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Why It's Getting Easier For White Guys To Date In The Philippines

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A few years ago I posted a video called "Why It's Hard For White Guys To Date In The Philippines". In that video I discussed some of the cultural reasons why finding love in the Philippines might be harder for foreigners than they might initially think. Times have changed though since I first lived in the Philippines as a single guy and did most of my dating there. Because of the popularity of dating apps, and many of the Filipina "it girls" dating and marrying foreigners; smart, eligible, young beautiful Pinay girls have become easier to meet, and are more likely than ever to be interested in dating a foreigner for a variety of cultural reasons. David DiMuzio http://Facebook.com/DavidDiMuzio http://Twitter.com/DavidDiMuzio http://Facebook.com/ddimuzio (personal page ...follow) http://Instagram.com/DavidDiMuzio https://soundcloud.com/daviddimuzio Therese Tiangco: https://youtube.com/channel/UCa_oXA2OnAcr6NjyyjYMIJQ http://Instagram.com/ThereseTiangco
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Text Comments (274)
she is pretty for a Filipino
Helvie Smithe (2 days ago)
4 billion asians 600 million white .. hmmm really sad but anyways less whiye poeple will not be born😕sad
Asian Sex Diary (5 days ago)
Filipino women are attracted to white men because they think it's an easy way to get the good life. They think stereotype about white foreign men because they think all white foreign men are rich, tall, handsome, have a good life, superior, open minded, more romantic and are able to give them whatever they want in life, but again that is not always true. Not all white foreign men are handsome, rich, open minded and have a good easy life, as I said its just a stereotype. Filipinos are also very racist toward darker skin people, and they believe that by hooking up with white guys their children will be born with white skin. They think white skin is better over there in the Philippines for some reason, and they are very prejudice toward darker skinned Filipino people. They look down on black people or any other darker race once they arrive in America, as if they are actually white people themselves in some manner. The White man and Filipino marriages normally last around 2 or 3 yrs, and then it's a wrap. Filipino women are very jealous, selfish, very conniving, shallow, superficial and very delusional about being in love with these old white American men. - Almost 100% Guaranteed divorce rate with that sexy old white man. - hahaha !!!! Again I think there are too many Filipinos that watch too many Hollywood movies, they think white foreign men are some kind of Hollywood actor or movie star. Even a normal looking white foreign guy or an ugly looking white foreign guy in their own country are considered handsome in the Philippines, but surely there must be some 100% local Filipino men that are considered more attractive looking then some white foreign men. In reality love should be judged by the person's character and personality, not judged by the country, race or coloured skin.
Beerguzzler07 (8 days ago)
Sounds like you've been about a bit, girls in the Philippines aren't like that. At least not the ones worth marrying.
Lily Lo (13 days ago)
I live Australia. Few white men want to date me but most of them are arrogant. Most young guys don't have a stable job. They think asian are easy. Living nearly 4 years in Australia, haven't met a right guy.
australia is a shitty racist country, why bothered going there?
eugene Thomas (13 days ago)
White guys are nerds and boring BLK guys are more talent and fun to be with
David DiMuzio (13 days ago)
I wonder if you're a black guy ;)
Ella Ella (14 days ago)
Most Filipinas who are with white guys here in the Philippines are either the gold digging GRO type and those with a nasty mix of severe inferiority complex and colonial mentality. Both types think being with a white guy somehow helps their social status but from the middle and upper class' point of view, they are filthy and desperate. You see filthy and desperate Pinays hanging around high end malls in Makati and BGC trying to fish for lonely white men who can make use of their company in exchange for money. Oh boy it hurt my eyes everytime I personally witness such sight. I just wish establishments can kick those kinds of people out. They dont even give a damn about the degrading looks from the people around them. It's easy for foreigners to get into lower class Filipino circles because their need for money is exploitable. Go to my school at De La Salle University where girls are from middle-upperclass and test your stereotypes. Foreigners tend to cherry pick their stereotypes from the lower class Filipinos which only comprises of about 25% of the country's total population.
Ella Ella (14 days ago)
Too much stereotypes based from a small sample of millions of people. Man, I dont think a foreigner like you would ever penetrate the inner Filipino social circle to make such verdicts.
