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AJ Styles 9th TNA Theme Song "Get Ready To Fly" [Grits Remix]

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AJ Styles 9th TNA Theme Song "Get Ready To Fly" [Grits Remix] Download mp3: http://adf.ly/DqPFt
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Text Comments (1570)
The Phenomenal One V2 (2 days ago)
aj styles is the cristiano ronaldo of tna
DancesWithCats (8 days ago)
pentagon jr wants his sbit back
Straightedgex34 (20 days ago)
I wish he could use this in WWE, but TNA owns the song
MR Wrestlemania (22 days ago)
Royal Rumble 2019 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and Get Ready To Fly !
SuperMarcusLukaku_10 (27 days ago)
i wanna play this whenever i ride a coach but change it to: GET READY TO RIDE!
Chris zoellner (29 days ago)
Way better than his wwe theme
DW (1 month ago)
Saw TNA live in 2008/2009. When this song hit I can't even describe the feeling. Best entrance!
Jordie Marquez (1 month ago)
0:42 0:55 is my favorite part in my opinion
Bruno Buccellati (1 month ago)
*New challenger approaching* 0:00
IB Gang (1 month ago)
I wish WWE bought this theme so AJ can use it💯❗❗
Brad Jackson (1 month ago)
I hope WWE buys out TNA so AJ can take back his old ring music, It's way better than his WWE ring music.
Yo Bruh (1 month ago)
Best AJ Styles theme ever
MrPanCake (1 month ago)
AJ styles is the best wrestler to step foot in TNA it went to shit when he left
Savate Gaming (1 month ago)
AJ's run in WWE has been (sorry for the corny word play) phenomenal. He fought Shinsuke in one of the greatest matches in the past 10+ years before coming. Then weeks later went into the rumble to a huge pop and put on a good showing. Then he feuded with Jericho, then Roman for the world title, then Cena having match of the year, then beat Dean for the world title, then proceeded to feud with Shane Mcmahon, win the US Title twice, then win the WWE Title once more and have a good feud with Shinsuke. Now he is arguably the face of WWE, making him the face of two of the major North American Promotions (TNA/Impact as well). Also, keep in mind the dude is 41, which is insane.
Jonathan Gields (1 month ago)
your my dude man your awesome
Jonathan Gields (1 month ago)
de'sean Roberts (2 months ago)
Get Ready to Fly > Phenomenal
FDN (1 month ago)
de'sean Roberts of course
traydawg dc202 (2 months ago)
Man Tna Aj was a Beast
Brad Jackson (2 months ago)
TNA ring music>WWE ring music
FDN (1 month ago)
Brad Jackson yea CFO$ ruined WWE themes
Thrifty Bee (2 months ago)
This songs reminds me of Hawks from MHA for some reason
Jeronimo Lopez Reina (2 months ago)
I use this song in Just Cause 3 XD XD XD
Krazy Hatter (2 months ago)
If there's a place AJ Needs to end his Career is In the Impact Zone
Hidar Saadi (2 months ago)
Mr tna wwe champion What a crazy time
PANDA / باندا (2 months ago)
Get Ready To Fly
ZZYCHOSISS ømê (2 months ago)
Should've been his WWE theme too
FDN (1 month ago)
too bad TNA wont let him
Gurkuwar Singh (3 months ago)
I sang this theme when i did long jump at sports day then all the students started singed it
Carrasco XVI (3 months ago)
rozes (3 months ago)
I like this song, but I can't understand half of the shit the singer is saying.
