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The new rules of dating

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The new rules of dating
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Intuitive Sean (14 days ago)
Actually she’s wrong men don’t want a popular girl that’s projection on a women’s part we want pretty, kind, sweet , light hearted and fun in ........
Intuitive Sean (14 days ago)
I read the first book in the 90s and decided not to be played like this and my life is much better for it
Pimanmas P (2 months ago)
I want all the girls in this world read your book. It is so the great rules book of love .
MysticProz (4 months ago)
Let's just flip the script and do this women lmao it's their own psyche.. any guys wanna know how to counter this go to Alpha Male Strategies
Cricon Investments (1 month ago)
The site you're talking about is about dating. The Rule book is about actually getting married in a committed relationship to one another.
nsxpetes (7 months ago)
Basically it advises women to be phony bitches
okfrostman (9 months ago)
Get a clue ... your rules ... your not the only ones with rules . There are a lot of guys . Not the club players that are refusing to keep up with the games and all the rules that keep changing. The worst part ... each female is different. What works for one doesn't work for the other . And you wonder why it's so confusing to males .
Muzzy337 (10 months ago)
Game playing leaves little room to be yourself.
Elaine M (1 year ago)
Bullshit they don't work.
Focused and fabulous (1 year ago)
Love this book. Life saver
Nick DipaoloFan (1 month ago)
No the book was about how to take advantage of men and treat them with very little respect
Cricon Investments (1 month ago)
+Nick DipaoloFan Watched it. The guys were pretty sarcastic and it doesn't change the fact that even in our modern age men like to take the lead. That's all the Rule book is about. Letting a man lead things.
Cricon Investments (1 month ago)
+Dwayne Johnson She was divorced from her 1st husband but has been married to her 2nd for 11 yrs. True, you can't make someone stay w/you if they don't want to. The rules, looks, I love you, these are all just starting points. You gotta learn that person & let them learn you. That's not a game that men like to take the lead. Its just in their makeup.
Dwayne Johnson (9 months ago)
One of these women is already divorced. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
Nick DipaoloFan (11 months ago)
I'll just leave this here...........hahahahahahaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REAKH_jidys&t=18s
Starlight4832 (2 years ago)
Can't say enough good about these two amazing ladies! They're intelligent and appreciated by intelligent people.
Dwayne Johnson (9 months ago)
One of these women is already divorced. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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