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BRIGHT SIDE (3 months ago)
5:19 I knew it! I see them all around...
jiawei du (3 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE Hi dude. I think it is some thing wrong with #23 Turritopsis nutricula is not the only organism in world immortal in ideal condition. such as sea squirts, certain corals, Hydra, can also be immortal.
Avinash Kunasani (6 days ago)
GroenFan (8 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE Ahoyhoy there, Fellow Youtuberino. I always figured that space on your lips was to store boogers after you picked them.
Official Berkan YT (9 days ago)
Wasn’t the megalodon the biggest animal
ScrubGaming (12 hours ago)
Buttocks 😂😂😂😂
Stella VdL (12 hours ago)
So...in Belgium we call Santa: Kerstman.
_.yoosal (15 hours ago)
the snail sure surprised me
MSD Masti Sang Dhamaal (16 hours ago)
A fantastic video
Krista Spain (18 hours ago)
I can't believe there's a hundred percent chance that I'm drinking water that a dinosaur drink even though it's only a molecule it's still pretty cool!
Quality.Videos By.Monica (18 hours ago)
T Th Thi This This I This Is This is c This is co This is coo This is cool This is coo This is co This is c This is This I This Thi Th T
Eric Jan Gamerz (21 hours ago)
Wow thank you Bright Side you are my reviewer in my mastery test
Eric Jan Gamerz (21 hours ago)
Lyzza Sofianne Lim (23 hours ago)
At 3:13 what was the name of what he made
Destiny Denton (1 day ago)
Fact 9 got my attention alot. My parents blame my need for glasses on reading in the dark. I guess i was right after all and my habit of reading in the dark isnt to blame. My parents are never right.
Beautiful You (1 day ago)
So interesting!!!
Colton Bullard (1 day ago)
Elias Issa (1 day ago)
I do know some of these facts Actually, after watching the whole video, I know most of them -_- Oh btw it rains diamonds on Neptune too
Dashrath Raghav (1 day ago)
It rains diamonds on Jupiter. We know you're sure coz you're daddy travelled to the planet..... right...?? So much for views dumbfuckssss
Do not click read more. I told u. SO u do not tap this 1 more time. Or u are lost. illl ask u to react to cupcakez hd.
Tina Jenkins (2 days ago)
Lps Kaykay (2 days ago)
I already knew the first one
Silke Sell (2 days ago)
I wanna be a octpus ❤️❤️❤️👀🐙🐙🐙
pantelis charalampous (2 days ago)
I am from cyprus
Brad Wilson (2 days ago)
Do not click read more I told um U still here good Sad P I wish i was a unacorn Click like of u made it to the end! :3
Babe Weird (2 days ago)
Elephants Are WILD
Aloke Vineet Ekka (3 days ago)
Buttocks 😍😍😍😍😍😄😃
ADITYA KUMAR (3 days ago)
like if you think background voice was too loud
I love Pizza (3 days ago)
African elephants can’t be tamed cos they r savage
BADBEAST MONKEY (3 days ago)
Number 22... what about the Megalodon??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Ash lyn (3 days ago)
I knew that Philtrum thing My cousins one didn’t form properly Resulting in a hole right in front of her teeth But before she can get surgery on it she has to wait till she’s about 8 She is one now
jiawei du (3 days ago)
Hi dude. I think it is some thing wrong with #23 Turritopsis nutricula is not the only organism in world immortal in ideal condition. such as sea squirts, certain corals, Hydra, can also be immortal.
Aaron Rodriguez (3 days ago)
6:14 yes
All-Rounder Badlani (3 days ago)
Buttocks were good
Lullaby Msp (3 days ago)
Vernon MacDonald (3 days ago)
the finger tips were something i didn't know . I always wondered why they went that way after washing dishes. Now i know the rest of the story lol.
Flick Reginio (3 days ago)
The hand is from water
Zuhair Hodekar (3 days ago)
whole body
Zuhair Hodekar (3 days ago)
catfish can taste using its ehole body
Chantelle Hama (3 days ago)
Wakanda forever
Stacey Chamberlain (3 days ago)
Fact this is terrible
Ernest Neil (3 days ago)
Mine is the candle
Maxeen Gonzales (3 days ago)
wow that's amazing
Aaqib Manzoor (4 days ago)
I Wanna Go to Starun /Jupitar..Wow But if it's true
bea bianca Serfino (4 days ago)
wow hahahaha
Perri Winkle (4 days ago)
Elephants are wild because they are not home pets
vortexgamer13 (4 days ago)
a blue whale is bigger then a megladon? cool
tac (not the tic tac kind the kind that has three ingredients: flour water and salt) can last for a loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg time.
Jerome Sy (4 days ago)
oxford is older than aztec empire, wow.
Ninja_Boy 712 (4 days ago)
I literly knew everything.. am i just to smart??
