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Sony | α | α9 - Product Feature

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α9 goes beyond the norms of camera function and operation, offering new expressive potential for professional creators. This is the E-mount full-frame interchangeable lens digital camera to feature a 35mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with integral memory. The sensor’s stacked structure and integral memory contribute to the unprecedented readout speed achieved by the sensor and image-processing engine. High speed enables continuous shooting at up to 20 fps, blackout-free shooting, up to 60 AF/AE tracking calculations per second, silent, vibration-free Anti-Distortion Shutter operation at up to 1/32,000 sec., and other capabilities that add up to an all-new shooting experience without interference from mechanical devices. *[00:48] [00:54] Correction of annotation: At shutter speeds of 1/125 sec or higher. #Sonyalpha Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SonyCameraChannel About Sony: At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can, creating unique new cultures and experiences. Everything we do is to move you emotionally. Be moved. Connect with Sony’s Digital Imaging Online. Visit the Sony’s Digital Imaging WEBSITE: http://www.sony.net/di/ilc/ Sony | α | α9-Product Feature https://www.youtube.com/c/imagingbysony
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Text Comments (335)
Philippe Durel (1 month ago)
I'm not buying any new Sony camera until they come up with some sort of a A9R version with 42.4Mp or more and all the upgrades and features from the Alpha line. It's time Sony comes up with at least ONE camera to really stand out from the rest of the digital camera industry, considering the fact that they'll most probably never go professional (... have an independent "Sony Photography" entity, separate from the rest of Sony business, with an independent management and a real customer support and dedicated maintenance in most every country where they officially distribute their Sony digital cameras ...).
William Carter (3 months ago)
Can any of you recommend some good reading to learn about advances in sensor technology? I understand that larger sensors generally outperform smaller ones even if the pixels are the same. I have seen first hand how a poor quality sensor can yield noisy low contrast images. I am struggling to see the benefits of the Alpha9 as opposed to the Alpha7R, which is about 2K less and has twice the resolution. I am drooling over both.
91Supercooler (6 months ago)
God of all cameras
Greenfrog Media (8 months ago)
Greenfrog Media (8 months ago)
sony is the best
Farhan (11 months ago)
I wish sony could improve its brand image in professional level cameras like a Nikon or Canon
Vishnu Vardhan kumar (1 year ago)
Thanks Sony for making something that we can't buy...!!
Chandra Sikom (1 year ago)
a 7 mark 3 father
sanjid himel (1 year ago)
Beautiful...... But it consumes much power
E' Jude (1 year ago)
I love it for free
Ian H (1 year ago)
When are manufactures going to sit down with pro users and say “look, what do you want in camera?” The users respond “we want this”, and the company responds “ok, here you go.” / Instead of a great brand announcing an awesome camera that lacks vital features, leaving users scratching their heads.
Kebkeb Zezebe (1 year ago)
Megapixels could be better.
LK (1 year ago)
came here after watching jks vlog
Deep Tweaks (1 year ago)
693 AFP's woohoohoo!!! Hope you are seeing this Nikon, bring out the D5 M ii
p7272 (1 year ago)
Sony always has great music with there camera releases. ;-))
Sony goes for no blackout ,Nikon goes for pure black (mirror lockup)
pew DaBullets (1 year ago)
Because of this cam I love mirroless
Test Test (1 year ago)
This is great. But the battery life is still horrible. Lolz.
Faiz Hilmy (1 year ago)
give me 1 camera for film making
Levi Me (1 year ago)
and also bursts into flames if you shoot 4k
Jack Dolah (1 year ago)
Expensive as fuck! Typical sony
Pariah Mz (1 year ago)
wanita sex
fadani _ (1 year ago)
Wish i could get a Sony A7 or A9 camera tho, ive been stuck with Olympus Pen Mini for the past 4 years and it's not as impressive as Sony's camera
Sabrina Chairunnisa (1 year ago)
I just did a full video with sony a9 on my youtube and its amazing!