Michael Angot (22 days ago)
Filipinas love white men and green card
T W (22 days ago)
Philippines is poor. Normal they white Rich guy. Moron
Sir Dinzhi Films (24 days ago)
because foolish filipina thinks white people are superior and have anything they own
It’s me (27 days ago)
This video is horrible and very inaccurate. Coming from a guy married to a Filipina, with a house there.
Andrea Guarniero (1 month ago)
Tinder, seriously? Did you put the flag on "no poor girl". I'll be waiting the video where you'll disclose your real preferences.
Ty Campbell (1 month ago)
From my experience ALL westerners regardless of race will have an easy time getting Filipinas
Ty Campbell (1 month ago)
Im a Black American moving to the Philippines in 2020. Ill be honest ive never had a problem getting catching Filipinas interest.It may be because im American they equate me with being rich but seriously they love black men as well
Mitch Hallum (1 month ago)
filipinos didn't wear anything until spain came. their celebrities and athletes are all mixed blood. a typical filipino guy is 5ft.
Ella Ella (14 days ago)
Not all, just about 10% of celebrities are mixed blood really. Nah, Filipinos were already wearing "bahags" and the women werent walking around with their tits hanging out. Dont lecture about other nation's history when you are ignorant about it because it only makes you look dumb.
reten Geten (16 days ago)
@ Mitch Hallum I think you are partially right on the first point, I have seen a lot of old & historic photos of the Philippines. Quite often, women were topless, but the lower half was covered. On the second point, I agree 100% many Filipino celebrities & athletes are of mixed racial heritage. From what I have seen, while walking around the Philippines, at 6 Feet tall, I tower over nearly all men there. However, I think they are taller on average that 5 feet. I think they are on average in the 5ft 2 to 5 ft 5 range. Filipinas are the ones who are 5 ft on average. In fact I have met a gazillion that are 4 ft 11.
scott80ca (1 month ago)
There are other things that actually make it harder. For example you have foreigners that are behaving badly there, hooking up with every girl they see. They lie to Filipinas and they use them for sex and disappear. These guys are making it HARDER for white guys because it will turn off many Filipinas to foreigners. And than you always have the white guys there in the Philippines taking advantage of the women who are desperate to get out of the Philippines. White guys should never brag about getting girls in SE Asia. They're picking the low hanging fruit in places like the Philippines becasue they cannot get girls in their own country. Hate to say it but it's true for alot of these guys. The other issue is that the feminization of the Philippines will happen it's only a matter of time. Than the girls will become alot more picky. Japan used to be the easiest place for a white guy in the world but it's not nearly as easy now. Times change.
Walter Lavinder (1 month ago)
Are you kidding me, white guys have had a easy time dating and getting married to Filipinas long,long before you where even born!!!!!. Some people think the world only started when the internet came along. Google " Pen Pals " you will learn what LDR is really like.
JoseAngel Hernandez (1 month ago)
Weren't you also bald back then?
Vince Sang (1 month ago)
wmaf pairing has highest divorce rate in the US among interracial couples..
romzzz99 (1 month ago)
I dont understand this white guy thing. Its easy for ALL foreigners. I am an indian guy from london plus i am dark skinned. its so easy to get filipinas as long as your from a first world country. once i had 100 matches in a day from tinder. btw that girl is fat and not so pretty. if your getting so many girls and u picked her, i dont think u are getting hot girls
aryanavonteese (1 month ago)
Because Filipinas want to escape extreme poverty
Joe Mel (1 month ago)
The number crunching test. They've made a test in the past about; Does having more choices really make people happier. The test example is; You have 6 different Ice Cream flavours to pick from. And most people will end up choosing one of the 6 fairly easy. But when they had 24 Ice Cream flavours to pick from, many gave up and refused to pick one, haha. That's Tinder in a nutshell for you.
Harry Morant (1 month ago)
No matter what bull they’ll tell you in the dating sites or wherever the prime reason Filipino women ,Thai etc (or whatever corrupt impoverished country that they come from) have anything to do with western males is money. No matter if you look like the elephant mans more deformed brother she’ll still go with you if you’ve got money in your pocket particularly if you meet a girl who is connected to the bar sex trade
Pink Horizon (1 month ago)
Funny, we have indigenous women wuth those features in latin america. This video kind of makes sense as to why the Spaniards (Europeans) were attracted to our ancestors (and they're still in some parts of the country). The mixing of both races has made a lot of latinos no longer have slanted eyes even though you still see them in some people including the indigenous.