Dylan Peebles (3 months ago)
And now he's WWE Champion
Debasish Das (3 months ago)
John Doyle (3 months ago)
Should be his WWE theme
Omar Perez (2 months ago)
John Doyle 😎yes sir😎
Ancap Otaku (4 months ago)
fuck you AJ you suck and all your themes suck go back to japan and botch and kill yourself
The Chosen One (3 months ago)
You mentioned his name first and said "this guy" which made me think that you were saying that to me whatever sorry I have some temper issues
Ancap Otaku (3 months ago)
The Chosen One ummmm I wasn't talking to you I was responding to the idiot that responded to me
The Chosen One (3 months ago)
Ancap Otaku who you are talkin to don't make me go all out bro if I don't say anything that doesn't mean I can't say anything at all so instead of calling me a loser or calling me shorter than your girlfriend well it's kinda your name sounds pathetic "Ancap Otaku" was she out of her mind or is she blind or deaf or dumb
Ancap Otaku (3 months ago)
Sir lolzthe3rd you sir are a retard
Ancap Otaku (3 months ago)
Sir lolzthe3rd you know what's pathetic this full grown man is shorter than my gf
Kenny-Seth NJPW-WWE-420 (4 months ago)
THIS is Aj Styles...
Jessie Young (4 months ago)
AJ styles vs Shawn Michaels! Dammnnnn
Fergo30 (5 months ago)
Jason Carlife (5 months ago)
Aj styles the man to prove sometimes you don’t get there quickly Sometimes you work hard and you make it there Congrats aj styles
bluedan1873 (5 months ago)
Aj has had some of the best music throughout his career.
KIP LEVY (5 months ago)
kewlllllllllllllllllll ;---)
StonexxDemonmaggot (6 months ago)
I remember when I used to tune into TNA every week and be amazed of AJ Styles wrestled. This was when I felt the WWE burnout and gave TNA a chance back in 09.
mon3303 gaming (6 months ago)
Aj styles was so badass when he was in tna
Pro Gamer (6 months ago)
I hated this theme, loved Aj's 2002-2007 theme
Nick Bleker (6 months ago)
The one of many songs of my childhood.
Keynan Faison (6 months ago)
So Glad WWE didnt bury AJ like their previous attempt.
J.Gomez (6 months ago)
My favorite theme of aj styles.
ProfessorAnalogz (7 months ago)
U r u r I am I am....
Boogie Down (7 months ago)
Would love to see him return to TNA one day
Kimpachis (7 months ago)
when tna use to be good
ProfessorAnalogz (7 months ago)
Marry me Aj Marry me
Chris Brooks (7 months ago)
This is like, the most inspiring wrestling theme song ever
UFC Nation WWE Master (7 months ago)
Way better suited for Styles then his Wwe rap theme
Trey Saotome (7 months ago)
Jeff hardy vs AJ Styles one more match
Martín (7 months ago)
WWE Champion
A.M.R 4Life!! (8 months ago)
AJ styles is my hero
I am i am
Adel Mohd (8 months ago)
I play whenever board plane
Adel Mohd (8 months ago)
VARUN K (8 months ago)
He was the only reason I watched TNA
Chosen Mii (8 months ago)
Who do we want for President? 1:53 What is one thing we can't live without besides food and clothing? 1:53 Best anime character? 1:53 Best pony in My Little Pony? 1:53 Plot Twist: Mr. Krabs is _______________ 1:53
Pj Kalish (9 months ago)
WWE please by tienes you can have the broken Hardy's gimmick and so you can buy this theme and AJ Styles can use it is way better than his current today theme
Ryan Vo (9 months ago)
When ever I wanna watch TNA ITS THIS FUCKING DUDE
gocubs1815 (9 months ago)
If only THIS played as AJ made his debut at the 2016 Rumble
Eric Maltbia (9 months ago)
Tonight he won the World Heavyweight Championship for the second time in wwe
Eric Maltbia (9 months ago)
ahceda09 WWE Championship.
ahceda09 (9 months ago)
WWE championship or wwe world championship
XStriker 101 (9 months ago)
I AM I AM! Your daddy.
Finnegan O'Sullivan (9 months ago)
His Roh theme song is way better
Vinicius Vini (9 months ago)
amazing theme
soumya Banerjee (9 months ago)
but got very heart felling myself when dixie carter was kicking him out from tna at the begining of january 2014.