SuperDigitalMe (1 year ago)
Ridiculous pricing, its 4500 in the US, so why is it 5300 EURO???? I hope they sell none
Jón Steinar (1 year ago)
I am glad yu have listened to your cutomers deman to improved on your products, but there is a downside to this. Situated in Iceland I fall between your strict and misunderstand regional division in service? i can not make purchases in the appstore in play memories because my countrys situatin on the globe. Still we have mutual business agreement. Iceland falls inbetween those regions so I am not able to buy your apps because of my location. You seem to be in the misconseption that you have to translate the apps for our our language, therfore offer no service to us. For your information you could categorize us as an english speaking client or one of the nordics. Every single native speaks perfect english and other languages, so you do not have to translate anything to our market. We speak nordic languages an fluent english. So keep it in one of those. Its just takes a stroke of a pen. Play memories is totally unneccesaryly restricted according to thire policies. plesa include us in english region or the nordic once. You will have no complaint all. It smells of imerialism and prejudice or ignoranc to leave us out. True we speak a strage language, but that has teaced us to adobt to attain the most prominent languages in th word. I ask tou sincerily to reconsider your aproach to this and leran something adout Iceland. This is the main reason Some got a lack of intrest in your producs because your prejudice aproach. It will cost not more than sending a reperesentetive to rectify tis. Millioms of turist visit here every year are met by close doors. Iclean i now one of the hottest photogrqphers paradizes on eart and your unfathomathabl burocqacy is ruining your marketshare. Recomside your regionality our refionalti us with links to the uk or usa. You cann do it with one stroke of pen. Let,everyone enjoy teh full capability of yoru products and the problem is solved over night. Our maket not limited by litreal fools kowing only the isolateed lamguage of Iceland. . We are a multilingular nation with on of the higest standard and education of computers in the worl plus get two mllion wisitors every year where most of them are here for photographic experience. Rethink your stuppborn inconceivable restritions. Lack of service is the one of the greatest factor on shying cutomers from yor product. Fix this and get a new retailer with loaity to your product but not serving two competing masters. When midatlantic is out of your interests this gives sony a bad reputation even aurora of arrogance. Regional devision should be a thing of the past in international business enviroment and the genious that came with rhe isea shold be downgraded to the post office or,janitor. You have market of millions but narowsigjetdly have decided thar "village? Of 350 thousand is not wort bothering with. Maybe sony in all their focus on innovation forgot the customer after all. Distribution and maketin has taken second place. Hope yo read this. i am serious. So serious that I Im thinkig to fall back to my Canon.
Cinematic FluxUFA (1 year ago)
holy cow fuck what the hell 693 FOCUS POINT UNREAL BRUH
NissanPacific (1 year ago)
Canon killer...
Hdhollybolly (1 year ago)
Father of camera's.....
Hdhollybolly (1 year ago)
Love you Sony 💕💝💗💟💜💛
Jose Deida (1 year ago)
Adiguna Satrya Wibowo (1 year ago)
maybe Casey will replace his GH5 to this thing, awesome
NEIL MALONE (1 year ago)
I have to say I'm not convinced by the camera, even though it's out of my price range. I take photos at pro wrestling events and have yet to see exact f-stop range and how it works in low light venues like the one I do them at, perhaps nearer launch lol!
Kimchii inSLC (1 year ago)
And then when I see the price...
PandaDigit ltd (1 year ago)
Stephen Lucero (1 year ago)
Canon!!!!! Where are you????
Faishal Muhamad (1 year ago)
Murphy Caballero (1 year ago)
What is the maximum ISO?
Biswarup Bouri (1 year ago)
Creator Maali (1 year ago)
wowwowo awesome camera features
1Lifeonearth (1 year ago)
For the A9R: Please add built-in intervalometer functionality!!! and weather sealed everything. You're the only camera company headed in the right direction, keep up the good work. Canon is a joke.
Hector Elias (1 year ago)
Flip Out Screen? No! PUT ONE ONE!!!!
Fajar Wahyudi (1 year ago)
why not α9000?