Ballistic Lemar (4 days ago)
I know u want to scroll I know what ur thinking Hmm you decided scroll ok good let’s continue Oh So you’ve made it this far well what if told you... That you had wasted 15 seconds of ur life reading this like if u want the time that u had wasted back Got you there didn’t I
Shiny Boi (1 day ago)
I only wasted somewhere between 8 and 10 seconds XD
oSevant- - (2 days ago)
Ballistic Lemar not rlly I did not wast any time
Kira Wagner (4 days ago)
I for one welcome our ant overlords
Most of these are wrong
Alyssa Rhine (4 days ago)
It’s a megaldon the biggest shark but it’s gone so whale is now the biggest
Juliana De Silos (4 days ago)
I think african elephants are wild because they are living at wild areas and no one taking care of them or they are not friendly at all. Thats why we cannot tame the african elephants. Just my idea!!!
Isaac McMaster (4 days ago)
The blue whale isn't or hasn't been the worlds biggest animal - meglandon or that dinosaur squid !!!! they have
AndE kA #FunDa (4 days ago)
One of The most #INSANE Video I have ever Watched ..agree or not
Eleonora Jurjevica (5 days ago)
I think i have eye strain why cus when i go to my laptop yo watch youtube or play ganes my eyes hurt so much then i go to my phone and tablet and watch youtube and play games
Eleonora Jurjevica (5 days ago)
Eleonora Jurjevica (5 days ago)
To watch youtube
Eleonora Jurjevica (5 days ago)
How can i be not scared of ants
Snowy Owl TV (5 days ago)
I didn't know snails had that many teeth, let alone teeth at all!!! Wow
_TRIPPLE_DIAMOND_ :P (5 days ago)
"Why is the African Elephant still Wild" because they the stomp the living soul out of you....I guess
Susie Nelson (5 days ago)
Our skin adapting in water, we humans have a super power at last!!
Nora Milan (5 days ago)
I knew the jellyfish one because I watched wild kratts👌
Christina Stephen (5 days ago)
lol same :D
Diya Dhananjay (5 days ago)
m mind is literally being blown again and again XD
Diya Dhananjay (5 days ago)
o my godnessssssssssssssssssssss!?!!!??!?!?
Arthur Kirt (5 days ago)
Soooooooooo boring
King Samiteo (5 days ago)
#17 I already knew that
ahmad shah (5 days ago)
the last one wasnt good.
Biswanath Addy (5 days ago)
I'm an Indian but I don't have any idea with those elephants 😅😅
icewolfcub 48562007 (5 days ago)
CLICK READ MORE did you regret it?
XxHogwarts AlyssaxX (6 days ago)
john john (6 days ago)
Do not clock read more Why did you do that Wait your still here Good job you made it to END 😀😊😇
Avinash Kunasani (6 days ago)
Avinash Kunasani (6 days ago)
#telugu badi
Avinash Kunasani (6 days ago)
# telugu badi
Avinash Kunasani (6 days ago)
Avinash Kunasani (6 days ago)
It is so assuming
Avinash Kunasani (6 days ago)
Avinash Kunasani (6 days ago)
In 5:6
dakota berlin (6 days ago)
If Santa Claus is called “Basil” then what do they call basil the plant
Samira Khan (6 days ago)
That jelly fish fact shoked me😲😲😲😲😲
Brice Land (6 days ago)
Jēłłÿ Qûēēñ (6 days ago)
Mine was number two..... oh my god..... WHY MEEEEEEEEE ;o;
Avant Singhania (6 days ago)
I know earth gelous from saturn and Jupiter
MGang TV (7 days ago)
Have ya'll heard of the dude Nocturnal kids next up
Kaleido Scope (7 days ago)
The "fact" about 100% chance of drinking water that has passed through a dinosaur is untrue.
FaZe rug (7 days ago)
I think the first one is fake
Matyu Thm (7 days ago)
I knew fact #9 before watching this.
Abdulla Alquraishi (7 days ago)
1:26, what about The Megalodon
the penguin king (7 days ago)
Olamide Odusote (7 days ago)
Eat that everybody that said prune fingers were made from dead skin cells
Olamide Odusote (7 days ago)
Yay for fact number 9
Olamide Odusote (7 days ago)
I knew fact number 14 already and 23
Olamide Odusote (7 days ago)
That jellyfish she talked about ages backwards when it’s done with puberty and when it’s done aging backwards it goes through puberty again wow I bet life sucks for a creature like that...
Angela Carbone (7 days ago)
African Elephants have been tamed
Andrew Thomas (7 days ago)
The catfish fact, I Catch them all the time! Wow!!
Sajal Kumar (7 days ago)
Indian are most talented people in the world, that's why they are the only one to train elephants.
ayy lmao (7 days ago)
I already knew this but if ants were smart enough, they could actually take over the world.
DynaDroidGT (7 days ago)
Saint Basil Pesto The Great
Purr-fect Gaming (8 days ago)
Did anyone think sand under a microscope look like some kind of trail mix
Mukesh Sai (8 days ago)
Ari W (8 days ago)
Your nose doesn't remember anything the brain does the does detects it the brain identifies it
OldNewSweetRides (8 days ago)
1:18 But why would I? That sounds gross!
Lauren Fagin (8 days ago)
I like your guys mystery riddles
David Ling (8 days ago)
What tucks?
Hannah Rosenblatt (8 days ago)
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Jessica toys tour (8 days ago)
A crocodile never dies

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