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How to Shoot E-COMMERCE

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How Do you create a setup for E-commerce shots? How do you shoot this type of images? Learn the most basic and effective way to shoot e-commerce with this quick video! For more editing and photography tutorial videos, make sure to SUBSCRIBE! For any QUESTIONS contact me via email [email protected] www.elainetorres.la instagram.com/_elainetorres_ facebook.com/ElaineTorresPhotography --------------------------------- Model: Bronwyn Morrill @bronwyn.m Video and Editing: Omar Padilla
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Text Comments (19)
Fascinate IT (4 months ago)
when your image will speak to make more sale for your online store then you visit www.clippingfascinate.com to leave your photos for making attractive.
Ishan Purekar (7 months ago)
What editing tool u use?? ever tried online editing tools--- which one is your favourite? If you are searching for them one of them I would recommend is ZenFotomatic (zenfotomatic.com) for editing product photos! would like your views on that!!
فاطمة (9 months ago)
Yesterday I try to took whole shot for person but I fail😢....the lighting is Not ok and the focus I do not know where I put it !...and mabye my lens is not helpfull it is canon efs 18-135 mm
FWICTV FWICFASHION (11 months ago)
She is fuckin hot too! Good job girl. #Caligirl
Mish Stone (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for such a easy to follow tutorial, really helpful.
Justin Gilbert (1 year ago)
Thank you Elaine!! I'm going to try this. What is your workflow so you don't have to constantly move the v-flats and lights for each look? Do you shoot all details and then all full length? Talk soon xoxo ♡
Elaine Torres (1 year ago)
Justin Gilbert To be honest you can shoot both full and close shots without the panels, but if your only shooting mid body shots, you have either option.
Debarati Sanyal (1 year ago)
Hi Elaine. What about the post production process? How to match the colour on the image to the true colour of the product?
Elaine Torres (1 year ago)
To be honest I don't think it will be 100% accurate. But you can make sure it gets at least 90% close. Make sure to start with a WB of 5500k if shooting with strobes and eyeball it so that it shows not only an honest representation of the colors but also the brand of the company. Don't apply too much contrast or too much color correction. Hope this helps
Spell Blue Studios (1 year ago)
hello ellaine this is vinod am a photographer from India am shooting e-commerce thankq for the video it's really helpful n how will u shoot a white garments in this setup n did u Photoshop the pic which u shown in this video i mean did u edited the background to pure white or did u achieved it in photography
Sofi Irfan (2 months ago)
I love become a fashion show men ♂ I am interested in modeing
Spell Blue Studios (1 year ago)
thankq so much 😊
Elaine Torres (1 year ago)
Hello, you can try to mode the main light to add a little bit of shadow/dimension to the clothing so that it separates from the background. As of the editing, I just enhanced some areas a little with the dodge tool. The background lights are strong enough to give you a brighter white.
Jeff Emmanuel (1 year ago)
awesome job ... Ellaine
Elaine Torres (1 year ago)
Thank you Jeff
wade (1 year ago)
your videos are amazing! keep up the good work!
Elaine Torres (1 year ago)
Thank you Wade!
Edgar Torres (1 year ago)
love your videos, can you make another video of a fashion shoot using a beauty dish only?
Elaine Torres (1 year ago)
Hi Edgar, I actually did one 2 months ago for an editorial shoot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7qfmCEOPYo . I'll keep it in mind to do another beauty dish tutorial for next time. Thanks!

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