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Proof ALIEN LIFE Actually Exists

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Reasons and evidence that aliens have to exist from real ufo sightings by actual pilots, crop circles, and area 51 secrets. 5. Alien protector NASA believes that we are on the verge of making contact with aliens and they launched a search for a protector against aliens towards preparedness efforts. They posted the job listing in August 2017 looking for a planetary protection officer. The job description includes protecting astronauts and space crafts to keep them safe from otherworldly contamination. The full-time job position pays between $124,400 to $187,000, proving that it is a highly respected and serious position. Catherine Conley formerly held the job, and it became vacant when she accepted a different post within NASA. 4. Nazca Lines Much like crop circles, the Nazca Lines drew public curiosity about their unexplained origin. Much later on, in the 1960s, the humongous markings found in Southern Peru were discovered. Researchers revealed that the Nazca people created the mysterious lines between 500 BC and 400 AD. Thousands of lines collectively form 300 geoglyphs which spread out over a 365 square mile area. The Nazca Lines consist of different motifs and designs creating various figures including birds, fish, and monkeys. Each of the figures is about 1,050 feet long or more. "The astronaut" is one of the most famous of the Nazca lines designs. It appears like a humanoid with giant eyes and a giant head. The region became an official Unesco World Heritage site in 1994. No one has been able to crack the mystery behind the existence of the Nazca lines, given that at the time of their creation the people did not have flying crafts which they could use to enjoy the spectacular view of the massive figures from the sky. 3. Drake Equation Renowned astrophysicist and astronomer Frank Drake came up with an equation to measure the probability that we are not alone in the universe. He came up with the formula in 1961 which considers several factors including the number of stars solar systems have, the number of planets that could sustain life, for how long the worlds have existed, and the likelihood of the planets containing intelligent life forms. In 2001, Drake's equation was tested using our very own galaxy, the Milky Way. The outcome was impressive, with 160 million worlds in our universe, the results showed that hundreds of them could likely support life. It also backed the belief that intelligent alien life form exists in our galaxy and they may be closer than we think. 2. Project Sign The United States Air Force launched Project Sign as a way to investigate UFOs.Investigations carried out tried to debunk speculations about the relation of UFOs to extraterrestrial life. The 1948 study ran for a year but remained a well-kept secret for years. About 13,000 UFO sightings were investigated revealing that 701 of them could not be dismissed as human-made objects or a matter of terrible weather. Following the findings, the government classified the sightings as unidentified. The project director, Robert Schneider, submitted a written report titled "The Estimate of the Situation." It supported the hypothesis about extraterrestrial visits but was rejected by officials high up. The 1948 study ran for a year but remained a well-kept secret up until 1956. Edward J. Ruppert, a retired Air Force captain, revealed its existence through his memoir. The findings became declassified in 1961 alongside those of Project Blue Book and Project Grudge which supposedly concluded their studies in 1970. 1. Area 51 Curious questions come to mind when the CIA denies the existence of a culturally famous location. It was not until 2013 when they acknowledged the existence of Area 51 located in the Nevada desert. The base must have been launched during World War II for use as an airfield during the 1960s Cold War. It later came out that the area acted as a sight for building drones and fighter jets. That does not stop many from believing that the base conducted decades of alien research and UFO studies. It does not help that the area remained classified for slightly over five decades, which further suggests that secret investigations into alien technology took place at Area 51. The base is also claimed to have been a storage space for crashed UFOs. In 2010, Scott Waring, a Ufologist, used Google Maps to identify a partially hidden UFO that looked like the Millenium Falcon at the base. Once he made his findings public and disclosed how others could access the images too, the coordinates stopped working, and the photos disappeared. Currently, Area 51 curiously has signage warning against trespassing and threatening lethal force against anyone who ignores them.
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Great video . I like it. Blessings 👍🐕🐾

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