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↓ OPEN THIS FOR MORE INFO ↓   10 FASHION MISTAKES WOMEN ALWAYS MAKE! Many of you enjoyed my ’10 WAYS TO ALWAYS LOOK EXPENSIVE” video…so I thought I’d follow it up with 10 fashion mistakes I always see women making! Hopefully you enjoy these styling tips and tricks :) SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE: http://bit.ly/2jly5Nd (We’re almost to 100k…OMG!)   ------------------------------------   JEWELRY I’M WEARING Kingsley Necklace: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/necklaces-1/products/kingsley-necklace Hailey Necklace: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/necklaces-1/products/hailey-necklace Liv Threader Earrings: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/earrings-1/products/liv-threaders Kierza Threader Earrings: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/earrings-1/products/kierza-threaders Carina Ring: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/rings-1/products/carina-ring *Use code SHEA to save 10% on your order & get free US Shipping!*   SHIRT I’M WEARING: http://bit.ly/2v9JYqO LIPSTICK I’M WEARING (Slow Burn): http://bit.ly/2uQSSyf   ------------------------------------ FOLLOW ME! Lots of luxury bag and outfit posts! INSTAGRAM – @Shea.Whitney https://www.instagram.com/shea.whitney/   EMAIL ME! [email protected]   WRITE ME! PO BOX 136 West Sunbury, PA 16061   ------------------------------------   FILMING EQUIPMENT USED: Canon 70D: http://rstyle.me/n/cbpbnnb8fn7 Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Lens: http://rstyle.me/n/cbpbn5b8fn7 Studio Box Lights: http://rstyle.me/n/cbpbqib8fn7 Microphone: http://rstyle.me/n/cemjjnb8fn7 Editing: Final Cut Pro Music courtesy of: NoCopyrightSounds - Youtube *Konac – Home   *Disclaimer: I use affiliate links.  As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support in my channel!
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Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Hey guys!! Just in case anyone is wondering - I will definitely go back to my normal background, but I thought it would be fun to switch it up to something white & clean. I love channels that switch up backgrounds, filming angles, etc! I really enjoyed editing this video too. So thanks for watching XOXOXO
Monalisa Menno (30 days ago)
Shea Whitney Shea, I heard a couple of times before that you should buy the shoes at the end of the day because otherwise they will fit tight on other evenings and if they feel a little I'll in the am you can just add a removable insole....I'm confused now
Sandra Peters (1 month ago)
Shea Whitney and
GADE RAO (1 month ago)
Shea Whitney
Graciela Leo (4 months ago)
Shea Whitne
Brooklynn Leslie (12 hours ago)
LOVE your videos! Very professional and informative yet you still show your personality. <3
jam art (1 day ago)
she looks like shit tho
Blackrose Journey (1 day ago)
Even I change my bag with my outfits lol
Val (2 days ago)
I'm not a big fan of jeans. I've never felt comfortable in them.
Sherry Grunder (2 days ago)
I own a dairy goat farm. I keep my nails really short for practicality. And polish? Hahahahahahahahahaha! Although I do paint my toenails (myself) to look nice in sandals.
varun009 (3 days ago)
Watching this video to get back at my girlfriend for shitting on my sandals and cargo shorts. Just realised how much effort she puts in.
Sexy Red (4 days ago)
LMAO you are funny... The diaper butt 😜 joke...
Sexy Red (4 days ago)
The link that you posted for the lovely shirt that your wearing has expired😞
Aubree Hesley (6 days ago)
For anybody who is concerned about using a lint roller, there are lint brushes for a dollar at the dollar store. 100% reusable!
