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HOW I EDIT MY FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY | easy, basic lightroom portrait tutorial

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hola! open me for details, links + the images! WATCH THE BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO OF THIS SHOOT: https://youtu.be/EpUF6aJ8Fbg FULL photoshoot image set on my website: http://bit.ly/skyeset view these two images on my website: http://bit.ly/skye-editing in today's editing tutorial i am doing a super basic and easy walk-thru editing some images from a recent editorial fashion photoshoot. i am using adobe lightroom 5 for this photo shoot! http://www.jessicawhitaker.co http://instagram.com/jessicawhitaker/ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------ HOW TO FIND + CONTACT MODELS https://youtu.be/jO8um_Tr91M JULY PHOTOGRAPHY + LIFE Q&A https://youtu.be/gIvK3v42IWs HOW TO PLAN YOUR FIRST PHOTO SHOOT http://bit.ly/29w6tip WHAT TO WEAR: WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER http://bit.ly/29nup9v HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH MEN: JACK http://bit.ly/298zK2H MY FAVORITE CAMERA BAGS + BACKPACKS http://bit.ly/293CQ8H JUNE PHOTOGRAPHY Q&A http://bit.ly/1WYbW4C NATURAL LIGHT BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOSHOOT http://bit.ly/1UQ0fqs WHAT TO WEAR IN PORTRAITS http://bit.ly/1UbdLaL HOW I EDIT MY PICTURES http://bit.ly/1Z92XeD WORKING WITH MALE MODELS http://bit.ly/1XVFr6v MAY PHOTOGRAPHY Q&A http://bit.ly/1XdZ7lb FASHION + PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY http://bit.ly/1scaO0D HOW TO SET UP A PHOTOSHOOT WORKING WITH VENDORS + MODELS http://bit.ly/1SJaqzb WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY + BUSINESS Q&A W/ JENNY YARM http://bit.ly/23llomu 10 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY + NATURAL LIGHTING TIPS// http://bit.ly/1R1K2xm 50mm OUTDOOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOSHOOT// http://bit.ly/1QWmmh6 WHAT'S IN MY CAMERA BAG// http://bit.ly/1Vb1eWf HOW TO WRITE YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRACT // http://bit.ly/22QaLIc ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------- STALK OR TALK Instagram -- http://instagram.com/jessicawhitaker Twitter -- https://twitter.com/jessicaleigh206 Tumblr -- http://worldwarwhitaker.tumblr.com Pinterest -- http://www.pinterest.com/jessicawhitaker Snapchat -- jesswhitwells http://www.jessicawhitaker.co http://www.jessicawhitaker.co http://www.jessicawhitaker.co
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Text Comments (58)
Heather Buckley (4 months ago)
There is a history bar on the left side in Lightroom that shows you what you did on the photo haha
Bảo Thiên Photography (4 months ago)
Thank You.
Carissa Daughtry (10 months ago)
What’s wrong with sticking with the green?
Olive Juice (1 year ago)
I would absolutely look forward to a part 2!
Mike Henson (1 year ago)
Short version: Buy Presets
verenhimoinen (1 year ago)
Can you PLEASE! Link the preset?! PLEASE! I want to buy it
Jessica Whitaker (1 year ago)
it's just LXC!
Katie Nichols (1 year ago)
Do you have any recommendations for photography groups on Facebook?
Jessica Whitaker (1 year ago)
yes!! mine !! https://www.facebook.com/groups/buildandbloomjessicawhitaker/
Alice Fernandes (1 year ago)
where can i get these vsco presets?????????
Le potato (1 year ago)
This guy, has 10 free lightroom presets that are VSCO inspired. I put the link below. :) http://natephotographic.com/vsco-cam-lightroom-presets-starter-pack/ This site also has some lightroom presets, that are kinda hit or miss. http://www.thephotoargus.com/230-free-lightroom-presets-will-love/
Le potato (1 year ago)
vsco.com but those are pretty expensive as they are like $59 per pack of 14-19 presets.
Really...your work is so awesome! Great tutorials as well! Thank you for sharing your talents.
Jane Lee (1 year ago)
Your tutorial is so much clearer and faster than the others! I lost patience watching video as long as 15 mins or more 😩😩 thank you Jessica!
