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The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2013

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Text Comments (869)
Krimson Grant (1 year ago)
"Behold my sister who looks like a model while I look like I have spinich on my head"*
Smugluz Graal (2 years ago)
Its Painfull That You Think Try To Do It See A Pain...
Trinity Is Not Iconic (2 years ago)
Okay I just wanted to warn people headed for the comment section, there's some sexist motherfuckers in here so watch out. Seriously one guy said women are just for having sex with. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. (No Seriously Watch Out)
Trinity Is Not Iconic (2 years ago)
2:10 The horse be like: I Be Livin Dat Thug Lyfe, Yo. Get on mah level.😎🤑💰💎
fred2266 (2 years ago)
What's the song playing during the outro?
Dua Fatima (3 years ago)
Mudather Obaid (2 years ago)
Johan Van Hoe (3 years ago)
Girl at 0:48 is very beautiful.
furininja (3 years ago)
Everyone is saying well least your sister is hotter. The dumbass is anorexic and right before she ran she's like you look so fat wtf ?? I would rather have green hair than be some stupid anorexic rude bitch
Tom Pickford (3 years ago)
why are they all hurting themselves? they should be cooking me food
Dj_Solop (3 years ago)
If this video taught me anything its that most women just aren't that great at moving their bodies, especially driving. But we all knew the driving part.
doltBmB (2 years ago)
+Dj_Solop Recent research has found that the bigger brain size in men is entirely dedicated to motion and space. So it makes sense.
Daëmon (3 years ago)
'Does the numbers increase?'  Haha, cute...
Jed (3 years ago)
7:52 Disgusting, she is fucking anorexic.
Articounias (3 years ago)
''I don't know what the numbers on/are but are the numbers decreasing?'' Wow, and i thought i was ignorant.
Young Duck (3 years ago)
At 4:00 were they yelling at the girl or the driver??
Ultra light (3 years ago)
at the girl
Kane Butler (3 years ago)
7:14 Banksy cat?
Kikomyu (3 years ago)
5:49 I've been there, I think! It's like water slides, but flat rocks. I forgot what it's called though..?
Łysy Z Brazzers (3 years ago)
This song? 5:57???? 
Nickie B (4 years ago)
3:06 - perfect example of a lazy and overweight human being. Park your shit on the street and walk your ass down the entry. Plus don't throw the mans package down on the deck because your to lazy to bend over 
Dan V (3 years ago)
2:30 That is completely crazy I can't believe she really did this. She road over the persons yard just so she can save five extra steps. I hope she was fired after this.
Nickie B (4 years ago)
What happened at 1:50 - I've watched it a few times but I can't figure it out. Is he carrying a pizza box, wind blows it open and he drops pizza? 
Ruslan Abdullayev (4 years ago)
7:38 Girl who jumps in the snow just very beautiful! I want to meet her! )))
Gijs Boerrigter (4 years ago)
Doing the laundry is still the best thing to do for those girls
MissBiss (3 years ago)
You're a perfectly able human being right? I don't see why you can't do your own.
francesco patti (4 years ago)
Di Dxpeo (4 years ago)
7:47 , your sister maybe a dumbass, but she is very hot and that little act made her even more attractive .
Romka Lev. (4 years ago)
7:46 WTF 
The Fox Hermit (4 years ago)
I've seen my fair share of fails ,but honestly, at 4:00 this is just pure stupidity.
Laird Gerken (4 years ago)
alright people, how about we stop all the "boys are better" comments. I'm a guy, and I don't think that there is a better gender.
TheMasterExcalibur (4 years ago)
2:00 i dont see how this was the girl's fault, it was the weenie horse!
bamBi (4 years ago)
lol 3:39 ist auf Deutsch :P
Yo Mammy (4 years ago)
one girl was smart.  the one that jumped down off the half pipe with the skate board.  she landed on the guy to brake her fall.
kiara sheshanks (4 years ago)
dis is to be de best! very great Yahhhhh :) 4:54
Adrian Soul (4 years ago)
omg asian girls so cute.
Chuck Beatz (4 years ago)
"You look so fat" haha 7:52
nano250 (4 years ago)
OMG!.. is there a face in the 6:54 at de right site of the screen??.. do you see it?? .. kinda strange!
Robert Beer (4 years ago)
Many dangerous situations. I'm not sure if google should show these videos
Sean Deko (4 years ago)
huuuu OHH JESUS 4:25
Nhatral (4 years ago)
Lets be honest, who came here for ass? and then stayed.
billy . (4 years ago)
somebody >.> <.< okay it was me v.v
Slender Gaming (4 years ago)
rekt noob.
Joao Cardisus (4 years ago)
Thumbnail at 4:59 :)
Martin Bileski (4 years ago)
Ymmot Lebak (4 years ago)
7:50 in sweden we call that sunbathing
It_SweetSour (4 years ago)
:50 Colorguard!!!
Emelge show (4 years ago)
Warchief Thrall (4 years ago)
Wow, his jeep from hill climb racing sucks, he needs to upgrade the engine and traction about 3 times and he could make it up the hill and where are all of the coins that you can run over to get richer??? 4:01
BraveChicken Duck (4 years ago)
2:35 song?
