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1Z1-067 - Upgrade Test Oracle9i10g11g Exam Database Questions

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For Oracle 1Z1-067 Test Questions and Answers Please Visit: https://www.PassEasily.com/1Z1-067.htm Exam Section 1 – Oracle Data Test Protection Questions (Test Coverage 22%) Exam Section 2 – Performing Test Basic BackUp and Recovery Questions (Test Coverage 24%) Exam Section 3 – Using the RMAM Recovery Catalog Questions (Test Coverage 10%) Exam Section 4 – Performing BackUps Questions (Test Coverage 21%) Exam Section 5 – Using Oracle Test Secure BackUp Questions (Test Coverage 23%) (Exam Time) : 2.5-3.5 hours (Number of Test Questions): 150-220 (1Z1-067 Passing Score): TBD% 1. Oracle Data Protection Solutions •Explain Oracle backup test and recovery solutions o Describe types of database failures o Describe the tools exam available for backup and recovery tasks o Describe RMAN and maximum availability architecture o Use the SYSBACK questions privilege o Use RMAN stand-alone and job commands 2. Performing Basic Backup and Recovery •Back up and recover a NOARCHIVELOG database o Perform backup exam and recovery in NOARCHIVELOG mode o Use SQL in RMAN 3. Configuring for Recoverability •Configure and manage test RMAN settings o Configure database questions parameters that affect RMAN operations o Configure persistent settings exam for RMAN o View persistent settings o Specify a retention test policy •Configure the Fast Recovery Questions Area o Explain the Fast Recovery Area o Configure the Fast Recovery Exam Area •Configure control files and redo log files for questions recoverability o Multiplex control test files o Multiplex redo log files 4. Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog •Create and use an RMAN test recovery catalog o Configure a recovery catalog o Register target databases exam in a recovery catalog o Catalog additional backup files o Resynchronize a recovery questions catalog o Use and maintain RMAN stored scripts o Upgrade and drop a recovery exam catalog •Protect the RMAN recovery catalog o Back up the recovery test catalog o Re-create an unrecoverable recovery catalog o Export and import the questions recovery catalog o Create and use Virtual Private Exam Catalogs 5. Implementing Backup Strategies •Use various RMAN backup types and strategies o Enable ARCHIVELOG test mode o Create tape and disk based exam backups o Create whole database backups o Create consistent and inconsistent questions backups o Create backup sets and image copies o Create backups of read-only test tablespaces o Employ best practices for data exam warehouse backups 6. Performing Backups •Perform full and incremental backups o Create full and incremental test backups o Use the Oracle-suggested backup exam strategy •Manage backups o Configure and monitor block change questions tracking o Report on backups using LIST, REPORT commands o Manage backups using CROSSCHECK, DELETE commands 7. Configuring RMAN Backup Options and Creating Backup of Non-Database Files •Use techniques to improve backups o Create compressed backups o Create multi-section test backups of very large files o Create proxy copies o Create duplexed backup exam sets o Create backups of backup sets o Create archival questions backups •Perform backup of non-database test files o Back up a control file to trace o Back up archived redo log exam files o Back up ASM diskgroup questions metadata
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