Tommy Rex (1 month ago)
I'm a white guy and while, not all white guys are arrogant and ignorant, too many are. So ladies, please be careful that's all I can say, REALLY get to know the man before making a decision, race and color does NOT mean wealth, or more importantly, good character, morals, and values.
RJ (1 month ago)
yeah it's for money and to get to US
Willy Pp (1 month ago)
I been in the Philippines and they don’t like their dark skin, flat nose,hair and round face so they want to get a white guy to have kids and make their off spring better looking, it’s the truth and they even admit it, there’s even a classic Filipino story about how they got the ugly flat nose
JM Lacson (1 month ago)
Why do I find it difficult to date a white guy here? I am not attracted to Asian men. And most men coming here are old and retiring? I will maybe just focus on making money, travel and die single. :(
Pink Horizon (24 days ago)
+Stealth74u i have met a mexican guy with an asian girl. He is in the school district board though so im not sure if thats how they met. Anyway, i think its silly to try to limit your choices on guy's skin color. If this girl won't give you the time of day im sure another asian girl will. Im not going to lie to you, it'll be hard because they perceive white guys as superior and wealthy but you can do it.
Pink Horizon (1 month ago)
+JM Lacson um so do i but im not silly enough to limit my choice to skin color. I know you are being polite but it just makes your answer not believable. Just say that you only like white guys. You'd get more respect.
scott80ca (1 month ago)
I should also add I did see alot more young foreigners on my last trip to the Philippines last November but I also saw alot more white girls there. In some of the tourist resort areas i met more white girls than Filipinas. And most of the younger white men I saw were with their white girlfriends or wives.
scott80ca (1 month ago)
+JM Lacson most young white guys cannot afford to live in the Philippines. I mean how can they make money? They either cannot work there and they would be taking a huge salary cut of they can work there as compared to their country. You have the few vloggers and online entrepreneurs that make money there but that's a very small number. And it's hard to travel when you're working some only get 2 weeks vacation per year. That's why it's mostly old white guys and retirees that go there and stay in the Philippines. And sadly the few young white guys that do go there are usually sex addicted fuckboys, taking advantage of the reputation of the Philippines and looking to bang as many Filipinas as possible. So for any decent Filipina they're not an option.
Grimm Viper (2 months ago)
The High Class rich Filo girls will still date within their families, to them its actually a disgrace if they date or marry a non filo guy lol
Jason Robert (2 months ago)
I have found that asian woman in general that I have dated have been harder working, more family oriented, and kinder than the western woman I have dated in america. When I first came to PH and stayed for 3 weeks at end of 2016 I stayed in contact with all the contacts I really got to know. I have been back twice since then for about 16 months in total, its like my second home:) I love all the family values, the sweet gestures and the appreciation for little things. I very rarely have anyone ask what I do, what I make, or what my position is that is so common in western societies. I think its just nice dating and having a girl make you feel like she is interested in who you are as a man not what position you have at your work or where you went to school.
Michael Alan (1 month ago)
What dating apps did u use there?
James Anderson (2 months ago)
In the past the worst elements of America and the Philippines interacted and created the stereotypes that people are still reacting to today. Primarily older foreigners came to the Philippines because they knew their "wealth" would attract much younger women than they were capable of getting back home. It was very wrong of the guy to do this, he stole the girls youth for his own sexual desire, deceived these girls, had no intentions of settling down and in some ways robbed her of a chance of a loving relationship, happiness, and a family. At the same time there were guys who came over with good intentions and wanted marriage and there were girls who just used the guys for citizenship to another country, getting college paid for, and marrying the guy knowing they would divorce him and take his wealth once she got everything she wanted(gold digger). These are the only stories people here about and remember and unfortunately they are the most painful ones. Thankfully though things have changed and the internet is making the world a much smaller place. Normal people with good intentions can now interact more freely and they are all coming to the same conclusion. If I know what I want and I know what I am attracted to why limit myself to a city, a country, or a social circle? What if the love of my life isn't the only single person that a friend of a friend introduced me to, what if they are half away around the world waiting for me? Some people on here still accusing all Filipinas as gold diggers and some guys just wanting vacation girlfriends are overgeneralizing and haven't realized that things are not just changing but they have changed. When two people no matter their backgrounds, skin color, or what country they are born in find love and happiness those things should be celebrated and encouraged, not destroyed and discouraged based off bad past experiences.