Aubree Hesley (6 days ago)
Also; these tips are fabulous. Every Damn women regardless of status knows how cut throat the world is when it comes to appearance. Unfortunately, women are still respected based on looks and specifically, professional and polished looks. Everyone knows a man who wears lots of jewlery, yes its gross and trashy looking. It looks the same on a woman. A man wearing nice but dirty shoes, is gross. Same with seeing dusk caked velvet heels on a woman. White hair on office trousers looks lazy and gross on both genders. Unfortunately people are based on appearances, its the first and foremost thing we perceive about people. These are just tweaks to polish what youre already working with.
lisa T (6 days ago)
Love it, simple and easy things to fix 😊
red zilla (7 days ago)
Diaper butt 😅😂
Nicole Derrig (7 days ago)
This video rubbed me the wrong way. Get off your high horse! Not everyone can afford to buy no chip nails. It’s usually 32 plus tip every 2 weeks and let me tell you they don’t always stay. This video really made me want to unscribe you. It makes you seem OCD and snobby. Lint ruined your outfit? Calm down. I can’t wait until you have children. Your 10 tips will fly out of the window.
Carrie Lanier (7 days ago)
same issue with jeans as the shoes. every time i get the right fit in the dressing room i go home and the stretch out. however if i buy the smaller size they never stretch out!!!!
Carrie Lanier (7 days ago)
for me the issue is most shoes even with half sizing just don't fit well. its so often too small or too big, it means you just have to not buy that pair or brand no matter how cute they are. your feet will thank you for not hobbling around and trying to compensate for the shoes not fitting.
julie bradley (8 days ago)
Sandals and socks!
katie graham (9 days ago)
I can't even get through this video... You do YOU people. Nobody's perfect!
Abee Williams (10 days ago)
I understand the point you were trying to make but a lot of these were more personal preferences rather than rules that every woman needs to follow
LSingsRandomly (11 days ago)
Shoes are often too long in the back not because they are the wrong size, but because shoes themselves are made too long from the vamp to heel, and in order to get the correct fit in the toe box (which is made too short), they're forced into having that gap. Most shoes nowadays are made that way, as if women have tiny little scrunchy toes and long arches, or are willing to put up with damaging their feet, pain in the ball of the foot, inviting corns and bunions, etc. If manufacturers would redo the size forms with which they make their shoes to more closely emulate the actual shape of the foot, it would alleviate this issue.
Makeup Darling (12 days ago)
Hi, Shea! 👋🏻 This is the third video I watch from your channel and I’m liking tour content A LOT! I’ve already subscribed. All these are fabulous points. One of these and the whole outfit is ruined. I would like to add one ☝🏻 more if I may: bra straps. If someone wears a strapless or off-the-shoulder shirt and that bra strap is showing (even if it’s a see-through bra strap) it just ruins the whole thing. Plus, it looks very tacky, in my opinion. Thanks for the great videos you upload! I’m binge watching right now. ☺️👍🏻
Ducked Out Designs (13 days ago)
ok so i like some of these but not everyone has the time (or money) for some of this. i am in school doing a lot of hands-on work and when i paint my nails, they can last for 5 days sometimes even a week and i only have to pay for the base coat, polish, and topcoat that can last me many polish changes and saves me so much money so for all of you out there, gel nails do not always equal the best way to do your nails. this also goes for other things like makeup - if you have a good skincare routine you can save so so much money on makeup.
youvelookedbetter (14 days ago)
Agree with most of these things, especially regarding animal hair.
Sariah Bennett (15 days ago)
Well some people can't afford to just be buying shoe cleaner to clean their shoes... There's more important things to be on top of instead of dirty shoes. So we are sorry? Lol
Morgan Simkins (15 days ago)
They have messy hair with very cute/expensive outfits
Julie Nguyen (16 days ago)
Miss shah (17 days ago)
If you don't want your shoes to get dirty then don't wear them lol
Miss shah (17 days ago)
This is sad.... really.
macrina moncada (17 days ago)
Ablas mucho ademas no muestras ejenplos
Jalise E. Combs (17 days ago)
New sub! I love your channel!
M H (19 days ago)
You seem really nice but I laughed at the jewelry point...you are wearing earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings....And I find that Way too much. Especially in contrasts to the short sequence where you wear "no jewelry"(you are still wearing a big ring) where you look sooooo much prettier than when you try to look Perfect. Maybe in general you should be less superficial. Beauty is a subjective thing, too....so everyone should decade vor themselves what is pretty...
Eugenia Sosa (19 days ago)
You're recommended to wear heels that are a half size too big because it's healthier since your feet swell late in the day.
