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Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2014

2203 ratings | 1993181 views
The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2014 contains the best girls fails. Become our Patreon and support us to grow: https://www.patreon.com/user?alert=2 If you like this video check out channel and subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChannelTVSmash Best Girls' Fail Compilation
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Text Comments (89)
Făra nume că se fură (3 months ago)
1:48 Romanian fail :))
StormDragon 55 (4 months ago)
This would be longer if it was men.
XxLuakian TheWitchxX (5 months ago)
Maybe if men actually respected women, this society wouldn't be rotten shit. For gods sake.
Joselyn Tafur (8 months ago)
lo que dijo okini es una mireda
Mia Nel (9 months ago)
2:30 ....  I can't even....
ut Ùrdu tech (11 months ago)
mikemoair (11 months ago)
1:07, is pooper licking worthy?
shanith fernando (1 year ago)
voi si che fatte sbelicare dalle risate tutte le persone
Syattsu (1 year ago)
Maybe if many men respect women , they will stop doing these dumb things.
Mr Cool (11 months ago)
Keep ur damn voice shut u bitch ass .. Stupidity has nothing to do with respect. If woman is dumb she´s dumb, respect ain´t helping more ..
Misogynist fuckwits!
Mehak Seera (1 year ago)
Mizuki Koneko-chan (1 year ago)
how do you know the car was a woman's fault?
PanteraFTW (1 year ago)
1:49 this was in Romania!
Jay Shree (1 year ago)
bones ftw (1 year ago)
Jody Richards (9 months ago)
bones ftw
Mokshajna Siddhartha (1 year ago)
its not ultimate
nevith divyanga (1 year ago)
Royal Youtube (2 years ago)
girls are the stupid race?
Casey Robertson (1 year ago)
You played yourself
Royal Youtube (2 years ago)
Paweł Gaweł (2 years ago)
ediadelin (2 years ago)
logical fruit (2 years ago)
why are things funner when they happen girls?
En Accion (2 years ago)
se la re creyeron cuando estaba la tele
Aleksandra Dragic (2 years ago)
rosti channel (2 years ago)
the final one was epic but she forgot to scream to death
rosti channel (2 years ago)
MuddyBob 650 (2 years ago)
+rosti channel you could tell the was tearing up.
i am a gerl (2 years ago)
Mafaman (2 years ago)
0:54 Dat ass iz on Faiya YO!!! See what I did there...? Huh? Huh?
Dharma Teja (2 years ago)
Isn't this a bit sexist
Ash V (2 years ago)
+Francois Grobbelaar yep
Francois Grobbelaar (2 years ago)
+Ash V LOL.  I think you are totally right.  Probably just best to take on the chin an forget about the ignorance.
Ash V (2 years ago)
+Francois Grobbelaar unfortunately your gonna get these comments regardless haha even on the most innocent of vids.i usually just stay out of the comment section lol
Francois Grobbelaar (2 years ago)
+Lynn lynnwood12387 Why would it be? There are more than enough videos of guys "failing" as well. Don't look for something that isn't there and just enjoy the humor of the video. For just freaking once, I'd like to see a video with comments that doesn't look for racism, tribalism, chauvinism, feminism, homophobia, religion-hatred etc etc etc etc. Is that so hard?
Salty Madrid (2 years ago)
1. Press control U 2. Press control F 3. Write thumbnail_url 4. Click in the link 5. Thank me later :D
okini (2 years ago)
Юрій Гиря (2 years ago)
прикольное видео
advertencia mujer manejando : preparen misiles de defensa
la diversion de lucia (3 years ago)
metete a un caño es divertido smash tv james te lo manda
BaileyBpys Daily (3 years ago)
My fish is called jeff and its 21
enes küçük (3 years ago)
2:40 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Killios NotAION (1 year ago)
she is geunis :D
Armani Fermin (3 years ago)
take out one e
Armani Fermin (3 years ago)
baby danceen
Mohamed Omar (3 years ago)
That girl's ass is on fire 🔥😍
Jonty Cawood (3 years ago)
that was fucking hirlourius
LaughALot (3 years ago)
Dat ending do!
Gustavo Trazzi (3 years ago)
ouch +1:12 ouch
ninguém mandou elas fazerem coisas que nem podiam
Je li mozes biti toliki debil? haha :)
Jarne Mergaerts (3 years ago)
1:03 omg
Killios NotAION (1 year ago)
she broke both of her legs :)
Tini Flegar (3 years ago)
lol, funny and cool :) :D
Jack Maquire (3 years ago)
the last one =))))))) omg ...i cant breaathhhhhhh =)))))))))))))))))))
Victor Samuel (11 months ago)
Ya 😂😂😂😂😂
Victor Samuel (11 months ago)
Ya 😂😂😂😂😂
Stan Tom (3 years ago)
lol hahahahahahhahaha :)
singsanan suchada (3 years ago)
cawagoshy (3 years ago)
1:19 lol lol lol
Nep (3 years ago)
0:58 are you dumb?
Gaming with Puppy Luna (7 months ago)
Your New Best Friend (2 years ago)
+Pandasaur She was a blonde...
Nep (3 years ago)
+Mariokartpro ?
Nep (3 years ago)
+Mariokartpro Pretty please?
Nep (3 years ago)
+Mariokartpro Yeah... Now FUCK OFF>
Graciela Grivot (3 years ago)
konrad stanek (3 years ago)
Thx 4 fine jack off material 10/10 would jack off to again
Poradnikowe TV (3 years ago)
0:36, 1:37 Polska! xd
nguyen quang minh (3 years ago)
ngu nhu loz
Jody Richards (9 months ago)
nguyen quang minh Thanks 4
dobry 8 (3 years ago)
yes goud god bye
arafat allmahi (3 years ago)
We need more than this
Docteur Wiesmann (3 years ago)
1:04 was really hard for the girl !
Jody Richards (9 months ago)
Wiesmann Souhil Thank I really love 4
Thore Guettler (3 years ago)
Yes Very strange/crazy
Bastian B Strange (3 years ago)
Name of the song 0:36 ?
Jody Richards (9 months ago)
Speedy I really love my 4
Jody Richards (9 months ago)
Eijah I see u
Broken (3 years ago)
+Bastian B Strange snoop doug - weedstorm
Zachary Spears (3 years ago)
Darude - Sandstorm

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