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Chinese border town thriving on Russian trade

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The fact Chinese President Xi Jingping chose Russia as his first foreign visit is no surprise to some. The two countries have been strengthening ties for many years. Tourism's growing, there's talk of increasing energy cooperation, and in 2011 trade volume between the two topped 80 billion dollars, a figure expected to double in a few years. North China's Heihe city is literally at the front line of this cross border trade. Bordering Russia's Far Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk, the fast growing town is building its economy on Beijing's newfound love for Moscow.
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cultureman Njassey (1 day ago)
Wai Hong Lai (3 months ago)
Ok now I must learn some Russian and Chinese Language!
Atlas Zevi (4 months ago)
*DEATH TO AMERICA* and their Master ISRAEL. big nose curly hair jews
Ivory Onions (8 months ago)
Russia is benefiting far too little from such deals
Life Journey (7 months ago)
Ivory Onions STUPID! The Russian has benefited from such deals. 8 times lower in costs from such relationships. It helps ease the Russian saves for other needed necessities. Benefits on for both. Just like the “the made in China,” it benefits the Americans greatly, it helps keep the cost of living low. Without the made in China, an iPhone may cost up to $2000 or more.
tacotony24 (1 year ago)
China will colonize Russia economically and demographically
Alex Tan (5 days ago)
@tacotony24.....Stop spreading lies and war-mongering. China & Russian ties are built based on decades of mutual understanding and friendship. You are just jealous both China & Russia are doing well and cooperating in every industries.
Atlas Zevi (4 months ago)
youre a dumbass. we are friends with China. go back to america you CCN Crooked Jew
tyjghjghhh (7 months ago)
nice try warmonger, same old divide and conquer tactics. do you even know that russia took large parts of china?no? that's because YOU'RE DUMB as a typical white trash. and no, the chinese and russians won't fall for your divide and war tactic,they too wise for that shit.
Piontro Pechetrini (1 year ago)
The USA dictators most be hitting their heads against a wall.
we china love putin 4ever.
joe biden (3 years ago)
Build a million stores in Russia.
joe biden (3 years ago)
China can build everything in Russia high speed rail,highways.
TheTraveler (3 years ago)
Long live the Chinese and Russian Alliance!
TheMiddleKingdom (4 years ago)
The reporter said that the Russian influence; not really, the Chinese want to ACCOMMODATE the Russian people because they want to earn money from the Russian people, they are smart business people....The Chinese in Hainan Island; the island that very close to Guangdong Province and Vietnam, they do the same, .the stores over there also have signs in Russian language and English language beside Chinese language.
lukebccb (4 years ago)
That's cause 60% of the visitors to Hainan are Russian.  If that 60% was French of German, you can be sure that there would be signs in French and/or German.
Observer XXX (4 years ago)
payment in gold, the rejection of the dollar
Cătălin David (11 months ago)
The gold russia refuse to give us back from WW1. Right?
Zhen Yu (4 years ago)
fuck Chinese Communist,they signed a contract that sold 1million square kilometers land to fucking russians,they are real traitors!!!!!!!!
Jack Che (2 years ago)
+Zhen Yu lmao !1million square kilometers? Is your math taught by phys ed teachers?
EdIngood EdIngood (3 years ago)
+Zhen Yu this is wierd because the liberals in Russia say that Russia sold as much to China. do you think smth is wrong with this rumor?
Zhen Yu (4 years ago)
no, the tank will crush you and make you become ketchup :) oh, maybe i should call it pasta sauce :)
lee g (4 years ago)
oh too bad ! go and stand in front of a tank
Denis Riabov (5 years ago)
ok now as an educated and informative individual what  I really would like to know: is there a War between China and Russia on the far east borders, besides the one in 1963?    Anyone?
Robin Zhang (5 years ago)
Very very big cheap! :D
Trust,peace and prosperity forever.
Zatoichiable (5 years ago)
Relation based on trust, peace and prosperity always works long term.
Dominic Swire (5 years ago)
Many little-known Chinese towns are doing quite nicely thanks to Beijing's newfound love for Moscow. We visited one. And it was bloody cold... http://youtu.be/I_g8kCe1wbM
Dominic Swire When is the best time of the year to visit the place as a tourist minus the bone cold weather.?
lukebccb (4 years ago)
Rule number 1 concerning Chinese towns near the Russian border:  DO NOT GO THERE AFTER OCTOBER AND THEN WAIT FOR LATE APRIL BEFORE TRYING TO GO.
M Ibanobu (5 years ago)
A bit late, yet thanks for visiting Heihe, and showing to the world what it was like there... I really hope it, (along with the rest of China,) prospers well.

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