnt has to be fairy tail jus say yes ive begd but i guess i cant catch u ive tryied but il try ill fight for u
Michael Andrei Cuellar (20 days ago)
I remember when I made an answer song to this song two years ago. 🙄 Time flies so fast.
Michael Andrei Cuellar put a link please
Savitri Garhwal (20 days ago)
Difference between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry White Horse and Dark Horse
Kacie Ossmen (20 days ago)
i love this song more than words can express 💫
Alanna Fallon (20 days ago)
You ain’t no princess because.... YOUR A QUEEN!!!
YouTube needs to stop deleting the videos in my viewed list.
Fia Ramona Lavigne (20 days ago)
July 2018??
I miss this era of Taylor
Petalbreeze ! (21 days ago)
Taylorswift white horse Katy perry dark horse. Me and my friend in kindergarten used to pretend I was Taylor Swift and she was Katy perry!
BlissfulxBossxHugger (21 days ago)
This was my song when I grew up. I was five when I listened to it... and all of her songs on her ‘Fearless’ album, I sang over and over.
T S (21 days ago)
Sara Intharath (21 days ago)
Who still here in 2018??
Slade The Vader (21 days ago)
this is heartbreaking💔
Hongki Jeremy (21 days ago)
Am i the only one who missed the old taylor swift kind of songs?
Madhurima Chhetri (21 days ago)
I fell for her hair
Alex Mercadejas (22 days ago)
I love you Taylor.
Olivia S (22 days ago)
I know it’s just a song but break-ups are hard
Steph Lopez (22 days ago)
I hate seeing her cry💔🤧😩
lau (22 days ago)
I LOVE THIS AAAAAAAAAAH <3 i'm crying tho.

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