Eugenia Sosa (19 days ago)
Omg it took you over a minute to start
Nono Nety (19 days ago)
Does gel polish need a certain machine to dry it or it dries wihout it?
Megha (20 days ago)
* silently looks at my chipped nails *
milly howarth (20 days ago)
Let people wear what they want
demy1996 (21 days ago)
Your hair colour looks like you dyed it at home. Also your eye makeup with so much shadow at the down lid is not right.
dropdeadxhorizon (21 days ago)
"don't wear too much jewelry" wears 3 rings, bracelet, necklace and earrings.....
ali ali (21 days ago)
stay salty (21 days ago)
When you're from Italy and you can't relate.
Therese Sorrell (22 days ago)
Thank you so much Shea, to make those videos for us, to pamper ourself a bit. Most women are so loving and kind towards all others( what’s good) but often forget them self. Thank you again for your kindness and encouragement...You are very pretty girl with make up or without.😘🕊♥️
Aurora Irelynn (22 days ago)
i personally don’t wear jewelry. i actually don’t even have my ears pierced because that’s something i’ve never wanted to do. necklaces also bug me and make my next itch. i used to wear bracelets, but they were ones i made lol.
GreenISH Katie (23 days ago)
Great tips!! Thanks!! Diaper butt lol!! Recently found your channel!! 😁
A Mave (24 days ago)
Hate dirty shoes 😬!
Lynn McDaniel (25 days ago)
I feel like she is trying to sell stuff in all of her videos...a certain jewelry line...essential oils ...etc. I prefer videos without an agenda.
Eleana Gray (26 days ago)
If you're not into fashion, then why are you watching this video? 🤪😂
SilverFoxgirl (26 days ago)
You should have said that you should not wear shirt thats darker than your trousers
Marion Tia (27 days ago)
Pls do a vid on switching out handbags, what goes w/what. As again woman love bags but yet always using wrong bags with outfit. Yes too lazy to switch out, that is excuse i always hear.
CandyApple Momo (28 days ago)
I agree with these tips I’m guilty of some though lmao 🤣
Michelle Connor (29 days ago)
Regarding the handbag it i probably because the right kind of bag for the outfit does not carry all we think we need? Ha ha x
Lisa Fanucchi (1 month ago)
New subbie! Love your personality! Love your hair darker!! Lots of negative comments down here in the comment section. Dang. Saying you are judging people and that you are shallow. Wth. The title is pretty clear. Great job!! You are beautiful!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hey it's Beth xo (1 month ago)
Watch queer eye, Tim Gunn Nothing to learn except your personal opinion
Hey it's Beth xo (1 month ago)
You come across ignorant and judgemental also mean instead ogmf helpful Real people don't have time for all this, or can afford even $20 plus tip, it's a luxury
Jacinta Rivera (1 month ago)
honestly just watching this video and the “how to be prettier” video, you seem really pretentious. we get that you’re pretty well off, but wow do you bash on people who aren’t at least middle class... not everything is about looking like a privileged blue collar. i really wanted to subscribe for the content you put out but your attitude is really unfortunate. this is the last video i’ll be watching
Deven Lee 93369 (1 month ago)
😂 lint
Virginia Boss (1 month ago)
I love using a nice handbag to add a splash of color to a monochromatic neutral (i.e all black) outfit. I loved all of your tips. I've always (well, since high school) followed the jewelry rule of necklace/bracelet or earrings/ ring or some variation but never all four or ring/bracelet or necklace/earrings.
Linh Ha (1 month ago)
Lol I go shoes shopping but it’s sneaker shopping and I don’t even wear jewelry
Stephanie Cummings (1 month ago)
Brooks Brothers has a no button up iron shirt and it really works. You just hang it after drying and it looks great and not wrinkled. No dry cleaning required.
Carole Litman (1 month ago)
Love your quick and to-the-point tips! Very refreshing and helpful. I think that a beautifully dressed and groomed woman can ruin her entire look by having obvious tan lines.