shaka khan (1 day ago)
Calm down,Snowy
JAYSTAR VAZION (2 months ago)
Because they want money and ehite babies period
Chris (2 months ago)
2:44 Your companion just insulted a whole bunch of people buy calling the low end squatters. It's called https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barangay You guys come off as pretentious now. Especially your companion. This is the exact attitude that my wife encountered from a city Filipina in Los Angeles when talking about provincial girls. From previous video: You forgot the 4th kind of Filipina - the girl that gets sick of dating Filipino guys. I'm married to one and she's from a rural area west of Cagayan de Oro (Mindanao) and she has a 4 year degree in Computer Science. I know another girl that is, right now, still single, 20 years old, has a BS in Education and gorgeous and lives on east side of Mindanao. She just broke up with a Filipino guy and is again sick of Filipino guys. And the 5th, great girls that married a Filipino guy, can't get divorced due to the laws - hardest in the world, and really, really wants to marry a foreigner.
paulmaking1980 (2 months ago)
Haha! Asian guys get all the good looking Asian girls, while White guys get all the ugly Asian girls who are seen as unattractive & undatable by Asian guys. Also amwf couples tend to be more attractive & equal than wmaf. ASIAN GUYS RULES!
PHILIP WATSON 5 (2 months ago)
British women can’t be trusted 👏🏼👍🏼
any anglos can't be trusted lol
Dan (2 months ago)
Most Filipinos/filipinas think foreigners are white, Dude that's racist
Dennis H (1 month ago)
Because most foreigners are white if you're looking into western countries....statistics
Dan (2 months ago)
Filipinas react like this because of their curiousity about foreign ppl
JG (1 month ago)
Foreigners, particularly western men and Filipino women have different dating languages. To westerners, dating is just getting to know stage. To Filipinos, that's courting stage. A man should "work" to get a girl- buy flowers, constantly reach out, impress the parents, woe friends, etc. A Filipino guy can court someone for years without ever dating the girl. Dating only starts the couple becomes official. Official means a Filipino woman saying a clear "yes", verbally, that she's agreeing to be someone's girlfriend. No assumptions. Until then, she's someone being courted. Dating can go on for 5, 10 years until the couples settles down. Do you notice how common is long term relationships in the Philippines? 4-5 years is the average dating time. There's no such thing or at least I haven't met anyone who doesn't want to settle down after years of dating. In my family, average dating time is 10 years. You have to realize that we do not have divorce there so we have to be at least 90% sure. Try watching Filipino romantic movies often so you can pick up "Filipino love language". This is also to keep your Filipino girlfriend after getting her. You're going to be a working progress for a very long time.
qwerty asdfg (3 months ago)
one word to explain all this. HYPERAGAMY
Blitz Kreig (3 months ago)
Nothing like self hatred of own race
SoutheastRice 96 (8 days ago)
+Georgia Alessandra Most Filipino guys prefers looks over personality.
Georgia Alessandra (2 months ago)
How about try dating filipino guys, you'll see why
You're Jealous (3 months ago)
It has always been easy for white men to date in the Philippines. I've known so many mixed half white philo's throughout my life. Also, the dislikes are from bitter black boys.
You're Jealous (24 days ago)
+Kill Ghost blacks want anything and anyone and no one wants blacks. period. no one likes your physical appearance, skin, lips, hair, smell, gross. ew.
Kill Ghost (1 month ago)
You're Jealous why do you continue to mention blacks? Is it because none of use would date trash like you?
You're Jealous (2 months ago)
+アートポップ スターボーイ I am not illegally here. So it doesn't matter. And I support the wall. Its amazing how black people try to pretend to be different, yet get offended when someone doesn't agree with you. Guess what? I'm not gonna help you feel better about yourself by hating someone for you. I like white men. Deal with it.
paulmaking1980 (3 months ago)
David DiMuzio looks like 50 & VERY UGLY! This guy is a typical arrogant White guy, who thinks its easier for White guys to pick up Filipino girls. No beautiful Filipino or Asian girls will date White guys, most will prefer to date Asian guys. White guys age badly after 30 like him, while Asian guys still look young after 30. A good-looking Asian guy is far more handsome than a handsome White guy!
