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Tape Face: ALL Performances on America's Got Talent 2016

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This guy is funny... Although I wouldn't say the same for his Semi-Final.
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Downlock1 (1 year ago)
1 million views! Thanks everyone for watching this! I'll make sure to post more videos like this after the finals of this year's season of AGT ends, that is, if the videos don't get copyright claimed. P.S. I have turned on Community Contributions on the video itself, so that you can now add in subtitles of different languages on the video to help our friends from other countries to be able to enjoy the video too. Please feel free to do so, and remember to have fun! :)
Dimas (7 hours ago)
Marta Gutierrez (2 days ago)
Downlock1 k
Matthew Manzano (2 days ago)
I think you mean 15 million
Ruman Khan (2 days ago)
Sorry it earned 15 million views
Quinten Peer (3 days ago)
Downlock1 Julian 5
Sketcher (1 hour ago)
fraser (2 hours ago)
Ya'll are all lying. This dude wasn't even good
VIPER5921 (3 hours ago)
Shallyn Fischer (3 hours ago)
The fact I got to see this man perform at an aids walk just like makes this all the better for me to watch
King Of ToasT (4 hours ago)
My eyes dried watching this
Steve (4 hours ago)
and Nick C went shopping in Lionel Richies closet for this whole seasons wardrobe , and back in time for his haircuts..
Chris Zaremba (5 hours ago)
15:44 thhhat seshhexual harrrrashmennt
KlingonCaptain (5 hours ago)
It's Mister Mime!
Axle J (5 hours ago)
Is that flex tape?!
Cole Peltier (5 hours ago)
I did not expect this.
Solorium (5 hours ago)
I wish he won, so that at the end, when he gets his million dollars, he just takes off the tape and is like "Thanks, idiots."
effinghamhick (6 hours ago)
Simon is/was shagging Mel.... no doubt.
Aicila Lester (6 hours ago)
Aicila Lester (6 hours ago)
LOL... 😶😮😏😁😃😂🤣🤣🤣 😏WAY TO GO MAN.😂 🤣 WAY TO GO. 🤣
ImStefan (7 hours ago)
He really looks like penguin from Gotham
Kaleb Loshbough (7 hours ago)
He doesnt talk cause hes really eminem
Kaleb Loshbough (7 hours ago)
That was amazing
Brad Patterson (7 hours ago)
Like a slant singer
kill bill (7 hours ago)
if i were a judge, i would have hit the golden buzzer at the first act
Melisa Hirsch (7 hours ago)
0:24 me when i want someone to shut up XD
4:00 singularity who
16:16 nicks like whyy me
the eyes speaks for itself 😂
Dyalla 42 (9 hours ago)
3:56 Name song ?
Erin Crowley (9 hours ago)
Tape-Face is so unique and and fun to watch!
Jarmo Jokijärvi (10 hours ago)
He's like modern and updated version of Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Tribute of those silent masters.
Solomonster (11 hours ago)
I can't believe a New Zealander like myself got into the finals, I met him while he was busking in the streets about two years ago and he made me crack up laughing the whole time I was there.
Carolyne Argana (11 hours ago)
I love tape face
ozawashere (11 hours ago)
This guy is like the modern version of a mime in a good way
Jessica molina (12 hours ago)
Mel always has a look of disgust when someone calls her up. She acts like she’s better than everyone.
Michael Verdant (13 hours ago)
This guy is a hero
PhoenixPalmer (13 hours ago)
You can't fool me Joe, I know this is your Impractical Jokers punishment.
Phant0m Path (14 hours ago)
Greedy YouTuber placing Ads on something that isn’t their content.
TunInXrayVizion (15 hours ago)
Thanks man face is priceless
Sheena John (15 hours ago)
He looks scary , with the tape
Pinky_ Tuber (16 hours ago)
he is mr Bean but have tap on
Eilishs Daughter (16 hours ago)
Alex Pope (17 hours ago)
Love from Russia. Tape face, you're the smartest, voiceless, and funniest!!! Russia loves you and looks. Ty ohuennyy. Don't transleit.
Well Shiet (17 hours ago)
Twitch chat people voted for this guy LULW
Well Shiet (17 hours ago)
Now its 2k18 and everything is cringe btw *haHAA*
Paul V. Gentile (18 hours ago)
Its now November of 2018 and I'm STILL watching Mr. TapeFace(Mr. Sam Wills)...sorry, spoiler alert. Silliness is the "in" these days.