Elijah X. Media (1 year ago)
Jonathan (1 year ago)
Still doesn't have the features I want: Slog2 10bit, RAW video readout windowed, Open Source API. GOOD LUCK SONY!!! xD
Chip Chelios (1 year ago)
Dear Sony, take one of my kidneys for a9 camera pls ))
An Other Wolff (1 year ago)
what a dumb big battery grip
Mami Burger (1 year ago)
the main question is, what bout dat rollin shutter?!
poma Wang (1 year ago)
五告厲害! 敗筆是轉盤鎖!
shmoggy417 (1 year ago)
OMG, Sony just dropped an a9ii with 1430 af points with 120% coverage, 40FPS continuous shooting with an infinite buffer, and an 8k evf!!!
Ben Freedman (1 year ago)
What a stunning camera! Job well done. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.
Sameir Ali (1 year ago)
She looks very promising.
Levian Hanenkamp (1 year ago)
Best camera, ever made!
Arjun Naik (1 year ago)
djingis chan (1 year ago)
A6500 fullframe big brother?
D BHAW (1 year ago)
it would be a honour to own one of these
faudanke (1 year ago)
Fuck canon fuck nikon fuck leica fuck fujifilm fuck all the other camera companies Im getting this baby
Levian Hanenkamp (1 year ago)
LOLWTF673 you said it. 😉
Syl NYC (1 year ago)
Is this review filmed with the a9?
PoolQueen Park (1 year ago)
Exmor RS Sensor in Sony Experia can do 960FPS Super Slow Mo Video. This Alpha 9 will be Amazing, a new Powerful Breed (Crossover)
Ryan Azevedo (1 year ago)
Awesome Camera like always Sony. I `d buy that only if i had 10k.
Probe Rok (1 year ago)
im in love
Hải Triều Phan (1 year ago)
a perfect camera )
Zennosuke Zack (1 year ago)
But does it have a headphone jack?
Dan Gonzalez (1 year ago)
they finally beefed up that grip, 'bout time! That mini HDMI port tho
MON4CO (1 year ago)
Wide AF coverage... Wide As Fuck coverage
Ahmad Horik (1 year ago)
Sony you need to chill the fuck out with prices like got damn they're hella expensive
Yermek Zakariya (1 year ago)
my gush! Canon 1DX sucks!
Phil Peterson (1 year ago)
The best way for Sony to take a big leap forward is to completely rethink and revamp their customer service. Right now, they farm it out to a 3rd party company named Precision Camera. Look them up on Yelp and Google...their reviews are abysmal and many customers have been screwed over by them. In spite awful reviews, Sony has used them for decades. My experience with Precision and Sony has been the worst customer service I've ever had resulting in them completely breaking my $3,000 Sony camera body and Precision and Sony refusing to repair or replace it. Canon and Nikon have their own in-house service departments where employees adjust and repair your equipment, not contracted hourly workers. I've had several experiences with Canon's service over the last decade and they've always been professional and fair. Sony...notsomuch. I hope that Sony's announcement of some changes to their service structure results in them going back and making things right with customers they've wronged and a sizable upgrade in professionalism. After Mia, a Precision Camera manager, refused to repair my camera and refused to even provide an estimate for repairs, she suggested I "sell it on eBay for parts" (WTF nope). After Johnny Pham, a Sony customer service manager, suggested I was drunk (WTF nope!) and then asked me send my camera in for a second look, Precision completely broke it. Totally bricked. As a Sony representative, he then refused to repair or replace my camera. After Randall Martin "Sony Electronics Executive Customer Affairs and Customer Advocacy Group" sent a letter (because they lost my email and phone numbers...seriously. WTF is wrong with Sony's customer service if they can't access customers' contact info?) to follow up on my experience, he said that he "wants to come to a resolution that will satisfy all parties". That sounded great until two weeks later he told me that he was only going satisfy Sony and Precision and refused to repair or replace the camera Precision broke. Obviously, I was left unsatisfied.  In my experience, Sony's unprofessionalism can't get much worse so any step to improve it is welcome news for potential customers. Sony, it's been a year since you stopped replying to my emails and phone calls. I know you have a hard time keeping customers' contact info so maybe you "lost" my info? Right. Hit me up via YouTube or Amazon. I'm a professional photographer so just Google my name and you can easily find me. I'm still holding on to a shred of hope that you will do the right thing and repair or replace the camera your 3rd party service company broke. Holla...
