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Fashion with Dave youtube channel introduction

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Fashion with Dave YouTube channel is the Sri Lanka's first men's fashion related YouTube channel. we are hoping to give grooming, style and fitness tips that related with mens fashion to bring mens fahion to a higher level in Sri Lanka. stay touched with the channel for more information. subscribe, like and comment your ideas about this channel. don't forget to like Facebook page to get the information also from the facebook Fashion with Dave facebook page - https://web.facebook.com/FashionwithDave/
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Text Comments (6)
Athukorala Arachchiga (3 months ago)
Prime ayage pavurshathvaya vadi karaganne kohomada
Fashion with DAVE (3 months ago)
Athukorala Arachchiga ill do a video about it
Juuzou Suzuya (11 months ago)
Fashion with DAVE (11 months ago)
delshan osama thanks bro..
sanduni rasanjali (11 months ago)
nice work...
Fashion with DAVE (11 months ago)
sanduni rasanjali thank you👍👍

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