pua4lyfe44 (2 months ago)
Your an idiot. Google - online - race - male sender. Asian females reply to a higher rate to white males than Asian. Eat it. You better not be living in America
+Random 94 This bitch just assuming that all of the Hates coming from black men like WTFUCK ! me myself as an Asian men got confused as what this stupid spic got to hate about black people
paulmaking1980 (3 months ago)
+You're Jealous Haha very funny! You said the Black population around the world is dying, well so is the White population. White population is dying & fast! America in a few decades will be a minority-majority country, the Whites will be a minority in America. The Whites, especially White men fear of losing its privilege status & dominance in America & globally. Global power is shifting to Asia led by China & India, not America anymore. Because of that you see angry White males turning to violence, becoming more racist & voting for populist politicians like Donald Trump. The White man fear of losing it power & privilege, because of that they use their power & privilege status to influence society through the media to spread negative stereotypes of men of ethnic minorities like the Asians, Latinos & Blacks to take out the competition. But things are changing & the world is changing, the White man is losing its power & privilege status. White men always feared the Asian man historically, since the Mongol conquerers led by Genghis Khan, later it was the yellow peril & now the rise of China. The White man is losing its advantages to Asian men, as Asian men become more richer that will naturally attracts women & that's what the White man fears most as well it's decline in power & privilege. Asia is the new centre of global power economically, geopolitically, culturally led by China, India, Japan & other Asian powers. America & the West in general is FINISH & FOREVER! Asia is where the new wealth is located, the Asian middle-class & the rich are booming. Asia & Asians are the present & future!
atnstn (3 months ago)
God she's so sweet and energetic! Real catch.
lithium propane (3 months ago)
How old is she? SHE LOOKS LIKE 15
lithium propane (3 months ago)
+David DiMuzio oh thats why she has baby face.
David DiMuzio (3 months ago)
19 or 20. She's in college.
Danny Daems (3 months ago)
im in love with a filipina i want her to be my wife (dating site)
leo patcik (3 months ago)
all gold diggers that why
delirium1326 (3 months ago)
your girl is pretty
Karr Mii (3 months ago)
Fancy hitting ur brain straight 😒
Hippy Trippy (4 months ago)
Money.green card.visa
PotatoFries (4 months ago)
She literally told us that she wouldn't date anyone. I get you don't get a white guy for the money but it's mostly for the physical appearance filipino men wouldn't get the same chance as a white guy. there was this professor who explained why most girls go for the white guy.
SoutheastRice 96 (8 days ago)
Fact: Most Filipino guys prefer looks over personality (just like some other guy from some other country). A little percentage of them would like you if they got the chance to know you deeper. BUT! If you are a good looking woman, a doll, and hot, they will definitely love you 101%. I'm still not sure if that is love. :/
Cosmic Rift (8 days ago)
PotatoFries no
luna xcx (15 days ago)
i like korean guy
mark shaw (1 month ago)
+Awa Cherif yep and we love to eat pigs too nom nom nom
PotatoFries (4 months ago)
This is interesting. In latin america most girls dont really see the need for a "white guy." Possibly because of how the Europeans raped, killed native hispanics and stole gold. Maybe in the filipino or asian cultures white men seem as high status?
+You're Jealous the world?? Now who is lacking the ability to understand and not generalize. Maybe you meant "some people". Also, I pointed this out because I find it interesting how some populations see white men. In Latin America we usually don't focus on it as much as asian culture does... I'm not sure if you're born in the US but if you're not then you would know this.
You're Jealous (1 month ago)
+Call me Ella. Ben Shapiro may call me Mia. Clearly you're lacking the intellectual capability to understand. I only date white men, and so does the world. Deal with it. They're the best looking men, this is why you're here trying to trash them, out of jealousy.
+You're Jealous so why did you just use "most" in your own sentence? Have a good day.
pua4lyfe44 (2 months ago)
Yes they do. It’s much easier for a white guy to get girls in Latin America than in United States. Those girls are poor and used to European features looked at as more beautiful. Every time I go to Mexico/Guatemala I get much more attention from females
You're Jealous (2 months ago)
+Call me Ella. Ben Shapiro may call me Mia. Saying most is pointless... you don't know most of us so don't speak for us.
