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Sensory Speed Dating Explores The Science Of Attraction [INSIGHTS]

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Welcome to 'Sensory Speed Dating.' Come on inside. Take a seat close to the stage. Drop your purses, drop your bags, drop your inhibitions. Subscribe now for more Elite Daily videos: http://elitedai.ly/1U1e1cw Producer: Manuel Lavalle Director of Photography: Kevin Losani Editor: Manuel Lavalle Post-Production Supervisor: Evan D. Newman Senior Producer, Insights: Kevin Losani Executive Producer, Elite Daily: Tyler Gildin Music Courtesy of Extreme Music: "Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici" Written by Giuseppe Verdi "Hall Of Mirrors" Written by Billie Ray Fingers, Jasha Alain Klebe, Bruce Fingers, Steven John Pagano Website: http://www.elitedaily.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EliteDaily/videos Twitter: http://twitter.com/EliteDaily Instagram: http://instagram.com/elitedaily G+: https://plus.google.com/+elitedaily Elite Daily Video captures the spirit of our generation through cinematic storytelling. This includes in-depth documentaries, emotional social experiments, entertaining social commentary, and original scripted series. For all video inquiries contact: VideoContact @ elitedaily.com http://www.youtube.com/elitedaily
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Text Comments (8)
William B (1 year ago)
I want to go to a speed dating event like this
kathy33025 (2 years ago)
come to south Florida!!!
Nate M (2 years ago)
hipsters smh...
Tianna : (2 years ago)
David Benoit (2 years ago)
This looks cool
Kinny Jackson (2 years ago)
this seems fun
Fauster (2 years ago)
Okay that transition at 0:31 was pretty cool
kenny12619 (2 years ago)
That's awesome

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