Tristan Phoenix-Walton (5 months ago)
soumya Banerjee 😢
soumya Banerjee (9 months ago)
Tnas famous entrance musics
Kevin Jackson (10 months ago)
I love the first 22 seconds. After that tho.... :-/
Niko (10 months ago)
better than his current theme
Pardeep Singh (10 months ago)
I play this when am running at school
bunny the Rabit (10 months ago)
He's hair is priceless
Monika (10 months ago)
He should've sticked with this theme in WWE.
Hashtag Gone (6 months ago)
MrRedheat123 TNA owns it
Kimi Na No Wa (10 months ago)
Please AJ use this song in WWE. A fly, J fly. Get ready to fly.
A. C. (10 months ago)
So much better than his gay ass WWE theme song.
soumya Banerjee (11 months ago)
one of the terrific phenomenol Tnas one of the gretaest wrestler
Clifton Pierre-Antoine (11 months ago)
BEST AJ STYLES THEME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #P1 #Phenomenal
Orlando Harris (11 months ago)
Best high-flyer I have ever seen
Jamie McGregor (11 months ago)
1:03 "Save us from the bullet sometimes" how ironic
Kill3r Killz (11 months ago)
I miss this theme I wish he could still use it On a trampoline I put it on then start doing back flips
LeonhartV1 (11 months ago)
TNA, ROH, & NJPW themes > WWE theme
Brad Jackson (1 year ago)
This is the ONLY thing I would like to see from TNA on WWE, AJ current music kind of blows.
Mortal Gaming8 (1 year ago)
This theme was amazing!!!
Clifton Pierre-Antoine (11 months ago)
Mortal Gaming8, no it wasn't. It was PHENOMENAL!!!
The Baxter (1 year ago)
Ugh I wish he could use this theme in WWE. Curse copyrights sometimes!
William Garcia (1 year ago)
They better make him the 2018 Royal Rumble winner... he and/or Samoa Joe deserve multiple title runs in the WWE.
Bg Gang (1 year ago)
He won't bc were can charge an bc he been wit tna more than five years so they chose to keep this theme bc he quit
cabilan vlogs (9 months ago)
if wwe buys tna he can
Rounak ZONE (1 year ago)
Aj styles is best
RiiOTBro (1 year ago)
So much better than his WWE theme
mdh8320 (1 year ago)
who else came here after he became Cena's 16th title reign
mdh8320 (1 year ago)
tell that to the WWE Universe
ahceda09 (1 year ago)
fake record from wwe
If only TNA paid AJ Styles worth.
Krazy Hatter (8 months ago)
Playstation 2 Gamer 4Life I think legitimately The only one who could save TNA is AJ Styles specially Now More Than Ever as the star of the business and As A Owner if there's one guy Who could buy and save TNA Is the Phenomenal One AJ Styles
CE vom 1999 (1 year ago)
Best wrestler in the world don"t simply imply being good in the ring , but also make your opponent look good , know how to sell , attitude , etc , this is why AJ is better than Shinsuke , Omega , .......
Aaron Jack (1 year ago)
Impact Wrestling celebrating 15years of Impact/TNA back then. July 2nd is Slammiversary 2017 baby it's going to be big I'm really looking forward to it Imagine if this song played out and out comes the one and only AJ Styles the place would go nuts. If WWE would do some sort of a deal and let the TNA Original AJ Styles return home for one night only at Slammiversary it would be so cool to see man.
Webert Macedo (1 year ago)
essa é a melhor música do aj styles
Webert Macedo (1 year ago)
aj wwe imagina essa música
ADOREZODIAC FF (1 year ago)
Ooooooohhhhh some many memories 😪
nostalgia Feels
25378935 (1 year ago)
easy one of the best theme songs in history thumbs up if you agree
SamuelMyHero (1 year ago)
Joey Maness (1 year ago)
> WWE theme
Uzair Khan (1 year ago)
wick aj style theme is better tna or wwe

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