June Kurobara (4 months ago)
"In order to meet girls, you need to go out." Me: Barely leaves the house once a month... Well, guess I'll die single. 😐
David DiMuzio (4 months ago)
michael douglas (4 months ago)
cause they think all white guys are rich and have money
Ignacio Balais (5 months ago)
Her armpit is nice
David DiMuzio (5 months ago)
Ignacio Balais (5 months ago)
David she’s cute. Keep her
Janella Colon (5 months ago)
Parang si Nadine Lustre (nalustred) si ate girl 😂😍
Janella Colon (5 months ago)
Ano kaya yung socioeconomic status ni ate girl? 🤔
Dayang Marikit (5 months ago)
Self-respecting Filipinas see most white guys as arrogant.
Annalyn Alexander (4 days ago)
Vince Sang fuck you
Cosmic Rift (8 days ago)
paulmaking1980 no
Chinn Lim (27 days ago)
Truth! Akala nila pera lang habol mo. Same nitong racist na payatot na to.
paulmaking1980 (1 month ago)
+scott80ca I agree bro!
scott80ca (1 month ago)
+paulmaking1980 A major dating site did a survey asking women of all races which race would they most like to date? And guess which race was number 1 for every single type of women surveyed (except for black women which they were 2nd)? White guys! So I hear ya there is an arrogance but non-white women happen to really like white dudes. It's a fact, I cannot really explain it other than maybe opposites attract? I feel it with asian girls but also even with middle eastern girls and Indian girls. But you're also correct I see way more white girls with Asian guys nowadays than i ever saw before. I live in Vancouver and trust me I see it everywhere. Good for them. I do agree with your statement that Asian guys are rising in terms of power and respect. Many are rich and successful and with the success of movies like Crazy Rich Asians you're gonna see way more Asian movie stars worldwide I think in the future. Btw Chinese and Korean foreigners do really well in the Philippines too when it comes to women. It's not just white guys.
Christian Tuazon (6 months ago)
There is still a stigma filipina dating a foreigner. Solenn is not a Filipina she is half filipino, she is pretending that she is a filipino at heart just to get more filipinos to like her.
Joy Ful (6 months ago)
I think the appropriate title should be Why FOREIGNERS not just white hehe
David DiMuzio (6 months ago)
True, a lot of this applies to foreigners of all races visiting the Philippines.
Christophe Clugston (6 months ago)
The low rent millennial Adam Levine copy gives you the run down what a soy boy attracts. That's no full pinay who's spent her life only in the Phils
You're Jealous (3 months ago)
+Christophe Clugston Christophe stop hating. You troll everyone. He's attractive.
Indubjflip (5 months ago)
+David DiMuzio You look like Edward Norton from American History X
Christophe Clugston (6 months ago)
For you to take Adam Levine a wimpy horid corporate singer as a complement like a Gen Xr would consider comparisonl to Robert Plant, Steven Tyler etc shows how delusional your Soy Boy thoughts are. And you're saying that she's not Chinese Pinoy mix? Right, Richard
David DiMuzio (6 months ago)
lol at the Adam Levine comment. So you're saying I look like a copy of one of the most popular rock stars on the planet. Thanks :) ...and yeah, Therese has spent her whole life in the Philippines. So I guess you're only right about one thing ...I do look like Adam Levine, haha.
Nielsen Ame (6 months ago)
There's a lot of dating site now so the girls is in favor to use the dating app
Ignacio Balais (6 months ago)
She’s cute
Ignacio Balais (6 months ago)
Filipina dating white and black Americans because their financial secured
Ella Ella (14 days ago)
It is a common knowledge that poor girls from any nation are attracted to wealthy people. You'd be surprised to know that there are only little percentage of Filipinas who do what you say. Otherwise, Philippines wont reach 109m population this 2019.
Colin Reilly (1 month ago)
Your as stupid as your name
Kim jong barack (1 month ago)
+Colin Reilly you're an idiot
Pink Horizon (1 month ago)
+Colin Reilly the COO of my 30,000 employee company is black.
Colin Reilly (1 month ago)
Blacks financial secured lol wow
Ignacio Balais (6 months ago)
Lower class, middle class, high class and whore
Kevin 080592 (6 months ago)
My answer?...because of dating apps and social media
Rohed Matthew (6 months ago)
Congrats man. Glad you found your match. Is she rich? I'm kinda looking for a wealthy Filipina sponsor so I never have to work again.
Raven _979 (3 months ago)
Ya mid class joke ill shut up
Rohed Matthew (3 months ago)
Karr Mii Class b?