3:50 she's riding her mother
2:54  and who says women can't drive?
pillD (4 years ago)
It's true: Girls fail at semi-normal things and guys fail at stupid things. True fact
Lucid_Truth (4 years ago)
HAHA what an idiot. 4:00
Cayla A. (4 years ago)
A lot of these are of women just slipping.... Guys are way worse.
Garmon Slaveman (4 years ago)
4:00 a woman called for what she really is. A fucking dumbass. Not only that, she manages to fall once more. This is women in all of their grace.
jah rakal (4 years ago)
Tell Batman we found the penguin at 7.46..
MrAhmedUA (4 years ago)
last one i could hear nigga say : daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaymn ! :D 
Redline R6 (4 years ago)
8:32 fucking idiot dropping that child
Jordan Wartell (4 years ago)
5:30 I've done that so many times
Thunder storm (4 years ago)
funny video ......one thing i want to know ...why girls dont have any balance on themselves....all the time  they fall for silly reasons. lol!
sifcakes (4 years ago)
8:14 would of been a good photo
Amaya (4 years ago)
what was the name of that video at the end
Forcib (4 years ago)
3:39 Germans and their stupidity xD
Franco Kees (4 years ago)
1:47 what is?
Oh cheesus....
You Can't See Me (4 years ago)
dog at 8:21 was the best in the whole video
Nick Nitro (4 years ago)
Just jealous of ur hot sister, ugly bitch
Adi Zailan (4 years ago)
Don't worry if girl drop or fall..they got a powerful "Air Bag" to absorb the impact..
Danke Rocha (4 years ago)
03:52 still pig 04:18 still drunk 06:08 still gay
horrorbabe Jada (4 years ago)
kak 12 (4 years ago)
some of these weren't  girls but guys with long hair
Anyone know the song at 3:13 ?
De Freitas18 (4 years ago)
Judging by your green hair your a bigger dumbass than your sister
AusMade (4 years ago)
7:11 really? you need a bigger gap?
Hristo Dz (4 years ago)
5:02 They Drop With The Beat
Alan V (4 years ago)
You fat lazy mail-bitch. I hope you have a heart attack.
TheFuckingGrandpa (4 years ago)
0:42 - 0:47 Brazillian Boy - Meu Deus = my god
KH Whiteboy Bros. (4 years ago)
7:47 Well at least your sister is like 50x hotter than you :P
Hauler24 (4 years ago)
haha you look so fat.. 7:51
Lele Mkhize (4 years ago)
Can I be made to understand what is wrong with the girl at 4:06 I was so annoyed 
Sapiodon (4 years ago)
5:03 - Looks like someone put their hand up the girl in the middles shorts O_O
Noé Navarro (4 years ago)
6:45 song?
Zhark (4 years ago)
8:05 xD that voice thoe OYEAHBU
Luke Wave (4 years ago)
7:10 - Who lets a female drive a car
HidanIsMy (4 years ago)
'nein es läuft ja nach oben' xD  Trägheitsgesätze in der Praxis :P
Narragetto (4 years ago)
The fat ass in the mail truck is absolutely disgusting.
Benjaminzuala (4 years ago)
Gotta love women.
Hard Wood (4 years ago)
The girl at 9:14 looks anemic
Ehsan Raza (4 years ago)
1:20 Hey look, a cow. Riding a mechanical bull
xFʟσωєяDσɢ✿ (4 years ago)
All this stuff is very likely to happen to me.  XD
Sockyy (4 years ago)
Enrolled Agent (4 years ago)
Vincent Bouter (4 years ago)
@1:24 I think gravity is to blame there.... maybe McDonald's has something to do with it a bit. 
No Future00 (4 years ago)
7:40 haha her sisters awesome
Yes I Can (4 years ago)
8:29 I like it
the Alpaka Boy (4 years ago)
Du bist cool
169Phoenix (4 years ago)
I like the parts when they fell down..hehe
brianna wilds (4 years ago)
What the fuck is up with the green hair. O_O
TheMasterExcalibur (4 years ago)
uhh... style?
Aishah Ayling (4 years ago)
what the freak she got on its cold out there
J - H (4 years ago)
5:00 song ???
H Waterman (4 years ago)
8:53 LMFAO
Hector Nares (4 years ago)
you look anorexic
TomboyVale (4 years ago)
i didn't understean the fail at 2:40 
Jacob Brown (4 years ago)
spoiled white kid at 2:!2 deserved it
Paige Wi (4 years ago)
"Behold my sister, the dumbass"
Alice Davey (2 years ago)
Yes agreed . The one that made me laugh the most aha
Hannah Scarlet (4 years ago)
+Christopher TheBanana Lmao that's exactly what I thought !!
Paige Wi (4 years ago)
it's almost funny.. *almost*
Christopher TheBanana (4 years ago)
they seemed like such cliche middle class siblings.
Trqbva Populni (4 years ago)
better stick to parenting kids
Dallas Henry (4 years ago)
I know 4:19 deserved it but I feel sorry for her

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