Rhian playz (19 hours ago)
Hiede looks bad
ArizonaTheSandSeaWing (20 hours ago)
rr M (20 hours ago)
tim burton should make a movie with him
천백류 (21 hours ago)
charpieedruggiee (22 hours ago)
That wasn't even her drink that she threw -__-
Michael kors (1 day ago)
So funny guy, lol
Wolf Gang (1 day ago)
I don't really find him funny, Don't see the hype
Emmett L. Brown (1 day ago)
Tape Face would definitely win a round against SCP-173.
The Void 1 (1 day ago)
It looks like he’s hy
Benjamin Tibbetts (1 day ago)
╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ X X ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━╝
Armani Lovett (1 day ago)
Is it just me or does Tape Face look like Joe from impractical jokers😂😂
Sri Ram (1 day ago)
Highly overrated..!! Not so fun except the first act.
Mel Forlaje (1 day ago)
Why it's called Tape Face when he only covers his mouth? Tape Mouth was right to call, right? Hahaha
Mel Forlaje (1 day ago)
Why it's called Tape Face when he only covers his mouth? Mouth Face was right to call, right? Hahaha
JJ (1 day ago)
Imagine a collab between this guy and FlexTape
JJ I sawed this career in half!
Monica Collins (1 day ago)
He's just so ENTERTAINING!
Lance Hondrade (1 day ago)
4:08 Only BTS fans will get this.
Gatcha Fan (1 day ago)
I love tape face and I like when she says take the tape off and there’s another tape😂😂😂😂 let’s hit 900k
SYAB YT (1 day ago)
So silly XD
TapeFace looks like MOMO!!
Mohamad H (1 day ago)
he must have been inspired by charly chaplin RIP. even Mr bean kinda. Creative and Bravo. we need things all the family can enjoy not just one age group, 📼😉
Epixar123 (1 day ago)
Now that i think about it he looks like matt edwards just a lil
NarfBLAST (1 day ago)
Is it possible to get an edit where the judges dialogue is muted?
Embecmom (1 day ago)
this is just garbage.
fen0m (1 day ago)
dam where batman at, this guy straight from arkham
wayne Connors (1 day ago)
M H (1 day ago)
I can C him in a movie...another borat but quiet
Dark Ravag3 (1 day ago)
Hope he won
Jim Hess (6 hours ago)
he didn't
Tyler Armand (1 day ago)
What is this song 11:23??
He’s like the creepy dark version of a mime without all the makeup lol
the dark side (1 day ago)
WHERE DİD YOU GO TAPE FACE????!!!!!!¿¿¿¿¿¿ (~•`∆•`)~
Singleplayer (1 day ago)
My name is Anthony but I’m not Anthony ying! :3
MarginalFour 995 (1 day ago)
Did he win?
Braselton94 (1 day ago)
It’s Iike the blue man group, mr. bean, and Charlie Chaplin all rolled into one.
Jack Sen (1 day ago)
Tape face : the cutest , the funniest , the most intresting , hilarious human being on the planet
Jennifer Fagan (1 day ago)
15 million views
Ian Nisnisan (1 day ago)
RM7 Freestyler (1 day ago)
he needs to make a movie
Chloe Barnes (1 day ago)
Howie:you've been potty trained I died😂😂🤣🤣😂
Robert Parkreiner (1 day ago)
"You're gonna have your own TV-show" that would get old fast
Robert Parkreiner (1 day ago)
They react like it's the Most amazing performance they've ever seen
Daniel Dittrich (1 day ago)
Its Marylin Manson!
Sumathi H (1 day ago)
19:32 her bra can be seen
Ann Drogynous (1 day ago)
His setup for the gags he pulls are awesome.
Jerry Flowers (1 day ago)
That hand snapping thing to that specific beat is something I actually do, I was freaking out. I need to go to bed
Parth Yogaonkar (2 days ago)
Hugh Laurie is that you
T Pham (2 days ago)
Wack as f
Nena Sana (2 days ago)
I want him to meet a tape faette and fall in love 😂
linran shi (2 days ago)
William F. Henry (2 days ago)
Is that the headless horewoman?
kingdomcome180 (2 days ago)
Simon was like no not the perfectly white suit
Michael Oakley (2 days ago)
Nick Canon and Tape Face, an iconic duo
Sugar ChimChim (2 days ago)
Caroline new hearts (2 days ago)
Tape face looks like momo and really funny
Mike Pham (2 days ago)
17:13 he’s doing the fresh emote lol
Andy Gerard Marino (2 days ago)
0:30 song name? i've heard this before, but i forgot about the title..
charles sturdivant (2 days ago)
Thats good.

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