These are not really fashion mistakes, just more like you may be a Virgo and meticulous with your looks and overly critical with yourself. Do you really see cat or dog hair on people's pants or just your own? My own tip for nails- just do a clear nail polish or with sparkles, so chipping doesn't really matter as much if it happens and it makes your hands look nicer without being a hassle to keep up. You always can get one that strengthens your nails as well and is a bit healthier for you.
Megan Shirley (1 month ago)
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Spinning PulsarXxX (1 month ago)
I work with horses so I just let my nails go naked b/c they'll be chipped within an hour....
Luke Wood (1 month ago)
Checkout https://boutiquebabez.co.uk/#a_aid=JadeHodges for exclusive clothing
Char Lotte (1 month ago)
I don't wear make up, jewelry, I don't use hand bags and all I do with my nails is cut them.
Jamie Lambdin (1 month ago)
Must be nice to be rich enough to think $25 isn’t expensive to spend on ... well, anything. We can’t all afford designer clothes/jewelry/makeup. I can’t deal with women who are so hard on each other’s appearance.
ghosted166 (1 month ago)
I really hate it when youtubers apologize for their opinions.
Nat B (1 month ago)
Wow, she's nit-picky... if you're staring at someone to the point where you see they have chipped nails and or cat hair then you're looking too hard weirdo...
Jessica Woodmus (1 month ago)
Okay if you can't afford to go to the salon for whatever reasons do the funds what can you do to fix your nails at home? Because some of the stuff makes sense but I got chipped nails but I don't have the time or the money to be able to go to the salon.... and I've also said diaper butt my whole life when I see the men wearing baggy pants and women wear pants that also bag of that fall off their butt I said it reminded me of my 3 year old with a full diaper it's really not attractive I have been recently taking steps to change my outfits and fashion regardless I'm a single mother I got to still be happy to take care of myself....
Judith Schepens (1 month ago)
people do not look at the color of their stockings or socks. often these colors do not match their shoes or pants, which really ruined the outfit.
dharmajann (1 month ago)
A guy once told me guys aren’t really looking at our nails....
yumyum (1 month ago)
1. Wearing the wrong size shoe - good advice. This is a mistake because it hurts to walk in shoes too small and makes walking difficult in shoes that are too big. Plus the look is noticeable. 2. Wearing too much jewelry - I've seen one lady in my neighborhood do this every time I see her. 3. Wearing no jewelry at all - Agree, something on spices up your outfit even if just stud earrings. 4. Wearing Pet Hair or Lint - agree, I have a Pomeranian and the hair can get on everything, hate it! 5. Chipped nails - Yup, looks unkempt. I tend to add/blend polish to the chipped area, if I don't have time for full polish. 6. Wearing saggy jeans, Looks unflattering. You're buying jeans anyway, buy some that fit well, wear a belt or alter the waist with a quick stitch. Save your tags and receipt, if they stretch out too much return them. The quality of the jean material is poor. 7. Always buy the same size clothing. If you're doing this, you shouldn't. That's not thinking about good fitting clothes. 8. Wrinkled button down shirts. Only lazy people wear a button down shirt and not iron it after a wash. They need leisure wear, not ironing required wear. 9. Dirty shoes - If your outfit matters to you, so should your shoes. Clean your shoes. 10. Never Switching your handbags - I have an everyday handbag and special purses for special occasions/outfits. Good advice on all, but haters are going to hate. If all of this doesn't matter to you, why are you watching this video in the first place.
EPNX3 (1 month ago)
Helpful videos. Please do hygiene tips for women, or grooming tips?
Dominique Ogilvie (1 month ago)
ALL your fashion points to watch out for were spot on and exactly what l think as well. Well done!
Mommy Bear (1 month ago)
More hand bag videos ! Laugh the whole fucking time loved it!
snorky776 (1 month ago)
I can’t wear earrings, my ears get irritated. So I simply wear necklaces, bracelets, and rings. However, I agree on not overdoing it.