Karr Mii (3 months ago)
Rohed Matthew bet she's class b filipina 😏
Rohed Matthew (6 months ago)
Ahh thanks man. :) Is your mom available?
Kevin 080592 (6 months ago)
try looking at rich elderly nursing homes, I guess you will find your type there. #fiftyshadesofgray
Shizmoo (6 months ago)
Its easier because all southeast asian country women worship white men
Ella Ella (14 days ago)
You mean southeast Asian prostitutes which white guys money can only buy. You'll probably gonna make another dumb generalization so I'm saying nope in advance.
Shmoop (2 months ago)
You silly goose, Jesus is only one man, not multiple. We worship him everyday 😎➕
Cindy Lumantao (4 months ago)
Shizmoo I prefer to worship East Asian Man- Japanese is the best In Asia and according to them Asians are for Asians :))))
M lOUE (6 months ago)
LMAO. 😂😂😂 kasi nga may forever na sya.hahaa binawi mo dude. naku wag na.
Anna Patricia (6 months ago)
Mike Anderson (6 months ago)
I have nothing against white guys but most of the serial killers, wife killers, mass shooters, and similar crimes were mostly committed by white male in the U.S.
Richard Chodorowski (1 month ago)
What kind of comment was that?
Dennis H (1 month ago)
I have an ar 15 never killed anybody but deer
Jimmy Sakura Gakuin Fan (2 months ago)
What does this have to do with foreigners going to the Philippines to date women? White males travel the most to Asian countries looking for love etc. So naturally they would be the first pick. You should Travel a bit. It opens up your mind from racism and self hate.
Max Bailey (2 months ago)
You're Jealous I like Mexican girls coming from a white aussie guy
You're Jealous no actually Mexican slut actually are the biggest criminal in the whole world because even tho white americans hate them but they still act like white guy wants them 🤣 stupid Poopskin Maria gi bacj to Mexico before i call the ICED and get you deported 🤣
EarthForces (6 months ago)
Hypergamy. Its present in all women and physical looks with social status is highly emphasized in our modern day women. I understand it but their denial of the reality they can't have it all is stupid. Men realize this and we have minimum standards which women do not have until ageing will force them to have one.
Jeanna Medel (6 months ago)
The two of you should vlog regularly 😍
David DiMuzio (6 months ago)
Awww, thank you :)
Assiram ASOS (6 months ago)
What happens to the Chinese lady you were dating?
The Manillegirl (6 months ago)
A far cry from the previous video of yours saying how difficult it was to date in the Philippines, which by the way, I totally agree with. Glad to see you are so much more relaxed. Things change, you know. I just hope that Pinays keep their traditions intact. I love Pinay friends of mine who are highly educated, motivated career women but are very traditional at heart. We love family and although we compete with men outside in our careers, we still believe in respecting men as heads of families as God has intended them to be. Mabuhay ka, DAvid and more power to you! We Filipinos love you!
David DiMuzio (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching both. I think both perspectives have weight. Things can and do change though as well. The popularity of dating apps in particular has completely changed the dating landscape over the past 4 years. Especially for foreigners since as a foreigner in a country you don't have an already established circle of friends, and many very awesome single girls are hard at work and don't have time to go out all the time, but apps make that easier.
val s. po (6 months ago)
coz, they think white people will give them a better life... WTF!!! 😂😂😂
Peter Pan (5 months ago)
val s. po. Most Filipinos think that a tourist is wealthy because they have money to spend. Many tourists are not so well off in their own country.
Dana Jones (6 months ago)
Black men do alright with the ladies over there also LoL
You're Jealous (24 days ago)
+Pink Horizon how do you know that I don't? And this showed up in my suggestion, and I cant stand black boys so I will comment anywhere anyplace. No one wants them.
Pink Horizon (24 days ago)
+You're Jealous i would get it if you were commenting on videos of white guys that like latinas like zack morris, dustin luke, gr3ngasho, tim explica, ford quarterman, el chad and others but why are you wasting your time on videos of white men that like asians? You know they wouldn't help or defend you. Even David di Murzio has not defended you once (which is odd bc his girl passes off as latina.) Take your hatred where it'll be appreciated.