Abu Jalloh (1 year ago)
where's the fb photography group?
Mazia Maquelle (1 year ago)
what are pre sets? I love your videos they're so helpful and your so fun!!💚
Antonio Cardona (1 year ago)
I loved it :) I’ve learned so much with you. I really appreciate all the cool details you always share. The audio is kind of low so I always need to turn the volume all the way up in some of your vids.
rbp917 (1 year ago)
Thanks for posting
Kookys Korner (1 year ago)
You shoot in raw?
XXbiz (1 year ago)
Honestly i feel photography as a business will die out soon since every photographer and they mommas end product look the same, mainly because you all use the same damn presets!! / same editing style !!
fmac (1 year ago)
omy gosh i love you
Dicky Larson (1 year ago)
i want the preset please
Taylor Griffith (1 year ago)
It's pronounced "Ark-a-pell-uh-go" it's a group of islands, like Japan. Great content!
Rodrigo O (1 year ago)
whats the FB group you mentioned?
Yasmin Selamat (1 year ago)
how did u get the presets?
Divi Photos (1 year ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing!
CLAUDIA FV (2 years ago)
which vsco film pack it's your favorite for portraits? 💗
devad4trs (2 years ago)
where do you get your presets from ?
Steven Guan (1 year ago)
the LXC ones are from Tribe Archipelago. she also has Mastin Lab presets and VSCO packs.
Jazmin Zarate-Avila (2 years ago)
which lightroom app is this? I've been trying to find it on my macbook but theres so many and i don't know which one to choose!?
Jazmin Zarate-Avila (2 years ago)
thank you! :)
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
lightroom 5 !
Abanoub Azmy Saber (2 years ago)
hey morning :D i need this present badly any link ? :D
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
ahorsegirlslife (2 years ago)
I don't know if I should say this, but I was looking at your website and on the about page, your i's are not capitalists along with the first letter of each sentence. I just though you should know :). But I love your videos I have learned so much.
Elhadj Djiby Gueye (8 months ago)
ahorsegirlslife 9
ahorsegirlslife (2 years ago)
haha ok. Just thought I would let you know. Your work is great. I have learned so much!
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
oh haha i actually have formatted my website to be in lowercase not mixed case so we all good! :)
Thalles Da Silva (2 years ago)
top too rsrs became a fan I'm coming in like and Subscribe *-----* <3
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
if you came here to bash, here is my latest IG post with my side of the story! i encourage u to read it. also, youll have to scroll to the top because the second half is in the first comment: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIFrNJkDKcu/
Rachel Liwanag (2 years ago)
Please do a video about your recommended or fave lightroom presets :) I'm still starting out and don't know what to get lol
Lightroom Love (2 years ago)
Very cool, I've always found myself turning the greens down as well! Good to know it's not just me. Great stuff Jessica.
Cami (2 years ago)
I love your videos, you helped me sooo much 💗 you are so cool too and beautiful ☺️🎈
Javon Ha. (2 years ago)
Would love to see this with black models :)
Tiffany Maldonado (2 years ago)
is lightroom expensive? or its affordable?
Leigh Ann (5 months ago)
Jimmy Orio can we still get LR for free
Jimmy Orio (2 years ago)
I could get you Lightroom 5 For free shoot me an email! [email protected]
Tiffany Maldonado (2 years ago)
thanks for the info.
june alexander (2 years ago)
It's $10 a month which is really affordable and it includes photoshop as well!!
Nicole Schultz (2 years ago)
Please do a video on how you organize your folders and photos on your computer!
rere gm (2 years ago)
Shany Erkin (2 years ago)
Could you make a video about your favorite presets & which ones to buy if you're only going to buy 1 or 2? (Could you link your favorite presets in the description box?)
Shany Erkin (2 years ago)
oh perfect! i think i'll try it. Thank you!!
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
tbh my favorite preset pack is vsco pack 05! :D
Sophie Holland (2 years ago)
siento que te amo
Romrich Olipas (2 years ago)
yessss!!!! 😊😄 Im so happy rn because you posted a editing tutorial!!! 😱😍 Love your channel so much!!!!
simonator (2 years ago)
More of these edits! :) Your photos are awesoooome!
Harish G (2 years ago)
Thank you Jessica.....I was waiting for one of these episodes

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