Bianca Marie (1 month ago)
You are who I was waiting for on YouTube! I needed these videos
Shining Star (1 month ago)
Lol. I smirked all the way through this thinking...I've never been effected by any of these mistakes....until I got to number 10! 😏😯🤭😁🤣
REIGNofTEARS (1 month ago)
STYLE FOR THE THE STYLISH WOMAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haSjp1u5Ttk
Neely Khan (1 month ago)
I found this retractable lint roller at Barnes and noble (lol? Random?) and it’s small and I can throw it in my purse and it’s really convenient! They probably have them on amazon if y’all wanna buy them😊
REIGNofTEARS (1 month ago)
FASHIONABLE SHOES 4 U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C98h-ZXRoI
Supun Dilshan (1 month ago)
2018 new bag.. New trend https://youtu.be/VpWeKLjrSeg
Marielle Lopez (1 month ago)
How can I deal with the problem about my shoe size.. by the way I am a filipina and my normal shoe size is 8 but it's one size bigger on my right foot. So I always ended up adding shoes pads for it to fit.
Red Letter Trends (1 month ago)
Great tips! 😊
Heather Dixon (1 month ago)
So her husband is a bitch too no surprise there I feel like this chick would take pics of fat chicks at her gym and post them on line
Coco Star (1 month ago)
I did my Degree in Fashion Design & Textiles and all I can say is fashion is hype, and there is no rules in reality..it is best to be unique and wear what you feel comfortable in, artists like myself like to pile on jewellery in bright colours and others do not. Different strokes for different folks, if we all copied the same rules it would be a very boring world indeed!. Be FREE people do what you like! xxx
Shichen Wang (1 month ago)
For the 9th one, if you pay good money on your shoes, you'll clean them, trust me. I never cleaned my adidas white sneakers and wore them in rains and dirt and after about 7 months they look very gross(btw they are very high quality, they are still very sturdy and water resistant but they look absolutely trashed). And then I happen to come across a pair of discounted valentino white sneaker and I clean and polish them once every 3 or 4 times I wore them and they still look very look after a year.
bob (1 month ago)
I always wear high-waisted jeans, medium is ok I guess but low-waist makes me cringe so much
lauerntius (1 month ago)
Promote woman , this is judge your judgmental list. Sad
marylyn baruwa (1 month ago)
Hi Shea, what type of high end button down shirts do you recommend?
Kim Paul (1 month ago)
REAL TALK in my teens and 20’s I used to pride myself on not really caring about this stuff, like “I’m super low maintenance” etc, but now I’m entering my 30’s and these videos are helping me make the right transition. Thanks Shea!
Ivan Jaman (1 month ago)
Tmf fans drop a like
Lil Pickie1 (1 month ago)
How about dirty feet and toenails with sandals and chipped polish? Just sayin lol
Sarah Tennant (1 month ago)
Love that top!
Sarita Dhankhar (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/kWY9kW-m87s Plz watch my video.. subscribe and share my video.. so that u will start geting notifications .
Heyyy Kay (1 month ago)
About the sizing for online clothes, here is how it works. find your size in most stores, I am a small. So then find were you are on the spectrum. If you can sometimes get away with wearing a size down the your on the lower side of the spectrum, and vice versa. then, when shopping online, look at the comments. if people are saying the clothes are to tight, and your on the lower end of the spectrum you can stay in your size and have a bit less give, or go down a size and have more room. If your on the upper end of your size and the clothes are to big, you can stay in your size, or buy the smaller size, expecting it to be a bit constricting.
Heyyy Kay (1 month ago)
Lol! This was so helpful. Especially the Animal fur part. I have a dog with furry white hair that sheds an insane amount in summer. It always gets on my black clothes, which are what makes up most of my closet.
Sophia Aichele (1 month ago)
Mymango bango (1 month ago)
Expensively & constantly suffocating ur nail beds & creating crevices for bacteria & fungi to prevent chipped polish??? Uh, ever hear of base & top coats?
Dont Ask (1 month ago)
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Priya Priya (1 month ago)
I like it😍😍😘😘
I believe there exists a great method to find out more about beauty tips. Just go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". You'll find plenty of of unheard information given here.
Jane Nolan (2 months ago)
Awesome At last worked well
Ruben Stevenson (2 months ago)
Wonderful.. It helped everybody..
Ася Ширяева (2 months ago)
really worked.
Jane Nolan (2 months ago)
Excellent.. It worked for me..
honestly nice.

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