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GANGNAM STYLE in ENGLISH Misheard Lyrics (Open Condom Star) Parody of PSY

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Text Comments (75)
Trixilrain Playz II (8 days ago)
bread in space (1 month ago)
This made me sub nvm faker
지수김 (1 month ago)
It deserves to be watched millions of times
EricLarson12312 (2 months ago)
Zoe J (3 months ago)
I love Chad singing psy👍👏💞💋
SquirrelBoy 14 (4 months ago)
you just stole most of this cuz I searched up gangnam style misheard lyrics and you just stole from the first video on youtube.
Kevin Sam (5 months ago)
Oppa condom star...
xxHalfPetronaDragoxx (6 months ago)
Go pee on Johnny.😂😂😂
E-Dubz (2 years ago)
I win future watching
Yung Havoc (3 years ago)
Thundershock (4 years ago)
"He tear that shit" it still makes me laugh every time xD
DJ Sickey (4 years ago)
Korea not a gnome XD hahahaha FTW
Jacob Yu (4 years ago)
rasem1977 (4 years ago)
Sadam said oh whoa lol hilarious
Baigali Bayarmagnai (5 years ago)
Rakarths Gameroom (5 years ago)
Best English Gangnam style ever, Subscribed!
you mean star
Alexe Frost (5 years ago)
What has been heard cannot be unheard
Jennifer Allyn (5 years ago)
lols... so now I can finally sing along! :P
Boolean Man (5 years ago)
You said english
jackson pressley (6 years ago)
No where near it
mr. pikachu (6 years ago)
he ruinend gangnam stlye and thats one of my favorite songs and whoever does not like the real song your weird
Yasmine kassem (6 years ago)
Better than orignal
davidsoncarlee (6 years ago)
u should not say that its rude 4 little kids and they should not have to read that :-(
heartjoy (6 years ago)
made me laff!!
Shamar Baker (6 years ago)
Lolol tht's funny
ScaryPurple (6 years ago)
Amelia Musse (6 years ago)
Ok good vid, could be better...
Matty Laurence (6 years ago)
very funny dude
amy cameron (6 years ago)
Cristiano (6 years ago)
You slolled this you fucking idiot!
aquarmanii (6 years ago)
wooowwwwwww.......retarded.. waste of my timee
TheBellabalulu (6 years ago)
Why didn't say style
c dinh (6 years ago)
I agree with chad!This person did stole your video!
OllyMursTouchedLHand (6 years ago)
Dunno what you hear...
cherry coke (6 years ago)
this almost sounds like the real thing lol
nobita nobi (6 years ago)
fuck this gays go to your mother cry to say sorry
kmkhaing7 (6 years ago)
Genius. Guy keep up good works. Lol.
Mallory Mar (6 years ago)
My friends mom thought it said that..we were singing it and she freaked. Haha
Dylan Davis (6 years ago)
this guy is so stupid it doesn't even sound like it he say gagnam style i think you just want to you a condom
ZeroVibrance (6 years ago)
I guess you don't know what "misheard" means
scootaloo777 (6 years ago)
Jonathan George (6 years ago)
BradleyGoldenHunter (6 years ago)
Pretty accurate. If you play the original Gangnam Style, mute this video and play it while listening to the original Gangnam Style, the words sound correct, and it seems almost as if he's saying the actual words. Nice job.
LegacypvpVideos (6 years ago)
How to use a Femal Condom in the video related to this..../facepalm Penis: Click it~ Me: Ugh....
Samet Sonverdi (6 years ago)
wtf is this? press f4 asap x_x
noonoox (6 years ago)
1. does not exist 2. I don't even??? o-O
Michael A (6 years ago)
Awesome!!! Thumbs up All in good fun !!! Good stuff! made me laugh :)
gunner sterzinger (6 years ago)
Aws0m3ness2jay Plays (6 years ago)
Oooopen condom star
Aws0m3ness2jay Plays (6 years ago)
Ivy Lane (6 years ago)
OMG i knew someone would do this, Condom Star was all i could hear in this song and I thought of a parody right away! Too funny someone has done it already................ Condom Star!!!!!!!
Matthew Coyle (6 years ago)
That's Wut she sed
_shark_chick_ (6 years ago)
she gobble gay xD
Nour (6 years ago)
I liiiike it looool
Trenton Ellis (6 years ago)
oooooooopen condm star
Trenton Ellis (6 years ago)
princessruby14 (6 years ago)
xylene lee (6 years ago)
yan-Deriction (6 years ago)
1. This video is originally made by Chadwildclay, for some reason he isn't filing for copyright infringements, but go support his official video @ (youtube) /watch?v=dXdkbL6sRic to support him. 2. Here's my parody of gangnam style, very lyrical. /watch?v=yBObc43QPN8
HACKED (6 years ago)
I'm the only one who likes the at 2:50
Nai Kien Cuong (6 years ago)
I prefer "Open Condom Store..." :)))
Pop77o7 (6 years ago)
yay I'm not the only one who constantly hears "condom star" xD
Morgan Magyar (6 years ago)
I love this video. But did you really have to steal it?
michael09871 (6 years ago)
so many people stealing his videos its fails i mean fuck he says his name at the beginning
bleachmafia226 (6 years ago)
Sorry, I am Canadian, but um, HOW does Oppah Gangnam Style sound like Open Condom Star exactly? Great video btw, a thumbs up from me :)
jamieroko (6 years ago)
Good dancing! ;)
Isaac Nazaroff (6 years ago)
Parii27 (6 years ago)
dont steal bitch
Daniel Franceschini (6 years ago)
ElGanon (6 years ago)
fail STOLEN*
ElGanon (6 years ago)
RedSnek (6 years ago)
this isnt the original one, this is /watch?v=dXdkbL6sRic
CharlesMandore (6 years ago)
This came out today, but I saw it a few days ago... Did it get taken off then put back on?
Dani H (6 years ago)
Most amusing youtube video EVER xD Awesome.~

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