Achilleas Labrou (1 year ago)
Impressive camera but with an unbelievable price. I hope the raw files isn't 12bit instead of 14bit at 20 shots per seconds.
9freelandk (1 year ago)
Impressive !
caloy Pelayo lazaro (1 year ago)
joken gift better than tesla
FUN Lee (1 year ago)
De Girolamo Filmmaker (1 year ago)
For my is Porn!!! :D Good Work Sony.
3J02N (1 year ago)
Sony actually listened. Good game!
Anthony Richard (1 year ago)
Oh very interesting I am impatient to test it.
Guillaume Quévy (1 year ago)
With Canon updating it's 5D every 4 years the Mark 4 will be completely "obsolete" compared to Sonys which is updating every 1 or 2 years ^^
RunniNGTheShow (1 year ago)
Annnnnnd my credit card is maxed out again.
Kharisnaditya (1 year ago)
perfect for tumblr Kappa
Keith Andres (1 year ago)
I'm sold.
Vivalafred (1 year ago)
The evolution of cameras...
JustNYC • (1 year ago)
$4,500 I will wait 3 years when it goes on sale. What a beautiful machine
eznymorpheus (1 year ago)
wonder if the battery is backward compatible
1barnet1 (1 year ago)
It is not(different shape and larger)
Amir Asadi (1 year ago)
- " but it doesn't have the same feel of a pro ds..BITCH SHUTUP
Ilman heriyawan (1 year ago)
i think this camera for sport photography
Don Parmezano (1 year ago)
Please give me one. I love Sony a7 series.
Martijn Martens (1 year ago)
480 frames on a single charge? So the battery will be dead in 24 seconds lol
1barnet1 (1 year ago)
No, The cipa standard is used for it. So with regular use like starting shutting down. Live view for composing (this is where Dslr's get their advantage) some use of built-in flash etc. If you shoot fast bursts on the side line you could possibly shoot several thousands of shots before the battery runs dry. I'd reckon close to a Dslr which uses more power with it's shutter mechanism and mirror assembly when shooting bursts compared to the full electronic shutter used here. That would be an interesting test for reviewers.
Flapp (1 year ago)
4k 60fps? no? :c
Ricard Andrés (1 year ago)
I hope they release A9s
Ethan O'Hara (1 year ago)
whos here before it goes viral
Basically Nutshell (1 year ago)
nice video made by a "profesional" team,you can see the color aberation on the edge of the camera and the reflection of the studio
green beens (1 year ago)
Sony a9 is good, but my Sony a10 is lagging and gets over heated! what to do? ;p
Yangtze (1 year ago)
Screen doesnt flip out :(
Max Sun (1 year ago)
Copied from fujifilm x-t2, added stabilizer.
Abhinav Viswaroop (1 year ago)
I asked my parents to buy me the a9 and they thought it would be cheap since it looked like one of the Cybershots (looking at the size) but when they saw the price...... *speechless*
niloy ahmed (1 year ago)
You guys should have given this camera a bigger battery and fully rotatable screen.... I'm happy but also disappointed
Avieshek Rajkhowa (1 year ago)
Now it feels like Sony again. Now only, Smartphones were their priority too.
erik kwong (1 year ago)
i love your camera series. But sony lens are too expensive.
Mundo Journey (1 year ago)
Canon... your move, Sony has you close to checkmate
Derrens Yovistan (1 year ago)
legend says : "If Sony launch their brand new big mirrorles camera, it will cost you more than $2,000" That what the Legend said!
Bartek Bieliński (1 year ago)
ok, but will it blend?

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