Kill Ghost (1 month ago)
aryanavonteese have you seen America ? You sound silly
Colin Reilly (1 month ago)
+Anthony Shaw your broke ass doesn't do shit lol
aryanavonteese (1 month ago)
Yearone Team in Japan. Black men only offer their bodies when it’s time to compete with other men. What about your resources?
cjgl23 (6 months ago)
Nah if a white guy approaches a pinay the pinay will not think the white guy is a weirdo kahit weirdo talaga. Pag pinoy ang lumapit sa pinay most will say "ay weirdo" kahit matino at matiyaga yung pinoy. Dude - white guys are the target of a lot of pinays. You must have been living under a rock if you found it hard to date.
emolas reyes (6 months ago)
sorry for this comment.. its funny but therese looks like a typical “pokpok”... its the way she talks and acts in the video.. shes like “trying hard” englishera girl who just wants to hook up with a foreigner..
Ella Ella (14 days ago)
Judging from what I saw,+Therese Tiangco is your typical Filipina with inferiority complex and nasty colonial mentality. She's not that bad - which allows her to view Filipinos below her class with discrimination and empowers her mental state of grandiosity. She's not too good either - which fuels her desire to get westernized as much as possible even if it means she has to cling on white boys. You know colonial mentality leads to discrimination towards ones own racial identity. It brings a lot of insecurity and frustration that people suffering from it indulge in a delusion that they can seperate themselves and identify with a much more superior group. Look at the little girl bragging about having US passport only support my hypothesis. If a Filipino looks down on his or her own roots, he/she will do everything to get an upgrade by means of interracial relationship and aiming to have offsprings that are less Filipino but more foreign. I agree, she seems like the less classy type looking for an "instant upgrade" which only people with inferiority complex and colonial mentality like her can appreciate.
Pink Horizon (24 days ago)
Philippine feminists... Looks like feminism is spreading 😆 yes adopt feminism in your asian cultures please!
Ms Bright (4 months ago)
Bitter hahaha
Enriqueto Miagao (4 months ago)
Therese Tiangco mp
Indubjflip (5 months ago)
Pinay na pokpok babae yun? OK pwede ko siya kantotin. Sa pwet miismo, para mabutas agad. Sarap ang feeling talaga. Mas malakeng titi ko compared sa white guy na boyfriend niya. Sige, ang bagong pelikula natin ay Fight Club 2. Bugbog surado siya agad sa akin. Kasi, matino at sobrang tapang na pinoy.
Flower Nation (6 months ago)
You guys are cute! ❤
Sarah Reyes (6 months ago)
Oh now you change your mind, tch.
Nesley Senyel (6 months ago)
Bcoz they see white guys as the answer to their long time question, when i can come to america and be rich?
SoutheastRice 96 (8 days ago)
Lol no! Not really. Not everyone wants to go to America. We can be successful if we work hard. But as much as we want to become successful here, it's more likely to be impossible. That is why there's a lot of Filipinos working abroad. Reasons why poverty rate is increasing are because of the corrupt government, lack of human development, poor infrastructures, and income inequality. That is why many young people are having this mentality of being contented enough of what they are earning even if their money cannot provide them good enough. About Filipinas marrying/dating white guys or foreigners, I think they like them much better than a Filipino guy they dated because that foreigner they are seeing is much more loving and caring or whatever. They are just more compatible with them. Everyone has their personal preference! And it's not as if you are only to date someone from your country. I haven't seen a Filipina who doesn't faithfully love her husband. Well, if there is then, it's so unlucky for that guy because he failed to look for a good woman.
mark shaw (1 month ago)
Haters gonna hate
Avery z (1 month ago)
stereotyping at its finest
Joe Dirte' (3 months ago)
Apparently this guy thinks people are only allowed to date within their own race and country... what is this? 1950?
metalsadman (6 months ago)
it's not like one race is made for only the same race.
cindy mananzala martinez (6 months ago)
coz honestly...many filipinas are sellouts...no offense...most of us would surely deny it but its the truth. even foreigners would tell you filipinas are very easy to get.. and there's no one to blame but the filipinas themselves
Cosmic Rift (8 days ago)
Ron Samba even this shithole sucks the BWC
mark shaw (1 month ago)
+Anthony Shaw before you say some shit about gold digger , she's gonna have a long dig I ain't rich lol
mark shaw (1 month ago)
+Anthony Shaw I don't give 2 wanks what you think bro, i got my pinay girl I'm all good.
Anthony Shaw (1 month ago)
mark shaw #FACTS
mark shaw (1 month ago)
+Anthony Shaw 😂😂😂 aight bro if you say

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